At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 429

“Crap, diamonds!”

“A truckload of diamonds?! All diamonds?!”

Exclaims of shock rose in all directions.

At this moment, the body of the truck, standing as if it were a mechanical giant, was extremely eye-catching in the crowd.

There was a continuous clattering sound.

Countless diamonds, converging into a silver-white river dotted with multicolours, poured down from the body of the truck, and soon, they were piled up into a small mountain.

A small mountain that shimmered with countless crystals of light.

It cast a magical layer of colour over the entire yard of the Guan family.

Everyone was stunned.

They were truly stunned.

Including the old lady and the others, they were like children of seven or eight years old who had never seen the world before, staring in awe at the heap of diamonds.

It was not that they had never seen diamonds before, nor had they never seen many diamonds before.

However, the diamonds in front of them had completely refreshed the image of diamonds in their brains.

Yes, diamonds are noble, expensive, rare, and should be displayed in a window, held in the palm of the hand, and carefully cared for.

But the diamonds in front of us are like sand and cement sold on a f*cking construction site, just dumped on the floor in a single stream, so casually, so roughly.

The feeling is like seeing one of those gloriously sophisticated billionaire fan actresses suddenly sent out into the fields to do farm work in a straw hat and grimy face.

The diamonds, still pouring methodically, the hill grew larger and larger, and the newly poured diamonds, along the perimeter, were still sliding down.

As the diamonds continued to pour, the mountain of diamonds grew larger and larger, constantly encroaching on the space around it.

The nearest people, who were watching the diamonds tumble like waves, could not help but back away from them.

Despite the fact that diamonds are a much-loved treasure, the crowd, as if they were beasts of prey, were backing away from them as they watched them come under their feet.

It’s not that they don’t like diamonds, but they know very well who must be the one to get so many diamonds in one go. At this moment, no one dared to say or move much, for fear of provoking such a powerful person in a situation they didn’t understand.

“Is this, is this really a diamond?”

Someone muttered.

It was also true that no matter to whom it was given, seeing so many diamonds, I was afraid that all of them would have these questions in their hearts.

“Really, it’s true, I am the one who runs the jewellery house, not only are these diamonds real, but they are all pure grade five, the value of each one, I’m afraid, is no less than fifty thousand ……” The person who spoke, looked dumbfounded in front of him, although he was the owner of the jewellery house, and had seen Although he was the owner of a jewelry house and had seen countless jewels, the diamonds he had seen in his life combined were not as many as the ones in front of him.


Finally, the last of the diamonds in the car were poured out.

Then, the car door was thrown open with a bang.

At once, everyone’s eyes were focused on the car door. At this moment, I am afraid that everyone present was eager to know who was in the car.

As the head of the Guan family, Xie Chunyang heard the car door rattling, she also hurriedly swallowed her saliva, her face had long since lost the majestic arrogance of the Guan family head, replaced by a comical deference and not knowing what to do.

Looking at her, it looked as if she wanted to go forward to greet her.

But, in the end, she still did not go forward.

Because at this moment, her mind was also clouded, and she didn’t know what was the right thing to do at this time.

The appearance of this truck was too unbelievable, too unexpected. Old lady Xie Chunyang, who had experienced countless storms in her life, had never experienced such a scene before.

The scene was so shocking that she, who is a person who is at ease with the sound of thunder, did not know what she was doing at this moment.

She wanted to go forward, but she was worried that they were not looking for her at all, and that would be ugly.

But if she didn’t go forward, she was afraid that she would not be courteous enough, after all, this was the Guan family’s open day, and as the head of the Guan family, if she was not well entertained, then the responsibility would definitely be on her head.

Therefore, the old lady Xie Chunyang, who had always been thunderous and decisive, was in a dilemma, standing with an awkward face, neither in nor out.

But after all, the car door opened.

A man jumped out.

The driver jumped out of the truck, but did not say hello to anyone. He went straight to the back of the truck, climbed inside the carriage, pounded for a while, and when he came down, he had a few more diamonds in his hand, which he did not keep, but threw directly onto the pile of diamond hills.

It was only then that the crowd realised that the driver had got out of the truck to clean up the diamonds left behind that were stuck in the wagon.

Then the driver climbed back into the van and, starting the car, drove off.

Only the tall mountain of colourful diamonds was left in place.

This time, the crowd was even more confused.

Crap, this, this was leaving?

Just leaving so many diamonds here, without a head or a tail, without anyone to look after them, like a f*cking sneaky rubbish dump, just like that?

Whose diamonds are these?

What are they for?

The hearts of the people were filled with questions.

They were especially curious about the owner of the diamonds, who must be this person?

The point is that the owner is too dashing, isn’t he, to have so much wealth piled up here unattended?

But even so, none of the people there dared to pick one up and put it in their arms.

Who would dare? What kind of a person would a person be who owns so many diamonds?

Even if such a person’s money fell into his pocket, he wouldn’t dare to spend it as long as he didn’t say he would give it to them!

“Milk, grandma, this, what’s going on?”

At this moment, Guan Ping and the others, finally dared to speak, Guan Ping’s gaze, staring intently at the brilliant diamonds in front of her, it wasn’t that she didn’t have gemstone jewellery, but this was a mountain of diamonds in front of her!

“I don’t know.”

The old lady shook her head, a kind of confusion and horror on her face even now.

“Could it be a gift for our Guan family?”

“Nonsense!” The old lady scolded, “What virtue does our Guan family have to deserve such a great gift!”

The old lady was not to blame for her anger, yes, this pile of diamonds was enough to buy the whole of Qingzhou, and to give it to the Guan family as a gift? If this got out, it was guaranteed to be laughed at by outsiders, laughing at the Guan family’s lack of self-esteem.

“No, grandma, I don’t mean all the diamonds, I mean a few random ones for our Guan family ……”

“That’s not possible either, our Guan family doesn’t have the luck and strength to befriend someone with such huge wealth.” Xie Chunyang was still somewhat self-aware.

Even though the Guan family was quite prominent in Qingzhou, and knew many super-rich families throughout China.

But which magnate could have a truckload of diamonds in their possession?

No, absolutely not!

“But, maybe, people are here in admiration to get to know our Guan family? After all, our family has quite a few beautiful and touching thousand-golden ladies.” Guan Ping spoke with a kind of excitement and burning heat shining in her gaze.

“Don’t think wildly, behind this diamond must be some top big family, but give me some rules, don’t be fussy let alone think too much! Otherwise, if you accidentally offend them, our Guan family will all have to be exterminated!” The old lady’s face was still very serious at the moment, so many diamonds, it looked glorious, but the old lady was very anxious in her heart.

On the one hand, maybe there really was a top-tier big family that wanted to take the Guan family as their junior.

On the other hand, maybe the Guan family has inadvertently offended someone and the big families are out to get the Guan family.

What exactly is it, the old lady has no idea in her heart, so she is very anxious.

At this time, the others were also exchanging words and whispers, needless to say, they were all talking about the truckload of diamonds in front of them.

All of them were blind and confused, completely confused as to what was going on here.


Just at this time.

Neo’s mobile phone, suddenly came with a text message.

“I don’t know if Guan Qiushui likes it or not, seriously, I really don’t want to give it to her, but it’s good that Third Brother likes it, right, Third Brother, it’s not too expensive, a truckload of diamonds, it’s just pocket money, anyway, money doesn’t matter, it’s worth it if it works! Well, the gift is now in the courtyard of the Guan family, and I believe that Brother San has seen it, now, it’s show time!”


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