At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 432

Come out, Lyon.” The youth opened the cage.

A small poodle, slowly, came out of the cage, looking as if he was a bit reluctant, he was round and chubby, covered in white fluff without a stray hair, and had the silly look of a small animal.

“Wow, cute!”

Caiwei couldn’t help but exclaim softly, although she was veiled, but her eyes were still like ink pupils, only when she got a good look at the poodle, she couldn’t help but stare, “This, this isn’t a poodle, is it?”

“Well, it’s a poodle, but it looks a bit like a lion, maybe it’s a bit of a genetic mutation.” The youth was, of course, Neo.

It was normal that Cai Wei didn’t know Neo, after all, at the Guan family’s open day, Cai Wei and Guan Shan Xue, of course, wouldn’t have noticed Neo in the corner.

“Okay.” Cai Wei was still wondering in her heart, but she could only accept Neo’s statement.

Although this puppy dog really looked exactly like a lion, no matter who it was, they wouldn’t think of it as a lion, only as a strange looking puppy.

Caiwei picked up Leon and gently stroked him in her arms a few times, and Leon squinted his eyes as if he was very flattered.

Half an hour later, Neo left the pet shop with a refreshed Lyon.

“So, Leon, do you think the girl who gave you a bath just now is your former mistress?” Neo said as he looked at the lion in his arms.

“The force and feeling of her stroking me is very similar to the previous Caiwei, I can feel it because thirty thousand years ago, when she and Tianxuan rode on me, they would also stroke me like that, I can be sure that she is Caiwei.” Lyon spoke up.

Yes, Lyon could also talk, after all, this guy was a mountain and sea scripture monster, and most of the mountain and sea scripture monsters were able to speak with their mouths.

“What about Guan Qiushui?”

Neo said, taking out that jade bracelet that Zhang Jiu had given him from his arms, “You said that you just smelled on me the same smell you smelled on her before, was it because of this bracelet?”

It was also true, when Neo and Lyon met just now, Lyon said that Neo’s body smelled like Cai Wei, Neo was also very strange, and when he thought about it, he also had the extra jade bracelet that Zhang Jiu had given to him on his body.

If it was really because of the jade bracelet, then how did Guan Qiushui have this jade bracelet?

“Sorry, I think at that time I did dare to be sure that Guan Qiushui was Caiwei’s because I smelled the bracelet, it seems that I was wrong and I was too reckless.” Lyon said in embarrassment.

“Crap, you delayed me for a whole year!”

Neo was helpless.

Sure enough, Guan Qiushui was not Caiwei.

And Guan Shanxue’s daughter was the one who was Caiwei.

Although Neo was depressed in his heart that he had spent this year in vain, he was also surprisingly vaguely happy.

The women of Tian Xuan were really not vulgar women.

To be honest, in his heart, he was also relieved.

For more than a year, just because he had always thought that Guan Qiushui was Caiwei, he had also endured a lot of humiliation in the Guan family, and had even been subjected to Ren Xia’s beatings and scolding.

And now, one no longer needed to endure this.

Thinking of this, Neo picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number out.

“Third Young Master.” On the phone, a voice, said respectfully.

“I want your Shu Shan Institute to do me a favour.” Neo thought for a moment and said, “You guys talk to the Guan family in Qingzhou about something, that’s about it ……”

Neo gave a brief account of the matter over the phone.

“Yes, Third Young Master! I’ll get it done!”

After hanging up the phone, Neo found a park and sat quietly for more than two hours, estimating that it was almost time, he then walked towards the Phoenix district.

After standing at the entrance for a while, Neo didn’t even enter.

To be honest, even though he had always been looked down upon, he had lived here for more than a year, no matter what.

In the end, Neo took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

As soon as he entered, he froze.

In the living room, Liu Xing, who was dressed in a designer suit, was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, while Ren Xia and Guan Qiushui, both of them, were busy serving tea and peeling fruits.

“Auntie, don’t worry, I ah, will definitely marry Qiushui!” Liu Xing had a decisive tone, “The problem now is that Old Madam can’t break her vow at that time for the sake of your Guan family’s reputation, so I have already asked my dad and my uncle to ask for connections, I believe that as long as there are more bigwigs begging for mercy, Old Madam will also change her mind.”

“Liu Shao ah, in fact, our Qiushui has always liked you ah, when she first married that trash Neo, she was just recovering from a serious illness and was confused for a while, and they really never had a cave, this you can rest assured ……”

“Mom, what are you talking about.” Guan Qiushui’s face instantly flushed and she said shyly.

“Hahahaha!” Liu Xing laughed happily.

For a while, in the living room, there was a lot of happiness.

But it was also at this time that the crowd saw Neo who had entered.

At once, Ren Xia’s face changed.

“Hey, Neo, what have you been doing out there just now!” Ren Xia said very nonchalantly.

“Nothing.” Neo looked at Liu Xing and didn’t say anything, now that Guan Qiushui wasn’t Caiwei, Neo didn’t care much either.

“Didn’t do anything? Didn’t do anything why did you go out for so long?” Ren Xia looked at Neo suspiciously, and before she could finish her sentence, outside, another group of people approached.

Seeing this group of people, Ren Xia was instantly even more dumbfounded.

When she reacted, she looked startled and terrified, and hurriedly went forward, “Mom, what are you doing here?”

“Yo, Liu Shao is also here?” The old lady said.

Yes, the group of people who had come was none other than the Guan family, and at the head of the group, was Xie Chunyang.

The old lady’s sudden arrival here was something that Ren Xia’s family had not expected.

They knew that the old lady had never been here since they had moved to the Phoenix area.

What’s more, now that the Ren Xia family was already marginalised, there was no reason for the old lady to come here.

Therefore, at this time, seeing the old lady suddenly appear, and hearing the old lady say so, Ren Xia heart can not help but have a few panic.

Yes, of course she panicked, today Liu Xing took the initiative to propose, the old lady refused, now seeing the old lady see Liu Xing in her house, what would she think?

Suddenly, she seemed to understand something.

She couldn’t help but look at Neo angrily, “Neo, it was you who secretly reported to mum, wasn’t it?!”

It must be, Neo, this punk, saw Liu Shao coming here, so he secretly went to inform the old lady.

You know, no matter what, Neo and Qiushui were still married now, while she herself condoned Liu Xing’s visit to her home, if this got out, it would definitely have a bad impact on the reputation of the Guan family.

Ren Xia also understood that although the old lady did not like Neo and Qiushui’s marriage either, the old lady still cared a lot about the reputation of the Guan family.

“I don’t.”

Neo shook his head, he had actually understood it in his heart when he saw the old lady coming here.

“He gave me a message? What kind of message did he give me? Do you think I would see him?” The old lady snorted coldly, clearly displeased with Ren Xia’s words.

“Ah, then what did you come here for, mum?”

When Ren Xia thought about it, she was right, the old lady had been extremely displeased with Neo for a long time and would not even look at him, so even if Neo wanted to report a letter, how would he have the opportunity to do so?

“What am I doing here?”

I came here today to tell you that if Qiushui wants to, she can divorce Neo!”


At once, Ren Xia and Guan Qiushui, both of them were stunned by this sudden surprise.

“Thank you, Grandma!” Guan Qiushui excitedly jumped up and hugged the old lady.

“Qiushui ah, after the divorce, you can marry Liu Shao, in the future ah, the Guan family will depend on you.” The old lady said.


Guan Qiushui was so excited that she was dying, what did grandma mean by this? Not only could she marry Liu Shao, but her status in her grandmother’s heart had come back!

After Xie Chunyang finished speaking, he didn’t delay any longer and left again with his people.

Just out of the Phoenix district.

Guan Ping didn’t look very happy, “Grandma, didn’t you say you couldn’t break the vow you made a year ago?”

“That’s right, of course I won’t break it.” The old lady said, “But, just now someone called me and forced me to allow Neo and Qiushui to separate.”

“Huh?! What kind of person?!” Guan Ping was stunned, there was someone else who could force Grandma to do something?

“You shouldn’t ask that, in short, it’s someone of extremely high status, in that case, there’s nothing I can do.”


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