At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 442

At the door of the car, a middle-aged woman dressed in gold and silver, was crossing her arms, her figure thick and fat, her face black and red, her anger like a lioness.

“Good, I said you’ve been cold to me lately, so you’ve been hanging out with other b*tches!” The woman was not the least bit polite and grabbed Liu Hongda’s ear.

Liu Hongda came out of the car with his teeth bared and his ears lifted by the woman.

“Wife spare my life, wife spare my life!”

Liu Hongda’s face was white with fear, don’t look at the fact that he was now the pillar of the Liu family, a well-known rich man in Qingzhou, and he was surrounded by one mouthful of Mr. Liu.

However, in front of his own wife, he also had to be submissive.

“Liu Hongda, don’t forget, if it wasn’t for our Luo family, would your little Liu family have the status it has today? Without the help of my Luo family, could you control so many industries, and without the activities of my mother’s family in Hong Kong, could your son’s company be listed!”

The woman didn’t let up at all, chopping her head and hammering Liu Hongda with a blast.

“Wife is right, wife is right.”

Liu Hongda threw up his hands in a look of surrender.

It could be seen that at home, at least in front of this woman, he had no status at all.

Seriously, this scene, I’m afraid, was also unexpected by many people in Qingzhou City.

After all, Liu Hongda, as a representative of the Liu family, was also a famous and popular figure in Qingzhou.

Only, those who were familiar with the background of the Liu family actually knew that Liu Hongda’s wife, Luo Mei, was the real bully.

After all, the Luo family, too, was a famous family in the capital.

“You’re really going to piss me off, you two, you’re both going to piss me off! One had to marry that second-hand woman from the Guan family, and the other is cheating on me outside! Today, I’m going to tell my mother’s family! I’ll see how you explain to my mother’s family!”

“Honey, don’t!”

This time, Liu Hongda’s face was completely changed.

His voice trembled.

Although the Liu family was one of the best in Qingzhou City, it was no match for the Luo family in the capital.

The reason why he, Liu Hongda, was able to mingle so well was naturally because a lot of people looked up to his old husband and usually exercised convenience for him.

Now if his wife told his mother’s family about this, Liu Hongda’s future good days would really come to an end.

It was at this time.

Guan Shanxue also finally had the chance to get out of the car.

When she saw Luo Mei and Liu Hongda, she naturally understood everything.

At this moment, in her heart, she was ashamed and annoyed, she had thought that Liu Hongda was really going to help herself, but who knew that she was actually playing bad tricks on herself.

Now she saw that Luo Mei had also come.

Guan Shanxue also did not say anything, silently, and was ready to leave.

Yes, what did one have to say, hurry up and leave this place!

“Stand still!”

However, just at that moment again, Luo Mei stopped her.

“Good for you slut, hooking up with Liu Hongda here and now you want to pat yourself on the back and leave?!” How spirited Luo Mei was, she went forward and grabbed Guan Shanxue again, giving her a tug over.

Although Guan Shanxue was not the soft and weak type, her body was not as strong as Luo Mei’s.

The company’s main business is to promote the development of the company’s products and services.

“Look at your slutty face, you look like a vixen! Do you know who the f*ck I am, hooking up with my man here, how many lives do you have to pay for?”

When she got a good look at Guan Shanxue, Luo Mei’s mind exploded even more, Guan Shanxue looked so much prettier than she was that Luo Mei couldn’t stand it even more.

Especially looking at other people’s skin like snow, she is dark, other people’s body is light, she is shaped like a weight, other people are charming and provocative, she is rough and appalling.

The more she looked, the more unbalanced Luo Mei’s mind became, and she could not wait to scrape Guan Shanxue’s face off.

“You are really slutty and daring, everyone in Qingzhou knows that Liu Hongda is my man, no one dares to lay hands on him, you woman, you have more guts than the sky, how dare you be the first one to eat crabs!” Luo Mei said, grabbing Guan Shanxue’s hair and pulling her face closer with force, suddenly, her mind stirred and she stared closely at Guan Shanxue, “You, you’re the woman from the Guan family who was kicked out of the house twenty years ago?! It’s you, surprisingly it’s you!”

Yes, it wasn’t very strange that Luo Mei knew Guan Shanxue.

It was because back then, after she married Liu Hongda, after she married in Qingzhou.

Naturally, she had also heard of Guan Shanxue’s great name, and knew that Liu Hongda had even courted Guan Shanxue.

At that time, although Guan Shanxue had already left Qingzhou, Luo Mei knew that her husband had pursued Guan Shanxue, so she was eager to know what Guan Shanxue looked like and tried every possible means to get a photo of Guan Shanxue.

This although twenty years had passed, although Guan Shanxue had also reached middle age, but the general appearance of her face had not changed much, plus she was pretty and relatively impressive, at this time Luo Mei took a closer look and recognized it.

“Good, so you guys, you’re old acquaintances at this point, hooking up again!”

Recognizing Guan Shanxue, this time Luo Mei could not stand it even more, “Liu Hongda, so you haven’t forgotten this woman! So you haven’t been true to me these twenty years! I want to tell my father!”

Luo Mei was already upset that Liu Hongda had pursued Guan Shanxue back then, and now that she was watching them get together, she was so angry that she really wanted to explode.

“No, wife, listen to me!”

Liu Hongda hugged Luo Mei in a panic.

Anyone could be offended, but his own wife could not be offended.

If he offended his wife, his one-world family business might be finished.

“It’s her, she’s the one who seduced me!”

Liu Hongda pointed at Guan Shanxue, “Although she has now returned to Qingzhou and returned to the Guan family, but the Guan family has not fully accepted her, and she cannot enjoy the benefits of the Guan family, so she is still having a hard time living, because of this, she found me, she inquired about me as the boss of the supermarket, so in this underground garage, blocked me, while taking the opportunity to pull open the car door and get into the car. She seduced me in the car and begged me to help her out for old times sake, however how could I say yes, the first thing I thought of was you wife, so I sternly refused her, I was going to get out of the car, who knew she locked the door and had to make me say yes, and it was at this time that you came suddenly, really wife, I am innocent, it was all her, she seduced me. ”

Said here, Liu Hongda sneered and looked at Guan Shanxue, “Guan Shanxue, you think you can get your way? You are wrong, yes, although I have courted you before, but that was before, I didn’t know my wife then, and now, the only person I love the most is my wife, you are nothing in my eyes, so, better put on your clothes and behave yourself!”

“Liu Hongda, you!”

Guan Shanxue was so angry that she couldn’t speak for a moment.

All she could feel was a wave of nausea.

Simply not arguing anything anymore, she flung Luo Mei away and tried to leave.

“Guan Shanxue, you restless slut, you want to leave just like that?”

However, Luo Mei clamped her arm in a deadly grip, “You think I, Luo Mei, am such a good bully? If you bully me, will I let you go?”

“You’re a woman, you’re a watery woman, you were unmarried twenty years ago and had a child, you even went out of your way to fall out with the family, you’re not a serious woman, I guess you wanted to leave the restraints of the family at that time, to be a loose woman outside, these twenty years, you’ve had enough of being a loose woman outside, you’re tired of being played with, now you’ve returned to the family? Who knew that you’d come back and not learn from your mistakes and seduce my husband? Do you really think you’re a flower in Qingzhou?”

“There aren’t many good women in your Guan family, as far as I can see.” The more Luo Mei said, the angrier she became, “That Guan Qiushui, after a year of being played with by a trash, has already become a rotten and dirty woman, and she even seduced my precious son, my silly son, I don’t know how he got hooked by Guan Qiushui, but he is so determined to marry her, he has booked a wedding date and a hotel, but he refused to listen to me, I am so angry! And now you’re seducing my husband, you Guan family women, you’re trying to take my Luo Mei’s husband and son away with you! You really don’t have my Luo family in your sights and treat us as if we don’t exist!”

“Fine, I’ll look for Xie Chunyang and ask her what she did to educate her, so that your Guan family can even produce some rotten goods! Let’s go, follow me!”

Luo Mei grabbed Guan Shanxue’s hair, yanked her, and pushed her into the car.


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