At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 462

“No, no, we must have heard it wrong, we are all elite talents at Southwest, how dare we chew our tongues at the back.”

The two of them secretly said what bad luck, they almost got overheard.

Of course they both dared not admit it.

The man also knew that if they were asked again, they would definitely not admit it again, so they went back to their seats.

They had just arrived at the restaurant area of the Southwest Company.

Just in time, he saw Neo carrying his set meal and also walking over.


When Zhou Yu and the others saw Neo, they couldn’t help but have an indescribable look of amusement on their faces.

After all, they had all just talked about him.

“Wow, how rich, to eat lobster?”

When the crowd saw the lobster baked with garlic and cheese on Neo’s plate, they all couldn’t help but look very surprised.

“Not only is there lobster, there’s also Quanjude roast duck, this is too extravagant.”

The gazes of the crowd all turned to Neo’s plate.

That’s right, Neo had lobster in his left hand and roast duck in his right hand, although it wasn’t that the crowd hadn’t eaten before, but that was all when they were having a gathering and treating themselves ah, to eat this during the noon meal, while eating a working meal, this was too extravagant.

“Oh, one has just joined the company, and this is drifting? Although you are in the Southwest Investment Company, but in the end, you are just an ordinary employee, you must be progressive and able to suffer.

Zhou Yu glanced at the contents of Neo’s dinner plate, obviously looking down on it, and shook his head, “Judging from a series of performances, he really is not worthy of being in our company.”

With that, Zhou Yu led the crowd away.

Neo didn’t say anything either.

Yes, it was none other than Neo, who, after leaving Lu Cang’s office, of course, had to have his lunch as well.

So, it was time to come to the 18th floor as well.

The mocking gesture of Zhou Yu and the others just now, Neo did not care much about it, his big brother had said that he would be free as long as he could complete a single order independently.

It wasn’t that simple.

In that case, he should leave the company soon, so he wouldn’t get along with Zhou Yu and the others in the future, so there was no need to argue about the long and short of it.

So, without saying anything, Neo took his plate and found a place to sit down.

Then, Neo went to the window and asked for a fried rice and a disposable lunch box, and came back and packed up the lobster and roast duck, eating the fried rice by himself.

Yes, in fact, these lobsters and roast duck and the like were not eaten by Neo himself, but when he was coming downstairs just now, Lu Cang called himself and asked Neo to bring him some lunch to go.

He was having a discussion with Huang Rui on the top floor and had been very busy recently.

Neo also knew that his elder brother was a businessman and was not used to eating ordinary things, so he bought him something good.

He was used to being casual himself and his favourite was Yangzhou fried rice.

After he finished eating, Neo sent the food up to Lu Cang and wanted to go back to the office.

The result was that he suddenly received a call from Caiwei, saying that someone had gone to the restaurant to cause trouble, so Neo did not have time to go back to the office, so he went straight out of the office building in a flash and went straight back.

And over there, Zhou Yu and the others returned to the office.

Talking about what they just saw in the restaurant Neo, the people all agreed that this person is too greedy for pleasure, although into the Southwest Company, income will be more than the average person, but also can not drift so hard ah.

The crowd was talking as they watched.

One person, however, stayed silent.

“That, I think we should all stop, don’t you think things are a bit strange?” The man said.

“What’s the matter, Dale, what’s a bit strange?”

The crowd looked at the man who spoke curiously.

“That Neo, eating such an expensive dish, don’t we think it’s strange? Also, he’s obviously not very capable, yet he can get into the company, don’t ye think it’s strange?”

Dale looked at the crowd and continued.

“Dale, what the hell are you trying to say, what do you mean?”

The crowd frowned when they saw that what he said was a bit strange.

“I’ll tell you guys, when I was eating in the restaurant just now, I went to the washroom, then I heard those two people from another company who were kicked out by Sister Yu earlier talking, know what they were talking about?” Dale said mysteriously.

Yes, this person was the one who had heard those two people talking just now.

In fact, he had already heard the content of the two men’s conversation, but he was just shocked in his heart, not quite believing that this kind of plot in the mile could happen to his side.

Was there really a rich second generation of the family, pretending to be an ordinary employee to enter the company?

He didn’t believe it either, but now that he had heard it, he was a bit apprehensive.

Saying that, Dale didn’t hide it anymore and gave a repeat of what those two had just said.


As soon as the crowd heard it, they all froze.

For a good half day, no one spoke.

“Does it mean that the rich second generation in the family of the big boss behind our company pretended to be employees to study in the company?” Zhou Yu frowned and said.

“Yes, Sister Yu, I don’t think those two are making it up.” Dale said, “So, I think we should stop laughing at that Neo for now.”

“What does this have to do with that Neo?”

Someone said straightforwardly.

“Think about it, with all the things that happened to Neo, doesn’t it seem like he’s just like that?” Dale looked at the crowd and said.

The crowd all drew a cold breath.

No one had thought about it, but now that Dale had said it, the crowd did feel in their hearts that it really did look like that.

“It’s also true, Sister Yu, isn’t it said, that Neo didn’t even graduate from university, how can he even enter the company, today at noon, and also eat such an expensive meal, this must be the style of the rich second generation committed, although pretending to be an ordinary employee, but after all, people are raised by the brocade, of course, can’t eat this suffering, so the meal on the exposure.” The crowd said with all sorts of words.

Zhou Yu also froze.

Frowning, “Really?”

She was also muttering in her heart.

Not only that, the more she thought about it, the more she felt a bit like it inside, and thinking about it made her a bit scared too.

It was at this moment.

“Manager Zhou, the big boss wants to see you, in the office on the thirty-sixth floor.” Suddenly, someone entered the door and informed.

“Ah, the big boss?”

The crowd was instantly shocked.

No wonder they were surprised, after all, the big boss was not something that could be seen by ordinary people and rarely came here.

They only knew that the chairman of the company was Huang Rui. Of course, they also knew that behind the company, there was a bigger consortium, and that was the one who was really in charge.

Now, the big boss was looking for Zhou Yu, which did make people feel very unusual.

“Sister Yu, hurry up and go, the big boss is looking for it.”

“This can’t be neglected, don’t let the wait be anxious!”

“People say, what can the big boss want from me?” Zhou Yu’s heart was also apprehensive, yeah, couldn’t figure it out, it didn’t make sense.

Generally speaking, Huang Dong looking for himself would be fine, now the big boss is looking for himself, what can this be about?

“Could it be related to Neo?”

Someone said.

When Zhou Yu heard this, he felt even bigger, his heart jumped even harder, he hurriedly stood up, got on the lift and arrived at the top floor with apprehension in his heart.

Knock, knock, knock.

Zhou Yu held down her heartbeat and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Lu Cang said.

Zhou Yu entered the door, and despite trying to calm his heart, it was still beating very hard.

Not knowing what exactly was going on.

“It’s Manager Zhou, isn’t it? Do it.”

Lu Cang nodded and said.

At this time, Zhou Yu really saw Lu Cang’s appearance, so young.

Then, her eyes moved back to Lu Cang’s desk, and at once, the corner of her eyes twitched.

There was surprisingly a packed Quanjude box there.

Zhou Yu’s heart twitched again, it seemed like she had seen it somewhere, Quan Ju De, and only just now.

Suddenly, she remembered, it was in the restaurant, didn’t Neo just eat roast duck?

Was this a coincidence?

Or was there a connection?

“Manager Zhou, this time I’m invited to ask about a matter.” Lu Cang opened the door and said, “The man I heard about, a new employee came in today, right?”

“Well, yes!”

Zhou Yu hurriedly nodded his head and said.

But, in his heart, he also stuttered, could it really be related to Neo?

“How does that new employee feel?” Lu Cang thought for a moment and said, in fact, he was also thinking in his heart how to ask, in order not to let Zhou Yu feel that he was too concerned about Neo, “I know that there are several new employees this time, but the one assigned to the staff, it seems that his education is not good enough, I heard that he did not graduate from university, so he was assigned to the staff, I think he may feel a bit aggrieved, how do you think he is, tell me the truth , I will consider the opinion of the consideration.”


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