At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 441


Although the foreman was arrogant in front of Guan Shanxue, he did not dare to be half-hearted in front of the middle-aged man, and at this moment, he did not dare to say a word more, and hurriedly left in a hurry.

“Xue Xue, I didn’t expect that we would meet again after twenty years.”

The man was dressed in a designer suit, obviously a successful person, his gaze, looking up and down on Guan Shanxue, looking at Guan Shanxue’s simple clothes, his gaze surprisingly had a vague and indefinable delight in it.

“Liu Hongda, hello.”

Guan Shanxue’s gaze dodged for a few moments.

But she had no way to avoid the man, and at this moment, standing in front of him, she looked awkward.

She certainly recognised the man, one of her many suitors back then, Liu Hongda, and it was the very fanatical type.

Guan Shanxue didn’t feel much for him, though.

At that time, although Liu Hongda was the son of the Liu family, he was also famous in Qingzhou and had a deeper family background than Guan Shanxue.

But so what? At that time, Guan Shanxue’s fame and face value were even more so.

So, she might not have taken a liking to Liu Hongda either. What’s more, Guan Shanxue did not like Liu Hongda’s person either.

It was just that now, twenty years had passed, and in this situation, suddenly running into Liu Hongda, Guan Shanxue of course had an uncomfortable feeling of being ashamed of herself on her face.

“You came here to look for a job?”

The conversation between the foreman and Guan Shanxue just now was clearly heard by Liu Hongda, “I really didn’t expect that the Fourth Miss Guan, who was once famous in Qingzhou, whose every move would become news and for whom countless wandering gentry would fall for, would now also have to work in a supermarket to get by?”

“I ……”

Guan Shanxue felt a burst of burning on her face, even though she had been able to endure twenty years of suffering out there alone for Caiwei.

However, that was not seen by anyone she knew.

Now that she was caught red-handed by Liu Hongda, she certainly couldn’t put her face down.

“Back then I was so crazy to pursue you, you didn’t even look me in the eye, but now you are looking for a job in my supermarket to support yourself, tsk, do you know that this supermarket is only one of my many properties? If you had married me back then ……”

“I’m not here to look for a job.”

Guan Shanxue bit her lips and interrupted Liu Hongda, “I have returned to the family and enjoy the benefits of the Guan family, how could I need to work for myself!”

Although Guan Shanxue said this under her breath, her heart was filled with gloom and regret.

This job was actually still good, but I didn’t expect the boss to be Liu Hongda, in that case, it would never be possible for him to continue working here.

So, Guan Shanxue simply did not admit it and that was that.


But Liu Hongda laughed, “Xue Xue, you can fool others, but how can you fool me? I do know the temper of your Guan family’s old lady, she cares most about reputation, and what she said is cut and dry, there is absolutely no room for manoeuvre. For example, when Guan Qiushui married a loser, although she was furious, even though my son took the initiative to propose to Guan Qiushui, she did not agree to divorce her and the loser.

He continued, “So well, when you left the Guan family, the old lady also said that she would never forgive you, and now even if you return to the family, I believe she will not really consider you as a member of the Guan family. So, I guess even if you return to the Guan family on the surface, you will never enjoy the benefits of the Guan family.”

Guan Shanxue’s face flushed again, and she only felt her cheeks parched and hot, as if she had been slapped in the face.

Honestly, although she had no feelings for Liu Hongda, after all, Liu Hongda had pursued herself at first, and with a flattering gesture.

At that time, she herself was high and mighty, and at that time, in her own eyes, Liu Hongda was simply someone who had no existence at all.

However, now that he was standing in front of Liu Hongda, not only was his status and wealth disparate, his living environment worlds apart, but even his own lies had been ruthlessly exposed.

“Seeing you like this, I’m really quite heartbroken.”

Liu Hongda said, his hand reaching out to Guan Shanxue, “Let’s go, follow me.”

“Liu Hongda, take matters into your own hands!”

Guan Shanxue slapped Liu Hongda’s hand away and turned around to leave.

However, Liu Hongda, once again, blocked her.

“Xue Xue, I think, you’d better be sensible. Don’t have that old Fourth Miss Guan’s condescension anymore.” Liu Hongda’s tone became unkind, “I know you’re having a hard time, you’re short of money, and you’re being driven mad by life right now ……”


Guan Shanxue’s heart, fiercely almost was decided to open a mouth, yes, Liu Hongda is right, but Guan Shanxue are face, but cold, “Oh, you are wrong, although I do not have the welfare of the family now, but also not so difficult to live, the big deal is to wear the food, a little lower grade. Liu Hongda, I know you’re rich, but I don’t envy that, so don’t flaunt anything in front of me either. Now please move out of the way!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Hongda, however, pushed forward, “What about your daughter? Won’t your daughter be short of money?”

“You, what do you mean?!”

Guan Shanxue instantly looked at Liu Hongda with alarm.

“Don’t think I don’t know.” When Liu Hongda saw this look on Guan Shanxue’s face, he knew he must have been right, otherwise Guan Shanxue wouldn’t have been so excited all of a sudden.

“Xue Xue, I know your character very well, after all, I pursued you back then and studied your character carefully.” Liu Hongda said smugly, “Back then, you left the Guan family so decisively and left Qingzhou, and with your character, if it wasn’t for any very urgent or special reason, you would never choose to come back because, you are a very strong woman.”

“And to make a strong woman, take the initiative to admit her mistake and return to the family, it must be that she has a difficulty that she can’t even solve herself, if it was your own difficulty, then you would definitely endure it, so there is only one reason, and that is that your daughter, has a difficulty. That’s why you must return to the family.”

Liu Hongda said, “It’s just a pity that the family didn’t give you what you wanted either, except that while your family couldn’t give it to you, I can give it to you.”

“No need.”

Guan Shanxue knew that Liu Hongda definitely did not have any good intentions.

“Don’t you think about your daughter?” Liu Hongda said, “Don’t worry, I’m never the kind of person to blackmail you with money, I just decided to help you out for the sake of old times’ love.”

Guan Shanxue originally had disdain for Liu Hongda, but when she heard him say that, her heart still moved.

Yes, no matter what, now Caiwei needed money.

He or she still needed money to take her to a better hospital, and if China didn’t work, he or she would go abroad.

“Come on, talk in my car.”

Liu Hongda saw Guan Shanxue hesitate and took the opportunity to pull her, towards the underground car park.

The underground car park, empty and seemingly cold, was empty of a single person.

There were only rows and rows of vehicles.

“Come up, I’ll take you to the bank to withdraw money, count me as a loan to you.” Liu Hongda pulled Guan Shanxue and arrived in front of a Mercedes S, opening the door.

“Don’t worry, I’m all married, I won’t do anything to you.” Seeing Guan Shanxue’s hesitation, Liu Hongda further egged him on.

With a cruel heart, Guan Shanxue got into the car.


The car door closed.

Guan Shanxue couldn’t help but feel a shock in her heart.

“Let’s go.” She looked at Liu Hongda and said.

“There’s no rush, wait for a while, Xue Xue, I’ll be straight with you.” Liu Hongda didn’t start the car, instead, he touched over to Guan Shanxue’s side, “Actually, I’ve always liked you, I can lend you money, as much as you want, one million, two million, and don’t want you to pay it back, as long as you ……”

Said, his hand, resting on Guanshan Xuedu.

“You, take it away!”

Guan Shanxue went to hit his hand.

“Xue Xue, don’t pretend, you are single now, I also have a lot of time and money, we can totally ……” Liu Hongda not only did not stop, but continued, his body closer.

“Open the door, open the door!”

Guan Shanxue then understood that this was a trap, she went to push the door, but found that it had been locked and could not be opened at all.

“There are only the two of us here now, so don’t resist.”

Liu Hongda’s fierce face was now revealed and his body was completely pressed against Guan Shanxue.


Guan Shanxue shouted hopelessly.

Just at this time.

The car door, at last, opened.

“You’re such an animal, how dare you do such a thing!” Outside the car, a voice rebuked angrily.


Liu Hongda only felt his blood run cold.


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