At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 480

“It’s you?! Hahahaha, how dare you come back?”

When he got a clear look at the person on the seat, Liu Xing laughed out loud, his face had a few moments of surprise and contempt, but more than that, it was another kind of excitement and restlessness.

Yes, he didn’t expect the person in the seat to turn back again, but wouldn’t it be better to come back? This way one could really put on a show in front of the crowd.

Although he had already conquered the crowd and was already worshipped by them, after all, he had only killed Zheng Mingcheng, whereas if he killed this man in front of him, it would be even more proof of his contempt for the Lu family.

“What, this kid is back again? Didn’t he leave with Lu Cang just now?”

“Maybe he felt that he didn’t have the face to walk away straight away, so he returned to look for face… hehehe, still think that the Lu Family is the Lu Family of old? It’s time to change the stink of the number one family in the world.”

“Who cares, anyway, this is a good show, this time this kid is here, I’m afraid he won’t be able to get away, Young Liu will clean him up, not to mention, Young Liu’s master is also here.”

“Yes, just one saber slave is scary enough, now Young Liu’s master has brought a dozen of them, really killing this kid is just like killing a chicken.”

A portion of the crowd whispered and discussed in whispers.

“Neo, how dare you f*cking come back! Letting you go just now was already a great mercy from Liu Shao!”

“You’re still occupying the seat, get the hell out of my way!”

At this moment, someone else jumped out and pointed at the person in the seat and cursed.

Now in their hearts, Liu Xing and his disciples were already on par with the sky, and the Lu family was not enough to be feared.

That’s right, the person on the seat was, of course, Neo.

Neo had come back again.

This time, he had come back to demand a debt!

The group of people in front of him, whether they were buzzing about or pointing at themselves and cursing, all seemed a little distant and blurry to Neo.

He didn’t even listen to what they were saying at all.

He didn’t need to know what kind of people were in front of him, what their origins were, what their backgrounds were, what kind of strength they had, and he didn’t even have to care at all.

Because no matter what the origin or what kind of strength, if he wanted to, the other party would have to pay his debt!

He didn’t need to worry about any change, he didn’t need to worry about the other party making any response.

Because no matter what, no matter what happens, as long as he wants to strike, he’ll get it!

Nor was he in any hurry.

For as long as he was here, there was no way the other side could run away again.

His heart was just aching, twitching with pain at the thought of Cai Wei’s miserable state.

Not the kind of pain of love like that for Zhou Yun, but to no lesser extent, after all, that was Tian Xuan’s woman, that was his own woman in a previous life, the woman who had saved that man of his, the woman he had promised to take care of, and even more so, the one who had endured pain for the woman he loved!

Caiwei would not die, Zhang Jiu would save her, this, Neo would not doubt.

Only when he thought that after Caiwei came to her senses, she would be accompanied by a ruined arm forever for the rest of her life, Neo’s heart felt endless reproach towards himself.

For a moment, Neo even felt that he was the biggest murderer who caused Caiwei’s tragedy!

The person who deserved to die the most should be himself!

Only, before he died, some people had to pay for Caiwei’s arm too!

“I must let you all know that I came here for a girl ……”

Neo’s gaze lowered on the table as he gently poured himself a glass of wine and said slowly.

Of course he was perfectly capable of just striking, but he didn’t do that, he wouldn’t let them die without knowing why, he wanted them to know it was for Cai Wei’s revenge!

Before killing someone, telling them the reason why they were killed, making them gush with great remorse and consternation at the moment of death, making their intestines turn blue, this was the best revenge.

It was also a sign of respect for Caiwei.

Neo always felt that when he was saying these words, it was as if Caiwei would also be beside him, and Caiwei would also see all this, and if that was the case, Neo felt that she would feel better.

So he spoke slowly, as if he were giving a eulogy at the time of their death!

“Neo, don’t be delusional!”

A voice rudely interrupted Neo, it was Guan Qiushui, who at that moment, the shock on her face gradually turned into loathing as she fiercely glared at Neo, “Do you really think what I said to you before was true, huh? I’m telling you, it’s all a lie, I’ve never liked you either! I only love my husband Liu Xing, you were a waste in my eyes, you are still a waste, you always have been! Your Lu family, all of you are a family of trash! Not even worthy to carry my husband’s shoes!”

Guan Qiushui hated Neo so much in her heart at this moment, was this guy trying to get himself killed!

She finally understood why Neo had come back, so this guy had come back for himself?

It was because he saw that he had returned to Liu Xing, so he was unwilling to do so? Then he came back again to take himself away from Liu Xing?

The first family’s young master’s style is quite in line with the first family’s style, only, huh, the first family is the former, if you know Liu Xing’s current strength, do you still dare to come back?

What a surprise, this punk Neo even likes himself.

Oh, in the past, I didn’t know that you were the youngest of the Lu family, and I always thought that you were a waste, but I have wronged you.

And even if you are the young master of the Lu family, what the hell is that!

Now the person one has to hold on to is not you, Neo, but none other than Liu Xing by his side!

Thinking of this, she nervously hugged Liu Xing’s arm even more, her soft body pressed close, pouring out all the softness of a woman, onto Liu Xing’s body.

“You punk, no wonder you came back, to come back and steal a woman from me?”

Liu Xing finally understood as well, and a playful smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth.

“Neo, do you really think you’re a vegetable? You still dare to snatch a woman from Young Liu!”

“Look at your appearance, are you worthy? Miss Guan is such a beautiful and noble young lady, only Liu Shao is worthy of her, you are not even worthy to carry Miss Guan’s shoes, do you know that!”

“To say Miss Guan out of your lowly mouth is simply defiling the goddess, you deserve to die for this act alone!”

The crowd was pointing at Neo with all sorts of mouths.

At this moment, they all felt that Neo was ridiculous, coming back for a woman, huh, do you really think that your Lu family still has only one hand in the sky now, and that you want whichever woman you want?

This time, you won’t get the woman back, and you won’t be able to go back either!

“People from the Lu family are really born to bully the strong and bully the weak, so today, I will do justice for heaven!” Liu Xing laughed coldly, but in his heart, he was secretly happy, this Neo didn’t know how to die, it just gave him an excuse, if he didn’t kill him now, what better time to wait!

With that, he was ready to give his sword slave a hand signal.

At this moment, Neo still did not look up, but the slight movement of the air around him, he naturally perceived instantly.

“One ……”

He said softly.

“Two ……” he said softly again.

“What’s this guy doing?”

The crowd was confused by Neo’s strange actions, this guy, who was about to die, and what was he chanting out of his mouth?

“Three …… four ……”

Without any pause, Neo continued to read the count gently and steadily.

“…… eight …… nine ……”

“Good, I’ll see what kind of name you kid is selling, anyway, you can’t get away, death is just an immediate matter, I’m not in a hurry.” Liu Xing was also confused, he also stopped the gesture for the time being, anyway, as soon as he made a gesture, the knife slave on the ceiling will split this kid in an instant, the rush is not urgent.

“…… twelve …… thirteen …… fourteen.”

Finally, when Neo counted to fourteen, he stopped.


Neo said to himself faintly in his heart, the whole hall inside and outside, a total of fourteen experts ambushed.

There was only one in the hall before, but now there were fourteen, all of whom must have been brought by the old man standing next to Liu Xing.

Fourteen experts who were hiding in the shadows.

They thought they were unaware, but at this moment, Neo had information in his mind about the position and distance of each of them to the order of millimetres.

To kill these fourteen people, Neo only needed a split second.

Since they were here, let them be buried together.

Neo gently turned the wine glass in his hand, a fierce light flashed steeply in his gaze, he suddenly stood up, the glass in his hand, and drained it in one go!

Here we go!


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