At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 444

Guan Shanxue and Luo Mei, how could these two be together, Guan Qiushui and the others couldn’t figure it out.

“Mrs. Luo, what is going on?”

The old lady was a bit flustered as she saw that Luo Mei’s expression was not right.

“What’s going on?”

Luo Mei could really not be ambiguous at all, facing even the old lady of the Guan family without any fear on her face, “Your Guan family is really producing talents, first you let your granddaughter steal my son, and then you let this daughter steal my husband, you are trying to steal everyone around me Luo Mei, forcing me Luo Mei to leave the Liu family and return to my mother’s family in the capital, aren’t you?”

“Why, how dare I ……”

The old lady was even more flustered, how could she not hear the implication within Luo Mei’s words.

Her mother’s family in the capital, was the Luo family in the capital!

The small Qingzhou is just an insignificant city in the vast Chinese continent, and although the Guan family is still somewhat famous in Qingzhou, it is not even ranked in China.

The Luo family in the capital, on the other hand, was at the top of the list of families in China.

Luo Mei’s mention of the Luo family in the capital was a hint and a threat.

“Wait, Mrs. Luo, you just said ……”

The old lady suddenly recalled Luo Mei’s words just now and couldn’t help but be even more heartbroken.

“This b*tch, who had the audacity to seduce my husband, was caught by me, in the car park, and when I caught them, they were in the car, doing unseemly things! You, come here, tell everyone what you have done to disgrace!”

Luo Mei pushed Guan Shanxue hard into the crowd.

“Well, you, you actually …… you disgraceful thing!”

The old lady was so scared and angry that her hands were shaking.

“Mom, I didn’t ……”

Guan Shanxue was suffocating in her heart because she had been wronged, but she knew in her heart that there was no one to listen to her explanation.

“I heard that when she was young, she had a relationship with my husband, so the purpose of her returning to Qingzhou this time is to find my husband to renew her former relationship ah, but sorry, this time you have messed with the wrong person, you have messed with someone you cannot afford to mess with!” Luo Mei said, “I’ve brought the person here, I’ve made my words clear, as for what to do, it’s all up to your Guan family!”

“Good for you, you shameless thing!” The old lady slapped Guan Shanxue across the face, “You’ve only been back a few days? You’ve already corrupted the family spirit of our Guan family so much, and at this juncture!”

“Mrs. Luo, it was my lax education, I, I apologise to you.”

The old lady knew that the most important thing now was Luo Mei’s attitude.

“Oh, apology, no need, please keep your Guan family under control from now on, don’t bring your testy spirit into my house! Not only that, your Guan family’s people, don’t come to our house in the future either!” Luo Mei said this coldly, turned around and left.

The old lady and the others, were all stunned.

Facing each other, they didn’t react for a moment.

“Mrs. Luo, Qiushui and Liu Shao’s wedding, next week ……”

The old lady said tentatively.

“The wedding is cancelled! How can a woman from such a shameless family marry into our family, I will never allow this!” Luo Mei left without a backward glance.

In the first place, Lomé didn’t think much of the wedding.

Her own son, at any rate, had a higher status than Guan Qiushui.

But Guan Qiushui was only a little prettier, but she was a second-hand woman, which made Luo Mei’s heart feel even more stifled.

She was a member of the capital’s Luo family, so if people asked her son about her son’s marriage to a woman from a small second marriage family in Qingzhou, where could she put her face?

But her son, the little bastard, was obsessed with marrying Guan Qiushui and had always listened to her, but he wouldn’t listen to her on this matter.

He had no choice but to agree.

But now, when this happened, she had a reason to refuse the wedding.


At this moment, the crowd instantly panicked.

Especially Ren Xia’s mother and daughter, they were still dreaming, expecting to rely on Liu Xing, on the Liu family, or even just on Luo Mei’s family, so that they could soar to great heights.

Now Luo Mei directly said that the wedding was cancelled?

“Auntie Luo, wait, listen to me ……”

Guan Qiushui hurriedly rushed towards Luo Mei.

“Oh, your aunt is like that, you are no better, how can I let such a person marry my son, in the future you marry my son to, will you be like this shameless aunt of yours, go around to hook up with other men, then will not it be a cuckold to my son, I will never allow this to happen, you’d better save your breath! ”

Luo Mei walked away.

The old lady and the others, were completely dumbfounded.

A moment ago, they had been happily planning the wedding to things, and in the blink of an eye, their beautiful dream was shattered.

Guan Qiushui sat down on her buttocks, unable to speak for half a day.

It was over, it was all over.

If this was said by someone else, there might be room for manoeuvre.

But this was what Luo Mei had said!

Everyone knew how Luo Mei’s position in the Liu family was, Luo Mei was the actual person in charge of the Liu family, and now that she said to cancel the wedding, then it was definitely a cancellation.

No one even dared to go in front of Luo Mei and beg for forgiveness.

“It’s all because of you, you woman, you’ve ruined my future, you’ve ruined everything for me!”

Guan Qiushui angrily pointed at Guan Shanxue.

“That’s right, it’s all because you messed everything up, look at you, how old you are, how dare you go and hook up with someone else’s husband, now, the Guan family’s bright future is all ruined by you, you sweeper, what on earth do you think you should do to make amends!” Ren Xia was also furious, she wanted to go up and give Guan Shanxue a few blows, “If you ask me, you woman, you did it on purpose, you knew it was the time for Qiushui and Liu Shao’s wedding, you had to go and hook up with Liu Hongda, don’t you know that Luo Mei is Liu Hongda’s wife, by doing this, you wanted Luo Mei to catch you, thus ruining Qiushui and Liu Shao’s wedding, you’re jealous! ”

“You are jealous that Qiushui is as beautiful as a flower, so much better looking than that ugly daughter of yours, you are jealous that Qiushui is lucky to be free from that loser Neo and can marry a talented and wealthy second generation like Liu Shao, yet your ugly daughter, who only has a loser like Neo to please, will never be able to marry a good family in her life!”

Ren Xia was mad and cursed out everything.

“Guan Shanxue, Guan Shanxue, I originally thought of you as a member of the Guan family, and saw that you were pitiful outside and you returned to the family, so I agreed to do so. Who knew that you would now do such a thing and completely tarnish the reputation of my Guan family. Not only that, but you’ve even ruined Qiushui’s marriage. I’m so angry.”

At this moment, the old lady’s face was also ugly, “I grew up watching you, you were not bad as a child, you were pretty and smart, I thought you would bring blessings to the Guan family, but I was wrong, twenty years ago, you made the Guan family suffer a great loss and were ridiculed, now twenty years later, you have made the Guan family lose face again, and made such a big mess, from now on, you no longer have anything to do with the Guan family, get lost, better get out of Qingzhou, whatever happens in the future, it has nothing to do with our Guan family, just live and die by yourself!”

“Ma ……”

Guan Shanxue had a bitterness in her heart, she wanted to explain, but she understood herself that in this situation, and with such a bad impression of herself in the old lady’s heart, the old lady would not listen to any explanation from her.

“Get out!”

The old lady pointed at the door and roared.

Besides, Luo Mei drove the car, huffing and puffing all the way back to the house.

Her face was furious, but in fact, in her heart, she had a few moments of beauty, feeling that she had even earned it.

Yes, even though she really thought Guan Shanxue and her husband were hooking up, it had been over twenty years and she didn’t have much left in the way of affection for Liu Hongda.

She didn’t really care about that.

What’s more, because of this, her son and Guan Qiushui’s wedding had been cancelled, which was perfect.

“Son, that’s the way it is, I’ve already spoken to the Guan family, the wedding is cancelled, you don’t need to be sad, in a few days, I’ll take you to your grandmother’s house in the capital, I promise to introduce you to a prettier and richer girl than Guan Qiushui.” Luo Mei said.

“I don’t want one!”

To her surprise, her son Liu Xing, who had always obeyed her, was furious at her words and shouted angrily towards her, “I must marry Guan Qiushui, even if the King of Heaven comes, I can’t!”

“You brat, you dare to talk to me like that?”

Luo Mei also froze, she knew her son’s character, he never dared to talk back to himself.

What’s more, now that she had caught Guan Shanxue and Liu Hongda in a scandalous affair, the Guan family was in the wrong and it was normal to cancel the marriage, what was wrong with her son?

“I must marry Guan Qiushui!” Liu Xing did not budge at all.


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