At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 464

The young master of the family behind the company?

Zhou Yu’s heart fluttered.

It was Neo, right!

No wonder he hadn’t returned to the office after lunch, it turned out that something had happened!

Which little leader was so blind, how dare he mess with the young master of the family, he really didn’t want to get along.

To be honest, thinking of this, Zhou Yu’s face was also red.

Yes, what he had done before was actually no different from this little leader, ah.

This is if he hadn’t known Neo’s identity, then I guess the one who made a fool of himself now, should be himself.

“How do you know that the new employee is the young master of the company’s family?”

Zhou Yu’s heart moved and frowned, yes, it would be a good thing for himself if only he and the people in the office knew Neo’s true identity.

One could secretly switch one’s attitude towards Neo, thus reversing Neo’s perception of oneself.

But now, making it known to everyone, there was no point in changing one’s attitude towards Neo.

“Haha, you really believe that!” The man was overjoyed to see Zhou Yu’s serious face, “It was that guy himself who said that, believe it? I don’t believe it anyway!”

“I think that guy must have a mental problem, I’m afraid he doesn’t know how powerful the background of this Southwest Investment Company of ours is, he still thinks it’s an ordinary family? The young master of such a family, even if he wanted to study business, he wouldn’t come to this place, people have plenty of places to intern and study, bragging doesn’t even look at the actual situation, just him and the young master of a corporate family, I’m still Qin Er Shi.” The man said with a smile, “Now many people are gathered over there and are watching his joke.”

When Zhou Yu heard this, his heart moved again, it was really heaven help me.

I thought that everyone knew about Neo’s affair.

Who knows, these stupid guys, they still don’t believe it, what a bunch of insightless guys.

And now, it was an excellent opportunity to help Neo.

Thinking, Zhou Yu hurriedly rushed towards the crowd.

By now, more and more people had gathered, and the whole aisle was already full of people.

Many employees of the department ran out to see the strange and lively, to regulate the stressful working hours, which added a touch of coolness to the hot summer day.

“This kid, he’s sick in the head, he’s still shouting here!”

“What the hell is going on? How did this kid get into a fight with Manager Zhao?”

“I heard it was because this kid was playing games on his mobile phone at the window, and Manager Zhao happened to run into him, and seeing that he had nothing to do, he asked him to deliver a stack of documents to the finance department, because Manager Zhao himself has a lot of things to do, and it’s perfectly normal for an ordinary employee to do such a small errand.”

“And then what?”

“Then of course this kid refused ah, directly without raising his head let Zhao manager aside, even refused when he was still playing the game.”

“Damn, that’s really cool!”

“So, the manager was furious and reprimanded him on the spot. The kid didn’t like it, saying that he wasn’t in the same department as Manager Zhao, so why should he listen to him?” “The two of them got into a fight.”

“Even if Manager Zhao is not his direct leader, he is the leader of the company, but he is just an employee. Not only did he not send it, but he even played a game during work hours, this kid is also enough of a douchebag.”

“Two what, people did not say, they are the young master of the company family it, have not suffered this kind of aggravation to be ordered ……”

“Haha, laugh me to death, this kid is really a iron naive, must be the kind of play games kryptonite, watch live rewards, eat their own noodles master, but also the nima family young master ……”

Zhou Yu was listening to the crowd’s laughing conversation next to him.

The more he listened, the more excited he became in his heart.

Himself have to rush over!

I’m here to save Neo!

Zhou Yu pushed through the crowd without saying a word and rushed inside.

At this moment, he must hurry to relieve Neo, lest things get bigger and bigger, if it reaches the big boss, and then the big boss, in a fit of anger, announces the truth, then he will have no chance to save and make up for it.

“What’s going on, Manager Zhao, why are you bullying my people!”

Finally, Zhou Yu squeezed into the crowd.

She shouted loudly.

Yes, Neo was on her team, so of course this matter had to do with her, so of course Zhou Yu had to manage this matter.

At this point, of course, Zhou Yu couldn’t reveal Neo’s identity, she had to pretend that she didn’t know Neo’s real identity, so she was in charge of this matter as the team manager.

It made sense.

But as soon as the words were out of her mouth, she froze.

Where was the shadow of Neo?

That’s right, Manager Zhao was the same Manager Zhao, the small, one meter seven Zhao manager, whom Zhou Yu certainly knew, thin and short looking, but with a big and irritable temper, so it was no wonder he was arguing.

Only, this new one, however, was nowhere near Neo?

Zhou Yu stared blankly at the youth standing in front of Manager Zhao.

This youth was medium in height, about one meter seventy-five, twenty-three or twenty-four in appearance, his looks were just okay, white and clean, but a little bit fat in appearance.

“I told, today, must take me this document to the finance department! And I can’t make it? Tell, in the company, I am the department manager, is the ordinary staff, whether or not my direct leadership, I tell what to do, must do!”

At this moment, Manager Zhao was red-faced and was angrily rebuking the youth in front of him.

His chest was expanding sharply with anger.

“I’ll do whatever I’m told? Then call me a father!” The youth said disdainfully.

“Look guys, what quality is this person, where is this a bit of an employee!” The manager was so angry that he pointed at the youth in front of him, “Well, today, he dug a big hole for himself, this is his own jump into the fire, just this kind of performance today, defying the leadership, disobeying the command, playing games at work, and also full of obscene language, just these few items, is enough to be fired! Just wait, pack up your things and get out!”

“Oh, really?”

The youth shrugged his shoulders with an indifferent look on his face, “I think I told you that this company is all owned by my family, telling me to get lost? Think it’s my mother-in-law?”

Saying that, the youth hummed disdainfully, simply pulled over a chair next to him, sat straight down with his buttocks, crossed his legs in front of everyone, took out his mobile phone from his pocket again and started playing games.

At this moment, everyone was looking at him.

But the youth obviously did not look nervous, playing the game by himself.

At that moment, the crowd all exchanged words and buzzed.

Of course, there were certainly no good words left, all mockingly condemning the youth.

“Hey, where’s that wild fellow from! Don’t know a single rule! Get your ass up!” Just as the youth was in the middle of playing the game.

Suddenly there was a chirpy rebuke in his ear.

The youth could not help but raise his head and look at the woman in front of him in confusion.

“Which one? Do I know you?”

“I’m the manager of the investment department, my name is Zhou Yu! Think this is some kind of place! This is Southwest Investment Company, the biggest hitting investment company in Qingzhou City! This is not a place to play games, not a place to be wild, if you want to play games, go play on the road, in the company, you have to do what is in the interest of the company, everything is for the company!”

Yes, this woman was none other than Zhou Yu.

At this moment, Zhou Yu was staring coldly at the youth.

In her eyes, there was a contempt.

“Do you know who I am?” The youth said with a frown.

“I don’t care who it is! Either get out of the company now, or send Manager Zhao’s documents to the finance department! Just those two choices!” With that, Zhou Yu took Manager Zhao’s papers from earlier and roughly shoved them over to the youth.

Yes, Zhou Yu was not going to hang him.

Of course she knew that this kid was bragging.

Yes, there was indeed a young master of the family in the company, but it was Neo from her own team!

Never this fat, dead, fat man in front of her!

When Zhou Yu saw that the young man was not Neo, she was a little disappointed at first, alas, it was a good chance to redeem herself, but unfortunately it was not Neo.

But then, she was also sure that the youth was really sick in the head, and since that was the case, this was not just another opportunity.

This was a good opportunity for her to establish her own authority!

It was also a good opportunity for her to win the trust of the company!

At the same time, it is also a good opportunity for one to be appreciated by the leader!

“Thank you, Manager Zhou!” As expected, Manager Zhao was also grateful to see Zhou Yu stepping up to the plate.

The other people, too, looked at Zhou Yu approvingly.

Zhou Yu was very happy in her heart and knew that she had done the right thing.

She looked at the youth playfully, and pointed the document in her hand, to the youth’s eyes now, and the document was shaking under the youth’s eyes.

“Take it and go, to the finance office!”

Zhou Yu coldly and arrogantly, word by word, without question, said to the youth.

Condescending, never allowing a negative answer!

The youth, really took the document.

The crowd looked at this scene with surprise.

And Zhou Yu’s face, too, showed an expression of triumph.

Oh, this time, his own prestige had increased by a few more points.

Brush, brush!

However, just at this time, the youth took three strokes and unexpectedly tore a stack of documents, into pieces.

He looked at Zhou Yu, smiled faintly, and his hand gently raised, and the document fragments, flew all over the sky.

Like snowflakes, they fluttered in the aisle and fell on the floor, on the bodies of the people.

In an instant, the whole aisle was silent, and everyone looked at this scene in surprise.

Zhou Yu, on the other hand, her face was scarlet with anger and dripping blood!

“,, which department is it from and what is its name! I’ll have the HR department fired immediately!” Zhou Yu was furious, “Say it if you can!”

“Oh, go ahead and say it, my name is Lu Tianzhi.”


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