At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 457

Seeing Qian Jian like this, Liu Xing was also secretly surprised in his heart.

What was the origin of this gentleman downstairs, this pleasing appearance of Qian Jian could simply be said to be very respectful and humble.

Yes, just to be able to make a good impression of his Vantone Plaza in that gentleman’s mind, so he went out of his way to pay for it himself, just to calm down the quarrel between himself and Neo.

“How about it, Liu Shao, just for my sake, this matter ends here, and don’t be arguing with them, later on, have someone take the quotation for the broken jade bracelet and get the finance staff to reimburse it in my office!” Qian Jian said boldly.

No matter how much the jade bracelet was, Qian Jian didn’t care now.

Even if it was really one million.

Even if he just really spent a million, it would be worth it!

“This …… is fine.”

Liu Xing was reluctant in his heart, but he couldn’t help but agree to it.

The first is to give face to Qian Jian, and the second is that what Qian Jian said is not wrong, after all, the broken jade bracelet is not a compensation, even though Liu Xing’s purpose is not to compensate, but the specific reason is not good to tell Qian Jian in detail.

What’s more, Liu Xing was not sure about the noble gentleman outside, and it was obvious that Qian Jian cared a lot about that person’s attitude, so he should not give Qian Jian any trouble, and if that noble gentleman was really displeased by the quarrel in his jade shop, thus causing Qian Jian to suffer losses, he could not afford this responsibility.

There was nothing they could do, so Liu Xing and Qian Jian went back to the shop.

At this moment, Neo and Cai Wei had not yet left.

Yes, they couldn’t leave even if they wanted to, the shopkeepers in the jade shop were stopping them.

Although Qian Jian had just said those words, but without Liu Shao’s words, no one dared to give Neo and Caiwei to leave.

“Okay, okay, we are lucky today, hurry up and go!” Liu Xing waved his hand and said to Neo.

Neo’s heart was a bit strange.

But it wasn’t very strange.

After all, the family’s network was very complicated, many people might know themselves, but they did not know them, it was also very normal.

This Mr. Qian should also know his identity, so he came to help himself secretly.

Thinking of this, Neo was relieved.

“Many thanks.”

After saying a simple thank you, Neo and Cai Wei left.

Liu Xing and Guan Qiushui watched Neo Caiwei’s quick departure, and both of them let out a cold laugh in their hearts, “Oh, running really fast!”

“It’s as if they were afraid that if they were slower, General Qian would turn around and help them.”

“Not only that, Qian always helped them so much, but they simply said thank you and left, if it was given to others, they would be grateful, they are too white-eyed.”

“Forget it.”

Qian Jian waved his hand, “They don’t look like rich people either, I guess they were scared just now ……”

As he was saying that, there was a sound of footsteps coming from the door.

The nobleman from downstairs just now, surrounded by a group of people, appeared in the doorway.

“Old Qian, don’t hurry over here!”

In the crowd, one of Qian Jian’s friends hurriedly waved at him. This man was called Li Baohua, a business friend of Qian Jian’s and had quite a wide range of connections, and this noble gentleman’s visit to Vantone Plaza was actually due to his intermediation.

Qian Jian’s acquaintance with this noble gentleman came from Li Baohua’s introduction over the phone.

From the phone call, Qian Jian knew that this noble son was definitely not small, after all, even Li Baohua talked about this man with respect.

“That’s Mr. Qian, good.”

This noble gentleman, who was quite amiable, took the initiative to shake Qian Jian’s hand, “I’m here today, mainly to see if there is any development potential for this square, if there is, I will give some investment.”

“Ah, that’s great!”

Qian Jian shook the noble gentleman’s hand and was thrilled.

The most necessary thing in doing business was cash flow, don’t look at Qian Jian Jian’s price are more than a billion upwards, but there is not much cash in hand, now the most necessary thing is a rich big gold master father, if someone can invest, it is a great joy.

“This jade shop is quite lively, ah, just now when I came over, there were many people standing at the door, there won’t be any trouble, right, business is most afraid of trouble, I hope Vantone Plaza is a peaceful and good business complex, so that it can be sustainable.” Your son said.

“Ah, no no, how could something happen, we have never had an accident here, we have a good reputation.” Qian Jian said hurriedly, letting out a soft breath in his heart.

Fortunately, he had reacted quickly enough to help the boy compensate for the jade bracelet and let him go, otherwise, if this noble gentleman had seen what had just happened and made him unhappy, this investment might have been ruined.

The jade bracelet was not worth a million dollars, but at most 100,000 dollars, and he would have paid Liu Xing 100,000 dollars.

Thinking of this, Qian Jian only hoped that Neo had already left Wan Tong Square and would not cause any more trouble here.

But apparently, his worry was superfluous.

At this time, Neo and Cai Wei had already left the Wan Tong Square.

As the two left the square, Neo was about to call a car to leave.

Just at this time, he saw something familiar out of the corner of his eye.

It was the car.

“This, this seems to be Big Brother’s car, why is it here?”

Neo looked at several luxury cars not far away, one of which was a Maybach with a Beijing A** license plate, which was Lu Cang’s car.

“Big brother has come to Qingzhou too? What is he doing here?”

Neo muttered to himself in his heart.

Yes, Neo knew that his elder brother had been studying abroad, unlike Neo, Lu Cang was good at all kinds of business planning and management, and had started his own company, usually busy with some so-called adult things to do, and Neo, who wandered around with a halo of protagonists all day long, had a different life path.

Usually Lu Cang is always abroad, and even if he returns to China, he should only go to international metropolises like the capital city of Shanghai.

So when he saw Lu Cang’s car here, Neo was of course very strange in his heart.

And at that moment, inside the Vantone Plaza.

“That, I’m really sorry, after all this talk, I forgot to introduce myself.” At the entrance of the jade shop, the noble gentleman’s face wore a few apologies.

To be honest, this made Qian Jian feel good, he had thought that this noble gentleman must be a flighty and domineering person, or someone with eyes above the ground, but he did not expect a courteous and polite attitude, and even carried a bit of bookishness, making people feel very spring-like.

“My name is Lu Cang, and this is my fiancée, Mei Yinxue.”

Yes, this noble gentleman was Lu Cang, and the beautiful woman next to him was his fiancée, the daughter of the Mei family of Wu Zhou, Mei Yinxue.

“Young Lu, good, Miss Mei, good!”

As soon as Qian Jian heard Lu Cang’s name, he hurriedly searched his mind for some information about the Lu family, but nothing came to mind for a while.

But the Mei family of Wu Zhou, he did have some impression.

Wu Zhou, located next to the Taihu Lake in China, was not a first-tier metropolis, but it was quite economically developed and located in the south of the Yangtze River, a wealthy and beautiful city in the south of the river.

The Mei family of Wu Zhou, not considered a big family in the area, but it is said to have a history of several hundred years.

“Then, please also ask Mr Qian to take us for a walk to another place.” Lu Cang said, “I would like to face to see how Vantone Plaza operates.”

“Okay, no problem, young Lu, this way please.”

Although Qian Jian had not heard of any bullying family surnamed Lu, but this was introduced by Li Baohua, of course Qian Jian believed that Li Baohua would not lie to him.

Watching Qian Jian lead Lu Cang and the others out of the jade shop.

Guan Qiushui couldn’t help but skim his lips, “How come this what’s-his-name noble son is also surnamed Lu, there’s a bullshit noble son surnamed Lu!”

“Yeah, I haven’t heard of any Lu family in China either.” When Qian Jian and Lu Cang were talking just now, Liu Xing had been listening next to him, that’s not true, he was also a businessman after all, of course he cared a lot about this, but once he heard that it was surnamed Lu, he was also very strange in his heart.

“Oh, I think, Mr. Qian is not going to be set up, maybe this person is a liar, nowadays liars are very clever at cheating!” Guan Qiushui said.

Besides, after Qian Jian took Lu Cang around and gave a detailed introduction of Vantone Plaza.

Lu Cang looked satisfied and nodded, “Well, it’s quite good, this plaza, I can invest in it.”

“That, how much is Young Lu prepared to invest?” Qian Jian was a little nervous.

This was one of the most important questions.

Such a big square, to say that you can invest in it?

“Let’s invest two billion first.” Lu Cang said indifferently.

“What?!” Qian Jian’s eyes widened.


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