At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 449

“Sir, if you don’t have to, you can book a seat after the day after tomorrow, when it’s not so tight.” Customer service added.

“The day after tomorrow isn’t an important holiday either, right?” Neo frowned, how could it be such a coincidence.

“It’s like this sir, the day after tomorrow we have a guest holding a wedding at our hotel and have chartered our entire hotel.”

“I only need enough room for three people to eat, let me have the top floor of our hotel, our hotel is so big, even if it’s a wedding, there’s no need to wrap it all up, right?”

Neo knew very well this kind of star hotel, generally speaking, such a big hotel, wedding simply can not use all the places, ordinary citizens get married, but also pack a floor, or even just a few halls of the ground floor, even if it is a big family’s wedding, also can not use all the hotel.

“I’m really sorry, sir, the guests have all wrapped up the hotel, and that includes the top floor.” Customer service courteously politely declined Neo, “Sir, it is right to say that the guest’s wedding is not able to use all of the hotel, but I think it is also known that the package of all the hotel, even if you do not use all of it, this is also a matter of face, not to mention that the family that has chartered our hotel is …… ”

“Well, then let’s start with that.”

Neo certainly has no interest in what family, seeing that it is not clear with a customer service, also hung up the phone for now.

“Neo, what about the Tianyi Hotel, it’s too upscale, I think, just find a small restaurant and get together, or we can just stay here, cook a table, for Caiwei’s birthday, there’s everything here anyway. Birthdays aren’t important days either, they used to be very simple.” Caiwei said.

“It’s been a hard life living in exile, Caiwei’s birthdays for the past twenty years or so have been very simple.” Guan Shanxue said, “This time, make it a good one, but the Tianyi Hotel is indeed too expensive, let’s choose another one.”

“For over twenty years, birthdays have been very simple. Then this time, make sure to have a good one.” Neo smiled faintly, “You guys don’t need to worry about it, I’ll just take care of this matter.”

After greeting Guan Shanxue and Caiwei, Neo originally left the gourmet house, and when he came out, he dialed another phone number.

“Third Young Master!” The person on the other side of the phone had obviously remembered Neo’s mobile number.

“Li Wuxin, book me the day after tomorrow on the top floor of the Tianyi Hotel, the whole floor is all inclusive.”

“No problem, Third Young Master, get right on it!”

In a sense, the Third Young Master’s order had been completed from the second it was passed out.

Because as long as it was an order from the Third Young Master, no matter how difficult it was, there would definitely be people who would steadfastly carry it out, against all odds.

Half an hour later.

Tianyi Hotel, VIP reception room.

“Mr. Li, this, this really puts us in a difficult position.” Across from Li Wuxin was Wang Rong, the general manager of the Tianyi Hotel.

In Qingzhou City, many people knew Wang Rong, after all, the Sky One Hotel had a great reputation and Wang Rong was the general manager.

However, although Wang Rong was the general manager, he was not the actual person in charge of Tianyi Hotel, there was a mysterious group behind Tianyi Hotel.

There is a mysterious group behind the hotel, and Wang Rong is just a high-ranking wage earner.

But of course, regarding some ordinary affairs of the hotel, Wang Rong certainly had the right to make decisions.

“Mr. Li, I believe you also know that the day after tomorrow is the wedding day of Liu Xing, Liu Shao, and Miss Guan Qiushui of the Guan family, and the Liu family has also chartered our entire Tianyi Hotel.”

When Wang Rong said this, his face showed a difficult, and with a few pleasing expressions.

Although he didn’t know how big the person opposite was, he knew that the person opposite was definitely not small, after all, the person who came in a Maybach, this status was laid out.

“What about this one?”

Li Wuxin didn’t talk much to Wang Rong, and directly threw the same thing at the table.

“This, this is ……”

Wang Rong was instantly shocked and looked at the thing on the table in disbelief, “This is our hotel’s foundation black card?”

It was a card, pure black with gold trim.

To be honest, even Wang Rong had never seen this kind of card in the flesh before, and this was the first time he had seen the Foundation Black Card in the flesh.

Wang Rong had only seen the relevant information and images of this kind of card in the hotel’s management database.

The Foundation Black Card was a card that was issued when Tianyi Hotel first opened, a card that the group behind Tianyi Hotel had taken the initiative to give to various bigwigs in order to open up their fame and raise their profile.

In total, there were only ten of them.

To be honest, although these cards were given out, the bigwigs rarely used them, after all, who has nothing to do to spend money in such a small place as Qingzhou.

Therefore, for so long as the Tianyi Hotel had been open, Wang Rong had not seen this kind of black card once.

Now that he had actually seen a black card, Wang Rong himself found it incredible.

“At that time, our boss said that for customers holding this kind of black card, three requests would be met unconditionally, so today, I will use it once, and the day after tomorrow, the top floor of our hotel, I’ll charter it, just say if it’s okay.” Li Wuxin said leisurely.

“Okay, no problem, absolutely no problem!” Wang Rong directly promised in one breath.

He didn’t even think about it.

Yes, there was no need to think about it at all.

Nor did he have the time, nor the conditions to think about it.

He had to agree to it in one breath, and whether or not he could do it was another matter.

And of course, it had to be done to the best of one’s ability.

After all, the other party was holding a black card.

Li Wuxin left satisfied.

Soon, Wang Rong drove himself and arrived at the Liu family.

“Young Liu, this is how things are, what do you think?” Wang Rong briefly told Liu Xing what happened.

“No way, Manager Wang, I have booked with them in advance, now won’t the other party intervene?” Liu Xing was a bit upset, besides, the top floor was the best place in Tianyi Hotel, now that the top floor was gone, the wedding effect would be greatly reduced.

“Young Liu, the other party is very big, do you know, they are holding the foundation laying black card of our Tianyi Hotel?” Wang Rong said.

“Black card?”

“Yes, Young Liu, the black card is one of the ten cards our hotel gave out back then, I only know that four of them were given to the four families in the capital, just think of the status of the people who can possess the black card, right?”


Liu Xing was immediately stunned, so the people who held the black cards should all have the same status as the four families in the capital?

One should know that his grandparents belonged to the faction of the Luo family in the capital.

But it was only a branch of the Luo family, and the Luo family was not the most powerful of the four families in the capital.

But even so, his mother, Luo Mei, was already in a crushing stance in the Liu family, and many people who looked up to the Liu family were doing so because of his mother, Luo Mei.

“This, okay.”

Liu Xing heard Wang Rong say so, he could only agree ah.

Wang Rong went away.

Liu Xing thought about it and picked up his phone.

“Honey, did you miss me again?” On the phone, at first it was Guan Qiushui’s soft and sweet voice, then she raised the volume and used a declarative normal voice, as if shouting to the people around her, “Hey hey hey, don’t all talk ah, Liu Shao is calling me!”

“That, dear, I need to talk to about something, you know, I told you about, wrapping up the whole Tianyi Hotel.”

“Yes, darling, so dominant, so good to me, to charter the whole Tianyi Hotel for our wedding, what a luxurious and extravagant wedding! Wow, the glass restaurant on the top floor of the Tianyi Hotel, when the time comes, we’ll be on the top floor, watching the fireworks around us for our wedding, it’ll be so romantic!” Guan Qiushui said excitedly.

“That, I want to say that I can’t afford to charter the whole Tianyi Hotel.” Liu Xing said, “The top floor, it was wrapped up by someone else.”

“Ah?!” At once, Guan Qiushui was depressed, “No way?! I even said that I would take my girlfriends to the top floor of Tianyi Hotel to have a crazy time then! Besides, for our wedding, we’ve chartered all of the Tianyi Hotel, and it doesn’t look too good without the top floor alone.”

“The other party is very high up, no less than the four families in the capital.” Liu Xing said.

“This ……”

Guan Qiushui was stunned and didn’t say anything at once, no less than the four families in the capital? What kind of status does this have to be?

“But this is not necessarily not a good thing, think about it, the other party is so big, when the time comes, they are all at the top, and we hold the wedding below them, we also get glory, right? And maybe, we can even take the opportunity to go up to the top floor and invite them for a drink and get to know each other, after all, who would refuse a wedding wedding wedding wine?” Liu Xing said comfortingly.

“That’s true.” Thinking about it this way, Guan Qiushui’s heart was also pleased.

The wedding of Liu Xing and Guan Qiushui has finally come.

Half of Qingzhou city was talking about it, after all, it was a marriage between two local big families, not to mention that Guan Qiushui had another kind of gossip hunting in her, having once inexplicably married Neo, which had already made her famous once in Qingzhou.

The streets in front of the Tianyi Hotel had been regulated and the buses at the entrance had switched routes; after all, who would take a bus when coming to a wedding like this.

The entrance to the hotel was decorated with flowers and the MAX open-air screen scrolled back and forth with the wedding greetings.

At the entrance of the hotel, limousine after limousine, fishtailed in.

The local families of Qingzhou, basically, had all come.

Ren Xia stood at the entrance of the hotel, enthusiastically accepting the congratulations of the guests. Today she was making a big splash, everyone knew that she was the mother of the bride.

Such a day had been gone for over a year, and today, Ren Xia rediscovered the feeling she once had, and, it felt even better.

“Sister Xia, I heard that you have chartered the whole Tianyi Hotel, can you take us up to the top floor to have a look, I have long heard that the top floor of Tianyi Hotel is very luxurious, let’s take our sisters to open our eyes today.”

Several of Ren Xia’s girlfriends, gathered around her.

“No problem, I’ll show you all around today.”

Ren Xia said without even thinking about it.

These girlfriends, during the year when Guan Qiushui and Neo got married, all gradually moved away from Ren Xia.

However, since Liu Xing’s wedding with Guan Qiushui was fixed, these people slowly returned to their original relationship with Ren Xia, even closer than before.

At this moment, Ren Xia only thought about, in front of these few girlfriends, to once again show off her strength.

“Qiushui ah, I’ll take your several aunts, first go to the top floor to sit down, if there is anything, you call someone up to call me.” Ren Xia found Guan Qiushui first and briefly explained the matter.

“Mom, you can’t go to the top floor.”

“Ah, what’s going on?”

“It’s been wrapped up by someone else.”

“What?!” Renxia and the others were taken aback, “What person?!”

“I don’t know, this you don’t ask, mum, in short, people are very big, later to see if there is a chance, go up and get acquainted with it.”

The specific situation, Guan Qiushui is also not very clear, after all, she herself are three way news peddler, even the hotel experience Wang Rong, do not know each other specific identity.

Ren Xia a few people are not talking.

They all knew that this hotel was chartered by the Liu family, and the other party could actually take away the top floor of the hotel from the Liu family’s hands, so it was clear that the source was really not small.

“That, mum, you have to pay attention to the surroundings, there are many guests coming today, although we have hired many security guards, but if Guan Shanxue and the girls really come, when the time comes, if they shamelessly make a scene, it really won’t look good.” Guan Qiushui said worriedly.

“Don’t worry about that, mum will keep an eye on you, as long as they dare to show up, guarantee that the first time, let the security guards blow them out!”

Yes, Guan Qiushui was indeed worried about this.

Today was her most important day, if someone came and ruined it, it would be a big shame.

However, slowly, Guan Qiushui felt that her worries were superfluous.

The wedding went smoothly and no one came in to cause trouble.

Of course, in Guan Qiushui’s opinion, it wasn’t because Neo and Cai Wei didn’t want to mess up, but because she had hired a security team that had the effect of requiring all those who entered the venue to get in with a pass.

I am afraid that even if they wanted to enter, they would not be able to do so.

The wedding finally came to a close at the end of the night.

It was perfect.

The holy wedding dress, the gilded auditorium, the elegant and noble guests, the wonderful orchestra, all this, was her ideal wedding.

Liu Xing took Guan Qiushui’s arm, and the two of them, accompanied by the crowd, went to the square outside the hotel.

At this time, the lights were on in Qingzhou City and the sky was already covered in black and blue.


A firework, exploded in the air, as if it was the beginning of the first D key of a symphony.

The symphony began.

A trail of fireworks, swaying like a dragon of fire, sprang into the sky.

They burst into the sky in a variety of colours and patterns, reflecting half the sky of the city of Qingzhou.

At this moment, the congratulations of the crowd also rang out around them.

“Qiushui, this is the firework I prepared for you.”

Liu Xing held Guan Qiushui’s hand tightly and said tenderly.

“It’s so beautiful, this is what I want for my wedding.”

Although Guan Qiushui was also watching the fireworks, in fact, her attention, too, was not completely focused on the fireworks, her attention, too, was more focused on the gazes and expressions of the people around her.

More than the fireworks that Liu Xing had prepared for her, what she actually cared about was the attitude of other people, whether anyone envied her, whether they thought that she, Guan Qiushui, was happy and lucky and the most attractive.

After all, she was not actually that in love with Liu Xing.

She married Liu Xing, not because of love, but because Liu Xing could give her glory, give her what Neo could not give.

If you don’t love someone, then the fireworks he prepares are just a nice firework, no matter how nice they are.

If you love someone, even if he only prepares a scamper for you, you will still look at it with happiness in your eyes.

Guan Qiushui did not see happiness in the fireworks, but she saw the envy of others, the contentment, the pride, and the vanity.

Just then, Guan Qiushui only felt a light that suddenly lit up before her eyes.

There were shouts of astonishment from the crowd all around.

It was really a shout, the kind of shout that made people’s heads tingle, “Wow!” “Ah!” The kind of sound that had no regard for image.

Guan Qiushui couldn’t help but look up, and was also shocked.

“Qiushui, I love you!” Five big words appeared on the body of the Tianyi Hotel.

The thirty-eight-storey Tianyi Hotel, at this moment, the lights were all out, only the screen on the building body was lit up, at this moment, the Tianyi Hotel was like a giant monument, with these five words lit up on it.

Against the black sky background, these five words really looked as if they were in the middle of the sky, as if they had fallen from the sky.

It was no wonder that the crowd exclaimed.

At this moment, even if Guan Qiushui did not love Liu Xing that much.

But when she saw this scene, her heart was also shocked, this was too romantic.

“Honey, thank you.”

Guan Qiushui couldn’t help but hug Liu Xing, at this moment, Guan Qiushui knew that this wedding, which had to be remembered by Qingzhou, had to become a wedding that would often be mentioned in Qingzhou City for a long time.

She was content.

And Liu Xing was also content that the money was not spent at a loss, to make Guan Qiushui behave so that he could better fulfil his master’s mission.

Just at this moment.

Guan Qiushui’s eyes twitched at the corner of her eyes, a familiar figure, which caused her to jolt.

“You, it’s you guys! You guys are really here!”

Guan Qiushui stopped in front of them and sneered, “Oh, I knew you guys would definitely come to wreak havoc, during the daytime, you knew that there were security personnel who couldn’t get in, so you didn’t make a move, this time at night, we all came out, you also took the opportunity to come, don’t you just want to threaten me at my wedding, what, you want others to see the joke of our Guan family, tell you guys, don’t be delusional!”

“We really didn’t know that your wedding was being held here.” Neo frowned and said.

Yes, these few people were Neo Caiwei and the girls.

Neo wasn’t lying, originally, he had booked a place at the Tianyi Hotel, and it was a normal thing to come here to celebrate Cai Wei’s birthday by the evening.

It was only when he arrived at the hotel that he found out that it was Guan Qiushui’s wedding today.

Although it was embarrassing, there was nothing he could do, he was here.

But with so many people, Neo didn’t expect to run into Guan Qiushui.

However, this is what happened.

“It’s funny, you don’t know my wedding is here, so why are you here?” Guan Qiushui said with a sneer, “Did you come here to eat? Can you guys afford to eat?”

“Don’t talk nonsense to them. Come on, security, blow them away!” Ren Xia rushed over, screaming and shouting.

Just as she finished her sentence.

In the crowd, suddenly another shout of alarm came out, exactly the same as the one just now.

“It’s changed, the words have changed!”

“Who is Caiwei?!”

Guan Qiushui’s heart twitched and she couldn’t help but look up at the Tianyi Hotel, and her face froze, the five big words from earlier had changed, becoming six “Caiwei, Happy Birthday.”


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