At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 454

A jade bracelet? No.” Guan Qiushui was stunned, then a delighted smile suddenly appeared on her face, “Husband, are you going to give me a jade bracelet?”

Hearing this, Liu Xing could not help but sneer in his heart.

Although he also liked Guan Qiushui, he only coveted Guan Qiushui’s beauty, but the reason why he married Guan Qiushui was naturally for that jade bracelet that Master had mentioned.

Since that jade bracelet was so dear to Master’s heart, it must not be an ordinary thing.

It might be an incomparable treasure.

Perhaps it was because of this that Guan Qiushui pretended not to understand.

But Liu Xing did not want to play dumb with her any further, Master had made such a big detour to let himself marry Guan Qiushui just for that jade bracelet, so it was clear how much Master desired to get that jade bracelet, and this was a good opportunity to please Master.

“I say wife, now that we are both married, what is mine is what is mine, and what is mine is also mine, we don’t distinguish between each other.” Liu Xing reached out and wrapped his arm around Guan Qiushui and said intimately, “Think about it, is there a jade bracelet, or is it at mum’s place? A black jade bracelet.”

“Mo Fei, talking about ……”

This time, Guan Qiushui’s heart moved and seemed to understand what Liu Xing was referring to.

She hurriedly described the black jade bracelet.

Liu Xing had seen what that jade bracelet looked like from the photo provided by his master, and seeing that what Guan Qiushui said was exactly right, he was greatly excited in his heart and nodded his head repeatedly, “That’s right, that’s right, it’s that jade bracelet.”

“But ……”

Guan Qiushui had to tell Liu Xing about the jade bracelet she sold and later saw at Neo’s place, all these sorts of things.


Liu Xing was instantly just stunned, this jade bracelet was something that Master had searched so hard for, and with Master’s status, it must have been a treasure to have searched so hard and persistently.

Yet Guan Qiushui had actually sold it straight away? And only sold it for 300,000?

However, he was a little bit pleased that Guan Qiushui did not know the value of the jade bracelet, which was even better, saving himself more trouble.

Only, how did this jade bracelet come into the hands of that kid Neo.

Liu Xing didn’t bother to think about it, the most important thing now was to get the jade bracelet back, no matter what way it was.

“Let’s go, let’s go find that punk!” Liu Xing said.

“Yes, let’s go and get that jade bracelet back! That was originally mine!” Guan Qiushui thought of that time when she happened to bump into Neo giving the jade bracelet to Cai Wei at this moment.

Last night, in order to celebrate Caiwei’s birthday, that guy Neo even advertised and booked a table at the Tianyi Hotel, what this guy did was really like a country bumpkin who didn’t know what was important and started making a show of it.

He had never spent so much money on himself, had he!

An hour later.

Tanghwa Street, Late Night Gourmet House.

“Neo, I’m telling you, we have to sell it today, or not! That jade bracelet, we want it for sure!” In the gourmet house, Guan Qiushui’s face turned red from anger.

She did not expect that Neo would not sell it, not only did he not sell it, but he was also very determined.

This made Guan Qiushui unprepared and at the same time, she was also very upset.

Originally, Guan Qiushui thought that if she stepped in and scolded Neo a few times, this guy would obediently obey her, wasn’t he like this before?

However, now that she and Liu Xing were here, and had been dealing with Neo for almost half an hour, this guy just refused to give up the jade bracelet.

This made Guan Qiushui feel that his authority had been challenged.

Not only that, originally Guan Qiushui thought that he could ask for the jade bracelet so that he could take credit in front of Liu Xing, however now, not only did he not take credit, Liu Xing’s face also looked a bit ugly, I guess he did not expect it to be so difficult either.

“Alright, how much does it cost? I’ll give one million, sell me the jade bracelet!” Liu Xing frowned.

He had a few anxious moments in his heart, seeing that the jade bracelet would soon be in his hands, who knew that this kid would not sell it!

Liu Xing was certainly not such a nice person, except that he knew very well in his heart that as long as he could get the jade bracelet and offer it to his master, the benefits he would give himself, given his master’s status, would definitely be far higher than this one million.

So, Liu Xing obviously didn’t mind letting Neo take advantage of it, as long as he could get the jade bracelet himself!

“No matter how much I offer, I won’t sell it.” Neo shook his head.

In his heart, however, he was also a little puzzled as to why they had come to buy that jade bracelet.

“Good, kid wait!”

Liu Xing knew at this moment that he had said all the good and bad words, so he would not make any progress if he stayed any longer, a trace of viciousness flashed in his gaze, and he left with Guan Qiushui in a rage.

“Damn, this kid, what’s going on, he won’t sell no matter how much it costs, what does this mean? Could it really be that it’s not about money?”

When he got into the car, Liu Xing’s anger was still hard to subdue, and he couldn’t help but be a little suspicious in his heart, did that kid know the importance of that jade bracelet like his master?

But, how could this be possible.

The master is what kind of person, how can he be compared to this kid.

“It must have been faked, on purpose!”

Guan Qiushui’s face was also gloomy like water, “He should just be deliberately angry at me!”

“Deliberately angry?”

“That’s right, this punk has always loved me, but now that I dumped him, and now that he sees me returning to the Guan family, he must be angry and resentful in his heart, so seeing that I am now begging him, he just won’t let me get what I want, this guy, he is so narrow-minded! So now the more we want to buy, the more he won’t sell!”

When Guan Qiushui said this, she sighed and looked at Liu Xing sorrowfully, “Honey, I’m really sorry, it’s all my fault, you won’t blame me, right?”

If not for this incident, he would have taken the jade bracelet and asked for credit from his master, maybe he would be praising himself now and even teach himself a little bit of the mastery of a strange discipline if he was happy!

Yes, Liu Xing was his master, whom he had met at a dinner party when Xianggang was listed, and many bigwigs in the industry worshipped Liu Xing as their master.

Therefore, Liu Xing felt very proud and lucky to be under his master’s tutelage.

However, he still said indifferently, “It’s alright, that trash will not eat the wine, what I Liu Xing wants to get, how can he stop it, today one million he doesn’t want, I will make him not get a single penny, but also obediently hand over the jade bracelet to me!”

“Hubby is so great, he’ll figure out a way! When the time comes, when we get the jade bracelet back, we’ll make sure to mock that punk hard!”

Guan Qiushui thoughtfully leaned her body on Liu Xing’s body as a kind of comfort.

“Alright, let’s go.” Liu Xing started the car.

“Where are we going now, hubby?”

“To buy a bracelet, didn’t you clamour for it in the morning?”

“Ah, great! Thanks hubby!”

Half an hour later.

Liu Xing’s car arrived at the centre of Qingzhou City, a very modern complex commercial centre.

It was the largest shopping centre in Qingzhou City, Wantong Plaza.

After parking the car, Liu Xing took Guan Qiushui with him and went to the ground floor.

The ground floor of this kind of commercial centre was usually selling gold, silver and jade, and all kinds of jewellery.

Then Liu Xing took Guan Qiushui and arrived at the biggest jade shop, “Fuzimiao Jade”.

“Take your pick.”

Liu Xing came to the glass counter, “Take your pick.”

“Wow, the bracelets here are so beautiful, and the pendants, such pure jade, wow, the colour is so right, it’s like a cat’s eyes ……” Guan Qiushui looked at the glass counter with surprise, looking at one jade bracelet after another, looking at this one, looking at that one, and finally, picked the one she liked the most .

“How much is this one?” Guan Qiushui asked the shop assistant.

“This jade bracelet is one hundred and sixty-eight thousand eight hundred.”

“That’s too expensive!” Guan Qiushui couldn’t help but exclaim, just that although she said that, she didn’t put down the jade bracelet in her hand.

“Haha, take it if you like it.” Liu Xing smiled faintly and pointed inside the counter, “Is there anything else you like?”

“This one is so expensive, if you buy more ……” Although Guan Qiushui said so, her eyes were still looking at the counter.

“Haha, afraid of what, tell it, this jade shop is my family’s!” Liu Xing finished, stared at the shop several guide, face cold, “Do not recognize me?!”

“Ah, Liu Shao!”

“Young Liu, I’m sorry! You haven’t come here for a long time, we really didn’t expect ……”

The crowd hurriedly bowed in fear and saluted.

Besides, after Liu Xing and Guan Qiushui had left.

“Neo, they seem to be very angry, will it be detrimental to ah? That Liu Xing family history is very powerful ah.” Cai Wei said worriedly.

“Haha, it’s fine.” Neo smiled faintly, he didn’t put Liu Xing at ease at all, “Go, take it to a place!”

“Ah, where to?”

“Vantone Square!”

“Where to, what for?” Caiwei was stunned.

“To buy a birthday present for ah.” Neo smiled again, “I forgot all about it yesterday.”


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