At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 478

“…… Caiwei and I were about to go to the shop, before the door was opened, suddenly the sound of an explosion came from the distance, when the street was suddenly in chaos, many people rushed around in a panic at once, rushing Caiwei and I away …… ”

Guan Shanxue sobbed as she recounted what had happened.

Her voice was right next to Neo’s, but Neo felt hazy and distant, his eyes all fell on Caiwei’s body, Caiwei’s right arm had been completely ruined, completely burnt beyond recognition.

“…… Later, a building near the street also suddenly exploded, fire fell from the sky, many people were burned, there were screams everywhere, I was also terrified and looked everywhere for Caiwei, by the time I found her, she …… “Guanshan Xue cried and could no longer say more.

“Mmmm ……” Caiwei, who was in a semi-conscious state, let out a groan of pain.

“Caiwei, how are you ……” Neo couldn’t help but look at Caiwei’s face, and with this look, Neo’s heart, moreover, seemed to have received a heavy blow.

The piece of light veil on Caiwei’s face was so blinding at this time.

It was as if a knife had been plucked fiercely into Neo’s heart.

Yes, how could Neo forget the things that had happened to Caiwei, how could he forget why Caiwei’s face had turned into a different shape.

It was for …… Zhou Yun ……

She had made a promise to bear all the deadly disasters on Zhou Yun.

And she didn’t even know Zhou Yun, and she had endured everything for a stranger to her.

And all this for Tian Xuan, and for me.

Losing her beautiful face was already the most tragic loss for a girl, and now she had lost an arm.

Neo gently picked her up, so light, Cai Wei was really light.

“It hurts so much ……” Caiwei murmured in a daze, her brow filled with pain.

With that one cry, Neo’s heart was breaking.

What was wrong with himself?

Was he still a human being?

Hadn’t he promised himself, hadn’t he promised to take good care of Caiwei, to ensure that she would never be harmed in any way in her life?

Hadn’t he made that promise to that dying person with his own mouth!

Neo thought again of that figure, that lonely figure between the sky and the earth, that figure surrounded by a huge sword aura, that figure who stood up for himself against the Immortal Mother Ling Miao, that figure who died for himself!

Tian Xuan had died for himself, and he had failed to protect the woman he loved most!

“It’s my fault, it’s my fault, it’s my Neo’s fault ……” Neo heartbreakingly stroked over Caiwei’s withered and charred arm, the remorse and guilt in his heart had reached its peak.

“Lu young, not your fault, to blame, can only blame the building explosion, can only blame Caiwei her bad life, she was abandoned since childhood, and later ……” Guan Shanxue of course does not understand Neo’s mind, she is also grief, thinking of this found daughter this first half of life of hardship, and could not help but cry.

“Building explosion …… building explosion ……” Neo murmured, abruptly, his eyes suddenly awe-inspiring, abruptly burst out a powerful cold intent. “That’s right, the building explosion, all blame the building explosion ……”

“Third brother, what’s wrong with you, hurry up and take Miss Caiwei to the hospital, I’ll contact the family doctor.” Lu Cang also seemed to sense what had suddenly changed in Neo.

“Big brother, I’ll entrust Caiwei to you first, you take your aunt and Caiwei to Zhang Jiu, let Zhang Jiu heal Caiwei, I’ll go and do something.”

With that, Neo handed Caiwei into Lu Cang’s arms, turned around and left.

He moved so fast that Lu Cang didn’t even react, and Neo was already far away.

Although Caiwei’s situation was very bad, Neo knew that even if he stayed by Caiwei’s side, he wouldn’t be able to help much, and Zhang Jiu would take care of Caiwei, which Neo was very relieved about.

As for himself, he had more important things to do now!

The harm that Caiwei had suffered today might never be undone, but the person who had made her suffer that harm could pay back in blood!

When he thought of Caiwei’s arm, Neo’s heart ached, especially when he thought of the building explosion, when Caiwei was engulfed in fire, when Caiwei must have been screaming in agony, but he was standing in the lobby of the New Moon Hotel without knowing anything at that time.

And when the person who caused the explosion was standing right in front of him, Neo’s heart was simply dripping blood at the thought of it.

Grandpa had suddenly told his elder brother to return to Tiandao, telling him not to act rashly when he encountered anything strange, and by strange things, grandpa should be referring to this matter of the Qingzhou explosion.

Even grandpa was cautious in facing it, which meant that this matter was by no means an isolated incident, it might just be a prelude to some huge conspiracy, that’s why grandpa was suddenly so anxious, that’s why he was so cautious.

That Liu Xing, originally, was just a rich second generation in Qingzhou, according to his previous ability, there was no way he could have performed the way he did today, which meant that something had indeed appeared abnormal.

It was not that Neo did not know this.

So when he was in the hall, even though Liu Xing was so arrogant and domineering, insulting the Lu family, Neo did not take action, he held back because he knew he could not alert the snake, he needed to know everything and the truth behind this.

However, now Neo could no longer care about this.

He could not hold back any longer.

No matter what the other party’s origins were, and no matter if he knew what the other party’s origins were, today, today was the day, someone had to be martyred for the arm that Caiwei had lost!

At this moment, the New Moon Hotel was brilliantly lit up.

Dozens of tables were neatly set up, with a wide array of delicacies on them, each table was crowded with people, and the whole hall was in an uproar.

The most luxurious table in the middle, sitting in the chief, was none other than Liu Xing.

Guan Qiushui was sitting close to Liu Xing, she had long been glowing by now, sitting next to Liu Xing with an extremely proud look in her eyes.

She should have acted proud.

Because at this moment, Liu Xing was the focus of the whole room, the one everyone was vying to please, and she was, obviously, the woman beside Liu Xing, and everyone also treated her with respect.

“Listen up, it doesn’t matter if the company blows up, as long as you are loyal and are one of my Liu Xing’s lackeys, the day we dominate the world in the future with our Hell Legion, each and every one of you will have benefits!”

Liu Xing’s gaze could not contain his smugness, sweeping over everyone in the room, yes, he was indeed very smug, the feeling of defying the Lu family was just too good.

Lu Cang, that was the youngest master of the Lu family, just like that, he had slunk away in front of himself, just thinking about it, Liu Xing’s heart had an overwhelming excitement.

Things, it was even easier and simpler than he had imagined!

He already couldn’t help but fantasize about himself standing on top of the world.

“However, if anyone dares to be submissive and sneak around with the Lu family, the downfall will be like this cup!” With a turn of phrase, Liu Xing’s face revealed a kind of dense sinisterness, and the blue and white porcelain wine cup in his hand was violently thrown towards the sky.

Almost at the same time, a black shadow, as if it were a falcon, met the wine cup with a sword.




With a light slashing sound, the celadon wine cup instantly split into pieces and burst apart in the air.

Bang, bang, bang ……

A dozen fragments of celadon wine cups fell from the air and landed on every table in the hall, their fractures neat and smooth, their sizes even consistent!

It was still the same ceiling-falling figure, kneeling on one knee, a huge black robe enveloping his figure, looking terrifying and mysterious.

The knife in his hand, still glinting with a cold light, only this time, there was no dripping blood.

The crowd in the hall was completely unable to breathe for a moment, and everyone’s eyes were wide open.

Seeing this black-robed figure, everyone could not help but think of Zheng Mingcheng’s body split into two instantly again.

Under the wine table, some people’s legs began to sieve.

“Young Liu, I’ll always be a dog to you! Forever loyal to you!”

At a table in the southwest corner, a man suddenly rushed out and ran straight to Liu Xing’s feet, kneeling down on both knees.

“Young Liu will destroy the Lu Family as easily as a hand, I swear to follow Young Liu to the death!”

“The Lu Family, the end of its strength, Young Liu, take us to start a new world!”

“Just now, before Young Liu even made a move, the Lu family’s people fled in fear, haha, I dare say Lu Cang and the others will never dare to set foot in Qingzhou again!”

People kept running up to Liu Xing, frantic and crazy, surrounding him.

Liu Xing became even more complacent as he waved his hand lightly in a dashing manner, and the black-robed figure with the sword respectfully and quickly disappeared somewhere in the hall.

“I heard that the main residence of the Lu family is on the Sky Island, when the time comes, I will take you to the Sky Island and let the people of the Lu family serve us!” Liu Xing suddenly arrogantly wrapped his arms around Guan Qiushui who was beside him, that gaze was full of frenzy.

“Mm.” Guan Qiushui thoughtfully and tenderly buried her head all into Liu Xing’s arms.

“Young Liu, there is someone outside who wants to see you.” Just at this moment, someone suddenly came to report.


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