At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 447

Qiushui, after you said that, I’m really worried for you.” Guan Ping, at this moment, also frowned and looked as if she empathised with Guan Qiushui, “You said, if you get married on the day, the two of them might really make something out of it.”

“Yeah, Sister Ping is right, when the time comes, they will probably take the opportunity to dress themselves up in a pathetic manner and come to the wedding site to attract other people’s attention.” Guan Yuhan also said.

“On the day of the wedding, many people will come, they will definitely attract attention by choosing that day, everyone’s attention will definitely be attracted to them, besides, although they were expelled from the family, they are still somewhat related to the family, people will definitely talk about them, when the time comes, maybe those families that have conflicts with our Guan family will take the opportunity to use them to discredit our Guan family That wouldn’t be good.”

“On that day, I will ask Liu Shao to hire the best security company in Qingzhou, if they dare to show up, I will make them have no return!” Guan Qiushui gritted her teeth.

This wedding was the turning point and springboard of her life, and she would never allow anyone to cause any trouble.

“Sister Qiushui, I think, why do we have to wait until they take the initiative to provoke us?” At this time, Guan Yuhan suddenly said leisurely.

“Yu Han, what do you mean?”

“Since Guan Shanxue’s mother and daughter have a bad stomach and have been planning to cause a little trouble, we will naturally be unrighteous if they are unkind, and we now know that they are in Tanghua Street, so instead of passively waiting for them to show up on the wedding day, we should take the initiative now and give them a good hammering.”

Guan Yu Han said, “Besides, they are no longer members of the Guan family now, they are our enemies, we can totally use some unconventional means to deal with them.”

“That’s right!” Guan Qiushui snapped to attention, “I know a small punk head on Tanghua Street called Hu Er, that punk is considered a bully on Tanghua Street, something that can’t be put on stage can be done by him.”

“Yu Han, you’ve really woken me up with your words! Let’s go and do it right now!” The more she said, the more excited Guan Qiushui became, “These two, they don’t even think about what kind of status they have, how dare they think of fighting us, this time, let them have a good time.”

“Sisters, let’s do it, right now!”

The three of them were in the cafe, picked up their coffee and drank it all in one go, and left the cafe with great vigour.

Tanghwa Street.

It was really a very shabby street compared to its nice name.

The street is a few hundred years old, and it was once beautiful, but that was once upon a time, it was an old town, so old that it no longer fits in with modern society.

“Late Night Gourmet House”, a newly opened restaurant.

Compared to some of the dirty and unnamed restaurants around, this new restaurant not only looks clean, but also has a different kind of style.

It is a small restaurant with a Japanese style layout. There are no tables inside, only long countertops in a circle, and the kitchen is open, just inside the circle enclosed by the countertops.

The kitchen was open, inside the circle of countertops, and the guests could sit on the periphery of the countertops to eat.

“From now on, this restaurant will be half yours and half mine, and the money we make will be divided in half. In this way, you will have a source of livelihood in the future, so you can stay in Qingzhou, right?”

At this moment, there were no customers in the restaurant, only Neo and Guan Shanxue, mother and daughter, were here.

“Then …… but we haven’t put in a single penny, and you alone paid for the rent and decoration of this restaurant. We can’t just sit back and enjoy it, why don’t me and mum work for you, you can just pay us.” Caiwei said hurriedly.

At that time, when she and her mother were ready to leave Qingzhou, it was Neo who persuaded them to stay.

Then, Neo brought them to Tanghua Street and opened this restaurant.

“Don’t forget, you have input too, you helped me take care of Lyon ah.” Said, Neo pointed, at this time is lying in the corner of the countertop, huffing and puffing, “That guy is very naughty, but met you, but very good and obedient, if I were to take care of that guy, must be annoying, this I still do not know how to thank you, so, this restaurant’s profits, we will each share half.”

“But ……”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

“From now on, you guys can stay here, as for the Guan family’s matter, you guys shouldn’t take it too much to heart, from today onwards, you guys start a new life well!” Neo said.

“Mm!” Cai Wei nodded, “Actually I don’t think about that matter much anymore.”

“Xiao Lu you’re right.” Guan Shanxue also nodded, “I’ll just consider myself as someone who has nothing to do with the Guan family now, not thinking about the past or holding a grudge against anything, I just want to be able to live a good life with Caiwei.”

“That would be great.” Neo nodded his head.

After all, he had been in the Guan family for over a year and naturally knew what kind of character the rest of the Guan family had.

Guan Shanxue and Caiwei had only been back in Qingzhou for less than a week, and they had been kicked out. Needless to say, this was definitely a problem with the Guan family, and it must be that Guan Shanxue and Caiwei had been wronged.

But despite this, both Guan Shanxue and Caiwei, no longer bothered to hold any grudges, which was very forgiving.

Just at this time.

The doorway suddenly went dark, the sound of footsteps rang out, and in came a few people.

“That, sorry, we’re here, we don’t open until after eight in the evening.” Neo got up and just opened his mouth, then, he suddenly froze.

The person who came in was Guan Qiushui.

Of course, there were also Guan Ping and Guan Yu Han.

Guan Qiushui was also frozen.

She did not expect to meet Neo again, here.

Although she had seen Neo and Cai Wei together in the pet shop last time, she didn’t take it too seriously.

After all, what could Neo, this hanger-on, do?

But now Neo was even here, it seemed that this loser and Guan Shanxue, mother and daughter, had really still gotten together.

“Losers hugging each other for warmth?”

Guan Qiushui stared coldly at Neo.

In this instant, in her heart, she already had countless guesses.

Yes, Neo, this loser, had been dumped by herself, so she must be holding a grudge.

And what about Guan Shanxue and Caiwei, they had also been kicked out of the clan and must also hate the clan in their hearts.

These two groups of people, wouldn’t they just click together?

“But, they are all losers, useless trash only, hugging together, how much wind and waves can they make?” Guan Ping also understood and sneered as she looked before her.

Seriously, they really wanted to laugh in their hearts at this moment.

“Neo, be sensible and resign yourself to your fate earlier, are you still holding a grudge against me now? To be honest, do you have this qualification? You and I are simply two worlds, when you married me, it was just a joke from the heavens, you really think you have this fate? Do you really think that you have this destiny? How dare you want to use these two outcasts of the Guan family to take revenge on me? You’re really possessed, wake up, you wretch, you used to just have a beautiful dream, now that you’ve woken up, it’s time for you to return to reality, recognize yourself clearly, you’re just a bottom-feeder in the city.” Guan Qiushui really did think Neo was ridiculous.

Because she thought that Neo was still working on his remarriage.

“You guys, what are you doing here?” Guan Shanxue was however shocked in her heart, seeing Guan Qiushui and the others, she thought that the people from the Guan family, still had not let her and Caiwei go.

“Why, isn’t this your restaurant, let’s come and eat.” Guan Qiushui said.

“As I said, it’s not open for business now ……”

Neo hadn’t finished speaking.

At the door, another group of people approached with a whimper.


Five or six gangster-like youths came in with a big grin and sat on their butts in front of the counter.

Each one was yellow-haired and flamboyantly styled, wearing gold necklaces that weren’t really fake either.

The leader, a man in his thirties, was wearing a polyester shirt with a dragon printed on it, which at first glance was a ground-floor product, worn by him in the style of a middle-aged man on a ghost fire motorbike in a city and countryside area.

Suddenly such a group of people barged in.

Both Guan Shanxue and Caiwei’s faces looked alarmed.

This group of people did not look like a good bunch.

Guan Qiushui, on the other hand, had an imperceptible smile on his face and gave way physically to the back, looking like he was watching the fun.


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