At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 452

The top floor of the Tianyi Hotel is different from the rest of the hotel, where there are special chefs and kitchens that are not in the same system as the rest of the hotel.

Only at this moment, the chefs in the kitchen, were going crazy.

After all these years, this was the first time they had heard of anyone ordering shredded potatoes here.

“There’s no shredded potatoes, what should we do!”

“There’s no bok choy or skinny eggs either!”

In the kitchen, it was a mess.

Yes, there were really no such common ingredients in the kitchen.

Who would come here to eat shredded potatoes? It must be all kinds of famous seafood and so on. You have to ask for Australian dragon, French dragon, American claw, Japanese stamp, Italian cheese and beef, all these top ingredients that poor people can’t eat in their lifetime or even never heard of.

“Hurry up, go downstairs and see if there are any of these ingredients in the kitchen downstairs!” The chef ordered the chef to go downstairs and see if there were any ingredients in the kitchen.

The chef ordered the cook to go downstairs to see if there were any ingredients.

“Stop! What’s going on!”

Just as he reached the lift, he was greeted by someone calling out to him.

“Hello, Mr. Wang!”

The charge froze, and he saw Wang Rong leading a group of people, coming out of the lift.

“With those clothes, you’re helping out in the kitchen on the top floor, right? Why are you running downstairs instead of staying at your job.” Wang Rong frowned, of course he couldn’t possibly recognise the little helper in the kitchen, but he naturally recognised the work clothes.

“Ah, Mr. Wang, it’s like this ……”

The one who beat the load did not dare to hide, and hurriedly told Wang Rong the dishes that Neo ordered.


Wang Rong also froze, what is this situation?

The company has been in the hotel management business for more than ten years, but this kind of situation has never been seen before.

“Order shredded potatoes and fried bok choy?” Next to her, Mrs. Hua looked at Wang Rong unhappily, “I say, Manager Wang, you’re not deliberately teasing me, right, to be able to be at my grandson’s wedding, the top floor is still wrapped, and now the order is surprisingly ordered these dishes, don’t you make fun of me.”

Yes, this group of people, it was none other than Madam Hua Luo Mei, Liu Xing Guan Qiushui and their group of people.

Mrs. Hua was stopped from coming up, so she was so angry that she simply went straight to Wang Rong.

When Wang Rong heard about this, he was secretly in pain.

The Luo family in the capital, he could not be offended.

But Neo had chartered the top floor of the hotel, and had also said not to disturb outsiders.

Although not clear about Neo’s background, but Wang Rong is a person who eats in the circle, he knows that the people who can take out the black card to cover the top floor, also must not be underestimated, these two groups of people, offend anyone is not good.

The two groups of people are not good enough to offend.

Wang Rong had no choice but to bring them up.

In short, take a step and see what happens, try to reconcile it yourself.

“This, Madam Hua, how dare I make fun of you.” Wang Rong hurriedly said with a smile.

Only, he was also very speechless in his heart, and even more confused as to what was going on, even though he was eloquent and usually turned around freely, yet this was the first time he had seen this situation, and it was completely beyond his imagination, and he didn’t know how to round it off.

“Oh, if you ask me, that’s not so strange.”

Just as everyone was feeling incredulous over this, someone suddenly spoke up.

The crowd was stunned and their eyes looked towards the person who spoke, Guan Qiushui.

“If you ask me, I’m afraid these people are just putting on a show, chartering the top floor of the hotel has already cost them a lot of money. So, they shouldn’t have the money to order expensive dishes, they can only order some home-cooked dishes.”

Guan Qiushui saw that everyone was looking at her, so she felt even more smug and her desire to show off was also much stronger, “I think that these people are probably just rustics, or just rich people from the countryside who have never been to such a nice place as the Tianyi Hotel, so they chartered the top floor to open their eyes, but country people are just country people, they can’t afford to eat those delicacies and seafood, so they ordered these home-cooked dishes. ”

With these words, Guan Qiushui froze the crowd in their tracks.

“Good, well said, to the point that there might really be such a possibility.” Madam Hua finished listening, but a smile of satisfaction appeared at the corners of her mouth and she stroked her palm and laughed.

When Guan Qiushui saw Madam Hua smiling, she was also secretly happy in her heart.

She could of course see that Madam Hua was in a bad mood because she had just been stopped from going up to the top floor, so she guessed that she had already relented against the people who had bagged the top floor, so at this moment, Guan Qiushui deliberately made fun of the people on the top floor, which meant that she was pleasing Madam Hua and taking out her anger for her.

“Yes, that’s right, these people, ah, they are definitely swollen faces.”

“Haha, that’s right, I guess they might still be micro-businesses, mainly by chartering the top floor to take a photo for a promotion, saying something about holding an international mask meeting on the top floor of the Tianyi Hotel, used to set people up, so glamorous outside, but actually ordering food only shredded potatoes surprisingly, haha.”

“This kind of person, is simply a social lowlife, how dare they block Madam Hua from going up there, they really deserve to be cleaned up.”

As soon as the crowd saw that Madam Hua had approved of Guan Qiushui’s words, they all chimed in.

However, when all was said and done, Wang Rong could not be like them.

After all, Wang Rong was the manager here and had to be careful in everything, so even though Wang Rong was also wondering inside, and even had a few thoughts that Neo and the others were indeed playing with a swollen face, he didn’t dare to act recklessly without 100% confirmation.

“Madam Hua, please still wait here now, as for me, I will go in first and brief the guests.” Wang Rong said with a smile while helping Madam Hua to sit down on a rattan chair at the entrance of the top floor.

This was a waiting area with special rattan chairs and tables.

At the same time, Wang Rong had long ago had wine and drinks and herbal tea and snacks brought in.

“Please don’t worry too, old man, today, I will definitely let you in to meet that guest.” Wang Rong patted his chest and said, “But you know, after all, they have the whole top floor, we can’t just go in, it’s a signboard smash.”

“Alright, stop nagging, I’ll just wait, you go in first and inform them that Madam Hua from the Luo family in the capital!” Although Madame Hua was cross, she was not stupid, and she knew the rules of the upper class.

Besides, it was not in keeping with her own status to barge in here on her own.

The courtyard on the top floor.

Neo, Cai Wei and Guan Shan Xue, the three of them were eating and drinking unhurriedly.

On the table, the dishes had already been served.

That’s right, it was the same home-cooked dishes that they had just ordered, bringing in the ingredients and making it quick.

“That, sir, there’s someone outside to see you, do you want to see them?”

Wang Rong folded his hands on his abdomen and stood next to Neo with a slight amount of respect.

As he looked at the dishes on the table, he really felt an indescribable black humour in his heart, to pack the entire top floor just to eat these home-cooked dishes?

Although in his heart he doubted whether Neo’s identity was really that of a profligate.

However, before he found out, he still had to remain a bit more respectful.

“We are here for a gathering today, we don’t see anyone.” Neo frowned, someone wanted to see him? What kind of people?

No one knew he was here except for the people from the Shushan Institute.

And if it was someone from the Shushan Institute, or someone from the Lu family, who wanted to see himself, he could just call directly, and he wouldn’t have asked Wang Rong to inform him.

“That, the other party is ……” There was no choice, Wang Rong had no choice but to prepare to say Madam Hua’s name.

Only, before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Neo, “I have said, today I am accompanying my friend for her birthday, I don’t want anyone to disturb!”

Neo was a little angry.

Yes, today was Cai Wei’s birthday, and on a night like this, in such a quiet environment, to accompany them to have a quiet meal by themselves, mother and daughter, was undoubtedly the best birthday present.

How can such a beautiful moment be casually befouled by others!

“The other side is the capital city ……”

Despite being interrupted by Neo just now, Wang Rong still had to say.

He didn’t dare not to say it, the name of the Luo family in the capital was just too big.

Even though this kid seemed like he was crazy too, he had to be told exactly who the person waiting outside now was!

“Even if the big heads of the four families in the capital arrive at the door, I won’t see them! You hear me!”

However, once again, Wang Rong was interrupted by Neo.

This one sentence directly choked Wang Rong almost out of breath.

It was also this sentence that left Wang Rong’s mouth open, and for a moment, he was at a loss for words.

This kid, really, what a mouthful!

I’ve been kind enough to give you a step down, but you’re making a fool of yourself by saying such big words, so there’s no point in saying more.

Wang Rong also stopped talking, turned around and went out of the top floor.

At the door, Madam Hua’s group had long been waiting impatiently.

When they saw Wang Rong come out, they immediately gathered around.

“He, still doesn’t want to see ……” Wang Rong looked at Madam Hua, his heart steeped in a few tremors, and stammered.


Mrs. Hua was furious, “I am an old man still waiting here for an echo for such a long time, but the result is still not seen, I want to see what kind of person he is, not given into it is right, I still prefer to go in, I see, who dares to stop me!”

“Go in!”

Madame Hua was the first to go in, her head held high and she stormed in.

The crowd immediately followed suit.

Wang Rong stood behind the crowd, sighed and waved his hand at the few security guards at the entrance, signalling not to stop them.


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