At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 434


At once, Ren Xia, Guan Qiushui and the others, all froze.

And those few friends of Ren Xia’s, at this moment, all looked at Ren Xia, and in their gazes, there was more than a different kind of meaning, and the atmosphere began to change subtly.

Ren Xia’s heart, stuttered, her face burned, and she was instantly on fire.

“Not accepting? What do they mean? Could it be that this diamond of mine is a fake?!” After saying that, her heart, too, was on tenterhooks, heartbeat to thumping, after all, this diamond was not bought by her, just given to her by Neo, she could not be sure of the authenticity ah.

“This, I didn’t say that either.” The appraiser said ambiguously, “Anyway, we just can’t accept this diamond unless we can provide proof of its regular origin.”

Regular source?

Ren Xia was about to curse in her heart, how could there be a formal source for this diamond, it was stolen by that punk Neo, how could there be a formal source for it?

Suddenly, however, Ren Xia’s heart stirred and she suddenly woke up.

This diamond was a fake!

It must be.

This diamond was fake, and this appraiser was just seeing that his group was here, and was giving himself a step up by not making it so clear.

Yes, who had ever seen a diamond for sale and needed any formal proof of origin?

Thinking of this, Ren Xia’s heart was angry and ashamed, and as soon as she grabbed the packet of diamonds, she took Guan Qiushui and a few friends with her and left the jewellery shop.

“That, Sister Xia ah, my child will be out of school later, I have to go pick up my child, let’s get together again some other time.”

“Right, my husband said he wants to have sweet and sour pork today, I also have to rush to the vegetable market to buy some fresh ones, they’ll all be picked out if I go late, I’m going over there too.”

After coming out, a few girlfriends also had something to do, and I also had something to do, and in a while I found an excuse to go all out.

“Neo, that son of a b*tch! He must be the one who switched the diamonds!”

Ren Xia finally understood what was going on at this point, and hated her even more, this trash, not only fooled her, but also made her lose face, in front of her friends.

“This punk, when he gave us the diamonds, I thought he had some conscience, but it turns out he had planned this underhanded tactic a long time ago!” Guan Qiushui also stomped her feet in anger, “No wonder he agreed so readily when mum asked him for the diamonds!”

“When that punk was leaving, he even told us to use it to set in our jewellery and not to sell it, I didn’t understand what he meant at that time, but it turned out that he was afraid that we would find out!” Ren Xia hated and cursed, “This punk, usually not so much heart ah, why this time, so cunning?”

“People die for their money, birds die for their food, this punk, seeing so many diamonds, he is also red-eyed, so he won’t give them to us.” Guan Qiushui cursed in anger, “In the past, this punk kept telling me that it was good to be together and that money was not important, but it turned out to be a lie. Mum, what should we do now?”

“What to do? How humiliating it would be for word to get out that we’ve been tricked by a useless piece of shit! Besides, these diamonds add up to more than a million, we can’t just let it go!”

Ren Xia was so angry that her chest hurt, “I can imagine that loser, hiding in a dark corner, looking at those real diamonds with a smug look on his face …… ah, no, no, no, no, I’m so angry, I must find that loser bastard and punish him properly, make him unforgettable for the rest of his life! Let him know the consequences of daring to play tricks on our Qingzhou Guan family!”

“Let’s go, let’s go find Grandma!”

With that, Ren Xia pulled Guan Qiushui and headed towards the Guan family in a furious manner.

It was also true that with their current ability, if they wanted to find Neo, it would definitely be impossible, but it would be different if they let the Guan family do it.

With the status and connections of the Guan family in Qingzhou City, it would not be too difficult to find a person, although it could not be said to be easy.

Moreover, now that Liu Xing had already confirmed with Guan Qiushui, Guan Qiushui’s status could be restored, so it would be normal to go to the old lady now.

As expected, when the Guan family received Ren Xia and Guan Qiushui again at this time, their attitudes were all very different from before.

In particular, the entire Guan family was shocked to hear that the Liu family had found powerful people in the capital and forced the old lady to break the vow she had made to let Neo and Guan Qiushui leave.

After all, everyone knew of the old lady’s position and authority in the Guan family, as well as her character of saying no to everything.

It was really something that could be said to be more difficult than ascending to the heavens to get the old lady to soften and break the vow she had made, after all, what the old lady was most concerned about was her reputation and authority.

“Does that mean that kid, Neo, stole the diamond from that mysterious guest at the open day, then gave the fake one and slipped away with the real one himself?”

At this moment, at the Guan family, the crowd was sitting in a group around a round table.

The old lady finished listening to Ren Xia’s account and said with a frown.

“This trash, Neo, has too much guts, that diamond, it didn’t belong to him in the first place, it belonged to Aunt Xia and Sister Qiushui, he still dares to covet it!” Guan Ping said indignantly.

“That’s right, you know, that diamond, it was at our Guan family open day, although we don’t know who the mysterious person is, but it is definitely related to our Guan family, and later, when that driver came back and pulled away the diamond, he also saw Neo steal the diamond, but the driver didn’t say anything, this is still not for the sake of our Guan family?” Guan Yuhan also said.

“Right! That driver probably knew that Neo was Sister Qiushui’s husband, so for the sake of our Guan family, even if he knew that it was Neo who stole the diamonds, he didn’t say anything.” Guan Ping said.

“So, that punk was able to steal the diamond purely because of the glory of our Guan family, otherwise all words, he probably would have been killed by the mysterious person behind that diamond to find someone to kill him, now he even dares to fool Aunt Xia and Sister Qiu Shui, this matter is fooling our Guan family and mocking us, Grandma, we must find that punk and make him get punished! Otherwise, he will definitely laugh in his heart at how our Guan family is being played by him!”

“Yes, Grandma, give the order quickly, with our Guan family’s connections in Qingzhou, it’s still no problem to mobilise road surveillance, and the most important thing now is to hurry up and blockade the major station intersections strictly, that punk has zero connections in Qingzhou, no one will help him, and since he played us, give him a hundred guts, he wouldn’t dare to stay in Qingzhou anymore, he’ll definitely have to escape with the diamonds Leave Qingzhou!”

“And those diamonds are worth more than a million, Grandma, that’s not a small amount of money for our Guan family!”

The crowd said one thing and I said another, and the old lady frowned as she listened.


Finally, the old lady nodded, “Isn’t it easy to deal with an impotent trash, thanks to this kid who has been eating and drinking in our Guan family for a year, when we find him, we have to make him look good!”

And at that moment, Caiwei Pet House.

“Say, want me to take care of it?”

Caiwei pointed at Leon in front of her.

However, at this moment, Leon was just a tiny puppy-like dog, looking completely unintimidating, only a kind of cuteness that was unique to small animals.

“Yes, I’m rather busy and don’t have time to take care of it, and when I gave it a bath just now, I felt that it quite liked it, so I wanted to entrust it to me to take care of it.”

Neo said quietly looking at Caiwei, but of course, could not see Caiwei’s appearance, only the pair of eyes that were revealed in her tightly wrapped light veil.

“Of course, don’t worry, I’ll pay for it.”

Neo said with a smile.

“Ah, the money thing is fine.” Caiwei, at this moment, had her eyes fixed on Lyon’s body and gently stroked it, “It’s so cute, I like it too, I don’t know why, the first time I saw it, I felt an unusual good feeling towards it, I’ll take good care of it.”

Leon let out a comfortable grunt in Caiwei’s hand and lay on the ground, on all fours.

Neo smiled again, thinking that yes, it was right to have an unusual good feeling about it.

“So, what about now, I don’t have any money either, so I’ll just put this, here, as collateral, and see if that’s okay?”

Saying that, Neo took out the black jade bracelet from his arms and handed it to Cai Wei.

“No, no, wait until we have money ……” Caiwei subconsciously excused herself, only, when she saw the black jade bracelet, she couldn’t help but tremble all over.

The eyes, all of a sudden, were completely attracted to the jade bracelet like.

It wasn’t just the feeling of a woman being attracted to jewellery, it seemed, there was something more.

And Neo, at this time, his gaze had been firmly fixed on Caiwei’s reaction, when he saw an indefinable light erupt in Caiwei’s gaze, Neo’s heart, thumping very hard.

It was as if, Caiwei seemed to have sensed something.

This jade bracelet, did it have the power to awaken Caiwei?

Just then, the entrance to the pet shop went dark and a group of people rushed in.

“This trash is really here!”


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