At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 430

Showtime ……

A bitter laugh escaped Neo’s heart.

Yes, it really should have been show time for yourself, but the series of words and actions that Guan Qiushui just said and did in the face of Liu Xing made Neo’s heart, again, a few more disappointed in her.

Yes, it is okay to worship gold, and Neo can also accept it.

A moderate amount of gold worship makes a person healthy, but a heavy amount of gold worship is a whole person who is ruined, has no dignity and has become a slave to money.

Even if Guan Qiushui was really Caiwei, Neo did not want to be married to her at this time.

What’s more, the sudden appearance of the young girl called Caiwei also made Neo pay more attention to her.

Was it really a coincidence that her name was Caiwei?

Or was it a sign of something?

For a moment, Neo’s mood to give Guan Qiushui a gift was also hesitant.

At this moment, such a small mountain of glittering diamonds stood quietly in the middle of the Guan family courtyard, and everyone’s eyes still rested on this pile of diamonds.

The gazes of all the women present were like magnets, staring intently at that mountain of diamonds.

The pure light of those thousands of misty diamonds was truly seductive, enough to make any woman lose her mind.

Even though they were born into the Guan family, even though they had worn countless rare jewels, the diamond mountain was something that could only be found in fairy tales.

In reality, seeing such a mountain of diamonds would make even those who are not greedy for money dizzy.

Guan Qiushui also seemed to have forgotten about Liu Xing beside her at this moment, her gaze unblinkingly looking at those diamonds.

Her face was completely obsessed with the look of a puppy dog seeing a bone.

Seeing Guan Qiushui like this, Neo’s heart sighed, with an indefinable feeling.

There was a soft, crisp sound.

The diamond at the top of the diamond mountain rolled down.

This rolling was like a cave-in, driving more diamonds to roll down.

There was a clatter ……

Hundreds of diamonds rolled down the slope and onto the ground, towards the feet of those around them.

One by one, the diamonds rolled under the feet of those at the front of the crowd.

Looking at these diamonds right at their feet, the crowd couldn’t help but swallow their saliva, but no one dared to pick them up.

Even if there were so many diamonds you couldn’t see less even if you walked away with a sack full of them, still, no one dared to move.

After all, everyone is clear, can have so many diamonds of people, background is how deep, have the life to steal diamonds, I’m afraid there is no life to spend it.

A diamond, tinkling, impartial, also rolled to Neo’s feet.

Neo bent down and gently picked it up, squinting his eyes and examining it.

This is a pink diamond, about five carats, at any rate, probably worth 70,000 to 80,000, Tianzhi this kid, also really bothered ah.

But Neo knew that this truckload of diamonds was really nothing to the family, after all, the Lu family was in Africa, with its own diamond mines, not to mention a truckload of diamonds, even a giant bulk carrier of a million tons could fill it up for you.

“Neo, what are you doing! Put it down quickly!”

At this moment, there was a sudden rebuke, and he saw Guan Qiushui yelling at himself with a nervous look on his face.

Not only was it Guan Qiushui, but the crowd also looked over.

“Look, that kid is stealing diamonds!”

“Damn, he’s got a lot of guts, doesn’t he want to die?”

“It’s okay to kill yourself, if you drag the Guan family into it then it’s over.”

The crowd was talking and many people took out their mobile phones and started to video tape Neo.

“You still don’t put the diamond down!”

Guan Qiushui’s face was white with fear, and she rushed straight to Neo’s front, so many people were watching, and someone had recorded the video. The wife, will not also be involved in their own!

“Here you go.”

The chatter of the people around, Guan Qiushui’s concern, was of course simply indifferent to Neo.

After all, they didn’t even know that the diamonds were their own.

Neo put the diamond in his hand and handed it to Guan Qiushui, “It’s for you.”

“You’re nuts!”

Guan Qiushui was scared and angry, this guy, even if he stole the diamonds himself, now he wants to give them to himself? Is he trying to trap himself as well?

“Take it, I haven’t given you anything this year, consider it a gift from me to you.” Neo said, grabbed another handful of diamonds and handed it to Guan Qiushui.

In fact, if there was no Liu Xing’s appearance, no Liu Xing’s marriage proposal, no Guan Qiushui’s kind of kneeling to Liu Xing.

And there was no appearance of Guan Shanxue and Caiwei.

Neo was really indifferent to this truckload of diamonds and gave it all to Guan Qiushui.

As long as she was the real Caiwei, what was the point of giving this truckload of diamonds to her?

Back then, she fell in love with Tianxuan without a second thought, accompanied him, and made his heart etched in her bones.

However, now, Neo felt that a truckload of diamonds was too much, but no matter what, Guan Qiushui had been his wife for over a year, so it was only right to give her a little gift.

This handful of diamonds is worth millions and millions of dollars at any rate.

“You trash, you are trying to get us killed!”

Just at this time, Ren Xia also rushed out from the crowd and pounced on Neo.

Ren Xia was really frightened at this point, and hated Neo in her heart, this punk, could it be that she had just seen Liu Shao proposing to Qiushui and was jealous causing her heart to pervert, so she did this on purpose, just to punk her family for a wave?

Or perhaps, because of the stimulation of Liu Shao sixteen gifts, the brain really appeared abnormal?

“Brother, it’s understandable that you don’t have money to buy gifts, but you don’t have to be sick and desperate, do you know that moving these diamonds, you don’t know how much trouble you will get into? Old lady, how can this kind of person be your granddaughter’s son-in-law, he will drag everyone in your Guan family down with him!” Liu Xing was overjoyed at this moment and hurriedly walked out from the crowd and said.

The old lady was also very anxious at this moment.

There were so many people watching, and since Neo was married to Guan Qiushui, he was a member of the Guan family, and Liu Xing was right.

However, at this time.

At the door, there was suddenly another boom.

The truck from earlier, came roaring back again.

And behind the truck, there was a bucket truck and an excavator.

The truck stopped and the driver from earlier jumped out of the truck.

Before the crowd could understand, the driver directed the bucket truck and the excavator to start working, and soon, all the diamonds on the ground, were back into the truck.

The truck driver, too, was ready to jump in and go.

“Boss, someone else has stolen the diamonds!”

“Yes, yes, someone has taken the diamonds, a big handful of them.”

“That’s him!”

Some good people hurriedly came forward to expose Neo.

This time, Guan Qiushui was completely flustered.

The truck driver, after looking at Neo and then at the diamonds in Neo’s hand, apparently said nothing, got in and drove away with a bang.

Nonsense, even if Neo had never met him, but the third young master of the family, how could he not know him.

Seeing the truck driver just walk away, the crowd looked dumbfounded.

While in his heart, Neo let out a long sigh, what a farce.

Yes, when he received Lu Tianzhi’s text message just now, he sent a direct message back to Tianzhi, asking him to pull the diamond away, after all, there was no need to give it away ah.

“Gone, gone?”

“This kid stole so many diamonds and just let it go?”

“Could it be that he didn’t see it?”

“It can’t be, we’ve all told him, he’s just looked at the kid too, he obviously saw it all.”

“Then what the hell is going on?”

The crowd was all talking.

And Guan Qiushui and the others were all frozen.

This, how could this be?

No matter what the crowd thought, but after this experience, the crowd no longer had the heart to attend any more Guan family open days and were all talking about the diamond incident just now.

The old lady was also very sensible and ended the open house early, letting everyone go back.

On the way back, Neo was preoccupied with a bold idea that kept hovering in his mind, it was time to use the power of the family.


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