At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 431

Rubbish, it really pisses me off!”

The stormy voice could almost be heard from downstairs in the Phoenix neighborhood.

“What bad luck, to be trapped by this trash for life, otherwise, it would have been such a good day for Liu Shao to confess his love to Qiushui!”

In the living room, Ren Xia was so angry that her face turned blue.

In the Guan family clan, she didn’t dare to get angry, and in front of the rest of the Guan family, she was just a younger brother.

But back in the Phoenix community, she was the queen.

She had watched everything at the open day today.

At first, Ren Xia was silent and ashamed.

Although she was the core layer of the Guan family according to her status, she had long been reduced to a marginal figure in the Guan family because of this matter of her daughter.

When she saw the rest of the Guan family being surrounded by people, enjoying the compliments and flattery of the crowd, especially those sisters-in-law who used to be her equals, each smiling and smug, her heart became even more uncomfortable.

However, when she saw Liu Xing come forward and give her daughter sixteen gifts, especially when Liu Xing later even took the initiative to ask the old lady to marry Qiushui.

At that time, Ren Xia’s heart was suddenly flooded with a kind of joy.

It was as if she had seen hope.

Yes, if her daughter married Liu Xing, with a backer like the Liu family, then not only could she get back all that she had lost in the Guan family, but her status would even be higher than before!

However, it turned out that she was obviously disappointed.

The old lady directly denied Liu Xing’s request.

At that moment, Ren Xia was so desperate that she wanted to die.

Of course, she did not dare to blame the old lady.

She could only blame Neo’s head as well.

Now, Liu Xing had pleaded so much, but the old lady did not even agree, so it seemed that it was really completely hopeless, her daughter would have to live with this trash, Neo, for the rest of her life.

“Soooooooo, my life is so bitter.”

Guan Qiushui’s face did not look good on the way, and when she returned home, she even sat on the floor and sobbed.

Neo was really unbearably annoyed, and thinking of Guan Shanxue and her daughter in his heart, he couldn’t help but stand up and walk towards the door.

“What, where are you going?”

Ren Xia pounced on the doorway and stared angrily at Neo.

“I’m going out.”

Neo said.

“Go out, what are you going out for?” Ren Xia sized up Neo suspiciously, knowing that usually Neo usually stays at home and rarely goes out.

“This ……” Neo went out of course is something, but this matter, it is not really good to tell Ren Xia.

The actual fact is that you can’t be sure of your inner suspicions, so until the matter is proven, he doesn’t dare to speak to Renxia Guan Qiushui to understand.

“Mom, he, he still has the diamond he just stole on him, could it be that he wants to sneak out and spend it?” Guan Qiushui, at this moment, also came over.

“Right, right!” Ren Xia snapped her head and reached out with her hand, “Hand over the diamonds!”

“Hand it over quickly, Neo, don’t think we don’t see that you stole it, hurry up and take it out!”

“Give it to you all. But I have to give you guys an explanation.” Neo thought about it and said, “This diamond, you can take it for jewellery, rings, necklaces, bags, but you can’t sell it, got it?”

Neo didn’t want to dwell on them, so he gave the diamond he had just taken to Ren Xia and Guan Qiushui.

As soon as these two saw the diamond, their eyes lit up and they didn’t bother about Neo.

Neo also took the opportunity to leave the Phoenix area.

At this time, the Guan family.

All the outsiders had already left, and what remained were the core people of the Guan family.

“For today, the matter of Guan Shanxue and their mother and daughter returning to the family, what do you think?” Old Madam Xie Chunyang gathered the core members of the family into one piece and said.

“Oh, she said it herself, she didn’t do well outside, that’s why she returned to the family, that’s why she wants to rely on the family.”

“Back then, ignoring the interests of the family, she left on her own, not only did she let the family’s interests suffer greatly, but she also gave the family a bad reputation, now after more than twenty years, she really can’t get along anymore, and she has the cheek to return to the family, this kind of person I despise.”

“And that one called Caiwei, who is so ugly, is simply a disgrace to our Guan family, today’s open day was seen by so many people, if word gets out, our Guan family will be laughed at too.”

“Guan Shan Xue is also really, more than twenty years without contact with the family, we have long since lost kinship with her, she did not come early and late, but chose to return at the family open day, this is clearly to eat us up, after all, now everyone knows that she has returned to the family, if we drive her away, it will make others think that our Guan family is too impersonal. ”

“Yes, how cunning! They say that people are poor and have many minds, she must have been tainted with the cunning pettiness and sinisterness of the poor long ago after having been out there for so poorly for the past twenty years, we should all be careful with people like that.”

“But no matter what, her status is that of a core member of the Guan family, and now that she has returned, the Guan family’s wealth, too, has her share!”

“No way! The wealth of our Guan family is earned by those of us who have worked hard for it, trying to get something for nothing is absolutely out of the question! We have to deal with Guan Shanxue’s mother and daughter just like we did with that trash Neo, just because Guan Qiushui married Neo, now Guan Qiushui’s family has been stripped of their family benefits, we are doing this because we don’t want trash Neo to get a lot of wealth from the Guan family without working for it, so now that Guan Shanxue’s mother and daughter, we naturally have to do the same to them!”

“Yes, that’s right!”

The crowd all agreed and said.

It was also true that, after all, the total amount of wealth was a certain amount, and if one more person shared it, then they would share less, which was something no one would want to see.

“Well, what you all say makes sense.”

The old lady nodded, “But since Guan Shanxue and her daughter are back, I can’t drive them away, lest people laugh and say that our Guan family can’t even afford two women, but you guys are also right, the Guan family’s wealth is created by us, we can’t share it with people who don’t work for it, Guan Shanxue and her daughter, don’t enjoy our Guan family’s welfare, but now that they are in Qingzhou, they always need to live. So I have discussed with them and rented them one of our Guan family’s shops in Duanjia Lane for free, so that they can do some small business to support themselves.”

“That’s good!”

“This is already kind to them, it’s up to them whether they can survive and how well they live.”

“For a family traitor, we’ve done well enough!”

Everyone was satisfied with this way of handling the old lady.

Anyway, as long as Guan Shanxue and her daughter, don’t come and rob the wealth, that’s all.

“Well, then the second thing, the truckload of diamonds, what do you all think?” The old lady said again.

This time, the bottom exploded even more.

Buzzes were heard everywhere.

Obviously, this matter, more than Guan Shanxue’s mother and daughter, mobilised all of them with more motivation and attention.

“Oh my god, that’s just a dream!”

“I really can’t imagine which family, which consortium, can be so generous with a truckload of diamonds, even the four families in the capital, even the richest man, Huang Shan Song, can’t possibly do it!”

“Moreover, this truckload of diamonds was pulled over by just one driver, not to mention that no one from the family came with them, not even an escort, this is too dangling!”

“This means that this truckload of diamonds is just a very small amount of wealth that people don’t even care about!”

“Just, what is the purpose? Why would they do that at our Kwan Family Open Day?”

“Maybe it’s to show off their wealth and try to get our attention.” Guan Ping said leisurely.

“Get our Guan family’s attention? Ping Ping, you’re kidding, people are so rich, how would they care about our Guan family’s attention.”

“Why not, although our Guan family is not even comparable to other people’s toes, but our Guan family has beautiful girls!” Guan Ping said.

“Right, right! Maybe people have taken a fancy to one of us?” Guan Yuhan’s face also lit up with joy as she hurriedly followed.

With a single word, the other young girls of the Guan family were all overjoyed as well.

“Alright, alright, this is not very likely, you guys should stop thinking blindly, what those top families do is not something we can think about, don’t guess the top families with the minds of small families, I’ve even heard of some big families even using poverty to train their children in order to educate them, so the behavior of big families is hard to understand, it won’t be like what you think It’s not as simple as you think.”

The old lady said here and paused, “But if we really want to find a family interested in our Guan family, then it is still the Liu family, today Liu Xing’s appearance you all saw, alas, if Qiushui had not been bent on it back then, now and us and the Liu family, it would have been possible to join forces. Pity ah!”

“But Liu Xing has begged you and you didn’t agree to him, why ah?”

“When Qiushui married that Neo, in a fit of anger, I had clearly said that they were not allowed to divorce, and now even though I also want Qiushui to marry Liu Xing, but as the head of the family, I can never break what I have said!”

Speaking of this, the old lady also let out a long sigh.

“Our family, we’ve really been screwed over by that trash!”

The Guan family was having a family meeting here.

And at this time, in Duanjia Lane, a new shop, had just opened.

“Caiwei’s Pet Shop”, the plaque above the new shop, was very plain, and although it was open, it didn’t have any flower baskets or banners or anything like that, it looked extremely low key and simple.

“Caiwei, although mum has brought you back, she still hasn’t been able to give you a prosperous life, will you blame mum?” Guan Shanxue said as she looked at Caiwei who was busy in and out of the house.

“Mom, it’s not a problem, it’s good enough to open a pet shop, don’t worry, I’ll do a good job, I’ll earn money to support the family.” Caiwei was no longer wearing a hat, but her face was still covered with a light veil.

As the two were talking, a young man came in at the door.

The youth was dressed simply, not very handsome, but quite good-looking.

As soon as he came in, his eyes were fixed on Caiwei.

Cai Wei was a little embarrassed by his stare.

“Sir, what can I do for you?” Guan Shanxue was a little annoyed in her heart, after all, her daughter’s looks were considered a flaw, she was heartbroken when her daughter made a fool of herself at the open day before, and now this youth kept staring.

“Oh, sorry.” The youth came back to his senses and also felt he had been rude, “You are a pet shop here, I have a poodle, can you help me give it a bath?”

As he said that, the youth took out a small cage from behind him, inside was a white poodle, about the size of a hug pillow, I think.


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