At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 467

Southwest Investment Company? I’ve never even heard of it, it’s just a small company, what’s the big deal, is it worth making such a fuss about?”

Guan Qiushui looked a bit disdainful, and then said with a bitter face, “What’s more, the capital withdrawal that our Guan family suffered this time is too serious, a small investment company can’t save it at all.”

“What little investment company? My daughter, don’t you know that a huge investment company has recently moved into Qingzhou City? I heard that the Southwest Investment Company is the one who paid for the expansion, with more than a billion dollars. The whole of Qingzhou knows about this matter, only this time and Liu Shao is tired of a piece, do not understand the outside world things.” When Ren Xia said this, she looked at Guan Qiushui with a grave gaze, “Daughter, I’m afraid that the only one who can afford to help us this time is the Southwest Investment Company.”

“Ah! So powerful!”

Hearing Ren Xia say this, Guan Qiushui, who was disdainful just now, had a look of surprise solidified on her face at this moment.

With that, her heart came alive.

Although she couldn’t understand how in the end an incompetent person like Neo, who had no education or skills, could get into this kind of investment company, this was a more than good opportunity for her.

Otherwise, where else would she find this investment?

“Mom, let’s go find Neo!” Guan Qiushui said.

“Ah daughter, think he will help us?” Ren Xia looked at Guan Qiushui in a meaningful way.

“Why wouldn’t he help?” Of course Guan Qiushui understood what her mother meant, but apparently, she didn’t have to worry at all, “No matter what, we have such a relationship with him, he’s not qualified to refuse us, I’ll call him now.”

And then there was Neo.

At this moment, he had just come out of Zhou Yu’s office.

He was still holding a stack of documents in his hands.

“Alright, you don’t need to do anything today, just give me the statistics of this document one by one!” Zhou Yu’s angry voice came from behind Neo, “And about the last absence, write a review for me, you know, I helped to take the blame.”

Neo didn’t say anything.

There was no need to say anything.

After all, he did miss work, and the food house was located in a shantytown like Tanghua Street, so there were often some unscrupulous punks who would go over to collect protection money and cause trouble, but luckily, when Neo mentioned Zhang Jiu’s name, these punks were too scared to say anything else.

He sat down honestly, and Neo opened a copy of the document.

It was at this time.

The phone rang.

When he saw the caller number, Neo’s heart froze, why was it her?

Yes, it was none other than Guan Qiushui.

“Neo, where is it?” Although he didn’t want to deal with Guan Qiushui, but Neo was too embarrassed not to answer the phone, as soon as the call was answered, Guan Qiushui used a commanding tone, “Come to meet the cafe now, I’m looking for something.”

“What is it?” Neo frowned, “If it’s about the jade bracelet, I can only tell, it’s impossible to give it to them.”

“It’s not about the jade bracelet anymore!”

As soon as the jade bracelet was mentioned, Guan Qiushui’s heart was angry.

But now that things had come to this point, Guan Qiushui didn’t care about what jade bracelet or not, “Just hurry over, it’s urgent anyway!”

After saying that, Guan Qiushui hung up the phone directly.

Neo looked at the phone in his hand and froze for a moment, then looked at the stack of documents on the table.

He really couldn’t leave now, he had just lost his temper with Zhou Yu in the office and asked himself to deal with these documents, he really couldn’t leave now, not to mention that Zhou Yu had just reprimanded him for missing work.

However, I don’t know why Guan Qiushui called himself, but looking at this, it seems like there is indeed something going on.

Since she had left the Guan family, there had been little or no interaction between the two of them, and Guan Qiushui had always looked down on herself, and certainly would not take the initiative to contact her.

Now she had put herself down and found herself, and her tone was a bit anxious, so she couldn’t really be up to something.

The first time I saw her, I had no more feelings for her, but after all, I had lived together as husband and wife for more than a year, not to mention that she was calling herself, what was the matter?

He looked at Zhou Yu’s office and saw that there was no movement, so he quietly snuck out of the office.

After leaving the Dingri building, Neo was about to hail a taxi when a brand new blue Porsche pulled up in front of him.

The car door opened.

A long-legged beauty dressed up in a short blue skirt and white tights, stepping on high heels, got out of the car elegantly and with a bit of arrogance.

A fragrant breeze washed over her nose.

Seeing Neo standing in front of the building, the beauty frowned and covered her nose, “It’s bad luck to see a hangman as soon as you get out of the car.”

“Hanging palsy.”

As soon as the beauty finished speaking, a slap directly hit her on the head.

At that moment, a young man also stepped down from the Porsche and gave the pretty girl a slap without any problem.

Although the pretty girl was very proud, when she saw clearly who had hit her, she could only show an aggrieved expression on her face and said in a pout, “Lu Shao, why did you hit Xue’er? Xue’er is in pain.”

“It hurts, this is my brother, still hangman, get the hell out of my way.”

The youth who came down was none other than Lu Tianzhi.

Lu Tianzhi reached out and pushed the beautiful woman away, and came to Neo with a smile on his face, “Hey, third brother, it’s really here, where is it going?”

Seeing Lu Tianzhi, Neo was of course also very happy.

With Lu Tianzhi, Neo didn’t have anything to hide, so he told them about Guan Qiushui looking for him.

“Grass, it’s that woman again.”

Other people in the Lu family did not know about Neo and Guan Qiushui’s affairs, but Lu Tianzhi was clear about it, and Neo had only told him about these things.

“Third brother, all divorced from that kind of woman, have nothing to do with her anymore, why still go?” Lu Tianzhi said, “Last time, fortunately, I found out in time that she was not Caiwei, or else that carload of diamonds would have been given to her.”

When he said this, Lu Tianzhi didn’t wait for Neo to speak, he sighed again and said, “Forget it, Third Brother, I know how people are, sometimes they are too kind, if you want to go, go, but this time, I’ll go with you.”

With that, Lu Tianzhi greeted Neo and got into the car.

Neo had nothing to refuse to Lu Tianzhi, and without saying anything, he got into the car.

The beautiful girl just now, dumbfounded, watched Neo and Tianzhi get into the car, frozen in place and could not say a word.

The cafe was located in a large shopping mall, so Tian Chi parked his sports car and followed Neo into the mall.

At this moment, the cafe.

“Daughter, just now on the phone, that Neo also did not say that he agreed to come ah, said he will really come?” Ren Xia was still a bit uneasy, she was beside Guan Qiushui when he called Neo just now.

“Mom, just don’t worry.” Guan Qiushui sipped her coffee carelessly, obviously very sure, but then she frowned again, “But mum, I’m worried about one thing, that Neo, even if he joins the investment company, with his little talent, I’m afraid he’s just a small employee, maybe just a cleaning caretaker, I don’t know if I can count on it.”

As he was talking, Ren Xia, with sharp eyes, suddenly pointed at the door, “Is that him?”

At the entrance of the cafe, it was Neo and Lu Tianzhi.

Neo took Lu Tianzhi with him, and the two of them sat down opposite Ren Xia’s mother and daughter.

Seeing Lu Tianzhi, Ren Xia and Guan Qiushui didn’t put much thought into it, at this moment, their minds were all focused on Neo’s body.

“Neo, I heard that, now working in the Southwest Investment Company?”

Guan Qiushui glanced up and down at Neo, “Well, I want to ask a favor, see if it’s okay.”

With that, Guan Qiushui told Neo about the family company’s need for investment.

Of course, the difficulties that the company was currently experiencing were hidden, and she certainly wouldn’t tell Neo about these things.

“Our family company needs investment?” Neo listened and frowned.

To be honest, this was not a chance for himself, he could just make an investment and leave.

However, it was obvious that Neo was not the kind of person who would just deal with it.

Although he only needed to make one investment, Neo also wished he had taken it seriously.

As for the Guan family’s Tianhong Company, Neo naturally knew a little bit about it, and knew that Tianhong Company was a skirt-style relationship management with family-style power, and investing in Tianhong Company was not a very good choice.

“This, I may need to think about it.” Neo thought about it, but said politely.

When he said that, Guan Qiushui was instantly furious.

He had thought it was a handy thing to do, but who knew that this guy would dare to refuse.

“Oh, Neo, just don’t pretend, and consider thinking about it, I think, it’s because you don’t have the power!” Guan Qiushui sneered and said, “It seems that my suspicions were indeed correct, originally I thought that with the upward mobility, I could enter the Southwest Company as a white-collar worker, but now I see that maybe it’s just a security guard or a cleaning worker!”

“Hey, be polite.”

Before Neo could speak, Lu Tianzhi spoke up, “What security guard and cleaner! This is our team leader Lu!”

“Who is it?!” Guan Qiushui did not know Lu Tianzhi.

“Oh, I’m an employee under Team Leader Lu.” Lu Tianzhi said indifferently, he knew that Neo couldn’t reveal his identity yet, but he certainly couldn’t let Third Brother be despised again.


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