At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 466

This time, the crowd was completely dumbfounded.

It was true, this youth was really the big boss’s younger brother.

“Lu Shao ……”

Manager Zhao and Manager Zheng, both of them were dumbfounded, although they both had more than ten years of experience in the workplace, but this was really the first time they encountered this kind of situation, at this time, the two of them stammered, and for a moment, they did not know what was the right thing to say.

It was just that both of them had a feeling that a big disaster was on the horizon.

“It’s none of our business, let’s go about our business.” Lu Cang waved his hand.

He also looked at the others who were gathered in a circle and had a lot of facial expressions at the moment, “Okay, everyone disperse, go to work if you need to.”

The company’s big boss had given the word, who would dare to disobey ah, in an instant, the aisle was basically empty.

Zhou Yu’s mind was almost blank as she mechanically returned to her office.

Sitting blankly at her desk, she could not wait to slap herself twice.

What the hell, this time she had offended the real young master.

This time, she would definitely be worn in the company.

Although the big boss, Lu Cang, seemed to be quite amiable and didn’t blame others much, that other young Lu, looked like a domineering dude.

It’s no wonder the family asked him to come to the company and pretend to be an employee, perhaps to change his high-profile personality.

However, looking at this, this character cannot be changed at all.

After today’s incident, a young master of a family would be able to get himself into trouble just like a game.

Even if he doesn’t come out in the open, as long as he says something in the company, secretly, I’m afraid he will be targeted in all kinds of ways, and he won’t even have any chance of promotion anymore.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yu wanted to die.

The company was so good, the pay was so good, it was the best company she had ever met in her career.

I blame myself for being a cheapskate, why did I bother with Manager Zhao’s business?

Yes, it was none of my business at all. If I hadn’t gone up there, it would have been all right.

Why didn’t you just stand in the aisle like everyone else and watch the action?

It was because of Neo, because he was sure in his heart that Neo was the young master of the family, that he dared to go out and help Manager Zhao with confidence.

That punk!

Thinking of Neo, Zhou Yu’s heart was like a bucket of oil suddenly poured into a fire, and a fire suddenly rose up.

He had even mistaken that punk for the young master of the company’s family!

Now that I think about it, that guy just looked like a hanger-on, not even half the appearance of a young master of a luxurious family.

Even if he was an ordinary employee in the company, he still had the kind of aura that others did not have.

He himself was so faint that he thought he was the young master of the company family.

“Sister Yu, where does this pot of flowers look to be placed?”

Just at this time, someone came over with a pot of gardenia, “Just now the logistics department sent some potted plants to be placed in the office, this one looks the best, why not, place it on Neo’s table?”

Saying that, that person also squeezed his eyes to Zhou Yu, “Then, we then move Neo’s table to the table next to the table, sister Yu, we then say that this is the meaning, in this way, Neo will certainly be very touched, and thus the heart will certainly not be counting those practices to him in the past, see if this solution is very good ah?”

“Good what good!”

Zhou Yu gritted her teeth, “That guy’s table doesn’t come with any potted plants, let him stay in that corner, move it next to my table, won’t it disgust me to death?”


The man froze in his tracks.

What was this about?

I thought Neo was the young master of the company’s family, didn’t Sister Yu still want to compensate Neo before, how come this sudden attitude has made a 180 degree turn ah.

“Well, that Neo is still absent from work is not it, we check what he actually did, and then this absence to the attendance department, I said before for Neo’s absence responsible, tell the attendance department, I said the words do not count, to them to give Neo a record …… ”

Zhou Yu remembered what happened before, is also bad, all blame their own brain fever at that time, thought Neo status is noble, also take the initiative to block the gun for him.

“Sister Yu, it’s already too late, the attendance department has already given a demerit ……”


Zhou Yu was so angry that she gritted her teeth, “Good, Neo, wait for me, all this will be counted on the head!”

And at this moment, in the top floor office of Ding Ri building.

Lu Tianzhi was sitting in front of Lu Cang with his head honestly bowed.

This cousin was different from Neo.

Although in front of Neo, he was also very honest. But after all, he had grown up playing with Neo, and Lu Cang was a few years older than them all.

Moreover, Lu Cang was a more stable person.

Of course, Lu Tianzhi did not dare to be reckless.

“Say, now that it’s better, making everyone know that it’s the family young master, how else can we practice?”

Lu Cang sighed.

“Alas, big brother, I don’t know, I just can’t stand that guy’s commanding tone, to anyone who can’t stand it, to be honest, being a small employee is really not something that people like us can handle, we, the children of the Lu family, are born to be served as young masters, only we order others, how can others order us.” Lu Tianzhi said with a bitter face.

“Who said that, Neo is not just fine.”

“Ah, Third Brother is also in the company?” Lu Tianzhi was stunned, “Which department is Third Brother in?”

“The investment department, that manager Zhou’s men.”

“That woman!” Lu Tianzhi laughed, “That’s the woman who said she wanted to fire me, that woman is not a good fighter at first glance, I’m afraid Third Brother won’t fare well under her, I can’t let Third Brother suffer from this woman.”

“But don’t mess around, I still want Neo to learn a bit more in the company.” Lu Cang said and sighed, “Now it’s exposed, everyone in the company knows it’s the young master of the family, everyone is scared and can’t be an ordinary employee anymore.”

“Hey hey, don’t worry big brother, I won’t expose third brother’s identity.”

Lu Tianzhi laughed heatedly and left the office.

And at that moment, the Liu family.

“Master, please give me a few more days, I will definitely get the jade bracelet back.” Liu Xing said to the man in the shadows.


The man’s voice was low, but it also carried a bit of anger, “It’s already too late, I will go back tomorrow, if you can’t even handle this little thing, this disciple is no good if you don’t want it!”

“Master ……”

Liu Xing immediately turned white, “Then my company ……”

“It can file for bankruptcy.”

With that, the man stopped paying attention to Liu Xing and quickly left.

Things were all in a chain.

When Liu Xing’s company in Xianggang filed for bankruptcy, the industries that were related to Liu Xing were all affected to varying degrees, including the Guan family’s company.

“What’s going on, how come so many people withdrew their capital overnight, the family’s company is now facing a serious crisis, what do you all say!”

The old lady was full of anger as she looked at the crowd.

“There was suddenly a lot of investment before, but most of it was for the sake of young Liu, and now that we heard that young Liu’s company has gone bankrupt, many people have started to withdraw their investments ……”

Someone looked at Guan Qiushui and said.

“Qiushui, see what to do about this?” The old lady of course understood what all this was about, she was just shouting at the crowd just now just for show, in fact in her heart she knew it was all because of Liu Xing.

“Qiushui, if we hadn’t invested so much in the first place, our family company, although not big, would have been able to survive normally, but precisely because of the sudden investment of so much, and now the withdrawal of the investment, with this mess, our company might not be able to hold up.” The old lady stared at Guan Qiushui, “Why don’t you talk to Liu Shao again and think of something?”

“Yes, Grandma, I will talk to him.”

Guan Qiushui said with a faint smile.

It seemed like the clouds were light and the matter was well resolved.

However, Guan Qiushui’s heart was clogged with unbearable preoccupations at this moment.

This was because only she understood that although she had promised her grandmother, in reality, she would not even talk to Liu Xing about it.

Because, it was useless to say anything!

Her relationship with Liu Xing had already started to break down at this point.

Just before the family meeting, she had just had another fight with Liu Xing.

To be exact, it was Liu Xing who scolded her and almost got into a fight.

For Liu Xing, the main reason why he had married Guan Qiushui was still that jade bracelet, and now because Guan Qiushui had sold the jade bracelet to Neo, he had caused himself to fail to please his master, resulting in a breakdown of the master-pupil relationship, and now he had even been abandoned by his master and his company had gone bankrupt.

He of course blamed everything on Guan Qiushui.

Coming out from the Guan family.

Guan Qiushui’s heart, irritated.

What to do?

It was impossible to talk to Liu Xing by himself, because it was useless to talk about it!

And now that he had promised his grandmother, he could only rely on his own strength to save the family company.

But did he have the strength?

The answer was obvious.

“I was quite curious, so I went in and asked the receptionist about it, and guess what, that Neo is actually working in the Southwest Investment Company.” Ren Xia said, “Say, is it possible to find him to help us out?”


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