At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 455

Aptar Square.

“Look, that woman is so strange, in broad daylight, what is she doing ……”

Although not everyone, there were always some people, pointing and looking at the veil on Caiwei’s face.

There was no way she could go out without the veil on, a normal mask would not be able to completely cover her face.

If she wore nothing at all, she would not have the courage to do so, and even more so, if she wore nothing at all, the ridicule would be a hundred times more intense than wearing a veil.

Although Caiwei had been used to the stares she attracted when she wore the veil for over a year, she was embarrassed to hear the people talking about it.

It was only because she was accompanied by Neo.

If she had only heard the comments herself, she would have been used to them, and she was getting used to them more than she had been at the beginning, when her face had just become disabled.

But now that she thought that Neo was right next to her and must have heard it clearly, she couldn’t be at peace with herself, she felt a sense of shame and an indescribable feeling of unhappiness.

“Don’t pay any attention to those people.”

Although Neo could not see the expression on Caiwei’s face, he could also keenly feel the change in Caiwei.

With that, he took Caiwei’s hand and went inside the Vantone Plaza.

The ground floor of Vantone Plaza, like most commercial centres, sold all kinds of precious gold and silver jewellery, and this was the largest commercial centre in Qingzhou, so of course all the major brands in the industry were gathered here.

Zhou Dafu, Lao Fengxiang, Cui Yinlou, everything.

However, after going around, Caiwei didn’t buy a single piece.

Neo knew what she was thinking, the things in here were too expensive and she was too embarrassed to ask for them.

Neo knew that it was impossible to get her to take the initiative to choose, so he thought about it, “How about this jade shop?”

With that, Neo pointed to the “Fuzimiao Jade” shop and took Cai Wei inside.


The shop assistant, seeing the customer, hurriedly greeted him.

The jade shop was really not small, with a wide range of jade pieces, and as many as fifty different colours, from ochre, red and indigo, to blue and white.

The origins are also very much divided into many categories, with grades ranging from West Africa to Chile, to Black River and finally to Burmese fei jade.

There are not only glass counters, but also glass shelves used as exhibitions, like library shelves, with a wide variety of fine jade.

But not to mention the jade shelves, just to mention the dozen or so glass counters, it would be enough to pick through them in detail for a good while.

“Take these out and have a look.” Neo knew that if he let Caiwei pick, she would definitely be embarrassed.

He simply asked the shopper to take out several jade pearls and bracelets himself.

On this side, he and Caiwei, were here to pick.

On the other side, the inner door inside was suddenly pushed open, and Guan Qiushui, whose temples were slightly disheveled, walked out from inside, followed by Liu Xing.

This jade shop was very big, with a counter outside and a warehouse and office area inside.

Liu Xing had just brought Guan Qiushui here to pick out a jade bracelet, and the two of them did not just leave, when they got excited, they could not stop it, so they made love in the office directly behind, which had just ended, and the two of them just walked out.

Then, suddenly, Guan Qiushui stopped in her tracks.

“That, those two people ……”

She didn’t finish, and she didn’t need to say more, Liu Xing also saw it at this moment.

At once, both of them were stunned.

That’s right, this jade shop that Neo and Cai Wei had come to was owned by none other than Liu Xing.

“This guy, why is he so attached to this ugly monster? I can’t believe he brought her here to buy jade again!” Guan Qiushui stared at Neo with hatred.

“This kid, I was just thinking of how to deal with him, but I didn’t expect him to come to my door here.” Liu Xing showed a few sinister moments in his gaze, “This is a good opportunity, this is my territory, I can do whatever I want, this kid is here this time, don’t think about leaving, looks like we have to close the door and beat the dog! I’ll call someone here!”


Unexpectedly, Guan Qiushui suddenly smiled faintly, “Honey, don’t use violence yet, I’ve known this punk for a year and know that he’s quite stubborn sometimes, why don’t we do this ……”

Saying that, Guan Qiushui told Liu Xing about her solution, once again.

“Good!” Liu Xing immediately slapped his thighs and was overjoyed, “Haha, wife, this is a great idea, I want to see how much weight this kid really has, let’s gut him today!”

And Neo’s side.

The shop assistant saw Neo let her take jade, only take more than 10,000 yuan, heart also secretly happy, feel came to a big customer, later commission can also get a lot of it.

So, she was very cooperative with Neo’s request.

He kept taking in and out of the glass counter and handing them to Caiwei.

At this moment, the smart bracelet on her wrist suddenly vibrated.

“Ah, sorry you two, excuse me for a moment, my boss is calling me.”

With that, the shop assistant hurriedly walked towards the back office area.

Of course she didn’t dare to be slow, after all, the one who came today was Liu Shao, although she didn’t know why Liu Shao called herself at this time, but since she did, how dare she slacken off.

Five or six minutes later, the shop assistant came out from inside again.

“The two of you have waited for a long time.” The shop assistant smiled faintly at Neo and Cai Wei.

Neo only felt that she was smiling a little differently than before, but he didn’t take it to heart.

“That one, take that one, bring it to me for a look.” Neo picked a few pieces and was not satisfied, so he pointed to a jade bracelet inside and said.

“Sir really has a good eye, this jade bracelet, it’s a hundred thousand dollars.”

Saying that, the guide carefully took out the jade bracelet from inside the glass counter and handed it over with both hands.

“Caiwei, take a look, we’ll buy it if you’re satisfied.”

Neo didn’t have much interest in jade, but knew that women liked it, so he brought Caiwei to buy it, he didn’t want to look at it much himself.

“One hundred thousand ah, too expensive, too expensive, forget it, I’d better look at something else.” Although Caiwei saw that the jade bracelet was beautiful, 100,000 yuan was really too expensive.

“Oh, beautiful, just take a look, you don’t have to buy it, look at the colour of this jade bracelet, it will be beautiful on your wrist.” The guide said hastily.

Seeing her sincerity, Caiwei thought she would just take a look.

So she didn’t think too much about it and reached out to take it.

Coincidentally, the moment her hand touched the jade bracelet, the shop assistant let go.


The jade bracelet fell to the floor and broke into several pieces!

At once, Cai Wei was frozen.

The shop assistant was also frozen.

“, what happened ah, how so careless ah, this fell broken, say what to do!” The shopper reacted and stared at Caiwei in depression, “This is a jade bracelet worth 100,000 yuan, just say how to pay for it!”

“I, I ……” Caiwei at this point, really scared, stammered unable to speak.

“One hundred thousand?”

Just at this time, suddenly another voice came from behind him, “One hundred thousand can’t buy this jade bracelet!”

With those words, Liu Xing and Guan Qiushui finally walked out.

“This jade bracelet is worth one million!”

Liu Xing coldly walked towards Neo and stared at him, “Kid, you look rich, to come to my shop to buy a jade bracelet, only bad luck, smashing my stuff, damage has to be compensated, heaven forbid.”

Neo really laughed in his heart, this was quite a coincidence.

It was all very bizarre, too.

“One million, this is marked at a hundred thousand.”

“It was just marked with a wrong decimal point.” Liu Xing stared at Neo impatiently, “Cut the crap, hurry up and pay the compensation!”

“Yes, Neo, you seem to be quite rich, it’s your birthday, you’ve booked a hotel, and now you’ve bought a gift, you’ve broken the jade bracelet, hurry up and pay for it! I’ll see if I can get a million!” Guan Qiushui followed suit.

“Kid, either take a million or pay me back for that black jade bracelet, choose one!” Liu Xing said.

“One million, I really don’t have it right now.” Neo was not stupid, of course he could see that there was something odd about it.

“If you don’t have one million today, don’t even think about walking out of this shop!” Liu Xing said with a cold smile, “Don’t think there is any law, no one can save if you offend me in Qingzhou again!”

“Paying for it, Neo, isn’t it very rich? Oh, after getting some ill-gotten gains, you really don’t know what your surname is.” Guan Qiushui said.


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