At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 477

Zheng Mingcheng is dead.

The body was split in half with a single slash, clean and swift.

A human figure, covered in black robes, crouched quietly on the ground, motionless, looking as if he were a statue.

Blood dripped slowly from the knife in his hand, dripping without a trace, truly a knife that killed without blood.

“If Lu Cang hadn’t had the sense to walk away just now, the corpses on the ground would be his men now.” Liu Xing looked around the crowd in triumph, and then his voice was as cold as snow, “Now, do you still dare to doubt me? Do you still dare to doubt the Hell Legion now!”

No one dared to speak anymore, the bloody scene deeply frightened them, and the black shadow killer who swiftly slashed in half from the ceiling of the hall was even more like a nightmare in their minds.

“In front of the legions of hell, the Lu family can only linger on, today’s explosion is just the beginning, our goal, is this world!” Liu Xing’s gaze steeply flashed with another kind of longing, a frenzied sinfully tinged excitement, like the kind of frenzied excitement when Dragon Rider Yin Zhiping approached the immobile Little Dragon Girl from behind.

Yes, to be above the Lu family, this should be the world, the ultimate glory and thrill.

“Young Liu, you can definitely do it!”

“Young Liu, please let me serve you as a dog and horse!”

“Young Liu, please let me follow you!”

In the crowd, people started to stir, and people kept coming towards Liu Xing’s side, paying homage and submitting.

Looking at what was happening in front of him, Liu Xing smiled.

“Brother Xing, where have you been all these days, I’ve missed you to death.” A gentle body also pressed against Liu Xing at the right time.

“You still remember me?” Liu Xing looked at the woman in front of him.

“Of course I remember, more than that, how could I forget our grace as husband and wife.” This woman is naturally Guan Qiushui, “At that time, even if you were broke, so what, I would not dislike you, I am your wife, naturally I will accompany you through the difficult years, as long as we are married, even if the wind and rain are not afraid, but, you are really cruel, leaving me behind and left, I, I have searched for you so hard ah. ”

Guan Qiushui’s body was getting tighter and tighter, although her voice was lingering with a bit of feminine sorrow, her heart was also very nervous and apprehensive.

Of course she was nervous, after all, at that time once she learned that Liu Xing was bankrupt, she left of her own accord, but who would have thought that Liu Xing had come back, not only came back, but also returned so dominant.

More than domineering, the current Liu Xing was simply a different person.

Although the Liu Xing of the past was also arrogant and domineering, that arrogance, after all, was only the arrogance of a rich second generation whose family had money.

But now Liu Xing’s arrogance had changed into a more cruel arrogance, which was not only arrogant, but also a cold, intimidating and chilling aura.

The scene just now, Guan Qiushui saw it all in her eyes.

No matter what happened to others, she knew that it was time for her to make a choice.

That fellow Neo, for the sake of a freak like Cai Wei, he actually abandoned me, huh, so what if the Lu family, if Liu Xing can really trample the Lu family under his feet, I really want to see the expression on that fellow Neo’s face when the time comes.

“Really?” Liu Xing is not stupid, “Then how come just now I still see you hugging that Lu family boy and not letting go?”

“Which is not! It’s not because of you!” Guan Qiushui hurriedly said, her eyelids fluttering and she actually dropped a few tears, “It was that guy Neo who blackmailed me to do so, because I divorced him for you, so he deliberately took the opportunity to humiliate me, think about it, he is the young master of the Lu family, how dare I disobey his orders. In my heart, how can he compare to you! You, when you say that, you’ve really wronged someone!”

“Haha, well said!” Liu Xing’s mouth showed a hint of sneer, “I don’t even put Lu Cang in my eyes, that Lu family brat is nothing in my eyes, he is just an unworthy waste young master of the Lu family, how can he compare to me Liu Xing, in the future I will make all Lu family members kneel before me and tremble in fear!”

“Brother Xing, you can definitely do it!” Guan Qiushui snuggled into Liu Xing’s arm, a smile surfaced at the corner of her mouth, “I hope that when the time comes, I can also stand next to you.”

And at this moment, outside on the street.

A Maybach was speeding along, extremely fast, as if it was being chased by something.

Inside the car, Neo looked out of the window and couldn’t help but frown. When he was in the hotel just now, he only heard the sound of the explosion and saw the smoke of the explosion, and didn’t feel it very deeply.

But now that he was outside, Neo saw the tragic situation in front of him.

There were bricks and tiles everywhere from the building explosion, smoke was rising everywhere, a broken and decaying look, there were not many people left in the streets, everyone seemed to be hiding, from time to time there were ambulances passing by.

“Sigh, I really should have taught that Liu Xing a lesson just now.” Lu Cang’s gaze retracted from the window, needless to say, he naturally saw the sight Neo saw, “It’s just that Grandpa suddenly sent an urgent telegram, telling me not to act rashly when I encountered anything strange, and that we should immediately meet Tiandao, there was no way around it. Otherwise, just now my men would have been able to control him completely and then check the background of where that guy came from properly. I think that guy must be a crazy person with mental problems, a normal person wouldn’t do such a thing and dare to go against our Lu family, huh.”

Lu Cang shook his head, clearly not putting Liu Xing in his eyes at all either.

“No.” Neo shook his head, “Big brother, just relying on those few B-rank combatants of the family, they can’t control him.”

“Oh? Really?” Lu Cang smiled, looking less than convinced, “Third brother, those are the family’s B-rank combatants, just take one out, they are an existence that can beat dozens, how can they not be able to control that kid, moreover, just now they were already less than three meters away from that kid, and that kid was indifferent, it’s not as easy as taking him down.”

“There are his men on the ceiling of the hall.” Neo said, “As soon as our combatants start to make their move, the man on the ceiling will also strike at the same time, according to my estimation of the strength of that man on the ceiling, he can take out all our B-rank combatants in an instant.”

“What? This, is true?” Lu Cang couldn’t help but be shocked, taking out several B-rank combatants in an instant, how powerful must that be! Liu Xing was actually surrounded by such a strong expert, did he really have a background?

“Hmm.” Neo nodded, but then said indifferently, “But that’s nothing, I can take that person’s life with just one strike.”

Yes, of course Neo had already known long ago that there was Liu Xing’s person hiding on the ceiling, and he also knew why Liu Xing was so calm and collected, because the person on the ceiling was, indeed, an expert.

However, in front of Neo, of course, it was nothing.

Just now, if his elder brother hadn’t suddenly received orders from his grandfather to leave, he would have definitely taken action, and he certainly wouldn’t have let his family’s B-rank personnel die for nothing.

Neo did not put the ceiling in his eyes, but he still felt a little uneasy, because he always felt as if something was about to happen.

And what Neo wanted most right now was for everything to go on as normal, preferably without anything happening, because An Yuying, whom he had met today, had given him hope, so he hoped that nothing would better appear now to interfere with all this.

The ringing of his mobile phone violently interrupted Neo’s thoughts.

“Young Lu, is, is that you?”

A woman’s anxious voice was on the phone.

“Auntie, what’s wrong?!” Hearing this woman’s anxious voice, Neo, who had been languid and faint, sat up violently, the whole person, as if he had suddenly woken up.

“Lu Shao, I don’t know what to do, please can you come, Caiwei, she, she ……” the phone call is none other than Guan Shanxue, at this time, her voice anxious with a few panic, and even a few incoherent.

“Caiwei, what’s wrong with her …… I’ll come over right away!” The voice of Neo almost changed.

He even hated to slap himself, yeah, how could he forget about Caiwei, especially with all the explosions in Qingzhou City just now, he should have given Caiwei a call at the first opportunity!

“Third brother, I’ll send you there!” Although Lu Cang did not know who Caiwei was, but seeing Neo’s face change dramatically, it was naturally clear that it must be someone that third brother was extremely concerned about.

More than ten minutes later, the Maybach creaked to a halt on a dilapidated street.

This was none other than Tanghua Street.

It was just not the same as before, the street was now littered with traces of burning, with wisps of smoke still rising from the ashes, the broken walls of the dilapidated houses were black traces of smoke, the smell of smoke was in the air, and not far away a tall building had been blown apart.

Needless to say, it was the explosion of the tall building that ignited the whole of Tanque Street.

On the street, a middle-aged woman, who was holding a young woman on the ground, kept sobbing.

Neo almost scrambled to run over, and the moment he saw the young woman on the ground, his heart jerked hard, and his feet seemed to lose their roots all of a sudden, stumbling, and his whole body fell towards the woman’s front.

“Cai, Caiwei …… how, how did this happen ……”

Neo knelt in front of the young woman, his gaze, fixed on Cai Wei’s right arm.

That could no longer be considered an arm, it was like being a charred piece of charcoal.


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