At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 427

At once, the crowd was crowded, all scrambling just to get a glimpse of the woman.

Twenty years ago, Guan Shanxue had left the Guan family for this child.

She had been gone for twenty years.

Many people even thought that Guan Shanxue had died, but to their surprise, twenty years later, she had returned at the family open day.

At this moment, the attention of the crowd was focused on the young woman brought by Guan Shanxue.

One must know that the young Guan Shanxue was herself a renowned beauty in Qingzhou City, and twenty years later, wouldn’t her daughter, too, be of unparalleled beauty?

“This, this is ……”


When they saw the young woman, the crowd all let out a startled cry.

The woman, who looked about twenty years old, was dressed plainly, with a rough cloth hand-made top and trousers, and a pair of cloth shoes on her feet.

The clothes fit well, but always seemed a little baggy.

But she is extremely well built, with a thin waist that walks in waves and looks modest but has an indefinable sense of strength.

Long legs that came out like a spring breeze.

The cheap, old-fashioned clothes are hardened by the vintage flavour she wears.

Only, no one could see her.

Because she was wearing a bucket hat with a light veil hanging down around it, blocking her face.

“What’s going on?”

“Why are you blocking your face?”

“What’s going on?”

“Could it really be like in martial arts, where whoever sees her has to marry her? Haha.”

For a moment, the crowd also exchanged words with each other, looking even more curious.

Yes, what age is this, how can anyone still dress like this?

“Come, Caiwei, this is your grandmother, meet your grandmother.”

Guan Shanxue took Caiwei’s hand and brought it to Xie Chunyang’s front.


Before Cai Wei could open her mouth, a cold smile appeared on Xie Chunyang’s face, “A person I haven’t seen in twenty years is suddenly coming to call me grandmother, do you think I’ll admit it? Besides, you can’t forget that you were also kicked out of the Guan family back then, you can you say that you are not even a member of our Guan family anymore, so what qualifications does your daughter have to call me grandmother!”

“Mom, please ……”

Guan Shanxue fluttered, and knelt down again, looking a bit humble.

“You know to kneel to me now?” Xie Chunyang saw Guan Shanxue like this, his face couldn’t help but have a few moments of surprise, after all, his own daughter knew herself well, Guan Shanxue was also a very arrogant woman back then, after all, beautiful looking women are usually a bit arrogant.

That’s why, at that time, Guan Shanxue dared to call Xie Chunyang’s bluff and negotiate terms with him, and in the end, she even took the swaddled Caiwei with her, and left the Guan family in a fit of rage.

At that time, Guan Shanxue was so proud that he did not care about anything. As long as he was determined to do something, he would do it without hesitation, even if there was more resistance, even if he broke up with the whole family!

However, the current Guan Shanxue seemed to be an ordinary middle-aged female citizen.

“Now you know to kneel to me, have you forgotten how you talked back to me and scolded me for being cold-blooded at first? Have you forgotten how I tried so hard to persuade you back then, and how you finally slammed the door? Did you know that your fame and beauty had attracted the attention of the most mysterious family, the Lu family, and that you even had the chance to marry into the Lu family, thus allowing our Guan family to leap to the top of the earth! But you were so determined to raise this, this ……” Xie Chunyang swallowed hard and swallowed back the words “sins”, after all, this was not the right occasion for him to be foul-mouthed! He said, “You had to raise her yourself, and in the end, you left the family, and our Guan family lost a great opportunity.”

The old lady’s face surfaced again with that indescribable regret as she slapped her thighs, “Why, why do we always produce such daughters in the Guan family, formerly about Shanxue and now about Qiushui ……”

“The bitter fruit you made in the first place, you have to bear it yourself, you brought so much damage to the Guan family back then, now where do you get the face to kneel in front of me and call me mum!”

The crowd’s hearts shook as they listened, and there was silence.

Guan Shanxue knelt in front of the old lady, she was bent over, her head was deeply lowered, and at that moment, her body, too, seemed to tremble a little.

If it had been her twenty years ago, she might have lifted her foot and walked away.

Now, however, she did not move a muscle.

Finally, she moved, still on her knees, but her body slowly lifted, and on her face, there were tears.

“I’m sorry, Mum, I’m sorry, I’m back today, you can punish me, do what you want, but please take Caiwei in, she’s followed me these twenty years, she’s suffered too much, she hasn’t even been to school because she’s poor, look at the clothes she wears, I’m so sorry for her, I really want her to have a better life, Mum, just promise me Please.”

Guan Shanxue turned out to be doing it for her daughter, for her daughter to have a better life, that’s why she took her daughter to her mother’s house after twenty years, penniless.

Xie Chunyang’s eyes turned at this moment, and in fact, inside her heart, she was also thinking quickly.

To promise or not to promise?

Although twenty years had passed, but in her heart, she still had an inability to forgive Guan Shanxue, after all, back then, with Guan Shanxue’s beauty, exactly then, she could have brought the Guan family to the next level.

However, today was the Guan family’s family open day, and so many people had come from all over the five lakes.

When the family open day was over, these people would be scattered to all walks of life all over China, and the events of today would spread along with them.

And under such circumstances, if one refused, it would not be good for one’s reputation.

After all, no matter how you say it, Guan Shanxue is your own daughter, and now after twenty years, a penniless Guan Shanxue mother and daughter are kneeling in front of you begging you to take them in, if you don’t say yes, how will outsiders view you?

Would they call him a cold-blooded animal, too cruel?

Moreover, even if Xie Chunyang’s heart was hardened, she still had humanity, seeing her daughter like this, how could she really be so heartless?

“Alright, since you’re all here, then you can’t be driven away.”

The old lady finally, nodded her head.

“Thank you, thank you mum.” Guan Shanxue had a feeling of tears of joy and hurriedly took Caiwei’s hand, “Caiwei, call Grandma!”

“Good Grandma.”

Although she couldn’t see Caiwei’s face, from the way she looked, she appeared very respectful and knelt down obediently.

“Hey, you’re new here and meeting Grandma for the first time, why are you so rude, don’t you even take off your face!” Just then, Guan Ping rushed over and looked at Cai Wei in a very unfriendly manner.

For this cousin who suddenly appeared, Guan Ping did not like her from the bottom of her heart.

She was dressed like a rustic, but her figure was so good and her temperament was so good, she could easily get rid of Guan Qiushui, who had been suppressing her, and now there was another Guan Caiwei?

Why is my life so miserable?

“That’s right, you’ve come to pay your respects to grandma and you still don’t take it off, it’s too rude!”

“And kneeling and begging, no sincerity at all.”

“How can this be, let alone this thing, to pay respect to elders, the hat has to be taken off!”

The crowd also murmured, feeling that this was not good.

“Right, take it off, let me take a look.” Xie Chunyang also said.

“No, mum, listen to me ……” However, hearing these words, Guan Shanxue’s face suddenly looked very difficult, and she hurried forward, looking as if she was going to say something quietly to the old lady.

However, Guan Ping did not give her this opportunity.

“On what grounds! Are you more noble than us? If you don’t pick it, I’ll pick it for you!”

Just as she finished her words, Guan Ping savagely reached out and grabbed Cai Wei’s bucket hat.

“Don’t, don’t ……”

Caiwei wanted to stop, but it was already too late.

With a brush sound, Guan Ping directly grabbed the bucket hat, and the moment the person did, Cai Wei’s face, too, was completely exposed.

Neo was standing in the crowd, staring at Guan Shanxue and Caiwei in disbelief.

He was wondering why this young girl suddenly appeared and was also called Caiwei, when he suddenly saw Caiwei’s face, which was no longer covered by the veil.

When he saw that face, he was astonished!


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