At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 474

“What’s going on?”

“What’s happening?”

The crowd looked at the Dingri Building in the distance with fear, at this moment the smoke was rolling, black smoke and ash was washed up into the sky, in the air like a roaming black butterfly, through the black smoke, from time to time you could still see the vague light of fire.

“Xiao Wu, bring the car over, I’ll go over there.”

Lu Cang instructed with his driver, he frowned lightly, looking at the Dingri building from afar, an explosion? How could this be possible.

After all, with Lu Cang’s calm personality, the fire-fighting work of the Dingri Building was always in place, what was wrong with this?

“Mr. Lu, let’s go together!”

“Yes, yes, let’s go over there too and see if we can help!”

The others followed closely behind Lu Cang, this was a good opportunity to make friends with him, so of course they didn’t want to miss it, even if they couldn’t help, they would still show their faces and make a good impression on the Lu family, which would make things easier in the future.

“Neo, let me go with you.”

At some point, Guan Qiushui fought his way through the crowd and carefully came to Neo’s side.

At this moment, Neo was also busy preparing to get into the car and go over with his big brother.

When he suddenly saw Guan Qiushui squeezing in, he couldn’t help but stare.

Is she still not dead?

“No need, it’s too dangerous.” Neo waved his hand and casually found a reason to reject her.

“It’s because it’s dangerous that I’m going with you!” Guan Qiushui suddenly grabbed Neo’s lapel, her gaze tightly meeting Neo, “I hope I can be by your side when the danger comes.”

The expression on Guan Qiushui’s face was genuine, her eyes were full of concern, and her forehead was even covered with sweat from when she was struggling to squeeze through the crowd.

This made Neo feel a vague sense of trance, and everything seemed so real.

Under any circumstances, no man would really be indifferent when a girl said something like that.

“Let’s get in the car! Anyway, I will never let you go alone.” Guan Qiushui took the initiative to pull Neo towards the entrance of the hotel.

At this moment, a silver and white Rolls-Royce Crystal slowly stopped at the entrance of the hotel, the slender body looked very noble and the entire car’s flamboyant aura was unmistakably revealed.

Guan Qiushui’s gaze reflected the radiant light of the Rolls-Royce body, looking at her with a secret sigh in her heart, even though she was from a good family, her entire family, did not have a Rolls-Royce, for her family, this kind of top-class car, was already considered a luxury.

She was once again finally realising the wealth of the Lu family, the Rolls Royce Crystal, known as the crown of luxury cars, there used to be none in the whole of Qingzhou, but in the Lu family, such a class of car was available everywhere.

Lu originally wanted to shake off Guan Qiushui’s hand, but he hesitated for a moment and gave up.

Yes, Neo didn’t want to embarrass Guan Qiushui with such a sincere attitude, and so many people were watching.

Although he himself would certainly not be with her again, but since she had already known her mistake, it could not be better to have a gentle ending.

“Third brother, wrong, that’s not our car, this way.”

Just as Neo was being pulled and dragged by Guan Qiushui to the Rolls Royce car, Lu Cang’s voice came from the other side.

Neo was stunned.

He then saw that his big brother was not coming over, but standing next to another black Maybach.

This was how he knew he had misunderstood.

“Let’s go over there.”


Guan Qiushui’s face, however, flashed with a hint of reluctance.

Her gaze, reluctantly, rested on the Rolls Royce. Although the Maybach was also a luxury car, it was still a notch below this Rolls Royce Crystal.

The crowd was also a little surprised. Just now, when they saw the Rolls-Royce and the Maybach driving over together, they thought they were both Lu Cang’s cars, so they didn’t think anything of it.

However, now that they knew that the Rolls-Royce was not Lu Cang’s, they were all a bit curious.

Such a luxurious car, if it wasn’t Lu’s, whose else could it be?

At this moment, the car door opened.

The eyes of the crowd were all focused at once.

Everyone wanted to know who was inside the car.

A man stepped out.

Following him, four more burly bodyguards came out of the car, following closely behind the man.

“It’s him ……”

“Surprisingly, it’s ……”

Many people obviously knew the man, and for a moment, the crowd was talking to each other, and the scene was in an uproar.

At this moment, Guan Qiushui, pulling Neo tightly, had already arrived next to the Maybach.

When she heard the sudden commotion behind her, she couldn’t help but turn around, however, just by taking a look, her heart immediately set off a huge wave, and her whole body seemed to be overcharged, how was it him!

“Liu Xing ……”

Guan Qiushui was stunned in place, staring blankly at the man who stepped down from the Rolls Royce.

Yes, it was none other than Liu Xing, he was dressed in a light colored striped suit, his hair was steadily combed back, his sideburns and eyebrows were meticulously trimmed, he looked askance, an unbeatable look.

He looked at the company in bankruptcy and was in a terrible state of distress, Liu Xing was completely different from the previous Liu Xing.

How was it possible that in less than a month, Liu Xing seemed to be a completely different person?

Not only was Guan Qiushui incredulous, but all those who knew Liu Xing at the scene could hardly believe it.

“Liu Xing, isn’t he broke?”

“Yes, didn’t they all disappear a while ago, I thought the Liu family was completely finished, how come they seem to be doing better than before now?”

“Rolls Royce Crystal, even the Liu family couldn’t afford to drive it before, now it’s surprising ……”

“What in the end has happened to the Liu family?”

“Could it be that the Liu family’s bankruptcy was just a smokescreen and was actually originally a super family?”

The crowd mingled and marveled at Liu Xing’s change, giving them a huge shock.

But no one was more shocked than Guan Qiushui.

She had thought that Liu Xing was completely out of the picture, so she immediately said goodbye to Liu Xing, and since then, her mind had never even thought of Liu Xing as a person again.

After all, she had never really liked Liu Xing in the first place, and she had only done that before because she had taken a fancy to Liu Xing’s family background.

However, now Liu Xing, in such a way, had appeared in front of her.

Liu Xing actually drove a Rolls Royce, could it be that his previous bankruptcy was all a lie?

Guan Qiushui did not move a muscle and stared at Liu Xing.

At this moment, Liu Xing was surrounded by several bodyguards and became the focus of attention, appearing shining, and Guan Qiushui looked at her heart with mixed emotions, vaguely mixed with a bit of regret.

Now she was embarrassed to take the initiative to go over and talk to Liu Xing.

Although she was embarrassed to talk to Liu Xing, Guan Qiushui still had some expectations in her heart.

At this moment, Liu Xing’s gaze suddenly turned towards Guan Qiushui, and then, a smile flashed quickly at the corner of his mouth, and he walked towards Guan Qiushui.

At once, Guan Qiushui’s heart beat fiercely.

Liu Xing, he hasn’t forgotten me, he has always remembered me!

Thinking of this, Guan Qiushui’s heart faintly rose with pride, and she also lifted her gaze and boldly looked towards Liu Xing, welcoming what was to come.

However, she did not let go of Neo’s hand either.

She puffed up her chest and held Neo’s hand as she watched Liu Xing step by step as he approached.

She looked forward to the next scene, when Liu Xing would fight for herself from Neo’s hand.

It would make her proud and make her the centre of attention.

Yes, one was Lu Cang’s younger brother, the son of the Lu family, and the other was Liu Xing, who had just stepped out of the Rolls-Royce and shocked everyone, so there was no doubt that both of them were the object of attention.

A woman who is involved with both of them at the same time is bound to be a successful and enviable woman.

Therefore, not only did she still hold onto Neo’s hand, but she also held onto it very tightly.

Because, she wanted to stimulate and stimulate Liu Xing, she wanted Liu Xing to take her back from Neo in front of so many people.

She also wanted Neo to see that she was cared for by Liu Xing, that she was not unwanted, that she was not only wanted, but that she was wanted by someone in a Rolls Royce Crystal!

She would also prefer to see that Neo would be stimulated by this matter of Liu Xing coming to take himself, for the sake of that dignity of a man, and then fight to get down himself.

Or, when Liu Xing came to fight for herself, she could reject Liu Xing and then throw herself into Neo’s arms, so that Neo would see that she had rejected a man in a Rolls Royce for him, so that Neo would be moved and thus fall in love with herself again.

In any case, Liu Xing came at a really good time.


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