At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 445

Luo Mei looked at her son in surprise, this was the first time she had seen her son, continuously contradicting herself.

Luo Mei was a strong woman and Liu Xing had been under her discipline since he was a child.

Although Liu Xing was considered domineering and an arrogant gentry in Qingzhou City, but that was in front of others, in front of his own mother, he was just a good boy.

Over the years, he had long since developed this habit and character in front of Luo Mei.

“In the end, has he taken the wrong medicine, that Guan Qiushui, just a little bit prettier, how dare he go against me for her?!”

Luo Mei looked at her son suspiciously at this time, not knowing what was wrong with him, her heart also had a few doubts now, feeling that her son was indeed a bit off.

“Brat, what is going on? Is there something you’re hiding from me?”

“Mom, just don’t ask, I’m definitely going to marry Guan Qiushui anyway.”

After saying that, Liu Xing turned around and left the house.

Watching Liu Xing leave, Luo Mei also sat on her butt, although she was very strong with her son, she also knew that if her son really went to do a certain thing, she would not try to stop it, after all, Luo Mei was very spoiled for Liu Xing, too.

Half an hour later.

Inside the suite of a luxury hotel in Qingzhou.

“Master, does Guan Qiushui really have the divine wood bracelet?”

At this moment, Liu Xing was kneeling on the carpet, opposite a man in his fifties, the man was short in stature, but his eyes were shining, his cheekbones were high and his cheeks were bulging with muscles, looking at them made even people’s hearts chill a little.

“Nonsense, I would get it wrong?”

The man spoke to Liu Xing in a tone that seemed condescending and did not put Liu Xing in his eyes, “Besides, I have investigated the divine wood bracelet for so long, look what this is.”

Saying that, the man threw out a photo.

It was a rather old photo, the colour and style was of the old fashioned kind, it looked more like a photo cut out from a newspaper.

There were several women in the photo, gathered together, each one smiling joyfully, seemingly talking about something.

“This, is Qiushui’s mother, Ren Xia?”

Liu Xing couldn’t help but be stunned, the person in the photo was, indeed, Ren Xia, but she only looked in her early forties, much younger than she was now.

“Look at her wrist, that bracelet is the divine wood bracelet.” The man added.

“Divine Wood Bracelet?!”

Liu Xing couldn’t help but be shocked and hurriedly looked closely, and sure enough, Ren Xia was wearing a bracelet on her wrist.

To be honest, Liu Xing himself did not know much about the divine wood bracelet, but as Master had mentioned it in front of him again and again, and was still bent on getting it, Liu Xing was naturally extremely curious about this divine wood bracelet as well.

“That’s right, this is the divine wood bracelet that I have been looking for for many years, I never thought that it would be in their hands, so this time, I must marry Guan Qiushui and then take their trust, and try to get the divine wood bracelet back to me.”

“That’s not a problem, I can tell that Guan Qiushui adores me now, not to mention the Divine Wood Bracelet, even if it’s any of her treasures, if I want it, she will give it to me.” Liu Xing said confidently.

“That’s wrong, this divine wood bracelet is not an ordinary piece of jewellery, since they have this kind of treasure, they must also more or less know the value of this treasure and would never give it to someone easily.” The man said, “So that’s why I’m letting go and marry Guan Qiushui instead of taking money to buy it from their hands.”

“Master is worried that if you take money to buy it, they won’t sell it, right?” Liu Xing said.

“That’s right.” The man nodded, “If I take the initiative to go to them to buy it, it will definitely attract their attention and make them realize that the Divine Wood Bracelet is being watched, not only will they not be able to buy it, but they will also alert the snake. What’s more, if I initiate contact with them, it will also draw the attention of others.”

“Other people’s attention?” Liu Xing couldn’t help but be curious.

“Do you think I am the only one looking for this bracelet now, tell, there are so many people in the world who are watching, not only are they also looking, they are even spying on me because they know that I am better at searching than them, so these people are following me, once they find out that I am in contact with the Guan family’s mother and daughter, of course they understand why. Therefore, I will marry Guan Qiushui, so that naturally no one will care if I take the Divine Wood Bracelet from Guan Qiushui’s hand. Understood?”

“Yes, Master!”

Liu Xing hurriedly replied, but then frowned, “But Master, now my mother is forcing me to give up marrying Qiushui, although I didn’t agree, but my mother is very strong, I am worried that I can’t resist her, moreover, my mother might even go to my grandmother’s side to help, if my grandmother’s family comes to help, I am afraid that I really can’t resist my arm. If my grandmother’s family comes to help, I’m afraid I won’t be able to resist her.

“The world is a big place, and these families are just tools that others use to manipulate the world, there are many circles in this world that you don’t understand yet.” The man said with disdain.

“Huh?” Liu Xing listened dumbfounded and could not help but raise his head, “Master, the circle mentioned, is it, something like the legendary family of the Lu family?”

“The Lu Family?” The man’s gaze could not help but move slightly, but then, his face sank, “The Lu family is nothing.”


Liu Xing was even more shocked.

Since he was young, he had heard from the adults that a very powerful family in the world was the Lu Family, how powerful was the Lu Family? It was as if they could only be seen in the ground floor literature and were basically invisible in the regular news.

I didn’t expect that Master would say that the Lu family was nothing?

“Well, anyway, go ahead with the original plan, marry Guan Qiushui next week, give it a month, and bring me the divine wood bracelet! Besides, still quite like that woman don’t you?” The man said.

“I liked it at first, but she married a trash, although she said that trash didn’t touch her body, but I still feel bad thinking about it, besides, my mother said she could introduce me to girls in the capital, compared to the girls in the capital, Guan Qiushui is just a country bumpkin, right?”

“Well, just commiserate, this time the credit will be remembered by my master, there are benefits in the future.” The man said.

“Many thanks, Master!”

Liu Xing’s eyes lit up as he paid his respects and came out.

Besides, after Guan Shanxue was expelled from the Guan Mansion, her heart was aggrieved and sad.

But she also knew that no matter what she did, she would not be able to change the situation.

She could not rely on the Guan family anymore.

There was no longer any relationship with the Guan family.

“Mom, it’s back.”

Inside the pet shop, Caiwei was playing with the little lion.

“Caiwei, I didn’t find a job.”

Guan Shanxue looked at Caiwei, not knowing how to tell her about this for a moment.

“It’s alright, mum, don’t be too busy looking for a job either, this pet shop, if it gets going, can be enough for us to live on.” Caiwei said, holding up the Leon in her arms to show Guan Shanxue, “Look, Mum, now that we have Leon in the shop, it’s very attractive to customers, many customers will bring their pets to see Leon, our shop’s business is getting better and better! Ah, it’s all right to not work! Mum, our life is going to get better and better, although Grandma doesn’t accept us fully, she has helped us in Qingzhou and I’m grateful to her for that, and if we work hard, sooner or later she will accept us! Mum, I’m really happy to be back in Qingzhou, I know that for so many years, I’ve actually wanted to come back, after all, this is where I grew up, so I’m very happy to be back with, and I’m happy to see the things I saw as a child.”

“Caiwei ……”

Guan Shanxue looked at the smile that spread across Caiwei’s face, her heart, however, became even harder to bear.

The words in her heart, pressed again, because she really couldn’t bear to see her daughter at this time, being hurt.

It was at this time.

“From now on, this shop is being recalled, people hurry up and move out!”

At the door, a group of people suddenly burst in and forcefully drove Guan Shanxue’s mother and daughter away.

Caiwei still didn’t understand and wanted to argue about something.

But Guan Shanxue knew very well in her heart, ah, she pulled Caiwei away and came outside, watching these few people take off the signboard of the pet shop roughly and tear down the things inside.

At this point, there was no way to hide it, so she had to tell Caiwei what had happened.

“Caiwei, I’m sorry ……”

Guan Shanxue hugged Caiwei and cried, “We don’t have anything left ……”

“Mum ……”

“Come on, Caiwei, let’s leave here, now we have no relationship with the Guan family, here, we will only be ridiculed even more and have no chance to get ahead.” Guan Shanxue said.

“Good, mum, where to go, I’ll go with you.”

The two said, and prepared to leave.

“Where are they going, stay.”

Just then, a young man stood not far away and looked at them with a smile, “Stay, stay in this city full of hope and beauty.”


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