At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 481

Here it comes!

The call came.

To be precise, it was Neo’s phone that suddenly rang, ringing loudly!


With hardly any hesitation, Neo immediately picked up.

Simply because, it was Zhang Jiu’s number.

A call from Zhang Jiu at this very moment would only mean a message from Cai Wei!

“Young Master, where are you, I have an important and urgent matter to report to you!” Zhang Jiu’s voice, sounding unusually urgent, even carried a bit of trembling.

When he heard this voice, Neo’s heart suddenly lifted.

Of course, Neo knew Zhang Jiu’s character very well, Zhang Jiu would rarely feel nervous about a matter, but now, Zhang Jiu’s tone was like this, Neo had never even encountered it before.

“Is she alive, Caiwei?” Neo even felt that he could barely hear his own voice, and he felt as if his voice was much mute.

“Miss Caiwei is fine.”

Zhang Jiu said, but his voice was still urgent and trembling, “But, young master, the burns on Miss Caiwei’s arm, they are very strange, they don’t look, like they were burnt by fire ……”


“Young master, the injury on Miss Caiwei’s arm, may, may, come from Miss Zhou’s side ……” Zhang Jiu said here and swallowed desperately, he didn’t say anything further, maybe he didn’t think of what to say, but whether he said it or not, Neo had understood what he wanted to say.

From Zhou Yun’s side, could it be that ……

she had endured the pain of punishment in Zhou Yun’s place?

Thinking of this, Neo only felt a shiver run through his body, and he seemed unable to support this body of his.

A feeling of powerlessness caused his brain to go blank for an instant.

“I… I’ll be right over!”

After saying that, without looking back, Neo walked towards the entrance of the hotel.

It wasn’t burned by the fire from the high-rise explosion.

It had nothing to do with Liu Xing’s side.

Although Liu Xing’s side of the account, the Lu family would definitely settle with him, but obviously, not now, grandpa had also told big brother not to act rashly when he encountered something strange and unusual.

Besides, Neo didn’t have time to spend here anymore now.

“Haha, really, he’s a waste, he thought he could be tough for a bit, but he’s still scared and left in the dust.”

“Look at him, he really looks like a dog.”

“Why did Liu let him go, what’s the point of letting him live, not to mention, just now he also spoke so rudely to Miss Guan.”

The crowd looked at Neo’s back as he left and kept spitting.

“Master, why don’t you let me kill him?”

Liu Xing looked at Neo’s departure with contempt, just now he had already moved to kill, and was about to let the knife slaves on the ceiling to split Neo’s body as soon as they arrived.

But Master stopped him, although his heart was not willing, but of course Liu Xing did not dare to confront Master.

“Oh, there is no hurry for this, this kid I think is probably going back to their Lu family’s lair Tiandao, what’s your hurry, we will soon be on Tiandao, then at Tiandao, let this kid see with his own eyes, how we are above the Lu family, won’t it be more enjoyable?”

“Still Master is wise!” When Liu Xing heard this, he couldn’t help but be happy, yes, there was no point in killing this brat Neo now.

When he arrived at the Heavenly Island, it would be more enjoyable to let this kid see with his own eyes that the Heavenly Island had been overrun and to see the demise of the Lu family.

Neo was in a hurry to find Lu Cang and Zhang Jiu.

By now, Caiwei had already woken up, and her injured arm had been wrapped in thick bandages by Zhang Jiu.

Her face looked very haggard, and when she saw Neo, she hurriedly said gratefully, “Thank you Neo, mum said that you guys saved me, thank you, if it wasn’t for you guys, I, I probably wouldn’t have survived ……”

Hearing this, Neo’s heart hurt even more.

The one who should be thanking should be me, do you know that the reason why you are like this is all for me.

But these words, he could not say to Caiwei either.

Just like Tian Xuan had instructed Neo never to mention him in front of Caiwei before he died, because that might trigger Caiwei’s awakening, and once Caiwei awakened and knew everything, her pain would be no less than anyone else’s.

“Young master.”

At this moment, Zhang Jiu pulled Neo into another room, where, there were only the two of them.

“I have carefully examined Miss Caiwei’s burns, the burns on Miss Caiwei’s arm are from the inside out, that is to say, she started out with burns on the inside of her arm before expanding to the outside, and the dividing line between her intact and burnt areas is particularly clear, none of this could ever be caused by an ordinary fire, this must only be caused by the true fire in the dan furnace this kind of appearance.”

“Thinking of the vow Miss Caiwei made in her previous life before, and the fact that she had also blocked the damage from the host insect for Miss Zhou, this time, she is obviously still making a sacrifice for Miss Zhou.” Zhang Jiu said.

“So, is there any way to stop it, I promised Tian Xuan that I wouldn’t let Cai Wei get hurt ……” Yes, if it was in this world of reality, of course Neo could do everything he could to stop it, but that was another world ah, there was really nothing he could do ah.

And the words did not finish, Neo suddenly stopped.

Stop it?

If he could have stopped it, wouldn’t it have been Zhou Yun who lost his arm?

Although he hadn’t watched, he couldn’t bear the feeling of knowing all this and not being able to do anything about it.

But if he didn’t stop it, it would be Caiwei who would be hurt.

An innocent girl.

And a girl that he had promised Tianxuan that he would take care of!

Whether one stopped it, or not, one would be plunged into the ultimate pain!

An unprecedented pain and helplessness suddenly enveloped Neo’s entire body.

He held his head, leaned against the wall and crouched down in a dishevelled manner.

Zhang Jiu stood beside him, looking at the young master’s appearance, his heart was also in agony, however, there was nothing he could do.

Although the Young Master’s ability was immensely powerful, the boundary between human and immortal had existed since the beginning of the divine universe, it was the rule of the universe, so the entanglement between the human and immortal realms would always leave one so helpless.

Any dilemma, as soon as it involves the immortal realm, will always be insoluble.

After all, how could a human, who would always be just a human, go against the immortals?

“There is only one way.”

After an unknown amount of time, Neo finally raised his head, his gaze had a resolute look in it, his voice, however, was calm, “I, go and find her.”

“Looking for, Miss Zhou?” Zhang Jiu froze for a moment.

“That’s right, I’m going to find Zhou Yun, I’m going to keep her away from all harm, this time, I’m going to make sure that no one can hurt her again, that no one can take her away from me again. When I find Zhou Yun, she will never be hurt again, and neither will Cai Wei.” In Neo’s voice, there was suddenly a little more tenderness.

Perhaps he couldn’t help but imagine in his mind how he and Zhou Yun would meet, so his voice couldn’t help but become much softer as well.

Yes, he was going to look for Zhou Yun again.

In Neo’s heart, a few sorrows welled up again, why was he always on the way to find Zhou Yun, why did he and Zhou Yun always meet more than they parted?

This time, if he found Zhou Yun, he vowed that he would never let anyone hurt her again!

“But, young master, how will you, how will you find ……” said Zhang Jiu hesitantly, “Back when Tian Xuan went to Penglai Immortal Island, his power was across heaven and earth, you haven’t reached it yet… …”

“I know a way, I know it.” Neo nodded heavily, yes, there was a way, although he couldn’t be sure, but it was a hope.

“Zhang Jiu, I’m asking you for a few things.” Neo spoke slowly.

“Young master, don’t say please, whether it can be done or not, I, Zhang Jiu, will die in pieces!” Zhang Jiu’s face straightened and he knelt down.

“First thing, after I’m gone, I’ll entrust Caiwei to your care. The second thing, you must have known about the explosion in Qingzhou City today, there is a force that wants to turn against our Lu family, but I have also figured out their strength, they are by no means your opponent, I hope you can return to Heaven Island with my elder brother and take Caiwei with you to guard my family for me.”

“Young master, don’t worry, to be able to make your search for Miss Zhou worry-free is the honour of my life, Zhang Jiu.”


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