At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 440

The surrounding area is dark, and the walls on all sides are like deep wells, towering straight upwards, with only one of the walls having a small window high above the ground.

What little light there is shines through the window, but it does not reach the ground.

Here, it was as if it were a death row.

In the faint light, only a figure could be seen, sitting on the ground, leaning listlessly against the high wall, gazing blankly at the light.

Finally, the sound of footsteps came.

The heavy doors of metaphysical iron, which were tightly closed, slowly opened.

Intense light flooded in in an instant.

The figure could not help but raise his arms to shield his eyes.

Her eyes had been in the darkness for a long time, and it was difficult to adjust to the intense light.

She squinted her eyes and saw only a dark figure against the light in the middle of the iron door.

The light was all around the figure, forming a golden halo, a tall shadow that seemed to be a pillar of the sky.


The figure’s voice was nonchalant.

She did not speak, she was no longer able to speak, she merely moved her body to show that she was listening.

“One good news, one bad news, which one do you want to hear?” The voice said.

Her heart, pounding, pounded.

Say both! Say it! her insides said.

Yet no sound came out of her, she didn’t know what to say.

“Well then, I’ll start with the good news, freedom.” The voice said, “We don’t kill fairies.”

Her heart skipped a beat until it beat even harder, and the bad news?

She was afraid to even open her mouth to ask.

“He’s dead.”

The voice said again.

There was a wave of dizziness.

She wanted to let out a cry, but nothing came out.

Her liver was broken, but surprisingly, she was so relieved that, yes, instead of being stuck here guessing and worrying, she now knew about him at last, anyway.

She knew that from now on, she would have no more joy or sorrow.

“This is his heart.”

At the door, something in a black package was thrown, flopped, and dropped at her feet.

“Many people grabbed and divided his body, he was divided in pieces, I only took his heart, I knew for sure it would be wanted, maybe for him, in here.” The voice at the door said.

She hastily picked up the package and held it to her chest, it was surprisingly still a little warm inside and her eyes brushed away tears.

“Thank you, it’s the best person in the Gods to me, I won’t forget it.” She said, choking back a sob.

“He chose to be reincarnated.”

The voice, by now, had taken on a bit of sympathy, “He’s a Heavenly Xuan after all, and although he won’t be truly annihilated so easily now that he’s dead, after his reincarnation, he’ll forget this life, forget all of it, and forget, I think, that he’s too selfish, that he doesn’t deserve it.”

“He’s worthy of anyone.”

As she passed the iron door, the quiet little divine girl, who was trying to appear calm but still had a few moments of trepidation inside, “He reincarnated only because he hated himself too much in this life.”

The little divine girl who opened the door, watched in awe as she left barefoot and emanating, watching her slowly disappear into the rosy wildflower hills.

From then on, she walked the earth, being a wandering fairy in the world, she had been alone in the places they had been together, and in the places they wanted to go.

Until, that day, she finally walked everywhere.

She was tired, and she sat under an old tree in the vast untamed wilderness.

The crimson haze greeted the vines and the barren grass, stretching for tens of thousands of miles.

The sky, as if it had not changed since the beginning of time, had been the same colour for tens of thousands of years.

Her lonely figure, hovering under the tree, as if she was the only one between this whole heaven and earth, one tree.

The heart of Tian Xuan in her arms was surprisingly still warm.

It even seemed to be beating faintly.

Blood suddenly stained the mysterious totem carved out of the yellow earth in front of her in that moment.

“Now, with my blood, I make this exchange contract, after ten thousand lifetimes of Tianxuan, all the calamities of my loved ones will be borne by me alone, and I wish them to love and keep each other for a lifetime.”

With these words, she lifted her palm, which had been cut by herself and was covered with blood, and pressed it in the middle of the totem.

At that moment, miles of barren grass fell down, black clouds turned up and surged, and in an instant the heavens and the earth were blended into one colour.

In the image, all things, in this moment, grow wildly, then all things decay again, the sea turns into a mulberry field, the mountains and rivers return to fall into the lake ……

A single glance of ten thousand years.


Neo sat up violently from his bed, his heart thumping violently and chaotically.

He breathed heavily.

Until it slowly quieted down.

He looked around clearly.

Only then did he realise that it was just a dream.

But the dream was so real, it was like a memory.

Even when he woke up, Neo could still remember the Caiwei in the dream, the way she was imprisoned by the Gods in the death cell of the Piaomiao Spiritual Peak waiting for news, the way she cried while holding Tianxuan’s heart, the way she wrote the contract under the lonely tree in the wilderness.

So it was she, the one who had borne the calamity that should have been Zhou Yun’s.

She must have known that Tianxuan had died, that he had been reincarnated.

She must also have known that the reincarnated Tianxuan would forget her and even fall in love with someone else, so she made the pact just so that the woman who would be Tianxuan’s next life could be better by Tianxuan’s side.

No matter how Tianxuan changed, she herself remained the same in the beginning.

“Caiwei, I promised Tianxuan that I would take care of it, and in this life, I will do it.” Neo climbed up from the bed, took a deep breath and went out the door.

At this moment, the Guan family.

“How was the company’s performance this month?” The old lady sat on the sofa, her eyes slightly closed.

Basically, all the people from the Guan family were also present.

After all, today was the day to report on the performance of the Guan family’s Tianhong Company.

Basically, everyone in the Guan family worked for Tianhong Company, and the performance of this company was naturally closely related to everyone, and besides, the welfare of the Guan family was also related to the profit of Tianhong Company.

“This month, compared to last month’s revenue generation, the ringgit has increased by 50%.”

“How come it’s so much?”

The old lady couldn’t help but sit up in shock.

“In fact, this month, most of the month was basically the same as before, that is, these few days at the end of the month, suddenly several office buildings and large shopping malls signed contracts with our company, and we were responsible for renovation materials and construction, not least of which were several big clients of Tai Ho Group and Yida Plaza.”

“Even Tai Ho and Yida are working with us?” The old lady was surprised and delighted, “This is an extremely competitive and big client, how could they be so quick to work with us ……”

“The time they signed the contract was all after Qiushui and Liu Shao got engaged, so I think it’s likely for the sake of the Liu family and as an early bridal shower for Liu Shao.”

“What do you mean it’s likely, it clearly is!” Ren Xia proudly took over, “The Liu family’s heritage is already very deep, and they all have connections in the capital, now that Young Liu and Qiushui are getting married, the Liu family and the Guan family will become in-laws, and in the future, our Guan family’s development will go to a higher level!”

“Hmm.” The old lady nodded and looked at Guan Qiushui, “Qiushui, now you can go back to being the general manager of Tianhong Company, also, you can get along well with Liu Shao, nothing can go wrong, the development of the company can greatly rely on it.”

“Yes, Grandma!”

Guan Qiushui clenched his fist in excitement, the day he had been looking forward to, had finally come!

“In fact, originally, our Guan family, twenty years ago, should have had this opportunity for development. Twenty years ago, Liu Hongda, Liu Xing’s father, had always stalked Guan Shanxue, originally Guan Shanxue could have married into the Liu family, if that had happened, our Guan family would have been in-laws with the Liu family twenty years ago, then the Guan family would have been several times stronger than it is now! Alas!”

The old lady was still chagrined as she spoke.

“Hmph, that fourth aunt, bent on her own way and not listening to grandmother, such people are the scum of the Guan family.” Guan Qiushui said disdainfully, completely forgetting that she had once been like that too.

“And to return to the family now, this is another reminder to Qingzhou of the scandalous things the Guan family once did, making even our faces look bad! This kind of person, it would be fine if she behaved in a disciplined manner, but if she causes some more chaos, our Guan family can’t just let her go!” Ren Xia followed suit and said indignantly.

And at this time, a large supermarket chain in Qingzhou.

“That, every day the morning shift six o’clock to one o’clock in the afternoon, but five o’clock in advance to arrive and start preparing, afternoon shift one o’clock to ten o’clock in the evening, two days off each month, salary two thousand five hundred a month, see if you can do it, if you can do it, come to work tomorrow good.”

In front of the foreman of the supermarket stood a middle-aged woman.

Although the woman was dressed simply, her posture was charming and her eyes were gentle, she didn’t look at all like the kind of woman who did hard work.

“Well, yes, I can, I’ll come tomorrow then.”

The woman finished and turned around just to leave.

“Xue Xue?”

Behind her, a middle-aged man, suddenly stepped in front of her, his voice, full of surprise.

“General Liu.” The foreman hurriedly greeted the man respectfully.

“There’s nothing here, go and get busy.” The man impatiently waved his hand at the foreman.


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