At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 438

That fourth aunt, at a young age, has an unmarried child, what a disgrace to the family, and openly disobeying your wishes, grandmother, this is unfilial. That Caiwei, and I don’t know whose child she is, is an illegitimate child, such a person appearing at my wedding will not only bring shame to my wedding, but also on the day of the wedding, our family will make others laugh, so I must not allow such a person, to appear at my wedding, after all, this is the most important day of my life!”

Guan Qiushui, raised her head and said proudly.

In fact, according to her seniority, she should be called Guan Shanxue’s fourth aunt.

However, in Guan Qiushui’s heart, she did not consider Guan Shanxue as a relative at all, and subconsciously treated her as an outsider.

Therefore, instead of calling her aunt, she was called by the common title of aunt.

Now, Guan Qiushui’s status was slowly recovering, and she was slowly finding her way back to the feeling she used to have in the Guan family.

What’s more, she was now Liu Xing’s fiancée, and such a status gave her more confidence as well.

“Qiushui is right, mum, not everyone is suitable to appear at such an important occasion as a wedding, how festive is a wedding, it can’t appear to be bad luck.” Ren Xia also hurriedly agreed and said.

To her, her daughter’s wedding day was not only her daughter’s big day, but also her own. At that time, as the mother of the bride, she would definitely be the target of everyone’s compliments and admiration.

How could such a beautiful moment allow Guan Shanxue, the mother and daughter who had brought shame to the Guan family, to appear?

Of course, in fact, Guan Qiushui had another thought in mind.

Although Neo had divorced herself and she had always despised him, but now, this guy had just divorced himself and had gone on to hook up with Guan Caiwei, which gave her an indefinable feeling of displeasure in her heart.

Although she had no feelings or even disgust for Neo, Guan Qiushui knew that Neo had always treated her well, not only well, but even very well.

In this situation, Neo divorced himself, shouldn’t he be depressed and sad?

However, he had just gotten divorced, and then he went to hook up with Guan Caiwei, as if the divorce didn’t hurt him at all, which really made Guan Qiushui a bit unacceptable.

This really made Guan Qiushui a bit unacceptable. Thus, he also felt more upset with Guan Caiwei.

“That’s right, grandma, Sister Qiu Shui is right, we can’t let them tarnish Sister Qiu Shui’s wedding.”

“That’s right, Grandma, back then they originally turned their backs on their families, now even if they know they are wrong and come back, they can’t be completely treated as their own family, who knows how many changes they have gone through outside these twenty years, maybe inside, they have long since stopped thinking of themselves as the Guan family!”

The others also echoed the words.

They had a feeling that Guan Shanxue’s purpose was not pure, and she had returned to the family after more than 20 years, so she must have an ulterior motive.

No matter what Guan Shanxue’s intentions were, they would definitely damage their interests.

Therefore, these people were also planning to suppress Guan Shanxue from the very beginning, not giving her any chance.

If Guan Shanxue’s mother and daughter could not be present at Guan Qiushui’s wedding, it would mean that they were still excluded from the Guan family.

Of course, with all the people talking, the final decision was still in the hands of the old lady.

Everyone looked at the old lady, waiting for her to make a decision.

At that moment, a person came in at the door.

At the sight of this person, the crowd was stunned to see that it was Guan Shanxue.

For a moment, the crowd looked at each other, not knowing what to say, no one had expected that Guan Shanxue would come here.

Although this was a family meeting, Guan Shanxue had not been invited, after all, no one had taken her to heart and no one had identified with her.

“Why are you here?”

The old lady frowned.

“Mum.” Guan Shanxue called out curtly.

“What’s the matter with you coming? We’re having a family meeting.” The old lady said in a hard tone, deliberately telling Guan Shanxue that a family meeting was being held here, with the implication that it was obvious that you were not qualified to attend the family meeting yet.

As expected, Guan Shanxue’s face, looked a little embarrassed.

But then, she took out something from her bosom.

“This is a pair of pillow towels for the Mandarin Duck’s Pleasure Pillow.” She was holding the pillow towel in her hand, it looked exquisite, a big red festive colour, the tassels were golden, embroidered with cross-necked male and female mandarin ducks, it looked lifelike, as she spoke, she handed the pillow towel to Guan Qiushui, “Qiushui, I heard that you are getting married soon, as an aunt, I should give you an expensive wedding congratulation gift, just that aunt is very poor, so with your sister I hope you won’t be offended.”

“Why should I be offended?” Guan Qiushui said.

Hearing this, Guan Shanxue’s face instantly relaxed.

“I won’t be surprised, because I don’t want it.” Guan Qiushui said again.

At once, Guan Shanxue was stunned.

The face that had been relaxed a moment ago looked embarrassed again.

“Oh, two pieces of rags and you treat it as a bridal shower gift, whose wedding is that shabby.” Guan Qiushui looked contemptuously at this so-called aunt whom he had never seen before, “You’re not young, why don’t you know anything about etiquette? Even if you can’t afford the congratulatory gift yourself, you want to make this connection, but you can’t afford to pay for it.” Your calculation is good.

The words made Guan Shanxue blush, holding the pillowcase in her hand, not knowing what to say.

The crimson pillowcase seemed to be a reflection of her crimson face.

“Forget it, I don’t know you well either, this relationship, let’s renew it unnecessarily.” Guan Qiushui didn’t put Guan Shanxue in her eyes at all.

After all, her grandmother’s attitude towards Guan Shanxue was all clear to her.

Although Guan Shanxue had come home, she did not have the slightest status.

“Qiushui is right, although I allow you to return to the family, it doesn’t mean that you have the status you once had in the family.” The old lady said as she rushed towards Guan Shanxue, “Remembering that you have my Guan family blood in you and staying in the family, I can keep you clothed and fed, but more than that, don’t you wish for more. You just need to live your life well, what happens in the family, is none of your business.”

“Mom, I don’t wish for anything extravagant.”

Guan Shanxue said, “But can you give Caiwei some wealth? Give her a portion of the profit share of the family company every month, after all, she is innocent, she is also a member of the Guan family.”

As soon as her words fell, Guan Qiushui, Guan Ping and the others, suddenly looked tense and all looked at her angrily.

It seemed that the guess was right, this woman had indeed brought her daughter to ask for a share of the Guan family’s wealth.


The old lady shook her head, “I still say, I can only ensure that you will not worry about food and drink, but if you want to share the family wealth, this is out of the question, in the future, I will give you mother and daughter a total of two thousand dollars a month to live on, this is enough for you to live on.”

“Two thousand ……”

The corners of Guan Shanxue’s mouth flooded with a few moments of desolation, and suddenly flung herself down on her knees to the old lady, “Mom, please, give Caiwei a little share, you don’t know, she ……”

“Oh, if you knew this, why did you have to do it in the first place, get out!”

The old lady was instantly furious and immediately sent someone to blast out Guan Shanxue.

Standing outside the gate of the Guan family, Guan Shanxue stood in a daze for a while before she left alone and returned to Caiwei’s Pet Shop.

“Mom, have the pillow towels been delivered?” Caiwei said.

“Caiwei, mum is sorry for you.” Guan Shanxue looked lovingly at her daughter and gently wrapped her arms around her, tears dampening Caiwei’s hair, “Mom thought she could come back and save you, but ……”

“Mom, it’s okay, I can pull through, it’s okay, in the past two years, haven’t I pulled through every time, every time.” Caiwei said comfortingly.

“But, you’re getting worse every time ……”

Guan Shanxue was saying, when suddenly Caiwei in her arms had a spasm and the person, all of a sudden, fainted in her arms.

“Caiwei! Caiwei!”

Guan Shanxue hugged her daughter, her head sweating with anxiety.

Yes, in the past two years, her daughter, somehow, had a strange disease, ordinary small hospitals, simply can not find out anything.

In the big hospitals, there was no money to go.

So, Guan Shanxue had no choice but to take Caiwei back to the family.

She wanted to raise money to cure Caiwei, however, the old lady’s attitude today had completely dashed Guan Shanxue’s hopes.

Just then, there was a movement at the door and Neo came in, “Caiwei?!”

Half an hour later.

The Ninth Master’s mansion.

Caiwei was lying on the bed, Zhang Jiu had just given her an examination last night and looked back at Neo who was anxiously looking next to her.

“What’s going on, Zhang Jiu?”

“Young master, she has a host of worms attacking her body.”


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