At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 451

You brat, what’s wrong, didn’t we agree before to charter the whole Tianyi Hotel! With our family’s financial power, it’s not that difficult to charter a Tianyi Hotel, right!”

At this moment, Luo Mei also pushed through the crowd and came to the front, she used her finger to fiercely point at Liu Xing’s head, “You say ah, what’s wrong, how come the top floor was cancelled, look at what kind of crap you brat did, not even a little bit of dignity, you want to save money is not such a way to save money, today is your wedding day, your grandmother personally came here from the capital, and you ended up doing such small-minded thing.”

Seeing that Madam Hua was furious, Luo Mei was of course also anxious.

Although Madam Hua was her mother, the relationship between the two in such a large family was not just that of mother and daughter, there was also a difference in status.

Luo Mei was able to have such a high status in the Liu family, all because of her mother’s family’s status in the capital.

Liu Xing was dumbfounded.

In fact, he had wanted to go up to the top floor earlier to visit the people above and make friends, but there were too many things going on at the wedding and he hadn’t bothered.

Seeing that the wedding was now over and it was getting late, he dismissed the idea.

He had thought that it would be over, but then this happened again.

Seeing that his grandmother was furious, and his mother was raising questions.

Liu Xing didn’t dare to hide and hurriedly told them about the phone call from Wang Rong and the fact that the top floor had been bagged with a black card.

“Black card, a black card from the Tianyi Hotel?” Madam Hua frowned, a cold smile surfaced at the corner of her mouth, looking rather disdainful, “A small hotel in Qingzhou, also following the example of other international luxury hotel chains, what black card service, but this black card, it’s not that I haven’t seen it before, it was this same hotel that sent a black card to our Luo family before, but we didn’t even see it, and that black card was put aside in an unused I would have brought it with me when I came here.”

“You know that my grandson is getting married here today, but you want to charter the top floor at this time, what does this mean? Looking down on us, aren’t you?”

At this moment, Madam Hua’s competitive spirit had come up, and it was not her fault.

In the great China, there are four families in the capital.

The Luo family was in the front of the pack in China, so where did they usually walk around?

Besides, in this tiny Qingzhou, it couldn’t be the other three families in the capital that had chartered the top floor.

“Go, let’s go up and see what the other party is all about!”

Madam Hua gave an order, who didn’t respond?

A group of people, again, went back to the hotel.

“Madam Hua! Your old man is back again.”

Wang Rong, the hotel manager, half bowed his waist and trotted up to greet them, his face full of smiles, “What else do you want?”

Seeing Wang Rong’s respectful look, Madam Hua was quite flattered.

“Take us to the top floor.” She said as soon as she opened the door.

After all, she was holding a fire in her heart, and besides, she was curious about who the other party was that she had to charter the top floor today, but of course, Madam Hua was not afraid at all in her heart, in this place, the probability of running into someone bigger than herself could be said to be lower than winning the lottery jackpot.


Wang Rong was stunned.

The top floor had been wrapped up by Neo, and at this time, how could one casually let others in?

“What, I want to go up and take a look, isn’t my face enough?” Seeing that Wang Rong had actually hesitated, Madam Hua felt that her dignity had taken another blow, not to mention, in front of a group of people behind her.

“Who are those people up there?”

Madam Hua frowned again, this Wang Rong, was aware of his identity, according to reason, he should have answered immediately, but now he was actually hesitating here, what was the situation, was the person above him extraordinary?

“This, Madam Hua, please forgive me, I, I don’t know, the other party doesn’t want to make a statement, saying that they are just here for a casual meal.” Wang Rong said with difficulty.

He really didn’t know Neo’s identity, although it was Li Wuxin who had brought the black card to set it, but of course he didn’t know the relationship between Neo and Li Wuxin.

A casual dinner?

The crowd was stunned.

To charter the luxurious top floor of the Tianyi Hotel just to come and have a casual meal?

“Pretentious, take me up there and see!” Madam Hua ran out of patience.

“This ……” Wang Rong was still in a difficult position.

“What this and that, hurry up and take us up there, you’re not trying to offend us for the sake of the people up there!” Guan Qiushui drank.

“Then, fine.”

Wang Rong weighed the pros and cons, although the black card Li Wuxin took out was very powerful, but Neo was not Li Wuxin after all, perhaps just a friend of Li Wuxin, and his status naturally could not be compared to Li Wuxin.

What’s more, the Luo family was also qualified to hold the black card.

Saying that, Wang Rong led the crowd onto the lift.

And at that moment, the top floor of the Tianyi Hotel.

It was quiet here, after all, the height of several dozen floors separated it from the noisy city, especially now that it was in the dark and starlight was the top, making it even more secluded.

At this moment, Neo and the others are sitting at a round table.

Only a vintage downlight overhead shone a pillar of light, surrounded by a thick fog-like blackness, and this light was the only main source of light here.

It made them look as if they were the centre of the world.

Behind them was the lavish restaurant on the top floor.

However, instead of choosing the inside of the restaurant, they sat in the courtyard outside the restaurant.

Here the view was more open, surrounded by green plants and slowly flowing living water, a different kind of life.

“Neo, here, what an expensive feeling.” It was Cai Wei’s first time to come to such an upscale place, she was already a generous person, although not so much as to look like a country faggot girl, but from the moment they entered, a straightforward waiter in a white suit took the initiative to open the door for them, lead them to their seats, set out cutlery, and even brought lemon water and towels for them to wash their hands and clean their mouths, all of which, as if they were treated like royalty, did open Cai Wei’s eyes All this seemed like royal treatment.

“Little Lu, this, it cost a lot of money, didn’t it!” Although Guan Shanxue had had her days as a grand lady, she had never been as extravagant as Neo was today.

First, the birthday wishes on the body of the building, and then the whole top floor was wrapped up, such a luxurious top floor with only the three of them.

“It’s not much money.”

Neo smiled and handed the menu to Cai Wei and Guan Shan Xue, “Whatever you guys want to eat, just order.”

“Then, I, order, order ……”

Caiwei looked at the menu carefully, every dish on it was so exquisite and so expensive, she looked at it for half a day, not knowing for a moment which dish to start with.

She looked at it for a while and never ordered it, feeling a little embarrassed herself and blushing a little.

“Shredded potatoes with green peppers, I think!” Finally, she raised her head and looked at the eight waiters next to her, and after she finished, she was a little embarrassed herself.

Eight waiters, standing neatly beside them.

Although it was not necessary to have so many waiters, they were the only guests here.

The waiters were all stunned, and even after good training, they couldn’t help but look at Cai Wei with an indefinable expression at this point.

How dare you order shredded potatoes with green peppers? What kind of place do you take this place to be?

“Miss, sorry, we don’t have shredded green pepper and potatoes here, why don’t you take a look at this flower rainbow plucked shred, or this Qiankun roast goose stewed with lotus finches, or Emperor Dai Long fried rice, these are our signature here ……”

“Ah ……” Caiwei made a big red face, “So, okay, just ……”

“Just shredded potatoes with green pepper, another order of eggplant with fish spices, one braised pork ribs, one fried bok choy, and a cold roasted pepper skin egg and a tomato and egg soup.” Neo suddenly spoke up.


The eight waiters, were even more dumbfounded.

What is this?

Ordering one order of shredded potatoes was odd enough, but this was good, all of a sudden all home-cooked dishes, this was the most famous five-star hotel in Qingzhou, and it was also the top floor restaurant!

“Sir, we have …… here,” the waiter was about to say.

“In restaurant business, the dishes that guests must order, don’t say no, we will order these dishes first, you let the kitchen prepare them!” Neo waved his hand and said.

The waiter saw Neo’s insistence, so naturally he did not dare to say anything and went down.

“Neo, am I very stupid, am I not very good at it, I can’t even order the dishes properly.” Cai Wei looked at Neo with embarrassment, of course she could see that Neo had just ordered those few dishes and was actually relieving himself.

But those few home-cooked dishes were also her favourite ones.

“How come?” Neo smiled faintly and looked at Cai Wei, “Today is your birthday, we came here because the scenery is nice and quiet, no one is bothering us, as for what to eat, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that we get together for a meal.”


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