At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 428

Not only Neo, almost everyone at the scene could not help but exclaim in shock when they saw Cai Wei reveal her true face.

“Oh my god, it’s really spicy!”

“It’s so ugly!”

“Yeah, it scared me to death!”

“Ugh, God is too mischievous, such a perfect body, but to be so shabby looking, it’s true that no one is perfect!”

The murmurs of the crowd reached Cai Wei’s ears without mercy.

The sound of crying, interspersed with the crowd’s chatter, came.

Caiwei hugged her knees and squatted on the ground, sobbing in a low voice.

Her face, buried deep in her arms, made her look extraordinarily pitiful.

“Caiwei, Caiwei.”

Guan Shanxue squatted down heartily and hugged Caiwei, at this moment the two mothers looked like they really had an indescribable heartache.

Seeing this scene, some of the people at the scene, some of them couldn’t help but feel a little sympathy at this time.

“Why do you have to do this? Caiwei didn’t offend, so why lift her veil? Why?” Guan Shanxue finally raised her head and said at Guan Ping.

Only, in her tone, there wasn’t that kind of imposing questioning either, there was just the helpless, helpless grumbling of a mother.

It was also true that although Guan Shanxue’s heart was sad and angry, she also understood her position.

Having once been in such a big trouble with the family herself, it could be said that in the old lady’s mind, she was a betrayer of the family and had an extremely low status.

What’s more, now that she has taken the initiative to plead to return to the family, it can be said that, at present, she and her daughter, have no status in the family.

On the contrary, since Guan Ping had such an arrogant attitude, it was evident that she must be very favoured among the family.

Guan Shanxue’s heart ached for his daughter to be humiliated in such a way, but there was nothing he could do.

If she was a newcomer to the family, if she started to get into trouble with Guan Ping, it would be even more difficult for her to return.

“Why should I be blamed? I didn’t know she looked like this!” Guan Ping, of course, was not to be messed with, and said in a good-natured manner.

But in her heart she was really snickering at this moment.

Hey, she had thought that this Cai Wei was a stunning beauty, but she didn’t expect her to be an ugly one, so the pressure was gone from her heart.

“The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

The old lady had a message in her words, and how could Guan Shanxue not hear it?

On the one hand, she was defending Guan Ping, but on the other hand, she was obviously hinting to Guan Shanxue that now that I had allowed them to return to the family, I was already as kind to them as a mountain, so now be honest with me.

Guan Shanxue was suffocating in his heart, but he also knew his place, so he stopped saying anything and pulled Caiwei aside.

“Well, now that there is nothing more to do, everyone please continue to visit freely!”

The old lady said, turning around and preparing to leave.

Just at this moment.

“Wait a minute!”

Someone suddenly jumped out and spoke loudly.

“Oh, it’s Liu Shao, I didn’t expect Liu Shao to come to my humble residence, it’s really a great honor, Liu Shao, what can I do for you?” Seeing that the person who jumped out was Liu Xing, the old lady’s attitude also appeared to be very gentle.

After all, Liu Xing’s family lineage, was still above the Guan family, and Liu Xing was so young to open a company that was already listed in Hong Kong.

Although the company he opened must have something to do with the family’s own support, the fact that he was able to achieve such a feat still showed that his abilities were far above those of his peers.

With a privileged family background and a young man of great ability, this kind of person, in the hearts of the older generation, is a model for sons-in-law and granddaughters-in-law.

“Old Madam, it is rare that today is a good day, that is, the open day of our Guan family and the reunion of our Guan family’s relatives, it can be said to be a double joy, and I would like to add one more joyful event for us.”

“A happy event, what happy event?” The old lady asked with a puzzled face.

Liu Xing smiled faintly, “Old Madam, I want to welcome Qiushui!”


Even though the crowd had guessed that Liu Xing had this idea, after all, the gift delivery just now had already said it all.

But no one had expected that Liu Xing would bring it up on the occasion, and that he would mention it to the old lady so quickly.

“Young Liu, what are you talking about!”

The old lady’s face was also shocked and angry, her face chilled, “Qiushui is now a married woman, this kind of joke, it’s not allowed!”

“I’m not joking, I’m serious!”

However, Liu Xing was not intimidated by the old lady’s attitude, “Old madam, Qiushui is so beautiful and is the golden girl of our Guan family, how can such a wonderful girl marry a poor boy who is not worth a penny, not to mention that this boy is also an unmotivated idle punk!”

With these words, the eyes of the crowd returned to Neo’s body.

They all wanted to see what expression Neo had on his face at this moment.

After all, on such an occasion, when his wife was confessed by someone else and he was called a loser, even the most cowardly and cowardly person would not be able to bear it, right?

Shouldn’t he jump like a thunderstorm and strike back strongly?

However, they were disappointed.

At this moment, this trash in the eyes of the crowd, but his face was not even a ripple, looked extremely calm, as if he had fallen into a fix, standing dumbly, as if he had not even heard Liu Xing’s words.

“Wow, it’s really a waste, no reaction at all in this situation.”

“Yes, we can only say that Liu Shao is too powerful, this kid is abashed.”

“That’s right, Young Liu and Miss Guan San are the perfect match for a man and a woman, Miss Guan San marrying this kid is like Xi Shi with Zhang Fei, Mink Cicada marrying Li Kui, and Bean marrying Hepburn.”

However, no one knew that Neo’s mind was on Guan Shanxue and Caiwei, his mother and daughter.

Cai Wei?

Why is she called Caiwei?

Is she the real Caiwei?

This was impossible, Leon had designated Guan Qiushui as Caiwei, it couldn’t be anyone else.

Maybe the name Caiwei was just a coincidence. Under the sky, there are many people with the same name, aren’t there?

The name Caiwei was only acquired by Guan Shanxue, who naturally did not know about the divine and demonic wars in the past, so the name she chose would not have any meaning either.

What’s more, Caiwei is so beautiful, as if she is independent of the world.

If it was Guan Qiushui, it would still be a bit close, but Guan Shanxue’s daughter is so unspeakably beautiful, how could she be Caiwei?

But, despite this thought.

But when Neo heard the name Caiwei, he couldn’t help but feel a little close to her.

Therefore, his attention was now secretly on Cai Wei, ignoring the taunts of the crowd.

“Qiushui, talk to the old lady, promise me!”

Since the words had already been said, Liu Xing also moved straight to the real thing, he pulled Guan Qiushui and went to the old lady’s heels.

“I… I promise.”

Guan Qiushui barely hesitated.

Her heart was pounding to the point where a wonderful feeling of regaining her life began to germinate in her heart.

Yes, I thought that I was destined to be trapped by Neo for the rest of my life in greyness, but who expected Liu Xing to come up with this tawdry move.

After experiencing the ups and downs of this year, especially after this life of a fallen phoenix that is worse than a chicken, Guan Qiushui wanted to return to the top in his dreams.

How could he not grab this life-saving straw himself?

How excited Guan Qiushui is at this moment.

Then how depressed and frantic Guan Ping and the girls are.

I thought Guan Qiushui would be pressed down by himself for the rest of his life, but who knew that he would have to climb the mountain again?

“Young Liu, really want to marry Qiushui? But you know, Qiushui has already been married to Neo for a year, in this year, how many things have happened, doesn’t young Liu mind?” Guan Ping said leisurely.

“That’s right, Liu Shao, how about finding a girl who is as good as gold for keeping her body.” Guan Yuhan also hurriedly said.

“This ……” Liu Xing was also stunned.

After all, the big families did talk about this quite a lot too.

What did these two mean, and how could Guan Qiushui not understand.

“They are wrong, I told them that I am still a virgin!”

Guan Qiushui’s words instantly silenced the scene.

What? Married for a year and still a virgin?

“Although we’ve been married for a year, nothing has ever happened between him and me! If you don’t believe me, I can go to the hospital to check!”

Yes, it was true that Neo had never touched Guan Qiushui.

It was obvious, it was Caiwei after all, how could Neo have touched Tian Xuan’s woman?

It was just too shocking for the rest of the crowd.

The crowd reacted and many of them laughed out loud, looking at Neo with a variety of different gazes.

“Qiushui, great!”

Liu Xing said excitedly as he fiercely hugged Guan Qiushui.

At that moment, Guan Qiushui also could not help but close her eyes and took a deep breath, quietly enjoying this moment, making sure to remember this moment, for herself, this was the moment that changed her life.

From now on, that Third Miss Guan, was back!


Who expected a loud shout, the old lady’s face remained cold, “When Qiushui married Neo, I had already said that they were not allowed to divorce, no matter who proposed it, what I had said in public, how can it be child’s play!”

“Old lady, are you going to watch Qiushui live with that trash for the rest of her life? Today is the family open day, that trash hasn’t even given Qiushui a single gift, how pathetic is Qiushui, and I have carefully selected sixteen gifts! Each one of them is worth over 100,000! Old Madam, only by entrusting Qiushui to me will I be able to give her the best life possible!”

“Grandma, let me marry Liu Xing, Grandma, I don’t want to spend my life with a penniless trash, ah, I was born with wealthy attributes and really can’t afford to suffer half as much anymore, Grandma, please, let me and Liu Xing be together again!” How could Guan Qiushui let go of this opportunity, for the sake of her future, she gave up at this point.

She had just finished speaking.

Suddenly, there was another commotion at the door.

There was a rumbling sound.

The crowd was in turmoil and the people gave way.

Surprisingly, a large Dongfeng heavy truck, slowly drove in through the doorway.

“Okay, the truck has arrived, let’s load the gifts onto the truck and pull them to the Guan family warehouse first.” Every year on the open day, because there were too many gifts to stack, a truck would drive in to temporarily pull them away.

When the old lady said this, she looked back at Liu Xing and Guan Qiushui and said coldly, “Since I personally said it in public at that time, it cannot be violated, this matter, don’t also mention it again!”

“Grandma, this truck, it doesn’t seem to be our Guan family’s truck.” Guan Ping said with a frown.

The old lady froze.

Before she could react, at that moment, the truck had already reached the centre of the field and the body began to lift up, soon taking on the tilted shape of a self-unloader.

Because the truck was huge, the body buckled up and was also as high as a three-storey building, which looked spectacular.

“Security, security!”

The old lady frowned, this wasn’t her own truck, was someone coming to wreak havoc?!

She instantly tensed up.

But the words had barely left her mouth.


In the truck, there was a clattering sound.

The crowd only felt a sudden flash of white light before their eyes, a blinding light in the sky!

A truckload of diamonds, poured straight out of the body.


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