At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 439

A host of worms?” Neo was instantly stunned.

He knew about this thing, once Wang Lian had passed away because of this.

Neo still remembered the overbearing nature of this thing, remembered how suddenly Wang Lian had the attack, how quickly the disease declined, it was like a fierce tiger, an originally healthy person, almost instantly, went from life to death.

Thinking of this now, Neo still felt a terrible trembling inside.

But now Caiwei actually had this kind of thing too?

“Can it be saved?” Neo asked eagerly.

“It would have been possible.” Zhang Jiu let out a long sigh, “However, this host worm has been inside Caiwei’s body for more than twenty years, which means that it has completely taken over her body, and even I am powerless to do anything about it.”

“Twenty years?”

“Yes, without twenty years or so, the host bug could not have erupted so strongly.”

Neo was frozen in disbelief, couldn’t believe it, twenty years, wouldn’t that also be when Caiwei had just been born?

And now, even Zhang Jiu was unable to return to heaven, so could it be that Caiwei would follow in the same footsteps as Wang Lian?

Thinking of this, Neo felt really bad.

How could Caiwei’s life be so pathetic?

He had only just met her and she was in such a situation.

And what about Zhou Yun? Wasn’t it also pitiful?

Only Caiwei’s awakening could guide him to find Zhou Yun, and now if Caiwei did not wake up, it would be even harder for him to find Zhou Yun.

Neo held his head and sat dumbly on the edge of the bed, his eyes in a daze, if even Zhang Jiu said he couldn’t be saved, I’m afraid there was no one else in the world who could.

Ahem ……

Just then, suddenly, Caiwei, who had been unconscious on the bed, suddenly woke up.

“Where is this?”

Caiwei surprisingly sat up from the bed.

Neo and Zhang Jiu were both taken aback.

It was important to know that if the hosts were to attack, basically the whole body organs would fail and there would be no chance of survival, and the physical condition would only get worse and worse.

“You, how do you feel?” Neo looked at Caiwei in surprise.

At this moment, Caiwei looked quite normal, almost no different from before, and no more convulsions, it looked as if she had just woken up.

It was also that her face was a little more pale.

“I, am fine, thank you for saving me.”

Caiwei said softly.

She certainly knew what had happened to her.

“Do you know what has happened to you? How did you get like this?” Zhang Jiu said.

“I’m not sure.” Caiwei shook her head, “One day about two years ago, I suddenly felt uncomfortable and faint in front of my eyes, then I passed out, but then I woke up, and since then about every month, I’ve had an attack.”

“Two years ago?”

Neo was stunned for a moment.

Two years ago, wasn’t it also the time when Wang Lian had her seizure?

Could it be that there was some kind of coincidence here?

“Thank you.” At this time, Guan Shanxue, who had been outside, heard her daughter’s voice and also came in.

Heartbroken, she hugged Caiwei.

“Auntie, when Caiwei was young, did she ever come into contact with any strange people?” Neo couldn’t help but ask, if Caiwei had been in a host of worms twenty years ago, then she must have come into contact with bug workers and the like.


Guan Shanxue thought about it, “I took her away when she was small, we had a hard time, but she was always by my side, and we didn’t know anyone in other cities.”

“That’s strange.” Zhang Jiu said, “This illness of Caiwei’s ……”

“This disease of hers, it came on one day about two years ago, the attack was very serious, I took her to many hospitals to see, but not only was it not well, the money I had saved was also spent, I was really desperate, besides, she has this persistent disease, and it will definitely affect her life in the future, so I took her back to the family. I wanted my mother to be able to help us out for the sake of me being her daughter, but unfortunately ……”

At this point, Guan Shanxue’s face showed a difficult look and she couldn’t say any more.

Yes, this was the real reason for her return to the family.

Because of Caiwei’s illness, she had spent almost all of her hard-earned savings, and moreover, there was not the slightest hope of a cure.

For the sake of Caiwei’s future life, Guan Shanxue had no choice but to bring her back to the family.

However, judging from the old lady’s attitude towards herself today, Guan Shanxue knew that the Guan family would not pay for Caiwei’s medical treatment.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for Caiwei’s illness, Guan Shanxue would never have come back.

After all, she was also a woman with a lot of self-respect.

Back then, she had fallen out too much with the family because of Caiwei’s matter, which also made her disappointed with the family.

However, given the choice between Caiwei and her self-respect, she chose the former, gave up her self-respect and returned to the family.

Only, judging from the current situation, it seemed that returning to the family would not help much.

“Please, you two, help Caiwei! You are both good people, I beg you!”

Suddenly, Guan Shanxue was about to kneel down to Zhang Jiu and Neo.

After all, she could certainly see that Zhang Jiu was not an ordinary person, that’s not, living in such a big mansion, this set of mansions was at least at the level of tens of millions of dollars.

“Auntie you don’t need to be like this.”

Neo hurriedly helped up Guan Shanxue.

You don’t need to say this, I will definitely help!

“Please, really, Caiwei is really pitiful.” Guan Shanxue huffed, “She was abandoned at birth, I picked her up in a pea field when I was out trekking, so I named her Caiwei, she was dying in the pea field at the time, as soon as I saw her, I fell in love with her, so I wanted to take the child in, the family wouldn’t allow it, so I had to take her away with me. She was beautiful, really, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, she looked like a genie ……”

Hearing this, both Neo and Zhang Jiu were stunned.

Guan Shanxue said that Caiwei looked beautiful?

Although this was very much in line with Neo’s vision, in Neo’s original imagination, Caiwei was supposed to be extremely beautiful looking, even fairy-like.

However, imagination is imagination.

But the reality was that Caiwei looked really hard to describe.

Why, then, did Guan Shanxue still say that Caiwei was beautiful?

Perhaps, in every mother’s heart, her daughter is the best looking!

“I know, you guys don’t believe it.” When Guan Shanxue said this, she could obviously guess what both Neo and Zhang Jiu were thinking, “It’s just that, before, Caiwei, she wasn’t like this, before, she was really impeccable, anyone who saw her would only marvel at her, but unfortunately, since she became what she is now, in order not to make her sad, I destroyed all her previous photos, because I was afraid that if she saw the previous photos, she would be even more sad and brooding.”


Neo couldn’t help but be stunned, so it wasn’t Guan Shanxue’s subjective thoughts.

In that case, the original Caiwei should be as beautiful as she imagined herself to be.

“Auntie, then what happened to Caiwei’s body, ah?” Neo couldn’t help but ask.

“About a year ago, there was a time when her condition started to flare up again.” Guan Shanxue said, “That time, her attack lasted much longer than before, although it later got better, but after it got better, she looked different from before, she looked sad and irritable, even I she didn’t want to pay attention to.”

“Then she became more and more irritable and locked herself in her room and wouldn’t come out for a day and a night, until I heard her screaming from her room and rushed in, and that’s when she, she became what she is now.”

Guan Shanxue said here, looking extremely bitter towards herself as well, “It’s all my fault, I’m the one who didn’t have the money to take her to a doctor in a big hospital, otherwise it wouldn’t be like this ……”

“Auntie, you are not to blame for this.”

Neo knew very well in his heart, Caiwei’s condition, even if you go to a good hospital, it is useless, “but you do not worry, I will find a way to treat Caiwei.”

Neo comforted the mother and daughter again, and sent them away for the time being.

“Zhang Jiu, what do you think is going on with Caiwei’s matter? It’s so weird, how could Caiwei be infested with the host bug, and, when the bug attacks, will it really disfigure her?”

In the room, there were only two people, Neo and Zhang Jiu.

“Young master, you said that Miss Zhou was also infested with the host bug.” Zhang Jiu mused, “But, she has never had a seizure either.”


“Miss Zhou, Miss Zhou’s mother, Caiwei, all three of them were struck with the host worm twenty years ago, but only Caiwei and Miss Zhou’s mother, had an attack two years ago.”

“Hmm ……”

Neo couldn’t help but frown, yes.

“Then, Miss Zhou was taken away by the Spiritual Muse Fairy Mother a year ago.”


“Miss Zhou was originally a spirit sword on Penglai Immortal Island and was punished by the Melting Pot for making a so-called mistake, so the Spirit Miao Fairy Mother who took her back will surely punish her as well.”

“Let’s hope not.” Neo said sorrowfully.

“Miss Zhou was punished a year ago, and Caiwei was also disfigured a year ago,” said Zhang Jiu.

“What do you mean?” Neo couldn’t help but be stunned.

“Caiwei bore all the heaviest calamities on Miss Zhou in her place.”


Neo couldn’t help but be shocked, “You mean Caiwei and Zhou Yun know each other? And, this instead of bearing, what does that mean?”

“They don’t know each other, young master.” When Zhang Jiu said this, she frowned as if she was remembering, “But once in a previous life, when Caiwei and you were together, Young Master, she jokingly told you that if one day you couldn’t be together again and you fell for another girl, she would bear the heaviest calamity instead of that girl.”


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