At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 433

Meanwhile, at Renxia’s home, there was already a lot of activity.

“Grandma agrees, grandma agrees!” Guan Qiushui hugged Ren Xia tightly, mother and daughter hugged and cried with hot tears in their eyes, too, for how long they had waited for this day again.

“I knew that the heavens would not fail us Qiushui, they will definitely let us Qiushui live a happy and fulfilling life, this year of hardship must have been a test from the heavens, now, it is the heavens that have revealed their spirit.” Ren Xia said excitedly.

“Mom, it wasn’t God who showed his spirit, it was Liu Shao who made the effort, forget it, just now Liu Shao said that he asked his father and uncle, to ask for connections to convince Grandma.”

“Yes, yes, it was Liu Shao! It’s Liu Shao’s fault! If you can convince grandma to agree to a divorce, then you must have an extremely deep background and status, and only Liu Shao can invite someone of such status.” Ren Xia hurriedly said.

In her heart, she was even more delighted, yes, needless to say, it must be because Liu Xing had asked someone to find connections for the old lady to agree.

“Shao Liu, thank you so much!”

Ren Xia looked at Liu Shao, her face abounding with smiles.

“It’s not much, it’s just a hand up, my dad said that he knows quite a few gentry in the capital, so he should have found a connection, but it’s all for myself, so aunty doesn’t need to say thank you.” Liu Xing said as he stood up and reached out to pull Guan Qiushui to him, “As long as I can be with Qiushui, I am willing to do anything.”

“Xiao Lu, this, it’s all destiny, don’t be too sad either.”

On the other side, Guan Shanhe patted Neo’s shoulder and said.

“That, Neo is it, just now, also heard the words, if you are sensible, you should know what to do now! As for the rest, don’t think too much about it, here is a thousand yuan, counting our compensation to this year, pack up your things, where to go!”

At this time Ren Xia was in a good mood, only thinking of hurrying up to get rid of Neo, so surprisingly even took out a thousand yuan to Neo as compensation fee.

“No need, I’ll go now.”

Neo smiled, did not expect Shu Shan Institute to work so quickly.

At this moment, he was also in an extremely good mood.

After all, this time, it was true that he had found Caiwei.

Moreover, the real Caiwei did not seem to be a gold-digging woman like Guan Qiushui.

After saying that, Neo turned around and walked away.

Seeing that Neo had really walked away so quickly, Ren Xia and Guan Qiushui were both stunned.

This kid, he really just walked away without saying a word? He didn’t even make a fuss?

Especially Guan Qiushui, originally she had a deep hatred for Neo, and could not wait for him to leave, but now she saw that Neo did not cry or make a fuss, just left, not only did he not feel sad, even his face seemed to be quite relaxed, Guan Qiushui’s heart, could not help but feel a bit uncomfortable.

Of course, if she said she liked Neo and couldn’t let go of him, that’s definitely not true.

It’s just that women, in general, are quite confident in themselves, especially beautiful women.

Now that Neo has just left, as if he didn’t stay for himself at all, Guan Qiushui has a depressed feeling in her heart that she has nowhere to vent.

This bastard, what a waste! He didn’t even resist a bit!

Guan Qiushui cursed in his heart.

“That, Liu Shao ah, now that that punk is finally gone, and Qiushui can finally be together, say, when are we going to get married?”

Ren Xia looked at Liu Xing with an expectant face.

She was really anxious in her heart, this year, because of Neo, she had no status in the Guan family, and was bullied and suppressed really badly.

With her character, she had been holding her breath.

And now as long as her daughter married Liu Xing, not only would her status in the Guan family be restored for sure, but with Liu Xing’s family history, her status would only be higher than before.

“Aunty, don’t worry, I will go back and start preparing, I will get married to Qiushui right away, I have already booked the hotel, when the time comes, the wedding will be held at the Tianyi Hotel!” Liu Xing said.

“Great!” Ren Xia was very excited, Tian Yi Hotel was the best five-star hotel in Qingzhou City, that day, for himself, must be a glorious day.

“Qiushui, on the day we get married, I will charter the whole of the Tianyi Hotel and let everyone in the city come to witness our wedding.” Liu Xing looked at Guan Qiushui, “Qiushui, I know that I have suffered a lot this year following that trash, I know that I never even had a proper wedding when I got married to him, but don’t worry, what I lost, I will help fight to get back, what I didn’t experience, I will let experience it again.”

“Great.” Guan Qiushui murmured.

A few people talked for a while more, nothing more than about the wedding, Liu Xing didn’t stay much longer and went back.

“Mom, why do I feel that Neo is a bit strange.”

After Liu Xing left, the mother-daughter duo, Ren Xia Guan Qiushui, continued to chat about the day’s events.

“Why, that punk was just a bit weird in the first place, I think he’s just a bit wrong in the head.” Renxia said.

“No, don’t you think it’s strange for him to agree to a divorce so quickly?”

“That’s true.” Ren Xia frowned, “And I see that kid doesn’t seem to be upset at all, he even seems to be quite relaxed, could it be that this kid, behind the scenes, is ready to make bad things happen?”

“Only, a person like him, an outsider, without money or power, if it wasn’t for our family supporting him, he would have starved to death in Qingzhou, he doesn’t have that ability even if he wants to make mischief.”

“That’s true.”

Ren Xia waved her hand, “Anyway, that boy is already a thing of the past, we have put up with him for more than a year, and now we have finally got rid of him, why talk about him. Right, daughter, just now Liu Shao also said that the wedding will be held at the Tianyi Hotel, and the wedding will be held next week, their family will definitely have to put up a lot of money to organize the wedding, I think, we can’t not contribute a single penny, right?”

Of course, Ren Xia said this, not because she was generous, but just to leave a good impression on the Liu family.

“But, our family doesn’t have any money now either.” Guan Qiushui said.

It was also true that she hadn’t fully recovered her position in the Guan family yet.

“Don’t forget, we still have the diamonds that that kid Neo stole in our hands, let’s sell these diamonds and properly purchase them as well.” Ren Xia said.

The next morning, Ren Xia arrived at the largest jewellery trading centre in Qingzhou City.

She was accompanied by a few of Ren Xia’s girlfriends.

These girlfriends used to be very close to Ren Xia, but since Ren Xia’s family had been marginalized by the Guan family, they had gradually distanced themselves from Ren Xia.

But now that they heard that Liu Xing was going to marry Guan Qiushui and that the old lady had agreed to it, these girlfriends started to get closer to Ren Xia again.

“Sister Xia, take this money, before Qiushui and Liu Shao get married, our family will definitely have to spend money.”

“That’s right, Sister Xia, take it and use it first.”

Several girlfriends also started to please Ren Xia at this time.

“Oh, no, no, do you think I will be short of money? To tell you the truth, although our family has been left out by the family this year, but the thin camel is bigger than the horse, how will I be short of money?”

Ren Xia said, and led a few people into a jewellery shop.

“Welcome, a few of you want to buy jewellery, or ……”

Before the guide finished his words, Ren Xia directly took out the small bag of diamonds and slapped it on the counter, “I want to sell diamonds, let’s estimate a price!”

“Please wait a moment.” The guide immediately took out the intercom, and in a short while, an appraiser came.

Ren Xia and a few of her girlfriends, right next to her, sipped the lemonade handed to them by the guide and waited slowly for the results.

“Wow, I didn’t expect Sister Xia to have so many diamonds!”

“Yes, these diamonds are worth a million at least.”

“It’s us who underestimated Sister Xia.”

Listening to the crowd’s words, Ren Xia’s face was gleaming with beauty.

It was at this time that the appraiser who had been looking down and using the apparatus to appraise the diamonds, at this time, finally raised his head and carried the box containing the diamonds and came to Ren Xia’s face.

“Well? Are you done with the appraisal? Tell me, this diamond is not an ordinary diamond, how much do you want to bid for it?” Ren Xia said smugly.

She didn’t know much about diamonds, but, at the time, she was there, she also heard people who knew the trade, saying that this diamond was of good purity and so on, not to mention that the person who could pull a truckload of diamonds had an extraordinary background, so how could such a person be a poor diamond.

“Sorry, madam, this diamond, we don’t accept it.” Chapter 433 – Finally a clean break


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