At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 476

“What! The depot is all blown up?!”

“Don’t report back to me yet, you hurry up and save the people!”

“It’s over, it’s all over ……”

The crowd in the hall, some were disheveled and collapsed, holding their heads with their hands, some were scratching their ears and cheeks in unbearable pain, some were lost in thought and madness, in short, the hall was full of people, only there was no joy and happiness, there was only despair and grief.

Even Lu Cang was shocked, he really didn’t expect that Liu Xing would dare to do something so extreme and make such a big deal out of it.

This way, it was like blowing up the entire city of Qingzhou, ah.

Blowing up a city, and in contemporary times, this was simply unheard of, even the most domineering person in the Lu family would not have gone to this extent.

However, Liu Xing did it.

“What the hell are you from, what the hell do you want!”

Although Lu Cang was shocked, but obviously he would not be afraid, he was the first grandson of the Lu family, so many years of experience out to be an existence that could take charge of his own, not to mention the lofty backing of the Lu family behind him.

Of course, although he will not be afraid, does not mean that he does not have a vibration in his heart, at this moment, to be honest, although Lu Cang is not afraid of the other side, but also had to re-examine the opposite side of the origin.

“As I said, it’s just …… for fun.” Liu Xing’s smile, returned to his face again.

He suddenly raised his voice again and looked at the crowd with a playful expression on his face, “Now, if you are given another chance, I think, you should know which side to stand on, right?”

With a single word, the noise in the hall was suddenly much less.

The crowd sorted themselves out from their panic and grief, looked at Lu Cang in the field, and then looked at Liu Xing, and for a moment, most of them were a bit at a loss for words.

If it was just a moment ago, everyone would have sided with Lu Cang without hesitation, after all, choosing to side with such a thing, there is the Lu family will definitely choose the Lu family, not to mention, who would have thought just now that Liu Xing’s tactics would …… be as terrifying as this!

And, even just for fun? Just for the sake of fun, it blew up so many companies, in the end, how awesome the background must be to dare to do so, this is afraid not the son of the Creator, right?

However, although the crowd started to fluctuate inside, no one really just sided with Liu Xing either.

After all, the reputation of the Lu Family was deeply engraved in the hearts of the crowd, and since these people were born, they had never heard of anything that the Lu Family could not solve, and no matter how powerful their opponents were, the Lu Family had never lost.

In other words, the Lu family had never revealed its bottom card. No one knew how deep the Lu family’s roots were, and no one knew how great the Lu family’s energy was.

Even if Liu Xing blew up a city, that did not mean that he could suppress the Lu family.

After all, just now Liu Xing could only be said to have sent an attack, next, one had to see how Lu Cang would defend, or how he would counter-attack, in order to make a proper judgment.

In the hall, almost coincidentally, the voices suddenly fell completely silent, and all eyes were placed on Lu Cang and Liu Xing.

Burning soot drifted into the hall from the shattered glass windows, showering down on the crowd, and the smell of choking smoke reached everyone’s nostrils.

The smell of choking smoke reached everyone’s nostrils and seemed to remind them of the disaster that had just occurred.

Lu Cang’s gaze, too, suddenly contracted at this point and became somewhat grim.

It was not as if he had never seen anyone challenge him before. In the more than ten years he had worked for his family at home and abroad, there had been those who had confronted him, and there was no shortage of arrogant sons and daughters of world class gentry.

However, those like Liu Xing were absolutely unique and had never been seen before.

Finally, he nodded gently, and the B-class combatants of the Lu Family who had long controlled the hall’s perimeter instantly activated and approached Liu Xing.

Their movements were not fast, but with every step they took forward, they controlled every direction, locking up every possibility that Liu Xing could escape, they were like a net that kept shrinking again and again.

The people on Lu Cang’s side started to move, but the few bodyguards Liu Xing had brought with him did not move at all, and Liu Xing also remained motionless, not only did he not move, his face did not even change in any way, and even, he still wore that playful smile.

The eyes of all the people were fixed on Liu Xing, whose calmness made them all feel incredible.

Even Lu Cang’s heart could not help but mutter, he cautiously surveyed the surroundings, but there was nothing suspicious, there was no ambush.

But Liu Xing was so calm and collected, could this all be a fraud? Or did Liu Xing have some incredible killing move?

But there was not a single muttering or hesitation in the hearts of the B-rank combatants, their master had given an order and they only needed to obey unconditionally!

At this moment, their eyes were only on the mission, only on the target, their minds and attention were all on Liu Xing.

The crowd held their breath, at this moment Lu Cang’s men were only about five metres away from Liu Xing, although their movements were still very slow, but everyone knew that this was just the stalking approach of a tiger before hunting, when that leap began, everything would become incomparably fierce!

What would be the result, exactly?

Although Liu Xing had bombed the Dingri Mansion, although Liu Xing had bombed hundreds of companies in Qingzhou, at least so far, Liu Xing had not yet engaged in a head-on conflict with the Lu family.

And if Liu Xing really dared to go to war with these Lu Family combatants, that would be truly making an enemy of the Lu Family.

Would he dare to go this far?

If he really dared, then what kind of power was behind him?

A power that dared to go directly to war with the Lu Family was something the crowd simply dared not imagine.

Everyone waited nervously, even forgetting about the explosion just now, after all, if there was really a power to fight the Lu Family, it would be a world-changing event.

The Lu Family’s combatants were less than three metres away from Liu Xing at this point!

“Wait a minute.”

Just at this moment, suddenly, Lu Cang spoke up.

The order was forbidden, and the combatants stopped at once.

Before the crowd could react, “Let’s go. Third brother, let’s go.” Lu Cang went on, and almost as he spoke, his figure was already walking towards the entrance of the hall, as if he had something very urgent to do.

“But don’t worry guys, when I come back, I will give you an explanation for this matter.” As he finished his last sentence to the crowd, Lu Cang had already left the hall.

Only the crowd was left frozen in place, looking at each other, no one reacted for a moment.

Gone, just like that, suddenly gone ……

The crowd simply couldn’t believe it.

The two sides were about to have their first real battle, but they didn’t expect it to be the Lu family’s side that withdrew on their own initiative.

“This, how is this possible? Why did Mr. Lu suddenly leave?”

“Maybe something is wrong ……”

Although the crowd said so in their mouths, but in their hearts they still couldn’t figure it out, just now they saw that the Lu family’s combatants were already close to Liu Xing, within a few seconds they could have made their move, even if something was wrong, there was no hurry for these few seconds, right?

What’s more, Liu Xing blew up the Dingri Mansion and said those provocative words to Lu Cang, this was almost like bullying to the face, what could be the matter that was more important than teaching Liu Xing a lesson?

“He is not at all something wrong, he is just scared!” Suddenly, Liu Xing’s voice interrupted the crowd’s discussion, his voice, steeped in coldness, “Let me tell you, from today onwards, the Lu Family’s prestige will decline day by day, and the Lu Family will not be the most powerful family anymore, the most powerful force will belong to me, to the Hell Legion behind me!”

The crowd could not help but shiver, and for a moment, no one spoke again.

Although they half believed in Liu Xing’s words, no one dared to say anything, and no one knew what to say.


Suddenly, there was a roar, the crowd looked, it was Zheng Mingcheng of Tengfei Company, at this moment, Zheng Mingcheng had an angry face and pointed at Liu Xing, “Liu Xing, don’t brag about yourself, if it wasn’t really urgent for Mr. Lu just now, you would have been taken down by now, you think those few bodyguards of yours are a match for Mr. Lu’s men? Just because you blew up the company of all of us doesn’t mean that you’re that good, with a bit of money to buy some explosives, anyone can blow up a company, but no one does such brainless things like you, just be complacent, when Mr. Lu comes back, he will definitely do justice for us!”

After saying that, Zheng Mingcheng prepared to leave with a disdainful expression.

However, he did not manage to leave, Liu Xing only made a light gesture, before the crowd could react, a black shadow descended from the sky, so fast that it almost drew a straight line.

Brush ……

There was a light and quick tearing sound, as if there was cloth being ripped apart extremely fast.

Thud, thud ……

Two landing sounds, as if two boots had fallen to the ground.


Then came a sudden outburst of countless screams.

The crowd looked at Zheng Mingcheng on the ground in horror, two sections of Zheng Mingcheng to be exact.


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