At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 465

Yes, this guy is none other than Lu Tianzhi.

For him, it was all, really painful.

He was the young master of the Lu family, who usually had so much fun eating, drinking and playing, but now he had to come and work as a small employee in this company of some kind.

Even if he was just pretending to be one, with his personality, he couldn’t stay for one more day.

But there was nothing he could do, it was his grandfather and big brother’s idea. Lu Tianzhi was usually flighty and domineering, but in front of his grandfather and big brother of the family, he had to be a good boy.

If you don’t come over, come on.

Lu Tianzhi did not want to learn any business experience at all. In fact, Lu Tianzhi was also fascinated by his grandfather’s arrangement, as his family’s wealth was sky-high and he had someone like Lu Cang’s elder brother to take over, so why should he learn?

Besides, his ambition was not here, and he was too lazy to spend one more second on these things that seemed meaningless to him.

So, even if he came, Lu Tianci would not really be an ordinary employee at all.

He would just play games to kill time.

Just muddle through on his own, alright?

Yet he doesn’t mess with people, and this what’s-his-name manager Zhao finds himself in over his head and asks him to deliver documents?

I don’t know what to say, but I’m not sure if I look like the kind of person who gets ordered around.

Lu Tianzhi was so upset that he directly exploded.

In fact, he was also very aggrieved.

After all, he also wanted to be an ordinary employee and try not to cause trouble, that’s why he was playing games at the window, and he had given a lot to be able to do that.

However, reality had pushed him too far and he couldn’t help but snap.

“Good, Lu Tianzhi, I’ll remember.”

Zhou Yu smiled coldly, “Wait right now to pack your bunk and leave, I’ll call the HR department right now.”

“Go ahead and call, it’s only good to let me go!”

Zhou Yu didn’t talk to him anymore.

He dialed the HR department directly.

Not long after, Manager Zheng from the HR department, hurried over.

“Manager Zhou, what’s going on?”

“Manager Zhao, it’s this person, Lu Tianci, who has seriously violated the company’s rules and regulations, I hope he can be fired as an example to others!”

Zhou Yu said, and briefly described what had just happened.


Manager Zheng thought for a moment, “Manager Zhou, although Lu Tianzhi’s behaviour is rather inappropriate, but according to the rules and regulations, it can only be a demerit once, expulsion is still not enough ah.”

After all, it was the personnel department, this kind of thing was still more cautious.

When Zhou Yu heard this, his face instantly became upset.

He himself had just said in front of everyone that he would fire Lu Tianzhi, now if he couldn’t do it, wouldn’t his majesty be gone.

“Manager Zheng, this kind of person must be fired!” Zhou Yu said through clenched teeth, “Either he will be fired or I will resign today!”

“This ……”

For a moment, Manager Zheng was also in a dilemma.

“This guy treated me with extreme disrespect and tore all the documents into pieces in front of me, which is an insult to me!” Zhou Yu continued.

Yes, at this moment, Zhou Yu must not back down.

After all, at this time, so many people were watching themselves.

A manager in his own hall couldn’t even deal with an ordinary employee who was as psychotic as he was.

“This, okay.”

Seeing that Zhou Yu was so serious, Manager Zheng had no choice.

If there was a choice between the two, it would definitely be Zhou Yu.

Any fool would know this.

If they really got Zhou Yu to resign, then when the time came, the leaders would have to find themselves in trouble.

“Lu Tianzhi, you also heard it, disobeying the orders of your superiors, it seems that the company is not suitable, this is come with me, I will give the exit procedures.”

Manager Zheng said after looking at Lu Tianzhi.


To everyone’s surprise, Lu Tianzhi neither made a very angry scene nor begged bitterly, surprisingly, he directly followed Manager Zheng very blandly and was about to leave.

“Oh, acting like you’re on cloud nine.” Zhou Yu looked at Lu Tianzhi and laughed mockingly, “In fact, in his heart, he knows that it’s useless to try to resist, that’s why he looks like this, right?”

Lu Tianzhi laughed heatedly.

He ignored Zhou Yu at this time.

If he could leave, he would really want to do so.

At this moment, Lu Tianzhi just wanted to go through the separation procedures as soon as possible, so that he wouldn’t have a long night, and when he was really fired, he should then have his revenge and complain.

The crowd saw that Manager Zheng was about to take Lu Tianzhi away.

At this moment, they also could not help but to talk about it.

“Awesome, it’s still Manager Zhou who’s awesome, saying that he’s fired really does get him fired.”

“In fact, this kid might not have gotten to this point, he only has himself to blame, step by step, he’s getting deeper and deeper into it, playing himself to death.”

“Oh, I’m afraid this kid doesn’t know that Manager Zhou is the number one figure in our investment department, right, and belongs to the special protection in the company, after offending Manager Zhou, he still wants to stay in the company?”

Listening to the chatter of the crowd.

A smug smile appeared on Zhou Yu’s face.

Oh, it seemed that she had bet right this time, this time, her own prestige should rise again.

She leisurely watched as Manager Zheng of the personnel department took Lu Tianzhi and slowly walked towards the personnel department.

Just at this time.

“Manager Zheng, please wait!”

A voice, suddenly, came out from the crowd.

Then, two people walked out from the crowd.

After Zhou Yu saw these two people, he immediately froze.

These two people, one was Huang Rui, the chairman of the company, and the other was the young big boss whom he had just met not long ago.

And the one who spoke was, naturally, Lu Cang.

When the crowd saw the chairman, Huang Rui, they all buzzed and exchanged pleasantries.

Although none of them had seen much of Lu Cang, seeing how respectful Huang Rui was to Lu Cang, they understood Lu Cang’s status even better in their hearts.

“Manager Zheng, this is the boss of the company, Lu Shao.”

Huang Rui said as he introduced him to Manager Zheng.

“Good day, Mr. Lu!”

Manager Zheng said hastily in fear and trepidation.

In his heart, he was also apprehensive, not knowing what the boss of the company wanted to see him for when he suddenly appeared.

“Manager Zheng, what is this about?”

Lu Cang looked at Lu Tianzhi and probably understood something in his heart.

After all, what kind of person this cousin was, he probably had some idea in his heart.

In fact, Lu Cang knew that it was not a good idea to put Lu Tianzhi in the company, was a person like Lu Tianzhi the kind of person who could sit still?

But no matter what, since Lu Tianzhi is the son of the Lu family, of course it is still best to learn something about learning business.

Even if it doesn’t work to any effect, it’s good to let him come to the company to inculcate himself.

“This ……”

Manager Zheng didn’t know why the big boss suddenly asked about this, but he still told the matter honestly.


Lu Cang let out a bitter laugh in his heart.

This result was what he had expected, he just didn’t expect it to come so quickly.

“He can’t be expelled.”

Lu Cang said.


At once, the crowd froze.

No way, the boss of the company, would speak for a small employee of the company?

And at this moment, the one who was most upset should be Lu Tianzhi, seeing that he was about to be fired, such an outcome was what he thought was the best.

But then, big brother suddenly appeared.

“Well, let him write a review and hand it in later!” Lu Cang said.

“Big brother, give me a break!”

Finally, Lu Tianzhi finally couldn’t take it anymore and simply spoke directly.

Yes, this guy really couldn’t stand it.

Seeing that he was about to be expelled, big brother was still coming at this time.

Lu Tianzhi was really going to collapse.

He simply didn’t hide anymore and directly begged.


This time, the crowd was truly shocked.

This guy actually called the boss his big brother, could it be that, what he said was right, could it be that he was really the young master in the family?

Or was this guy crazy, reckless and confused in his head.

At this moment, the only thing the crowd cared about was Lu Cang’s attitude now.

After all, Lu Tianzhi was only unilaterally calling Lu Cang his big brother, and what was Lu Cang’s attitude?

“Well, third brother, don’t be like this, since the matter has been told, there is nothing I can do, only, this is grandpa’s intention, no matter what, it should stay in the company for a while, I can also explain to grandpa, how about this, since the identity is exposed, I will arrange a managerial all role for it, I hope to be serious and not like this again, well, don’t say it, just That’s it.”


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