At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 426

The whole room was shocked!

Even the old lady Xie Chunyang, who was chatting happily with a group of tycoons at the other end of the room, shuddered at the news and turned her gaze this way.

Guan Ping and the others looked at each other in amazement, but at the same time they could see the surprise in each other’s eyes.

A heavy gift for guests, this was an existence that crushed the big gifts for guests!

It was also an extremely rare gift to give!

Not only is it a valuable gift, but more importantly, the status and identity of the person who can give the guest heavy gift is absolutely extraordinary!

Guan Ping, Guan Yuhan ……

The other ladies of the Guan family are all vaguely expecting that this gift will be for themselves.

If you can get this heavy gift, no matter who is the least recipient of the gift, you will become the centre of attention.

Those on the floor, too, held their breath nervously as they waited for the Master’s further announcement.

“A Fengxiang Gold Branch and Jade Leaf Golden Jade Jewellery Kit!”

“One set of Autumn Breeze White Crane Su Stabbing Shu Silk Brilliant Han Cloth Flowing Light!”

“A glazed and richly coloured Royal Nine Curves sunken real sandalwood!”

“A 4K liquid nitrogen cooled rei10x1090tii mainframe!”


Piece by piece, the gifts, each of which was worth more than 100,000, were read out one by one from the Master’s mouth, which was really imposing.

The more the crowd listened, the more excited they became, and later on, every time a gift was read out, a roar of approval and cheers would echo from below.

At the same time, there were two questions on everyone’s mind that concerned them the most.

Who is this gift from?

Who is this gift for?

Yes, because this is a heavy gift from a guest, a very rare gift to give, so in order to achieve the maximum dramatic and suspenseful effect, the Master will take a different approach to the reading of the gift from the guests.

That is, the gift is read out first and then at the end it is said who gave it and to whom.

By the time the last gift had been read out by the Master, the anticipation of the crowd had reached a peak.

At that moment, there were sixteen gifts in total, neatly arranged next to each other, each one beautifully wrapped and shining in gold, as if branded with a fairy-tale colour.

Guan Ping stared intently at the gifts, her face calm but her internal heart beating hard.

It seemed to her that without much thought, these gifts were almost certainly for her, or else who else but her?

“Sixteen gifts for Third Miss Guan!”

With the Master’s final pronouncement, the whole room fell silent.

Third Miss Guan?

How long had it been since this title had been mentioned again, let alone on an occasion like the Guan Family Open Day.

“Guan Qiushui?”

Guan Ping and the others were completely frozen in disbelief as they looked at Guan Qiushui in unison, how, could it be her?

Could it really be that trash Neo?

But, obviously it couldn’t be, even if for the sake of face, Neo really bought gifts to give, there was no way he could afford to buy these gifts!

It’s real money, it’s impossible to fake it!

Guan Qiushui was also dumbfounded.

She had actually heard her name from the Master’s mouth?!

It was all like a dream!

Someone had really given herself a gift, and this punk Neo had actually said it?

“Third Miss Guan, please receive the gift.”

Even though the master knew about Guan Qiushui, he was also shocked at this moment at the sixteen gifts, so he couldn’t help but have a little more respect for Guan Qiushui in his heart.


Guan Qiushui didn’t go up, still frozen in place, she still couldn’t believe all this, it was like a dream, so she couldn’t believe it was real.

What’s more, after experiencing this year, Guan Qiushui had understood a lot and learnt to protect herself.

Like a little rabbit who had been hurt many times, she looked around warily, even if there was a carrot in front of her, she had to carefully determine if it was a hunter’s trap.

“Come on, Miss Guan San.” The Master beckoned again.

Guan Qiushui hesitated, still not daring to make up her mind to go forward.

At this moment, everyone was looking at her.

The scene, for a moment, seemed a little awkward and quiet.

“Go on.”

Just at this moment, beside Guan Qiushui, someone said softly.

Guan Qiushui couldn’t help but look at Neo.

She was instantly just stunned.

At this moment, everyone around her had curiosity and doubt and surprise in their gazes, but only Neo’s gaze was calm and bland, not surprised at all, and there were a few moments of encouragement in his gaze.

“Go ahead, the gift that is, is well deserved.” Neo said with a smile.

Guan Qiushui then felt that her mind was suddenly much more settled, as if Neo’s smile had a magical power, at this moment her brain was still a bit confused, but hearing Neo’s words, she could not help but walk towards the stage.


However, just at this moment, Guan Ping suddenly reached out to stop her.

“And you’re really coming up to collect your gift?” Guan Ping’s face, which looked a little scary because of her anger and jealousy, looked at Guan Qiushui with a cold smile, “You don’t really think that this gift is given, do you!”

Guan Qiushui was instantly flabbergasted.

“And don’t think that one would receive a gift?” Guan Ping said contemptuously, “Who gives gifts? Even if it’s from this trash, can he afford to give these gifts? Don’t you have any idea? How dare you come up here to receive them?”

Guan Qiushui’s face was instantly ashamed, yes, Guan Ping was right, who would give himself such an expensive gift?

“That’s right, Sister Ping is right!”

Guan Yuhan also stood out and looked at Guan Qiushui and said, “If you ask me, this must be a mistake! Look, the person’s name wasn’t even mentioned, was it? Third Miss Guan? How do you know it must be?”

“Yes, Yu Han is right!”

Guan Ping’s mind moved, tapped her head and hurriedly said, “Yes, Qiushui, but don’t forget, now no longer enjoying the benefits of our Guan family, although still a Guan family member, but for others, most of them don’t consider as a Guan family member anymore, so that means that this Third Miss Guan, most of them are not, but after shaving off, the new Third Miss Guan, is the original Old Fourth, ah. Isn’t that Yu Han!”

“Haha, so it was given to Yu Han, I really thought it was!” Guan Ping laughed mockingly.

Although she was upset that it wasn’t for herself, but it was better to give it to Guan Yu Han than to Guan Qiushui!

“They’re wrong, this gift, it’s for Qiushui!” Neo finally spoke up.

Yes, at this point, the gift had been delivered, it was time for Qiushui to understand his feelings!

“This punk, is there a place to talk here!”

“That’s right, what’s stirring here, no matter who it’s for, it has nothing to do with a penny, right!” Guan Ping said with a sneer.

“Qiushui, come on, don’t worry, this gift, it’s a gift, ignore the others, their gifts, they are no match.”

Neo ignored Guan Ping and Guan Yu Han, pulled Guan Qiushui, and was about to go over.

“Hey, is there something wrong! What makes you say this gift is hers!” Guan Ping got anxious and directly grabbed Neo’s hand, arguing.

“Just by virtue!”

Neo finally couldn’t help himself, everyone was watching the scene at this moment.

“This gift is from me!”

Finally, a single sentence subdued everyone in the scene.

Everyone looked towards the person who spoke.

Neo also froze, watching a young man come in the door, in his twenties, wearing designer clothes, one meter seventy-five, average looking, but exquisitely groomed, wearing glasses, as if he was a young business elite.

“Liu Shao?!”

Guan Ping and the others, couldn’t help but freeze.

Many people at the scene also knew him, “It’s Liu Shao, from Liu Shao!”

“No wonder, only Shao Liu can be so generous.”

“Liu Xing?”

Guan Qiushui also froze, staring blankly at the youth.

Liu Xing, used to be one of her suitors, and one of the strongest suitors, even the old lady Xie Chunyang praised Liu Xing.

Although Guan Qiushui had not explicitly rejected him, Guan Qiushui had never accepted him either.

Then when Neo appeared, Guan Qiushui rejected Liu Xing outright and threw herself into Neo’s arms.

Since then, Liu Xing seemed to have disappeared completely from Guan Qiushui’s life.

However, now, he actually appeared?

“Young Liu,, a gift? It’s for her?” Guan Ping hurriedly greeted him in a curt manner.

However, Liu Xing’s gaze, however, did not look at her, but kept looking at Guan Qiushui.

“That’s right, this gift, it’s from me to Qiushui!” Liu Xing’s gaze, while looking at Guan Qiushui, said.


At once, the whole room was in an uproar and exclaimed.

Guan Ping even stomped and took several steps back, his body stiffening.

“These sixteen gifts, all of them were carefully selected by me, each of them, I have pondered over for a long time, and one of them was even shipped by special plane from abroad, so it’s good that in time for today’s open day, my heart, at last, can express to Qiushui.”


The crowd looked stunned.

So, so romantic.

“Qiushui, I have always been fond, I was and still am,, can you still accept me?” Liu Xing came to Guan Qiushui’s side.

“I ……” Guan Qiushui, at this time, could not say anything.

If given before, she would not be moved at all either.

But now, after experiencing this year of human warmth, she needed love and protection too much, and Liu Xing, at this time, was like a knight, appearing in front of her.

At this moment, Guan Qiushui could already feel a wonderful change, as if her status began to change, the way people looked at her changed, and even the aura emanating from Guan Ping Guan Yuhan had also changed.

All this, she knew, was brought about by Liu Xing.

“But, but Guan Qiushui, she, has married that ruined ……” Guan Yuhan couldn’t help but scream up, with a very difficult look on her face.

“So what!” Liu Xing smiled and said, “No matter what happens to her, she will always be the Qiushui in my heart, she will never change!”

Speaking here, he raised his hand and placed it on Guan Qiushui’s shoulder, and his face became solemn, “Besides, Qiushui is the woman I love the most, how can I let live with a trash, under the same roof!”

At once, everyone’s gazes, brushed back towards Neo.

They all looked like they were watching a good show.

Yes, a waste, a waste’s wife, a rich gent, it was a wonderful relationship.

“Qiushui, you know, in order to rush here to give the gift, I gave up the ongoing board meeting in Hong Kong, just to be able to meet today, to be able to see my favourite person again, Qiushui, my gift, accept it?” Liu Xing said tenderly.

“I, I accept.”

Guan Qiushui’s tears, brushed aside, flowed out indisputably.

At this moment, she felt as if hope had come back to her already grey life.

She could not resist this feeling.

Yes, Liu Xing had come and brought her status, brought her self-esteem.

She needed this so much.

Neo looked at it all in a daze, the gift, not from Tian Chi, perhaps Tian Chi was still on his way.

The gift from Tian Chi must have been better, but even if Tian Chi had come, everything would have been meaningless.

Neo finally understood that Caiwei did not belong to him.

Perhaps her happiness was that she did not cross paths with herself.

Then, from now on, one will be silent in the shadows, caring for her, until one day, she will awaken ……

“Rubbish, the wife has been snatched away, still standing here stupidly!” Guan Ping scolded hatefully, of course she was not concerned about Neo, she just hated that Guan Qiushui was even favored by Liu Xing.

However, Neo acted as if he hadn’t heard her words and turned a deaf ear to them.

Yes, Neo didn’t care about what others thought, after all, who knew what was in Neo’s mind?

Just then.

There was a sudden commotion at the door.

“She, she is?!”

“How is it her!”

The crowd whispered and buzzed.

In a moment’s work, everyone’s attention was instantly focused on the doorway.

It seemed that the person who appeared at the door was more attractive than Liu Xing and Guan Qiushui.

Even the old lady, Xie Chunyang, was startled at this moment, and her face changed and became very strange as she arrived at the doorway surrounded by everyone.

Even Guan Ping Guan Yu Han Guan Qiushui and the others had never seen such a change on their grandmother’s face before.

“, Yes?!”

Xie Chunyang finally, said with a trembling voice.

In her voice, there was no excitement, but only a kind of hate.

At the door, a woman, a woman that Neo had never seen before.

The woman was in her forties and dressed extremely plainly, but she still couldn’t conceal the stunning style of her body.

“Unfilial daughter Guan Shanxue, pay my respects to my mother!”

The woman bowed her head and bowed down.

“Guan Shanxue!”

“It really is her! I said why the resemblance, she’s been missing for twenty years!”

“I almost forgot about her, I didn’t think she’d come back today!”

In the crowd, there were some older ones who knew a bit more and were talking about it.

Those who were a little younger were curiously inquiring.

“I heard that she was driven away by the Guan family back then!”

“No, she left of her own free will!”


“I heard it was for having a child out of wedlock ……”


There was a lot of chatter from the crowd.

“Why did you come back!” Xie Chunyang looked at the woman coldly and said.

“This year is Caiwei’s twentieth birthday, it’s been twenty years since I’ve seen her, now she’s grown into a big girl, I want, for her to meet you too, meet the relatives of the Guan family.”

The woman bowed her head and as the words finished, a young woman stepped out behind her.


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