At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 469

Zhou Yu?”

Guan Qiushui also subconsciously turned around, and his face froze.

“Guan Qiushui?”

Zhou Yu was also frozen.

For a while, both of them were silent, looking both a little awkward, and even the air was quiet.

The two were once still classmates.

“You, why are you here?”

Finally, Guan Qiushui spoke first, only, his voice seemed a little cold, a little awkward, and not at all the kind of surprise and excitement of meeting former classmates.

“I’m here, of course I’m here for the business meeting.” Zhou Yu said, turning her head and saying to a man in a suit beside her, “Mr. Wang, about your company, we’ll talk about it later, I’ve met an acquaintance on my side.”

“That’s right, that’s right. You get busy, Manager Zhou.” The man said hurriedly, nodding his head and leaving, as if he was afraid that if he was a little slow he would upset Zhou Yu.

Guan Qiushui looked at this scene with surprise, the man was the company’s boss, but he treated Zhou Yu with such respect, so you can imagine that Zhou Yu’s identity should also be extraordinary.

You know, when she was in school, Zhou Yu was just an ordinary girl from an ordinary family.

“And you?”

Zhou Yu looked up and down at Guan Qiushui again, her gaze was nonchalant and calm, yet both of them were actually trying hard to restrain something, or deliberately avoiding something, “I heard that your family’s company has recently encountered a problem, you’re here, I’m afraid you’re also here to look for investment, right?”

Yes, since Zhou Yu was in Qingzhou City, he certainly knew more or less about some things in the business world of Qingzhou City, such as the matter of the Guan family’s Tianhong Group.

Only, given the relationship between the two, so naturally Zhou Yu would not take the initiative to contact Guan Qiushui, she knew that the Guan family had encountered a big problem now, and just secretly felt good in her heart.

“I ……”

Guan Qiushui was immediately open-mouthed over this, and had an indescribable feeling of shame and depression in his heart.

I could tell that Zhou Yu already knew about these things about his family.

Even if he wanted to pretend, he should not be able to do so anymore.

What’s more, Zhou Yu knew a lot about his family’s affairs, whereas he knew nothing about Zhou Yu now.

But judging from the current situation, Zhou Yu was doing very well.

At this moment, Guan Qiushui was feeling very uncomfortable all over.

The two actually started off on good terms in college, and could be said to be best friends, but then they fell in love with a guy at the same time and eventually turned against each other, and became like water and fire.

Since then, the two have been feuding.

The two of them have almost forgotten about each other’s existence, as if there is no longer any other person in the world.

The experience they had at university was slowly buried in the bottom of their hearts.

Until, by chance, they met again today.

Everything that had happened before came out again.

In the past, Guan Qiushui’s family was much more superior than Zhou Yu’s, so when the two of them were at odds, naturally, Guan Qiushui had humiliated Zhou Yu mercilessly and severely.

And now, Zhou Yu, whom he once despised, could not be said to have become a man of the people, but he was now doing well.

What’s more, his own family is now in a difficult situation, and he has come here to ask for help, always with a feeling of being inferior to others.

All of this made Guan Qiushui, feel unable to hold up his head.

“I ……”

She stammered for half a day, but still couldn’t think of a reason that would allow her to find her face.

“I’ve come to find a friend.” Finally, Guan Qiushui spoke up.

“Looking for a friend?” Zhou Yu’s face instantly looked a little disappointed, after all, her heart was ready to take a look at Guan Qiushui’s joke.

However, she was still a little undeterred as she asked, “Aren’t you here to look for investment?”

“This friend of mine, is the leader of the Southwest Investment Company, so I can just look for him.” Speaking of this, Guan Qiushui seemed to have found her confidence all of a sudden as she boldly looked at Zhou Yu, “Southwest Investment Company, you know it, right? Our most well-known company in Qingzhou for some time, with strong financial resources, it can be said to be the strongest company in Qingzhou ……”

Yes, this friend Guan Qiushui was talking about was of course Neo.

Although he had always despised Neo, but, at this moment, he had to pretend to be Neo.

Zhou Yu was completely frozen as he listened.

Yes, Guan Qiushui actually knew the leader of her own company?

This time, it was her turn to have her heart darkened, and her temper was not as arrogant as it was just now.

Originally, she thought that the Guan family was desperate and had come to the business meeting to seek investment help, so she could just look at the joke, but who knew that Guan Qiushui actually knew the leader of her own company?

Of course, Zhou Yu knew very well that this time at the business meeting, apart from himself, some of the big leaders in the company would also attend one after another.

“I, of course I know.” Zhou Yu said dumbly, but then frowned, “It’s just that Southwest Investment Company is a strictly managed company, even if you know the leaders, you can’t do it for convenience ……”

“Oh, really?”

Guan Qiushui smiled.

At this moment, the advantage seemed to have returned to her.

She certainly saw the subtle change in the expression on Zhou Yu’s face at this moment.

Her heart was smug and she also guessed that the reason why Zhou Yu was like this was definitely because of the reason she heard her words about knowing the leader of the Southwest Investment Company.

Thinking of this, she simply continued, “That’s not necessarily true, our relationship is extraordinary, as long as I want him to help, he will definitely be willing to help.”

Yes, how could Neo not listen to himself?

Last time in the cafe, he should have just made a gesture, and now that he had come to ask for his help once again, I think he would have agreed.

Thinking of this, Guan Qiushui’s heart became even more complacent and couldn’t help but look at Zhou Yu leisurely again and say, “Of course, this kind of intimacy is something you haven’t experienced, you have to know that as long as the relationship is good enough, even a company with strict management can relax a little.”

“So.” When Zhou Yu saw how confident Guan Qiushui looked, her heart also faded.

Although she was also from the Southwest Company and knew that it had always been strictly managed, she naturally did not know about the leaders above her.

Maybe Guan Qiushui really knew the top leaders.

“The leader you know, what’s his name?” Zhou Yu also had a few moments of curiosity in her heart.


Guan Qiushui blurted out.

Since she wanted to take face in front of Zhou Yu, of course she couldn’t stammer, she naturally had to say it in a big way to show her confidence.

“Lu …… Neo?” Zhou Yu froze for a moment, and then laughed in his heart.

“What, you also know?”

“Oh …… me …….”

Zhou Yu hadn’t finished speaking.

Just at that moment.

“Manager Zhou, the wine you want.” A voice rang out next to him.

Neo came.

Since he was a subordinate, Neo naturally played the role of a subordinate diligently, although Zhou Yu did not treat himself well, but Neo also knew that this was what he should do.

He is now an ordinary employee, the leader orders what to do is, even if aggrieved, this is also a kind of experience.

“Neo ……”

Guan Qiushui looked at this scene dumbfounded, what is going on, Neo actually gave Zhou Yu end red wine?

“Oh, you just asked me if I recognize Neo, right.” This time, it was Zhou Yu’s turn to laugh.

It was as if she had completely understood. At this moment, she slowly took the red wine in Neo’s hand, took a light sip and looked at Zhou Yu, “How can I not know him, he is one of my men. So, the person you want to ask for help is one of my men, ah, but he’s not a leader, he shouldn’t be able to help you with anything ……”

“You, aren’t you the team leader?”

Guan Qiushui’s head was buzzing with confusion at this point.

Neo also froze when he saw Guan Qiushui. Originally, he thought that the matter was over, and how could he expect Guan Qiushui to come here to find himself again?

“Haha, he’s the team leader?” Zhou Yu laughed out loud and waved his hand at Neo, “Neo, there’s nothing for you here for the time being, go and walk around the venue more and learn about other people’s business negotiation skills!”

The first time I saw her, I felt as if she had been taken out of the room, and the complacency she had just felt was gone.

“I told you, our Southwest Investment Company is so formal, how could we just open the door for others.” Zhou Yu said leisurely, “Of course, you don’t know anything about business, so it’s justifiable that you were cheated by someone with ulterior motives.”

It sounded comforting and understanding, but to Guan Qiushui’s ears, it was extremely harsh.

However, at this moment, her face was red and her ears were red, and she could not refute a single word.

“Only, you were actually deceived by that guy Neo, what a surprise, that guy can be said to be the most untalented person under me, the most novice rookie in the company, and you actually believed that he was the leader of the company, huh.” Zhou Yu said again.

Guan Qiushui couldn’t hold her head up even more.

At this moment, she was ashamed and angry in her heart, so she had been fooled by Neo all along! Not only was there no hope of saving the company, but she was also being made a joke of by her former enemy!

When she thought of what happened in the café that day, she was furious… Good for you, Neo, you’ve gone to great lengths to deceive me, and you’ve even hired someone to play a double act with you!

If it wasn’t for that guy who came with you and lied to me with you, claiming to be one of your men, how would I have been fooled by you?

As she was thinking, suddenly, Guan Qiushui only felt that a familiar figure suddenly appeared in her sight.

When she took a closer look, her heart was on fire. The guy not far away, wasn’t he the same youth who had tricked herself in the cafe with Neo last time?


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