At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 460

Got it.” Neo replied honestly, but he couldn’t help but steal joy in his heart.

He loved the company as much as he loved his own family?

That was a must!

This company was his own family’s.

“Got it?”

A hint of contempt floated at the corner of Zhou Yu’s mouth, “Why do I feel no sincerity at all when I see you talking and treating this place like home, is that really what you think?”

“Definitely true.”

“Well, I couldn’t care less what you have in mind, and I’m not that interested. I don’t know how you got into the company, you didn’t even graduate from university on your introduction!” Zhou Yu waved his hand, “Well, I don’t care about any of this, but in the company, you are late today, dressed casually the next performance will not be an example, in the future, even if you are pretending, you have to put on a hard working end out for me, even if you are pretending, you have to put on a look of love for the company out!”

“At the same time I want you to remember that this job that you have, was given to you by the company, so you have to be grateful to the company, okay!”

“Uh-huh, got it.”

“Follow me!”

Zhou Yu did not even look at Neo anymore and walked straight inside.

Neo hurriedly and obediently followed.

Although this was the family’s company, he could come as he pleased, but to be honest, this was his first time in the company, and Neo felt that it was okay for him to be modest.

The company was very big inside, with several offices, and every now and then a staff member clutching papers hurriedly walked past in the aisle.

On the way, Zhou Yu’s face was not very nice, and there was an air of cold arrogance on her face.

Of course, Neo did not take the initiative to talk to her, although the contact time was not long, but Neo also saw that this woman is better to be less provocative.

Suddenly, however, Neo felt that the coldness on Zhou Yu’s body had eased considerably.

This woman, too, had a few smiles at the corners of her mouth.

Neo was stunned and couldn’t help but follow her gaze.

In front of him was a large screen, on which there were rows and rows of names.

The first one in line was none other than “Zhou Yu”.

At this moment, Zhou Yu was staring at her own name.

“Manager Zhou, your performance is good, it’s only been less than a month and your team has ranked first.” At this time, a woman walked out from the office.

“Actually, as long as you work seriously and treat the company like your own home, you can do it too, Manager Zhang.” Zhou Yu said coldly.

“Is that so?” Apparently, Manager Zhang just thought that Zhou Yu’s crowning words were just window dressing, “I was thinking, if all of my team were like the ones in your team, Manager Zhou, where everyone graduated with a master’s degree from a famous university, would it be me who would be saying these words now.”

In his tone, there was a bit of a sour note.

Zhou Yu’s face instantly became a little irritated.

“Even if my team members are good, I picked them, I have a good eye.” Zhou Yu said.

“Is that so? If I’m like someone who knows the information of those employees from the inside in advance, I think that I must have a good eye too oh. This time, there are several new employees coming into the company.” The company’s new employees are all highly educated and even have a degree from Peking University, the worst is also a graduate of Sichuan University, but I heard that there is also one who did not graduate from university, it would not happen to be this one behind you, right? ……”

Zhou Yu heard this, his face again up severe cold, even colder than at the beginning a few points.

Neo sighed in his heart.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

The company’s team was also assigned to Zhou Yu’s team.

Zhou Yu’s face was as cold as ice at this time, no longer paying attention to Manager Zhang, took Neo and came to his own department.

“Sister Yu!”

“Sister Yu!”

The people in the department, seeing Zhou Yu, greeted each other.

Neo took a look, there were quite a few people, seven or eight.

There were more women than men.

“Neo, you can sit there!” Zhou Yu pointed to the corner of the office.

Neo didn’t say anything, he was already here.

This morning, Neo also gradually understand what this department actually do.

In fact, it was very simple. To put it plainly, it was to spend money.

That’s right, it is to take the money and invest it.

Find some good projects, some good companies, some good industries, and go to them to invest.

At a glance, this kind of work is something that even a fool can do.

These days, what’s missing is money, and investors are being served like ancestors.

It’s not that simple.

In fact, on the surface it looks simple.

But it is not simple either.

The purpose of investing is to make a return.

So, it is easy to spend money, but in what kind of place to spend it, this is more test people.

Get it wrong and let the investment go down the drain, which is the pit.

The reason why Zhou Yu’s team is doing well is that they have invested in many good companies over the past month.

Of course, these Neo more or less in the last time in the cafe, from the mouth of the big brother know.

This time, he had come to Qingzhou to take over the whole place, controlling the entire basic lifeline of Qingzhou and all the industries.

For the family, this was not a very difficult thing to do.

It was until noon.

“Let’s go, it’s time to go to the 18th floor for lunch.”

“Let’s go, together!”

“Who’s buying today! It’s Little Jin’s turn!”

“I’ll treat today, to celebrate our team being ranked number one again.” Zhou Yu said.

“Long live Sister Jade!”

The crowd cheered and the group left the office.

No one called Neo.

It was as if they hadn’t noticed that Neo was also in the office.

It was also true that Zhou Yu had not been treating Neo well all morning.

Of course the others didn’t either.

Neo watched the crowd ignore him and left, although he did not care, but always a bit depressed in his heart.

To be honest, he really had no interest in business or commerce.

Although he had studied business administration at university, it was also the family’s intention.

In fact, at heart, Neo felt that he was not suitable for business, or even for a job like sitting in an office, he just felt that he preferred the life of an idle, prodigal son.

Of course, it was not the same as the kind of life of Tianzhi, who spent his days drinking and enjoying himself.

With that in mind, Neo left the office.

At this time, most people had gone to dinner, and there were not many people outside.

Neo entered the lift and, after thinking about it, pressed the thirty-sixth floor.

This morning, Neo just sat in his seat and looked through the company information, after all, is also bored, and no one cares about himself, there is nothing to do ah.

So, he knew a little more about the company.

The 34th, 35th and 36th floors of this building are all owned by Southwest Investment Company.

The 34th floor is mostly for ordinary employees, like Zhou Yu’s team, while the 35th floor is for the company’s top management.

The 36th floor, on the other hand, is basically the real big boss behind the company.

Usually it is the big brother or someone in the family’s direct line.

This is where Neo went up to find Lu Cang.

“How is it? Third brother, you’re still used to it!”

Lu Cang was really up there and was happy to see Neo come, “I thought you wouldn’t come today.”

“It’s quite good.”

Neo smiled.

“Haha, I knew third brother you were different and would adapt to this kind of ordinary staff, I’m afraid if this was given to anyone in the family, they wouldn’t be able to stand it.” Lu Cang said appreciatively.

“It’s just that, big brother, how did you split me into that Zhou Yu’s hands.” Neo said, “And let me be honest, big brother, I seem to be very unsuitable for business.”

“I know that too.” Lu Cang smiled and said, “Don’t forget, I still know you very well, everyone’s interests are different, it’s just that, since you’re part of a big family and still such an important third master, you more or less need to know a little bit about ah, I also talked to grandpa about your situation, and grandpa said, as long as you can make a single business, you can do whatever you want. ”

“Just one single? That’s fine.”

Neo said to himself, “One single deal is not that simple.

Get it done sooner and get out of here sooner.

“Eldest Young Master, that Zhou Yu’s character is indeed a little too harsh, should I, I change the team for the Third Young Master?”

After Neo left, Huang Rui said to Lu Cang.

“I know this, but it is precisely my hope that using her harsh character might enable Third Brother to learn more, and she is still very capable, if she can really make Third Brother learn something, then she has really made a great achievement, and the company can promote and promote her.” Lu Cang said here, as if he thought of something, “You ask Zhou Yu to come to the 36th floor, I’ll ask her, hopefully I can get a side view, her opinion and evaluation of third brother.”


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