At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 453

Madame Hua was furious and was the first to rush into the top floor restaurant.

At this point, her inner resentment towards the people who had chartered the top floor had already built up to a certain stage.

Although she was not the most bullying person in China, but seriously, there were only a few people who were more bullying than her, but if they knew she was here, they would at least give some face.

And who the hell was this person to have such an icy attitude.

“Where are the people!”

The crowd all followed to the restaurant, and then, they all froze.

The restaurant was empty.

“They’re outside.” A waiter pointed outside, “They said that the environment outside was more secluded and even more so that no one bothered them.”

“This time, I’m still on the disturbance side.”

Madame Hua was on top of her game at the moment and didn’t hesitate, immediately heading for the small door in the other direction of the restaurant.

“Pretentious, I think it’s because you can’t afford to order good food, so you’re embarrassed to sit here.” Guan Qiushui and the others, also hurriedly followed Madam Hua.


Madam Hua pushed open the small door with force and rushed into the small courtyard outside.

In front of her eyes, there was a floor-to-ceiling vintage lamp, which was quietly shining on a small round table underneath it.

On the table, the plates of home-cooked food they had just heard about from the mouths of the tending housemaids had already been eaten.

Yet, apart from that, where was half a person?

“Where is the person?!”

Madam Hua looked dumbfounded, and the cavernous anger she had wanted to vent was now blocked in her heart, unable to find an outlet for it.

“Was it a trick on me all along?” Madam Hua grabbed Wang Rong who had arrived at the news and glared angrily.

When Wang Rong saw the sight in front of him, his mouth also dropped open and he stood there dumbfounded, “This, how is this possible!”

He was truly stunned.

Just now, he had clearly come here and spoken to Neo, how could it be that he had only gone out for a short while and these three people had disappeared?

This couldn’t be!

“Hmph, aren’t these people very powerful, why are they even missing now, they couldn’t have heard that Grandma is here and are hiding!”

Guan Qiushui said.

“Yeah, it’s not like they got scared and jumped off the building!”

“That’s too strange, where did they hide, they can’t be hiding in these flowering plants and trees.”

The crowd also talked blindly for a few seconds, but, after talking for half a day, no one could say anything, and finally everyone was quiet and stood dumbfounded on the rooftop.

For a while, the whole atmosphere on the rooftop seemed a bit awkward.

“Look, what’s that!”

Just then, a sharp-eyed one in the crowd suddenly pointed his finger towards the sky, and the crowd couldn’t help but, in unison, look up.

Although the night sky in Qingzhou was not so dark because of the city lights, there was no moon tonight, and when they looked up, it was still dark and heavy.

In the night sky, a few red lights were flickering.

Suddenly, a light shot straight down from the sky, a light so blinding that at once, the whole rooftop was lit up like daylight.

The crowd was caught off guard and they all blocked their faces in pain, looking quite distressed.

“What’s going on?” The crowd looked up in annoyance at those rays of light in the sky.

“Helicopter!” Someone shouted.

It was indeed a helicopter, and the sound of swirling wind whistled above the crowd’s heads.


An object, dropped from the air onto the rooftop.

After that, the lights of the helicopter lifted up and the sound of the wind, too, faded away.

Wang Rong hurriedly ran over to pick it up and took a look, and couldn’t help but stare, “It’s the pepper bottle on the table!”

He looked up, dumbfounded at the distant helicopter, and tapped his head, “I see, this pepper bottle, was thrown down by the people on the helicopter, they, should be the ones who were eating just now! No wonder they’ve disappeared!”

“It was them? How dare they leave in a helicopter?”

Madam Hua’s eyes had more than a little curiosity in them as she looked at the night sky.

As for Guan Qiushui and the others, they were all shocked at this moment, how danged did people have to be to finish their meal and leave directly in a helicopter?

Maybe when people order home-cooked food, they really just simply want to eat, not that they don’t have money!

At this moment, the helicopter.

“Why did you have to turn back a bit just now, it seems like something was thrown, I saw quite a few people standing on the rooftop, although it was too high to see clearly, but it would be bad if it hit them.” Caiwei looked at Neo and said.

Yes, on the helicopter, it was indeed Neo, Cai Wei and Guan Shan Xue.

This was also one of the programs that Neo had prepared, after eating, taking them on a helicopter ride to relax and unwind, since he had said he was going to give Caiwei a birthday, of course he had to put some thought into making it a memorable one.

So, Neo had already contacted the people at the Shushan Institute, and this evening, a helicopter would be driven to the top floor of the Tianyi Hotel, so that he and Caiwei could get on the helicopter directly after dinner.

“Just now ah, haha, because we ordered all home-cooked food, so the pepper bottle prepared on the table couldn’t be used, I was too tired of taking up space, so I casually picked it up and put it in my pocket, only when I got on the helicopter did I remember it, in order not to be taken as a thief, so I threw it down again, haha.”

Neo laughed, “This is all trivial, let’s not talk about it, how is it? Is it good?”

Saying that, Neo pointed at the night scene of Qingzhou outside the transparent porthole of the helicopter and smiled at Cai Wei who had long been looking at it from the side.

“It’s beautiful, it’s so beautiful.”

Caiwei looked down in fascination, at this moment the whole of Qingzhou could be said to be in full view, the endless lights made the whole city look overflowing with colour.

From high above, the lights faintly flickered and slowly flowed, a magnificent beauty that could not help but burst out from the bottom of her heart.

Neo looked at the burning colours in her gaze and felt an indescribable joy in his heart.

“Little Lu, it’s really worn out, the money spent on this, it’s too much.” Guan Shanxue said with embarrassment, but when she saw the look of surprise on her daughter’s face, her heart was naturally happy too.

Caiwei had been living a hard life with her, and a wonderful moment like today, spending her birthday on the top floor of the Tianyi Hotel, and being able to board a helicopter overlooking the whole city at night.

Of course Guan Shanxue felt happy for her daughter too.

Although Guan Shanxue used to be the Miss of the Guan family and had spent a period of time as a rich person, she had never been in a helicopter before.

“Actually, it really didn’t cost much.”

Neo smiled and said.

That’s right, not only did he not spend much money, he simply didn’t spend any money at all, as this was all paid for by Shu Shan anyway.

“By the way, just now at the Tianyi Hotel, someone said that they were looking for, and they were not seen, will it be alright?” Guan Shan Xue said worriedly, “I know it’s so that we can have Caiwei’s birthday in peace, that’s why we don’t see them, it’s for us, offending those people ah.”

“Don’t worry, it’s fine.” Neo naturally wouldn’t take those people outside just now to heart.

Who cares who they are, what can they do?

Just then, suddenly, the helicopter shook a little.

“What’s going on?!” Neo frowned, honestly, he always had an indescribable shadow in his heart about the shaking of the helicopter now.

The first time was when he was being chased by Murong Ruo Lan, the helicopter swayed and he ended up falling into the sea himself, which also led to the death of Dayue, and the second time was when he left Jincheng for Tiandao, only to have the helicopter sway again on the Yangtze River and fall into the river itself again.

“I’m sorry, Young Lu! It’s the turbulence in the air, it’s fine now.” The pilot said hurriedly.

“Well, is everything alright? It’s just turbulence.” Neo asked with Caiwei again with concern.

“I, it’s fine.” Caiwei didn’t look at Neo, at this moment, instead, she looked at Qingzhou below the helicopter in a daze, and in her gaze, there was a sudden touch like feeling, “I don’t know what’s going on, this feeling, I seem to have experienced the same.”


Neo was stunned, and then a little surprised.

Of course he understood exactly what Cai Wei was talking about very well.

His own past life was Tian Xuan, could it be that Cai Wei had experienced the same feeling she once had with Tian Xuan?

“Really? What kind of feeling?”

“It’s the feeling of looking down on the world below.” Caiwei was still looking down fixedly, “This feeling of overlooking the sky, it always seems like I’ve experienced it.”


Neo was stunned again.

So this was the feeling she was talking about.

Thinking of this, the surprise that had risen in his heart just now subsided again.

A night passed.

The next day.

The Liu family.

“Qiushui ……”

On the bed, Liu Xing was hugging the woman beside him.

The woman was hanging on Liu Xing’s body like a sloth.

“Husband ……”

Guan Qiushui murmured with a happy face.

“That, let me ask something ah.” Liu Xing gently stroked Guan Qiushui’s hair, “Is there a jade bracelet ah?”


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