At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 471

You ……”

Guan Qiushui didn’t know what to say at this point, the huge shock had made her lose the ability to think.

“Don’t apologize to Lu Shao yet!”

Zhou Yu was grumbling at Guan Qiushui in her heart at this moment and pulled her roughly.

Once Lu Tianzhi saw Guan Qiushui’s appearance, of course he understood what was going on with her and was secretly pleased.

However, he did not dare to make things too clear directly, lest Neo would blame him for revealing his identity.

“Forget it.”

Thinking, Lu Tianzhi waved his hand and walked towards an enchantingly waisted courtesy dress beauty not far away.

“No, it can’t be ……”

At this moment, the shock on Guan Qiushui’s face hadn’t completely faded and he muttered.

“I said what the hell is wrong with you, to say that Lu Shao is a liar, people are the young master of the family behind the proper Southwest Investment Company, just now you also saw, talking to him is our company’s boss, Mr. Lu, people are can cousin relationship, understand!”

“But, how can this be?”

Guan Qiushui finally slowed down a bit, then couldn’t help but think of the incident in the cafe a few days ago, yeah, wasn’t Neo with this Lu Shao at that time?

At that time, this Lu Shao seemed to be very respectful and obedient to Neo.

It was precisely because of this that Guan Qiushui believed the nonsense that he was one of Neo’s men at that time.

However, how was this possible?

With Neo’s status, how could he be with such a magnificent young man?

“What’s wrong with you? What how could this happen, tell me, why did you call Lu young liar?” Zhou Yu was also baffled by Guan Qiushui.

“That, because I saw Young Lu and Neo together.”

“How is that possible!” Zhou Yu shook her head, “Neo is just a hanger-on, how could he be qualified to be with Lu Shao, the two of them are completely two worlds apart.”

“It’s true, it’s absolutely true.” The four of them had been sitting in the cafe for quite some time, so of course Guan Qiushui would not mistake Lu Tianzhi for anyone else.

Seeing how sure Guan Qiushui was, Zhou Yu couldn’t help but believe it.

But how could this be possible, the two of them hadn’t crossed paths at all?

Zhou Yu frowned, her mind was puzzled.

Suddenly she tapped her head and grabbed Guan Qiushui’s arm, “Right, on which day did you see them?”

“Three days ago.” Guan Qiushui said.

“Three days ago then that’s right!” Zhou Yu looked like she had woken up at this point, “I see what’s going on!”

Yes, she did remember.

Three days ago, didn’t Lu Shao ask Neo to help?

That day she had asked Neo to tally the documents, but the guy ended up running off halfway, and she thought she had found an opportunity to give Neo a hard time, but then Lu Shao came to the office and she realized what was going on.

Now Guan Qiushui said she saw Neo and Lu Shao together three days ago, isn’t that what happened?

“I say you, a bit too stupid too!”

Zhou Yu looked at Guan Qiushui with annoyance, “Even if you saw Lu Shao and Neo together, it doesn’t mean that they are the same person, in fact, that day, Lu Shao had something to do, so he asked Neo to help out. This is normal, right?”

“You are too arbitrary, how can you easily judge Lu Shao’s identity by this, fortunately Lu Shao is not too lordly, otherwise you would really suffer this time, I will also be dragged down by you.” Thinking about what had just happened, Zhou Yu still had palpitations.

“That’s not right.”

Guan Qiushui rubbed his head, trying hard to think of the scene in the cafe that day, and added, “It’s not right.”

“Why isn’t it right?”

“Because that day, I didn’t just happen to bump into them, the truth is, that day, they were here for me ……”

“Joke!” Zhou Yu snorted when she heard this, “You’re dreaming, right, that Lu Shao would go looking for you?”

“It’s not him looking for me.” Guan Qiushui was also a bit confused at this point, “It was Neo, it was Neo who brought Lu Shao along to find me. And you also seem to be wrong, it wasn’t Neo who went to help Lu Shao that day, it looked more like Lu Shao was doing Neo a favor ……”

So, Guan Qiushui didn’t hide anymore, so she told Zhou Yu everything about that day, and when this was opened up, of course, she couldn’t hide these things that she had once married and separated from Neo.

“Yes, is that so? You actually and Neo once also ……” Zhou Yu looked shocked at this point.

But although Neo and Guan Qiushui’s past affairs did surprise her, she was undoubtedly even more shocked inwardly when she learned from Guan Qiushui’s mouth that Lu Tianzhi had actually pretended to be one of Neo’s men and helped Neo deceive Guan Qiushui.

This, how could this be possible!

With Lu Shao’s status, how would he get involved in Neo and Guan Qiushui’s crap?

What’s more, was Lu Shao helping Neo?

The more Zhou Yu thought about it, the more he felt that things were odd.

“Qiushui, you’re not lying to me, are you!” Zhou Yu was now squeezing her head, but she couldn’t figure out how this could be, she even thought for a moment that Guan Qiushui was deliberately playing a trick on her, after all, the two of them had still had their problems before.

“Zhou Yu, I really didn’t lie to you.” Guan Qiushui stomped her foot, her heart was also a little anxious, this anxious, she couldn’t say why, in short, it was just that at this moment she was in a very agitated mood, as if she had a premonition that she seemed to have made a big mistake, but for a moment she couldn’t say what kind of anxiety and agitation this mistake was, “Seriously, that day Lu Shao not only pretended to be an employee under Neo, but also, I saw him looking at Neo eyes, it seemed like he was quite respectful, if he didn’t have that kind of attitude towards Neo, I wouldn’t have believed that he was one of Neo’s staff ah.”

When Zhou Yu heard this, his body couldn’t help but shake, and his brain got even more confused.

“Murphy, Murphy ……”

“Murphy what, Zhou Yu?” In fact, at this time, Guan Qiushui, heart also a bit of their own ideas, just, she did not dare to think deeply, at this time, hearing Zhou Yu said so, Guan Qiushui could not help but ask nervously.

“Murphy …… can’t be, I’ll go find Neo and ask for clarification.” Zhou Yu shook his head, trying to clear his head, yeah, it’s impossible, he knows Neo like the back of his hand, this guy is wishy-washy and hangdog, where does he come from?

“I’ll go with you.”

Guan Qiushui said immediately.

These two people, who had a long-standing grudge in the past, had turned their grievances into peace because of this matter.

At this moment, Neo was a bit depressed.

Originally, he had come to this business meeting today, naturally, he wanted to find a potential enterprise to cooperate with, and to be able to rely on his ability to sign an investment agreement that could bring the company a good return in the future.

In this way, I can complete my mission and be accountable to my elder brother and grandfather.

Although it is extremely unlikely that I will be able to make it in the business world in the future, after all, I have a special status and I still have that most important tie in my life.

But since he was a member of the Lu family, Neo was not willing to disgrace his grandfather.

He had to make something of himself.

However, although the business meeting was a good opportunity, it was a pity that Neo was not very good at the communication skills of business negotiation, and after going around for a while, he still had no luck.

He was also secretly anxious, and unknowingly arrived at the first floor.

This first floor, originally all private rooms, had been temporarily converted into offices, each of which had a team of representatives sent by the companies to attend the business meeting.

These offices were mostly some wealthy consortia similar to the Southwest Investment Company.

So, from time to time, one could see someone walking into these offices with a nervous face, or walking out with a cheerful face, that was an investment received, or coming out with a downcast and bitter face, that was definitely a rejection.

Suddenly, the door to the office next to Neo’s was pulled open.

A young woman hurriedly ran out of the office, almost bumping into Neo.

“Hey, Miss An, think about it, and if you figure it out, I’ll pick you up in my Rolls-Royce at eight o’clock tonight.” A greasy middle-aged fat man, who followed the woman out, didn’t chase after her, but only stood at the door, looking leisurely at the woman’s back and said.

“Tsk, women have played a lot, but not female doctors.” The man touched his lips, his face showing a sense of predatory lewdness as he muttered to himself, “I just don’t believe you won’t say yes to me ……”

Having said that, the man seemed to notice Neo and took a look at him, “Kid, what are you hanging around for, looking for investment, no way.”

Bang, closed the door.

Neo ignored him.

He looked in a daze at the direction the woman had just run away from.

The woman didn’t run too far, it was as if she had no strength left after she ran out of the room.

At this moment, she ran to the corner of the fire escape at the end of the corridor, squatting there, holding her chest and lowering her head, her shoulders shaking slightly, looking pitiful.

Neo just like that, still staring blankly at her back, for a while, his heart seemed to have a silent fluctuation.

That soft feeling seemed to remind him again of that figure that he would never forget.

“Which company are you from?” A voice, rang out beside the woman.

The woman panicked and hurriedly lifted her head and stood up.

Neo faintly stared, this woman was so bright, although there was no powder on her face, purely natural and unadorned, her skin was without a single blemish, like a lotus flower in June, slightly moist as the windless mirror water.

There was a hint of helpless sadness in her dark pupil-coloured eyes, just like a garden in the south of the Yangtze River after the rain, where the willows are green and the flowers are red and gorgeous, but there is always a hint of ink staining.

“Ah?” The woman suddenly saw Neo, after panicking, she hurriedly straightened her clothes and steadied her emotions, “I, I’m not from the company.”

“Not from the company?”

Neo was stunned again, not from the company, why would she come here?

“I’m sorry.”

When the woman saw Neo’s look, her face also showed a few moments of embarrassment, “I, I’m just a person, I heard that there is a business meeting here today and many investors will come here, so, I sneaked in.”

“But I just saw you run out of the investment company’s office ……”

Neo wanted to say something but was confused in his heart, he had thought that this woman was a representative of which company to look for investment here, but now it was not a company representative, but simply an individual, or sneaking in, what was she trying to do?

And it was clear that she had even entered the office of the investment company.

“By you, seeing.” The woman’s face flushed, and then her eye brows lowered again, sighing deeply, her gaze crystal, as if to fall into tears, “Although I am not a company, but I also want to pull some investment, because I, I want to do research with, now the funds are not enough, but, I did not expect, these investment company people, even so despicable and shameless, must ask me ……”

The woman did not say further.

But Neo also knew what she wanted to say, after all, he just saw it himself.

“It seems that there is no hope.” The woman’s face revealed a huge disappointment as she said this.

That level of disappointment even made Neo feel a little surprised.

“Perhaps, I can help you.” Neo suddenly spoke.

“You, you can’t help me.” The woman’s eyes lit up at first, then she looked at Neo and the light diminished again, “Because, the funds I need, are many.”

“How much?”

“One billion.”


Even Neo couldn’t help but be surprised, a billion wasn’t much for him, but a billion as soon as this woman opened her mouth, that was scary enough.

“Did it scare you.” The woman smiled mockingly, her gaze confused, “It is because I need so much money, so I came here, because only here there can come up with a billion on investment companies, but several companies are ……”

The woman did not say any more, shook her head, “Alas, it seems to be hopeless, is it, do I really have to give up?”

With that, she turned around, as if to leave.

“Okay, I’ll give you the funds.”

With one word, the woman stood, frozen, at once.

“You?” The woman stared at Neo in a daze.

“That’s right, one billion, I’ll give it to you.”

Saying those words, Neo himself was stunned.

How could this be? He was clearly going to make a good investment and bring benefits to the company, how come he was now so arbitrarily going to give this woman an investment, and it was still one billion at once, and he didn’t even know what she did.

“You, do you know what I do?” The woman looked at Neo, “Even if you really have the funds, maybe you won’t invest anymore after you know what I do.”

“You, what do you do?” Neo didn’t care what she did, but of course, the premise naturally had to be just and not against the law.

“Do you believe that there is another world in the world?”


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