At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 443

“The wedding towels and pillows, cigarettes and wine, cakes and pastry, …… three animals, five grains and six animals, nine honors and eight rites, two relatives, the groom’s clothes, the seven-colored treasure pot, the door stickers, peanuts and dates, sweet rice and ginger tea, the whole wedding do not worry about, I will let people prepare for them. ”

At this time, the Guan family, in front of the old lady, everyone else left one after another, leaving only mother and daughter Ren Xia.

“Thank you, Mom!”

“Thank you, Grandma!”

Ren Xia and Guan Qiushui, the joy on their faces was unmistakable.

After all, the marriage of a large family involved all aspects, and the significance of the marriage was not only the wedding, but also the transformation of the relationship between the two families or even multiple families.

Usually for such a wedding, there are many things to prepare.

It is clear that the old lady is taking the matter very seriously.

And how could the two of them not be happy when it seemed that the old lady was so concerned about it.

Last month, they were still the outcast of the Guan family and the old lady didn’t even look at them, but in just a few days’ time, their status had skyrocketed.

“Right, Qiushui ah, this time when you get married, I also want to give a car and a wedding house as a dowry.” The old lady thought for a moment and added, “Although the Liu family has definitely bought a wedding house, we, the Guan family, still have to do this courtesy as well. Young Liu’s mother is a member of the Luo family in the capital, and in the Liu family, she actually makes all the decisions, and she has always been very discerning, so we should try to satisfy her in terms of the dowry, and only if she is satisfied can we marry into the Liu family smoothly, and only if we have a good relationship with her can we have status in the Liu family in the future.”

“Many thanks, Grandma!”

Guan Qiushui was so excited that she almost jumped up.

She hadn’t listened much to what the old lady said later, but in the front, she said she would give her a car and a house, which she heard clearly.

“Aiya, this girl who doesn’t know what to do, grandma has already helped organize the wedding so much, how can she ask for such an expensive dowry!”

Ren Xia said, “Mom, a car is not enough, but to give her a house, this is too expensive, this can not be wanted.”

“Can’t take it? How can you not take it?”

The old lady said, “Qiushui is my most beloved granddaughter and the most promising one in our Guan family, I am happy that she is getting married, what’s wrong with giving a house, I feel good after giving a house!”

Saying that, the old lady took Guan Qiushui’s hand, “Qiushui, grandma is so good to you, don’t forget grandma in the future.”

“How could I!”

“Qiushui, where do you want a house, when you think of one, tell grandma and she’ll have someone buy it.”

“Grandma, the villa above Orange Island, it’s so beautiful ……”

Guan Qiushui swallowed and sputtered, but in his gaze, there was a glint of expectant longing.

“Orange Island ……,” the old lady was still confident, but suddenly heard the Orange Island villa, and suddenly, looked a little embarrassed.

“This child, grandmother to send a house is already so expensive, but still so greedy, even want the villa in Orange Island, really!”

Ren Xia hurriedly stepped forward again at this time, “Mom, Qiushui was just joking, just send her a set of houses in Bikui Garden in Hexi.”

“Yes, Grandma, I was joking just now, a house in Bikui Garden would be great, thank you for the dowry!”

Guan Qiushui also hurriedly said.

Only, there was more or less regret in her heart.

Guan Qiushui, in his dreams, wanted to own a villa in Orange Island, ah.

Orange Oasis, a famous top zone in Qingzhou, was an oasis in the middle of Qingzhou’s inner lake, and the only oasis, which was about the size of five football fields, surrounded by the blue waves of Qing Lake.

It is the only oasis in the middle of the lake, about the size of five football pitches, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the lake, and echoed by the ‘Lujiazui’ of Qingzhou, the most prosperous business district in Qingzhou.

The villas on Orange Island are naturally some of the most exclusive properties in the city.

They are so expensive that even the wealthy local residents of Qingzhou may not be able to afford them.

Those who can buy a villa on Orange Island are mostly the top tycoons from some developed areas.

“There is no need to rush the villas on Orange Island, in the future when you marry into the Liu family, with the current trend of the Liu family, sooner or later they will also buy villas on Orange Island.”

The old lady said, “When the time comes, don’t forget, don’t forget to take grandma over too, to enjoy the happiness!”

“Haha, when the time comes, let’s buy a yacht and a plane and take grandma there to have fun!” Guan Qiushui was immersed in a wonderful fantasy of the future.

“Good, really my good granddaughter, all right, go back to rest early, these few days are to recuperate, nourish the spirit to participate in next week in and Liu Shao’s wedding, to that day, my precious granddaughter, must be the happiest person in the whole Qingzhou!”

“Qiushui, mum is right.” Ren Xia’s mouth was splitting with joy at this time, her own family’s status had returned to normal, now the old lady was giving away cars and houses, how could she not be happy, “In these few days, make sure to rest well, know that when the wedding day is next week, Liu’s family will definitely come to attend many relatives and friends, Liu’s family has a higher status than our Guan’s family, by then the people who will come will definitely be powerful people from various places, on that day, you can behave well, let them all see the style, represent the image of our Guan family.”

Although Ren Xia’s mouth was reminding her daughter, her heart was drinking honey, yes, when she thought of the wedding day, so many people with status would come, Ren Xia’s heart, too, was excited.

“Grandma, mum, don’t worry, I will definitely behave well!”

Of course, Guan Qiushui was excited too.

This woman, originally the kind of woman who craved attention and wanted to be the centre of attention, had been suppressing this craving for over a year, to the point of desperation at one point.

Yet next week, she was going to appear beautifully dressed in front of everyone, and when everyone would be looking at her, all the preparation, all the activity, all for herself, how could she not be excited.

“Well then, I’ll have someone drive them all.” The old lady said.

Ren Xia and Guan Qiushui were both very happy in their hearts.

The old lady had just finished speaking when a BMW, crunching, pulled up in front of them.

“This is?”

The three of them were stunned, and they all recognized that this was obviously not the Guan family’s car, and not only that, this BMW was a V-series, which was worth a lot of money.

“Mrs. Luo!”

And when she saw the woman who got out of the car, the old lady was suddenly shocked.

Luo Mei!

To be honest, the old lady was a person with a high and proud heart, although the Liu family was a bit stronger than the Guan family, the old lady didn’t think much of the Liu surname, but for the one surnamed Luo, she didn’t dare not to think highly of her, after all, behind Luo Mei was the Luo family, which was one of the four families in the capital!

“Mrs. Luo!”

“Auntie Luo!”

Ren Xia and Guan Qiushui were also taken aback when they saw Luo Mei suddenly appear in the Guan family.

However, looking back, Guan Qiushui’s heart was instantly overwhelmed with joy.

How could Luo Mei suddenly come here?

There was no need to ask, she must have come to discuss the wedding!

And since Luo Mei had taken the initiative to come to the Guan family to discuss the marriage, it could be seen that in her heart, she must have accepted herself. For the Liu family, the most difficult person to handle was Luo Mei, just now grandma was still worried about this matter, but now that Luo Mei had come to the door, then the matter was definitely a done deal!

“Mrs. Luo, please come in, how come you are here, just say the word, we will go to the house personally, to discuss things!” Although the old lady was older than Luo Mei, she had to be called by the honorific title even when facing someone surnamed Luo.

At this moment, she was even full of smiles and tended to step forward to greet her.

“Auntie Luo, take your time.”

Guan Qiushui had a good eye and immediately stepped forward to hold Luo Mei’s hand.

This was her future mother-in-law, and she had to act like a virtuous daughter-in-law!

“Get up!”

Who would have thought that Luo Mei would have thrown her arms out of the way, shaking off Guan Qiushui, and her gaze, staring straight at the old lady, was filled with anger.

“Fine, Xie Chunyang, look at the woman taught by the Guan family, I want to see how to give me an explanation today!”

With that, Luo Mei violently pulled open the rear door of the BMW and brutally dragged out a woman.

“Guan Shanxue?”

The crowd was stunned.


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