At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 472

Neo could not help but stare.

He was not surprised that there was another world, but that the woman in front of him, would say this.

“I, who believe.”

However, Neo was more than convinced.

“You don’t understand.” The woman gave Neo a look, but then shook her head, “Many people believe that there is still another world, but that is just a kind of trust or belief for them, while what I am saying is that it does exist and can even be reached, in fact, I am a quantum physicist, two years ago, once in Wujiang City about the abnormal disturbance of gravity happened, which shocked the whole The academic community, but because we did not discuss the result, we did not reveal it to the public, except that a lot of strange things did happen at that time, and it also caused a discussion in the community, but then it slowly faded away, and then, about another year ago, there was another even more exaggerated gravitational angular corner distortion at some strange coordinate point in the Pacific Ocean, when it happened that a tropospheric observation hot air balloon that had been missing for several years passed up in the sky, so a series of data came in, all the information and measurements of these two events I got my hands on, and after this year of research, I got a huge matrix of gravitational function groups, only this matrix is too big, even I applied for the right to use the National Computer Centre, I can’t even build a model of this matrix, so I need funds to build a more huge and more computationally powerful supercomputer cluster ……”

Speaking here, the woman laughed bitterly as if she remembered something, “What am I telling you this for, you must be laughing at me for being a lunatic.”

“No way.” Although Neo didn’t really understand what she was talking about, those two incidents were engraved in his mind.

Two years ago, that one was in Wujiang, where his own outburst on the Ascension Platform because of Zhou Yun had triggered a change in time and space.

A year ago, that one was on Heavenly Island, also because of Zhou Yun, when the Spirit Miao Fairy Mother appeared and also triggered a change in time and space.

“I’ll give you an investment.”

Neo said again.

He knew that this was very likely to be an investment with no results and no return, not even comparable to investing in the Guan Qiushui family.

From a business point of view, it was simply using money for nothing, so that was why no one had given her the investment.

However, Neo didn’t care.

At this point, Zhou Yu’s attitude didn’t matter, the business didn’t matter anymore, it didn’t matter if there was a return, it didn’t matter if he could pass the test his big brother gave him, he just knew that he had to support it.

Simply because, he knew, he had been waiting, waiting for the moment to see her again.

If there was a chance, even if it was a thin veil if there was one, he would grab it.

“One billion, that’s a lot of money, and you may need to invest …… at a later stage” Seeing that Neo was so sure and didn’t look like she was joking, the woman finally looked up at him seriously as well.

Neo smiled, a billion was nothing to him, “Do you know which is the richest family in this world?”

“I… I don’t know.” The woman said a little embarrassed, “I don’t know much about the outside world, I’ve been in the lab since I was ten years old, I don’t seem to know anything except for my own expertise.”

Neo froze, his gaze resting on the woman’s face for a moment, truly incredulous, this woman was so beautiful, her posture was crowning, any girl with this kind of posture could have gained many things that other girls could only dream of with absolutely no effort.

Yet she was willing to do her research quietly, which really made the heart grow fonder.

“It’s fine, don’t worry, I’ll give you whatever you want, I’ll sign the contract with you now.”

“Thank you!”

When she saw that Neo had really signed the investment contract with her, the woman’s voice changed tone in excitement, she held up her hand as if she was swearing, “I will never fail you, I will definitely make achievements, this is never a lie, please believe me …… ”

“I know, I know, I’ll wait for that day.” Neo murmured, his mind flooded with too many people and things all at once, and if that day if it really came, what exactly would it be like?

He simply could not imagine.

Sting ……

The sudden sound of a high-pitched microphone current interrupted Neo’s thoughts.

“Ladies and gentlemen, guests, good day, thank you all for coming to the business meeting this time in the midst of your busy schedules, unknowingly, half of the business meeting has already passed, thanks to the love of all of you, this session of the business meeting was held very successfully, in just two or three hours, the volume of transactions has exceeded the total volume of the previous three years ……”

The voice came from downstairs in the hall.

At this moment, in the middle of the hall, the host was holding a microphone and was full of excitement.

The crowd in the bustling hall, also with wine and smiles on their faces, gathered towards the middle of the hall.

Hearing this, the crowd mingled with excitement.

“That’s impressive, over three years’ total in one go.”

“It’s not because of Southwest Investment Company, if it wasn’t for this new rising leader, so many people wouldn’t have come at all, let alone the trading volume.”

The crowd was chattering, and Zhou Yu was secretly pleased with herself as she listened.

Only, in her heart, she was always a little unsettled, always thinking about Neo.

Is it true what Guan Qiushui said about what happened in the cafe?

It couldn’t be that this woman was deliberately lying to me, could it?

She couldn’t help but steal a glance at Guan Qiushui who was not far away, but she didn’t see anything different.

At this moment, Guan Qiushui and Ren Xia, both sitting dumbly beside a round table, looked dull and indifferent, in stark contrast to the excitement on the faces of the others.

This is not surprising, after all, the turnover and so on, that is someone else’s company, has nothing to do with them, their own family’s company, still on the verge of collapse.

They had come to see Neo, who they thought was the head of Southwest, only to find out that he was just one of Zhou Yu’s men, so their hopes were dashed and they were even more discouraged.

“I really didn’t expect that Neo was just a small employee, we were all fooled by him, this kid has become really cunning now.” Ren Xia finished with hatred and added, “But daughter, didn’t you say you met your college classmate, the other party is also the manager of the Southwest Company, let’s just ask her for help, right?”

Guan Qiushui shook her head, although she and Zhou Yu now seemed to be free of former grudges, however, she knew very well that it was impossible to ask Zhou Yu for this favor, not only was it impossible, she was afraid that she would take the opportunity to mock herself.

Perhaps this was the opportunity she was waiting for.

“If Neo really has a background ……” If there was a glimmer of expectation, there was nothing more than Guan Qiushui’s suspicion of Neo’s true identity.

“This is simply impossible!” Ren Xia immediately dismissed Guan Qiushui’s words, her face showing disdain, “We’ve known him for over a year, what kind of identity he has, don’t you still know? I just don’t believe that a person with a real background can hide for more than a year, and we used to look down on him so much, a normal person can put up with it for more than a year?”

Guan Qiushui nodded, she felt that what her mother said was also quite right.

It’s not like she just met Neo, it’s been over a year, how could she hide it for so long, although that day Lu Shao and Neo came to see her together, but what does that prove?

“…… So far, there have been thirty-seven contracts with investment amounts above one hundred million dollars, twenty-one contracts above two hundred million, sixteen contracts above five hundred million, and surprisingly, five contracts above one billion!”

The host’s high-pitched and excited voice reached Ren Xia and Guan Qiushui’s ears, and the two couldn’t help but also look towards the middle of the hall with a look of envy on their faces.

Yes, if even one of these investments was for themselves, the family’s business would be solved.

“A billion dollar contract, gosh ……” Ren Xia lamented.

“…… These big contracts of over one billion are the one billion investment in Pangu Data Company by Thermaltake Group and the one billion investment in Southland Mining by Independent People Group ……”

The host looked at the information that had just come through on the Ipad in his hand and read it out loud.

The crowd gathered around, nodding their heads frequently, all looking excited.

“Thermaltake Group is really something, it’s said that the company’s consortium has a background in the Hong Kong Bay Area, no wonder the gesture is so big.”

“Pangu Data has been gaining momentum recently, after all, this is the Internet era, no wonder Thermaltake Group is bullish on them.”

“The Independent People Group also holds a lot of companies la, it seems they are bullish on the mining industry this time, a billion in one shot, being rich is awesome.”

“Nonsense, Southland Mining has recently won the right to mine five types of rare earths in the country, the future is limitless, the Independence People Group is really insightful to invest in them.”

“Hey, actually, ah, I just want to see how Southwest Investment Company performs at this business meeting, after all, this is the most bullying big brother, it is said that the background is unfathomable.”

“Yeah, I want to see that too, to see which company they will invest in and to see how the real big guys operate commercially.”

“But how come we haven’t heard their names yet?”

“Don’t be in a hurry, there must be some.”

“That’s right, there’s definitely a place for Southwest in this billion-plus investment.”

“…… Southwest Investment Company ……”

Just as the crowd was talking, the host made a remark that silenced everyone on the scene.

Southwest Investment Company, the very name had a magical power.

The crowd quieted down and pricked up their ears, looking expectantly at the stage, their hearts eagerly longing to know which company Southwest Investment Company had actually invested in.

Or rather, which company was so lucky to have been picked up by Southwest Investment Company.

Zhou Yu, on the other hand, suddenly heard the name of the company, but his heart froze.

Because although she herself had come here early, but with such a delay in meeting Guan Qiushui by chance, she hadn’t actually started negotiating with other companies, and naturally, she hadn’t signed a single contract.

But now, apparently the company had already signed the investment, who had signed it? Zhou Yu’s heart couldn’t help but feel a little jealous.

It seemed that someone in the company had already signed a contract before himself, and it was at the billion-dollar level or more.

He was already behind now!

Thinking of this, Zhou Yu was secretly anxious to know who had signed it and with which company.

The others didn’t think as much as Zhou Yu, but at this point they were all curious too.

“…… Southwest Investment Company’s one billion investment in Qingzhou University’s 903 Experimental Institute ……” the host looked at the ipad and slowly read it out, but his voice did not have the same kind of passion and excitement, and after reading it out, looked a bit bewildered and looked up at the stage.

“Qingzhou University 903 Experimental Institute?”

There was a sudden buzz at the bottom.

“Crap, what is this?”

“I know, it’s one of the most rubbish experimental institutes at Qingzhou University, a bottomless pit that only asks for investment and never produces results.”

“Only a fool would invest in something like this! It’s just a money scam!”

“How can Southwest Investment Company invest in this, or a billion, dizzy.”

At this time, information about the 903 test facility slowly spread and the surrounding area slowly exploded.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Who is so stupid to do such a thing?

Just now Zhou Yu was worried in her heart that someone had short-changed her performance, but this time, she was relieved.

“Mr Lu, what’s going on? How can someone invest in the 903 test lab? Isn’t this money being burned like paper?” Zhou Yu carefully squeezed her way to Lu Cang’s side, her face looking indignant and worried, but in her heart she was secretly happy.

“Who signed this contract!” Lu Cang’s face was also a little blue at this point, and he certainly understood how bad this contract was.

“Who signed it, come on, tell us!”

Zhou Yu’s gaze, swept towards the next few business managers of the same level as himself, his gaze smug.

“I’m the one who signed it.”

Just at this time, finally, a young man stepped out of the crowd and took the microphone from the host, he looked at the crowd, his voice steady and confident.


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