At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 461

The 18th floor of the Dingri Building.

There are no companies on this floor, it’s all catering, the whole floor, as if it’s a university canteen, various stalls, all kinds of richness.

Of course, the class and stuff is a bit higher than the canteen.

This is specifically for the entire 36-storey Dingri Mansion.

Those who came here to dine were basically all the people inside this building.

At this moment, Zhou Yu and his group, were sitting together eating their lunch.

This was the upscale area on this floor.

After all, many of the people who worked here were ordinary white-collar workers, and most of them ate ordinary set meals.

“Sister Yu, do you think it’s not too good to not call that new guy just now? How can we say that we are all on the same team now.” Someone said.

Although everyone looked up to Zhou Yu and could see that Zhou Yu didn’t like Neo, naturally all the people wouldn’t either.

What’s more, just now Zhou Yu also told the crowd about some of the circumstances on Neo’s profile, and everyone felt that Neo was not capable, so they naturally disliked him even more in their hearts.

However, after all, we are all human beings.

“What’s wrong with that?”

Zhou Yu’s face was slack, “I’ve told you all about that kid’s profile, he’s just here to hold us back, nothing but mucking about, I don’t know how the company could recruit someone who isn’t even a university graduate. Think about it, our team, now the number one performance of all the teams in the department, keep it up like this again this month, by the end of the month, everyone will be rewarded with tens of thousands of dollars, yet this kid came today, sooner or later, this number one will be taken away by someone else because of him, by then your income, and your status in the company will be lowered, is this what you want to see?”

The crowd was silent.

“That’s right, Sister Jade is right, what a rotten person you are pretending to be.”

“Sister Jade is doing us a favour, if you want to make friends with that new kid, then you can go alone.”

The others all looked at the person who had just spoken up with complaint.

“I was just saying that.” That man said hurriedly, “Anyway, I follow Sister Yu unconditionally, whatever Sister Yu says!”

“I’m not such a domineering person either.” Zhou Yu looked at the crowd and pointed around again, saying, “Look, so many people are looking at us enviously, do you know why, just because we are from Southwest Investment Company, just because we get a much higher salary than all of them, do you want to make all this goodness disappear because of that kid!”

The crowd followed what Zhou Yu pointed at.

Sure enough, many of the people eating around them had their gazes coming their way from time to time, those gazes were filled with envy and curiosity.

Seeing this, the crowd’s mood couldn’t help but drift.

Southwest Investment Company was indeed very wealthy, not only did it treat its employees with much better benefits than ordinary companies, but it also had a place on the 18th floor of the restaurant floor specially chartered for its own employees to dine.

This place can only be used by employees of Southwest Investment Company, and there is also an unlimited supply of free coffee, juice and tea.

Employees from other companies slowly noticed this.

After inquiring with each other, they realised that these people were all from Southwest Investment Company.

When they saw how generous the company was to its employees, they all felt new and envious.

Yes, people sometimes need to have a little sense of superiority.

So, the employees of Southwest Investment, too, were very flattered.

“Hey, look at them, that group of people, sitting there ……”

Not far away, some people were eating their meals while quietly pointing at Zhou Yu’s side.

“Isn’t that group the same company that’s been all the rage lately and has been making the rounds throughout the building, called something like Southwest Investments?”

“Yes, that’s the company, it’s so awesome, it’s directly rented out all the top three floors of this building, it’s definitely a giant company, no wonder those people all look so hung up.”

“I’ve heard that the basic salary of their employees is half as much as ours, and some people who have just joined can easily earn more than 10,000 a month if they work a little harder.

“I heard that many bosses in Qingzhou even nod and bow when they see the employees of Southwest Investment Company.”

“Quickly, don’t look, that woman is glaring at us.”

When the two men saw Zhou Yu’s gaze glaring over, they hurriedly withdrew their gaze.

“That woman seems to be a small leader of the Southwest Company, she’s usually really arrogant, I don’t know what she’s from, but she’s really pretty.”

“You don’t know, her name is Zhou Yu ah, is a very career-minded woman, a friend of mine and she used to be colleagues, this woman is very crazy at work, determined to climb up it, but only from an average background, so until now, only mixed into a manager.”

“But to be a small department manager of Southwest Investment is already quite something, isn’t it?”

“If I were, I would be satisfied for the rest of my life, but this woman has a big heart, she won’t be satisfied I’m afraid, this woman is very irritable, it’s best not to mess with, just now we just looked at her and she glared at us, look, this is good, two unlucky people are going to get into trouble …… ”

These two are chatting idly here.

Zhou Yu’s side, at this time, suddenly walked over two more people.

“That, can we sit here?”

The two men said as they carried their set menus and pointed to the seat next to Zhou Yu and the others.

Zhou Yu frowned and looked at them twice, these two people, obviously neither of them were from Southwest Investment Company, Zhou Yu said very nonchalantly, “This is our company’s exclusive area, of course no one else can sit here!”

“It’s not necessary.”

These two laughed awkwardly, “There are so many empty seats here, can’t we have a seat? The coffee here is free, so you can’t drink it all anyway, so let us have a drink.”

“Saying no means no.”

Zhou Yu’s face was still cold, “This place is rented from here at our company’s expense, you guys are not from our company, if you want to enjoy such service too, let your company pay for it, we got into Southwest Investment Company because we are good, why should you people who are not good, enjoy the same service as us? ”


The two men made a big red face at Zhou Yu’s comment, so they had to helplessly carry their plates and sit on the other side of the table which was relatively far away.

“Damn, this woman is so mad, she looks like she can’t stand looking at anyone.” The two men sat down, but of course the mood was still unhappy.

“Ugh, can’t help it, who made her a bully, it’s good to be in Southwest, let alone a manager. Of course there’s that qualification.”

“Oh, with a personality like hers, she’ll probably be planted soon.”

“How is that possible? You haven’t seen it, she’s been mad for almost a month or so, wasn’t she always like this before.”

“Oh, you don’t know that I’m afraid, let me tell you something ah.” The man said mysteriously, “I heard that, in the Southwest Company, a very powerful rich boy is coming.”

“What do you mean?”

“To tell you the truth, today I was riding in the lift and I happened to run into two of Southwest Investment’s bosses, one of whom was very young, but both of them were definitely at the top of Southwest Investment’s hierarchy because I heard them talking about Southwest Investment’s future plans.” The man continued, “And then the young one said that their family would have people from the family, pretending to be ordinary employees to work in the company in order to train the young people inside.”

“So what?”

“They also said that the person from that family, with average ability, would definitely not be able to keep up with the company’s pace if he entered the company, but the family did it in order to train him, so it didn’t matter, after entering the company, that person must not reveal his identity, so think about it, if that happens, if that rich second generation of the family pretending to be an ordinary employee enters the company and meets Zhou Yu This kind of person, will definitely be looked down upon by Zhou Yu, and when Zhou Yu treats that rich kid like she treats us, then she will be finished!”

“Holy shit, when you say that, it’s really true.”

Another man slapped the table and said.

“What are you guys talking about, and how is it related to Sister Jade? Is it because Sister Jade drove you guys away and you’re still not convinced?” Just then, one of Zhou Yu’s team, who was going to the washroom, happened to pass behind these two.


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