At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 463


At once, Zhou Yu’s heart was even more moved, and he couldn’t help but think of what he had just said to the others in the office.

If that Neo, was just an insignificant little character.

Why would the big boss specifically mention him?

Asking himself what he thought of him, wasn’t this an attempt to get a side view of Neo’s performance?

Could it be that Neo really did have an origin?

Thinking of this, Zhou Yu felt a few chills run down her spine.

In her mind, she was also thinking wild thoughts.

He had never looked at Neo in a good light since he arrived, and the thought that he would hold the whole team back made him scratch his heart.

If it wasn’t for what Dale had just said, this would have been a great opportunity for Zhou Yu to get rid of Neo.

He could have said what was on his mind, and he could have badmouthed Neo in front of the big boss, or better yet, he could have just told him to get lost.

However, now Zhou Yu naturally had an extra thought in mind.

If that Neo is really from an extraordinary background, then the big boss naturally has some relationship with him, and if he speaks ill of Neo here in front of the big boss, then he will be offending the whole family behind the company.

He is a rich second generation, pretending to be an ordinary employee to intern in the company, this is naturally just a walk in the park, just for show, to add a little experience.

What people hear is not the truth, but good words.

Thinking of this, in fact, Zhou Yu’s heart, already had an idea.

“Does it mean Neo?”

Zhou Yu pretended not to know Neo’s identity at all and said, “Well, this new employee, although his education is not good, but he is still relatively serious, I can see the motivation in him, although he does not say much, but I think he is also a very thoughtful person, I believe, as long as we get along for a long time, I should be able to uncover more shining points.”

At this point, Zhou Yu felt that she had exaggerated a little too much.

He had no merits other than his wealthy attributes.

He didn’t think Neo had any merits.

The big boss and Neo must also be very familiar with each other, so naturally he also knows that Neo has no merits.

So if he praised Neo for a while, would the boss think that he was being too hypocritical.

Or, make the boss feel that what he said was not credible.

“Well, of course, actually that Neo has a bit of a flaw.” In order to increase the credibility of what he said, Zhou Yu added, “It’s that he’s a bit too unkempt and dresses too casually.”

Lu Cang nodded, seeing Zhou Yu say this about Neo, he was still quite satisfied in his heart.

“Then, that Neo in the team, is intended to accommodate, this time the same batch came a lot of famous universities, will not feel aggrieved that they were only assigned to Neo, want to replace others? If so, I can now give a chance to choose.” Lu Cang said again.

When Zhou Yu heard that, dammit, this was another test.

“No, no, I think that actually education and stuff is just the appearance, what is more important is to look at a person’s heart and quality, I think Neo is fine, as long as he is in my team, I think I will teach him knowledge and experience properly, he will soon transform.”

At this point, since Zhou Yu already knew Neo’s identity, he would never miss this opportunity.

Neo was now in his own team, and this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Since the family had asked Neo to pretend to be an ordinary employee to come here, wasn’t the reason for him to learn more, and if he taught Neo these things, wouldn’t he be doing the family behind the company a big favour?

How could this opportunity be given away to someone else’s?

“Haha, that’s good.”

Lu Cang was also happy and said a few more unpleasant words, then let Zhou Yu go back.

“Looks like third brother isn’t bad, even a stern little leader like Zhou Yu seems to like him quite a bit.” Seeing Neo being praised so much, Lu Cang’s heart, of course, was also very happy.

Besides, Zhou Yu was on his way back.

There was also a bit of excitement in her heart.

Thinking back to her own performance in front of Lu Cang just now, she felt that she had performed quite well too, and it was obvious that her series of answers just now had put the big boss in a very good mood.

Although Lu Cang tried his best to act as if he was just asking a casual question and didn’t show much concern for Neo, but after all, he was his own brother and Lu Cang had always been fond of this younger brother, so even though he didn’t want to act happy, he looked a bit happy.

This was naturally seen by Zhou Yu, who, in her heart, was naturally more certain of her suspicions.

On the way back, Zhou Yu had already made a secret plan in his heart.

It was a close call, if he had been more hindsight for a few days, he might have gone even further with Neo, and then it would have been even harder to end it, whereas now, he can still make up for it.

As she thought, Zhou Yu returned to her office.

As soon as she entered the office, her eyes fell on the corner, the worst position.

Because that was Neo’s position.

However, she was disappointed.

Neo wasn’t sitting in the seat.

This made Zhou Yu a bit depressed, because on the way back, the first thing that came to her mind was to change Neo’s position, preferably to her own side.

This way, on the surface, she could use the excuse of “being by her side, she could take care of the newcomer and teach him more”, but in reality, naturally, she could get closer to this Neo, so that in the future, when Neo’s identity was revealed, she could also use the east wind.

After all, there must be many advantages to climbing up to such a rich young man.

“Sister Yu, how is it? What did the big boss say?”

“Is it something to do with that Neo?”

As soon as the people saw that Zhou Yu had returned, they all immediately gathered around.

There were all sorts of remarks.

It was just as well, after all, what Dale had just said was just too shocking, and everyone wanted to find out what was going on and whether that Neo was really the one or not.

“Where is Neo, why hasn’t he come back yet?”

Zhou Yu at this time, heart also secretly anxious.

No way, originally at this time, one already knew that Neo was a rich second generation, one could have pretended that one still didn’t know, thus quietly changing one’s attitude towards Neo.

But now, Neo hadn’t come back yet.

It was almost an hour since I ran into him at the restaurant, and it was already afternoon work time, and Neo hadn’t even come back yet.

Where could he have gone?

Could it be because he had treated him badly in the morning and he was not happy about it, so he simply did not come and showed his identity to deal with himself?

Thinking of this, Zhou Yu felt secretly remorseful.

“Neo hasn’t been back since, Sister Yu, we just haven’t seen him.” The crowd said.

“Alas, we are a team, we must not pull down any of our members, let’s all go and look for him.” Zhou Yu had just finished speaking.

Just then, there was a sudden clang at the door.


Zhou Yu thought in his mind, so he blurted out.

However, as soon as the words came out, the person who came in the doorway was not Neo, but the person in charge of attendance for the company.

“Manager Zhou, is our team all here, why is there one missing? This is not good for our team, our company attendance system is very strict, we’d better hurry up and let the late person come to work.”

“What’s wrong, can’t someone else have something unexpected, my team member just has something to do, this is my permission for him not to come, if he is really responsible, this is not his business, if you want to punish, just punish me, I as the team leader, I will take the responsibility!” Zhou Yu said in a bold voice.

Yes, Neo did not come now, maybe there must be personal personal matters, after all, people are rich second generation it, how can there be no other things.

Now although late, this punishment, but must not punish Neo, to punish, then punish me, let me to take the punishment for him, this is also considered to redeem the merits.

It will also leave a good impression on him.

“Good, then I’ll give credit for it ah.” The attendance officer, too, cut the crap.

“Mark it!”

Zhou Yu was quite happy in his heart instead.

It was not good to give a demerit, but to do so for Neo’s sake, it was a merit.

It should be able to offset the bad attitude she had towards him in the morning with all the snide comments.

He was thinking about it.

Suddenly, in the doorway aisle, there were shouting and yelling, as if someone was fighting and arguing.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

Zhou Yu and the others were alarmed, after all, fights and quarrels in the company were almost rare ah.

“I heard that it was a new employee who suddenly got into a fight with the leader!”

“Fighting with the leader? This employee is too two-faced, doesn’t he want to get involved anymore?” Zhou Yu frowned, she was also considered a small leader, of course she didn’t like this kind of employee.

“No, no, no, I should say that the leader doesn’t want to mix anymore, I heard that this employee, seems to be the young master of the family behind the company!”


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