At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 475

Of course, in Guan Qiushui’s heart at this time, there was actually no answer as to who to choose.

Because at this time, Liu Xing, and at this time, Neo, to her, were both suitable candidates, not only suitable, but simply dreamed of.

So, no matter who was chosen, it was the right choice.

Of course, if she had to make a choice, she was actually inclined towards Neo.

After all, the strength of the Lu family, it was unquestionable, and if one discarded the family wealth, Neo’s look and the aura on his body, still somewhat matched her taste, of course if Neo had a temperament.

At this moment, Liu Xing had already arrived at the heel.

Guan Qiushui’s heart, jumped even harder, and her body stood straighter.

Here it comes, it’s coming.

At this moment, most of the people’s eyes were focused on Liu Xing, no one knew what he was going to do, and everyone wanted to know what he was going to do.

They saw that Liu Xing came straight to the Maybach side.

And at this time, Lu Cang and his men, Neo and Guan Qiushui and a host of others, were all standing beside the Maybach.

“Mr. Lu.”

Finally, Liu Xing looked at Lu Cang, nodded his head slightly and spoke.

And Guan Qiushui’s heart sank violently.

Liu Xing’s gaze did not rest halfway on her body.

Her face suddenly burned, and the pride she had just felt in her heart was gone all of a sudden.

She was wrong, Liu Xing did not come to look for her, but for Lu Cang.

He called Lu Cang as Mr. Lu, which meant that he was also one of Lu Cang’s men?

No wonder he could afford to drive a Rolls Royce, so he had climbed into the Lu family!

Since Liu Xing even addressed Lu Cang as Mr. Lu, how could his status compare to that of Neo?

Yes, why was he so stupid, so what if he drove a Rolls Royce Crystal? The Lu family was a world class existence, the Lu family was no longer the kind of family that relied on a car to show off their family, even if someone from the Lu family pedaled a tricycle, it was still more classy than someone driving a Porsche.

Thinking, Guan Qiushui grabbed Neo’s arm even tighter, she knew that grabbing Neo’s arm was the same as grabbing glory and future.

“You are?”

However, to the surprise of the crowd, Lu Cang did not seem to know Liu Xing.

“Haha, it doesn’t matter who I am. Of course Mr. Lu can call me Liu Xing if he wishes.” Liu Xing smiled broadly, looking radiant throughout, “I am here to congratulate Mr. Lu.”

“Congratulate me?” Lu Cang was even more puzzled.

“That’s right, congratulations to Mr. Lu for the explosion of Dingri Mansion.” Liu Xing slowly said, he was calm and composed, the corners of his mouth even carried a smile if any, and stared at Lu Cang without turning his eyes, as if he still wanted to see Lu Cang’s reaction when he heard these words.

These words were undoubtedly like a bomb.

It detonated at once.

The crowd was in an uproar.

“Liu Xing, how dare you!”

“Liu Xing, are you f*cking looking for death, daring to speak to President Lu like that!”

The crowd swarmed up and stared at Liu Xing angrily, and some people went straight to their hands and grabbed Liu Xing’s collar.

Yes, even though Liu Xing was driving a Rolls Royce, who didn’t know Lu Cang’s background? Even if Liu Xing became more powerful, there was no way he would be able to match Lu Cang.

“I know you, your name is Zheng Mingcheng, you are the boss of Tengfei Company.” Being surrounded by so many people, Liu Xing was not flustered at all, he looked at the man who grabbed his collar in front of him and said calmly.

“That’s right, I am Zheng Mingcheng, what, you think I am afraid of you, why don’t you apologize to Mr. Lu!” Zheng Mingcheng shouted angrily.

Liu Xing, however, did not pay any attention to him, calmly took out a black remote control like thing and pressed it.

“Congratulations, Mr. Zheng, Tengfei’s building, has also exploded.” Liu Xing shook the remote control in his hand and said indifferently.

“Damn, is this guy crazy? Taking a few clicks of a random thing and blowing up the building?”

“No wonder he dared to speak to President Lu like that, so he’s sick in the head!”

The crowd all felt that Liu Xing was ridiculous.

“Nutcase, I’ll go f*ck you!” Zheng Mingcheng was a dignified person, seeing that he was being teased by Liu Xing in front of so many people, besides, Liu Xing had even offended Lu Cang, so Zheng Mingcheng was still afraid of him, Liu Xing? He did not hesitate to think about it, and simply swung his fist directly.

It was just when his fist was about to touch Liu Xing.

Boom ……

A dull sound came from the southwest, far away.

The sound, although dull, was heard in the heart, but it made people feel a sense of awe, as if something huge had been destroyed.

“This, this is the sound of an explosion ……”

“And it’s not from the Dingri building, this is more distant and in the wrong direction.”

“Okay, it does seem to be in the direction of the Tengiz Company ……”

I don’t know who said that, but at once, the hall fell silent.

Everyone looked towards Zheng Mingcheng and Liu Xing.

Just by judging by the direction, of course, there is no way to necessarily prove that it is the Tengfei company, but when you think about what Liu Xing said just now, it is indeed a coincidence that makes people feel terrible.

Zheng Mingcheng was also frozen, his fist stopped in the air, and his person was as frozen.

“Ringing bell ……”

Almost at the same time, Zheng Mingcheng’s mobile phone rang sharply.

The ringing seemed to strike the hearts of the crowd, and at that moment, the air also seemed to freeze, and all eyes, in unison, were focused on Zheng Mingcheng’s hand that picked up the phone.

“Hello ……”

Zheng Mingcheng’s voice had a few moments of numbness in it, so numb that he had forgotten that the phone was still on speakerphone call.

“Mr. Zheng! It’s not good! There was just an explosion at the company! Several people have died and many more are trapped inside, what should we do!” On the phone was a woman’s trembling voice, tinged with helpless sobs, the background tones interspersed with the piercing sirens of fire alarms and ambulances.

The woman’s voice, not only reached Zheng Mingcheng’s ears, but also the ears of everyone in the hall, and the vacuum-like silence in the hall of hundreds and thousands of people froze everyone.


Zheng Mingcheng sat down on the floor in dismay, the phone in his hand also fell and broke into several pieces, the sound also made the crowd wake up with a start, what Liu Xing said, was actually true!

At this moment, the crowd once again looked at Liu Xing, only that some people’s gaze already had a little more awe in it.

This time, no one dared to speak again.

“Liu Xing, I don’t care what your purpose is, you have overplayed your hand.” Of course, there were still people who dared, and Lu Cang dared, not only did he dare, there were not many things in this world that he did not dare.

He looked at Liu Xing calmly, his gaze still carrying a calmness in it.

As he spoke, Lu Cang picked up Zheng Mingcheng who was on the ground, “Zheng, don’t worry, I will definitely give you a result in this matter, a result that will satisfy you!”

“What makes you so sure?” Liu Xing’s face, without a trace of difference, was still smiling slightly, as if nothing had happened, or perhaps he simply did not take what had just happened to heart either.

“With my Lu Family’s sign! Anyone who makes sacrifices for my Lu Family will be rewarded! Anyone who dares to commit a sin against those loyal to my Lu Family will also be punished!”

Lu Cang’s voice was still cool and calm.

His tone was calm, without a hint of threat, just like he was stating a statement, but anyone could feel the weight of those words.

That was the Lu family!

“Yes, Liu Xing, you can’t get away!”

“Compensate Mr. Lu and Mr. Zheng for their losses!”

“Compensation alone is not enough, his crimes are enough to die several times!”

“How dare you speak out against Mr. Lu, why don’t we just put an end to this kid on the spot!”

Lu Cang’s words made the crowd instantly indignant again, yes, whatever about him Liu Xing, this side is the Lu family, a heaven-like existence, what else to consider?

Liu Xing could have even the slightest chance of winning?

“A bunch of ignorant pig dogs, dead to the world and still don’t know.” On Liu Xing’s face, the smile abruptly disappeared, and in an instant, his face had a morbid aura, with a vague hint of condescension.

His gaze looked around at the crowd, “You are given one last chance to choose, whether to side with the Lu family or to side with me, those who side with me, stand behind me.”

“I pooh! Just you, against the Lu family?”

“What a clown!”

“You won’t even know how you’ll die later.”

Naturally, none of the crowd sided with Liu Xing, the reputation of the Lu Family, that was like a legend, in this world, the Lu Family was without rival.

Although Lu Cang’s face was calm and bland, he couldn’t help but have a hint of mockery and impatience at this moment, he no longer wanted to tangle with this arrogant fellow who had suddenly appeared, he gave a wink and his men next to him, a few B-rank combatants of the Lu Family, controlled all of Liu Xing’s retreats without moving.

“Good, very good.”

Liu Xing looked at the crowd, a weird smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth, “This is even more fun.”

As he said that, his gaze crossed the windows of the hall and seemed to flicker outside.


A loud sound, as if it was not far away.

The crowd hadn’t reacted.

Boom! Boom, boom!

Successive explosions, one after another, staggered near and far, one after another, kept coming, a dull explosion in the distance, a loud bang pounding on the eardrums close by.

A trail of smoke rose one after another across the city, and the sky, which had been clear, was now gradually becoming cloudy.

Boom, boom, boom!

The explosions seemed to be endless, and with the explosions, mobile phone rings and various alerts in the hall began to ring out in a rush, and the whole hall, at that moment, seemed to be a cacophonous symphony, a symphony of implied disaster and pain.


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