At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 482

“Third brother, you, you’re really not going back to Heaven Island?” Lu Cang naturally looked very surprised to hear this news from Neo’s mouth.

It was just that seeing the resolute expression on Neo’s face and the fact that Lu Cang knew this brother’s character very well, so although he was asking this, Lu Cang already had a definite answer in his heart.

“Big brother, one day, I will come back!” Neo nodded, “Big brother, I hope that after I leave, Caiwei will be well taken care of on Tiandao, and I hope that no one will hurt her again.”

“Don’t worry! Tiandao is the headquarters of our Lu family, it can be said to be the safest place on this planet, I guarantee that no one will hurt her, on Tiandao, we will treat her like family.” Lu Cang said.

“Thank you, thank you all, it’s really a blessing for Caiwei to have come across you ……,” said Guan Shanxue gratefully.

“Auntie, you should come along too.”

“I won’t be going, as long as Caiwei can have a good place to go, I have nothing to worry about.” Guan Shanxue looked lovingly at Caiwei with a kind of tenderness in her gaze and continued, “I will go back to the clan, although the clan doesn’t treat me well now, it is after all the place where I was born and brought up, no matter what, my mother is still there and I should be by her side to do my filial duty.”

Guan Shanxue insisted on returning to the clan, and the crowd stopped holding back.

“Third brother, take care.” Lu Cang patted Neo’s shoulder and said.

“Young master, take care!” Zhang Jiu also said, although it was the same words, but Zhang Jiu’s “Take care” contained too much, after all, only he knew very clearly how difficult and dangerous Neo’s journey would be.

The first thing Neo did after separating from the others was to go and find An Yuying.

903 Experimental Institute.

An Yuying was obviously very happy to see Neo once again.

As for what happened to the Crescent Hotel afterwards, An Yuying wasn’t sure because she left the Crescent Hotel as soon as she got the investment promise at that time.

After all, she was not the kind of social and sociable woman, her hobby was to do scientific research.

Even after she went to the Crescent Hotel, her heart was still attached to the Experimental Institute, so she came back as soon as she had the chance.

This is probably a common problem for all researchers, a natural fervour and devotion to the pursuit of knowledge and truth.

“Young Lu, thank you, we have received a billion dollars from a mysterious account, it must be from you, thank you so much indeed!” An Yuying said.

Neo was stunned, but then he also understood that this should be the money that Big Brother had asked someone to transfer, a secret gratitude welled up in his heart, Big Brother was really good to himself, just because he had promised to invest, he immediately asked someone to transfer the money, even though Big Brother was not optimistic about this research either.

The thought that from now on, he and Lu Cang would not be able to see each other for a long, long time made his heart sink a little bit.

“Miss An, I would like to know, how long will it take for this research of yours, if it is put into practice?” Neo steadied himself and asked.

“Ah? Put into practice?” An Yuying was stunned, “Young Lu, to be honest, this research is still at a preliminary stage, although I have already made a complete argument in terms of theory, but as you know, this is a trans-generational research project, which can be said to overturn our previous conception of this world, so if we really want to put it into practice, I am afraid it will be a very long process.”

When Neo heard this, the flame of hope in his heart could not help but extinguish a few points.

It turned out that it was only the primary stage and would take a very long process, yes, he could wait, but Caiwei and Zhou Yun could not wait.

Could it be that this path of An Yuying is really not going to work?

“But ……”

An Yuying also saw the change in Neo’s face, although she did not understand Neo’s mind, but she also saw that a disappointment in Neo.

This made her heart a little sad as well.

Somehow, she felt that she had some kind of indefinable affection for this boy in front of her.

It wasn’t that kind of love at first sight between a man and a woman, or affection or anything like that.

Rather, in her heart, she felt that there was something different about Neo. She could not help but think of Neo.

She didn’t understand why this was.

Maybe it was because she had never seen someone like Neo before.

Yes, she still remembered when she went to the Crescent Hotel to seek investment, those tycoons, despite being billionaires, had really bad character and used the investment to blackmail her into having something with her, which still makes her feel sick even now when she thinks about it.

But Neo was different.

He had invested a billion out of the blue, but he didn’t look high and mighty at all.

“But what?” Neo asked hurriedly as if the drowning man had grabbed something.

“That, today the instruments of the test institute, detected a strange string of data, if ……” An Yuying had not finished speaking, a man hurriedly came over with a stack of documents and said respectfully, “Professor An , the analysis result of that string of data has come out, this is the preliminary information.”

An Yuying’s face also looked a bit nervous, not bothering to talk to Neo, she hurriedly took the document and couldn’t wait to turn it over, after reading only a few pages, her face looked very excited and she grabbed the male assistant, “Take me to see the detailed results!”

Neo saw the change in An Yuying’s expression and inexplicably felt a sense of expectation in his heart, not knowing exactly what had happened, he also followed An Yuying and the others to the analysis room.

In front of the crowd was a huge screen, which was showing all kinds of complicated data and lines.

Neo couldn’t understand any of it and felt a bit confused, the information on it was so complicated that it was like a sea of smoke.

An Yuying, on the other hand, was different. She sat in front of the screen, operating it quickly, and the data on the screen kept changing, and as the data changed, An Yuying’s expression was at times excited, at times confused, and at times delighted, as if what she had in front of her was not boring data, but a book that one could not stop reading and stumbling over.

All the way to the end, she suddenly stood up and looked at Neo excitedly, “Lu Shao, perhaps, what you said about putting into practice is really possible in a short time!”

After saying that, her excitement still had not subsided, and without waiting for Neo’s reaction, she pulled Neo to sit in front of the screen, not caring whether Neo could read it or not, and said, “Lu Shao, the reason why this is possible is all because of the data monitored by the instruments in our test lab today. , which is about two hours ago, the data transmitted from one of our monitoring instruments placed on Tanghua Street suddenly appeared abnormal ……”

Said she pointing to the screen, Neo couldn’t help but look at it, only to see dozens of different curves on the screen, each of them dazzlingly complex, but the middle part of each curve looked even more complex.

“At first we thought the instrument was malfunctioning, but after comparing and calibrating the data, we found that the data was not discrete and random, but instead there was some kind of strange regularity between the data, so it was never a malfunction, but a real change in spatial energy at the time …… ”

“We immediately carried out a complex analysis of this data, and after a series of operations, it is certain that at that time, a space different from our real world transmitted a large amount of energy into this present world, although we do not know how exactly this happened, but, because of this transmission of energy, after we carried out a reverse interpolation analysis, we finally ……”

An Yuying looked extremely excited at this point, and her mouth was full of words, and when she got here, she violently hit the enter key on the keyboard in front of the screen.

Brush ……

A very complex numerical equation instantly appeared on the screen, this equation seemed to have hundreds of thousands of unknowns, and it was not an ordinary equation that could be written on paper, it also looked like a kind of three-dimensional equation, in short, this equation that appeared on the screen was like a cube floating in the air, very complex, but also had an indescribable sense of beauty.

“In the end, we got the coordinates of that space, and this is it.”

An Yuying said with a faint smile, “With the coordinates, we can go to that space.”


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