At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 425

Today is the Guan family’s open house, and guests are coming in droves. Since they are here to make friends, it is impossible for them not to bring gifts.

The Guan family had also set up a gift table at the entrance.

It was like a red and white wedding, with a master penman taking down the names of each guest and the gifts and members of the Guan family who were presented.

After all, there were so many gift-givers that it was impossible for members of the Guan family to receive them all personally, so the gifts were collected uniformly at the gift table and then distributed to family members according to the records after the family open day.

For ordinary, general gifts, the Master simply recorded them.

But when it comes to some of the more expensive gifts given, the Master will open his voice and shout.

This is a tradition handed down from ancient times, and is also meant to give the gift giver a boost of prestige.

At this moment, the shout of “A big gift for the guests” immediately drew people’s attention and had the same effect as someone shouting “someone is running naked”.

“It’s starting, it’s starting, the bully is starting to make his presence felt.”

“This is my favourite part, the bullying characters giving away gifts en masse, damn, the real show is about to begin!”

“We’re not qualified to get involved in the scene of the gods’ fight, we can only spectate, all we have to do is stare in awe, open our mouths wide in disbelief, disbelief and let out a gasp of amazement.”

The eyes of the crowd were immediately turned towards the door.

Neo’s heart also twitched, here it comes!


Without any further ado, Neo pulled Guan Qiushui and ran towards the door.

“You let go of me!”

Perhaps this gift-giving session had a fatal attraction for others, but for Guan Qiushui, it was like meeting a great enemy.

She knew very well that she was no longer the Third Miss Guan of yesteryear.

There would be no one to give her gifts now.

If she went over there to join in the fun, she would only add to her mood.

Last year, she had made a splash at such an occasion, attracting the admiration of the crowd.

This year, she was just one of the onlookers, watching Guan Ping and Guan Yuhan, who had nothing to offer and nothing to gain.

She didn’t want to see this, as it would further inflame her poor self-esteem.

However, Neo, who had normally always been obedient to herself, was unmoved at this point, pulling her along and rushing to the door.

“What the hell are you doing!”

Guan Qiushui finally, struggled to shake off Neo’s hand.

“You’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you? You’re deliberately embarrassing me!” Guan Qiushui looked at Neo angrily, “Just because I slapped you and scolded you just now, you deliberately brought me here to irritate me?!”

“No, you will wait ……”

Neo knew that it was useless to explain, only actual actions would make Guan Qiushui understand.

He hadn’t finished his words.

“Xichuan Group Wang Shao, presenting a set of Byzantine royal silver tableware!”

The Master used a characteristic accent to ensure that his voice reached the ears of everyone on the scene as much as possible, “Presented to Miss Guan Ping!”

“Many thanks, many thanks!”

Guan Ping walked towards the gift table, shook hands with the young Wang who had presented the gift, and waved to the crowd again, enjoying the stars.

Guan Qiushui’s face was even more gloomy like a haze, glaring at Neo with hatred.

“Don’t be in a hurry.”

Although this gift was not from himself, Neo was clear that since Tian Chi had promised something, he would definitely do it, after all, this amount of money was all a small amount.

What was needed, was just patience.

“Young Sun of Hengyuan Group, presenting a piece of the Supreme Bright Moon gold bead chain!” The Master began to shout again, “Presented to Miss Guan Ping!”

“Major Zhao of the Wansheng Group, presenting a gold silk jadeite Biyue long dress to Miss Guan Yuhan!”

“Young Zhan of the Zijin Dynasty, presenting a deep-sea sturgeon boy to Miss Guan Shui Xiang!”


All at once, various gentry, came to present gifts.

The crowd also cited their necks and watched, exclaiming that they were overjoyed.

What they wanted was this kind of atmosphere.

If one person alone gave gifts, it would be meaningless, but with so many people giving gifts together, the attraction and the atmosphere created, were greatly increased.

In a short while, Guan Ping and the others had beautifully wrapped gifts piled up in front of them.

Especially for Guan Ping, the gifts in front of her could be described as a mountain of gifts, and she was standing in front of the pile of gifts, as if she was a spoilt princess.

The eyes of the crowd all turned to Guan Ping, Guan Yuhan and the others.

At this moment, all the thousand-year-old ladies of the Guan family were enjoying the cheers and applause of the crowd, enjoying the gazes and gaze of the crowd, enjoying the supreme glory and splendour.

Except for one person.

Guan Qiushui, who looked like Cinderella in the crowd.

She stood in the crowd, tears of grievance and remorse welling up in her eyes.

Only one year of light, the status was surprisingly different from the clouds.

“Come on, beauties, take a photo of your gift.”

The special photographer, holding a Canon 6d2 red ring lens, had already set up his tripod with an extremely humble attitude.

Each of the thousand ladies of the Guan family stood in front of their respective gifts and looked at the camera with a smile.

Each of them had a large pile of gifts, as if they had won the lucky prize of clearing out their shopping cart.

“Hey, wait.” Suddenly, Guan Ping shouted, she spotted Guan Qiushui in the crowd, the corners of her mouth, floated into a smile, “Since it’s a group photo, of course no one can be absent, Qiushui, come up for a group photo!”

“Yes, yes!” Guan Yuhan also clapped her hands, her eyes shining, “Come up, Qiushui, our Guan family sisters have a deep love for each other, how can we do without you,”

“No, there’s no need.”

Guan Qiushui panicked.

“Come up, a family has to be tidy, no one should be left behind!” This opportunity, how could Guan Ping and Guan Yu Han let go.

Even though Guan Qiushui wanted to hide, she couldn’t, and was dragged onto the stage.

As soon as she got on stage, there was laughter from below.

Guan Qiushui was so ashamed that she knew what was going on, of course.

It was embarrassing, too embarrassing.

At this moment, everyone on stage except her had gifts in front of them, and they were all in piles and piles, only hers was in front of her, bare.

“Come on, sisters, let’s take a group photo!” With Guan Ping’s greeting, all of them laughed happily and gestured at the camera.

Only Guan Qiushui, blushing and unusually embarrassed, looked as if she had been stripped naked and thrown on stage.

“Later, take this one group photo of our Guan family sisters, develop it, I want one of each, and then come up with an 18:9 enlarged laser development, I want to hang it in the beauty shop I run. Let every customer who comes in see how harmonious our Guan family sisters are!” Guan Ping instructed the photographer.

And Guan Qiushui, at this moment, couldn’t mention the hard feeling in his heart.

It was clear what Guan Ping meant, wasn’t it?

The way she looked just now, the state she was in, was really embarrassing, compared to the others, it looked like a disgrace, and Guan Ping wanted to print and hang it up, this is clearly bullying herself.

Guan Qiushui’s heart was itching with hatred.

She was not a weak person herself and could not allow others to bully her, but at this moment, there was nothing she could do but swallow it all back in her stomach.

Humiliation, she tasted humiliation, such a bitter taste.

“Qiushui, the photo will be printed out by then and you will be given one too, don’t worry.” Guan Ping’s laughing voice rang out beside Guan Qiushui again.

This is too much!

Guan Qiushui clenched her teeth as she desperately breathed in, only to feel pain throughout her chest.

“Wait a minute!”

Just when the photos were finished and the crowd was ready to all disperse, Neo rushed up, “It’s not over yet!”

“It’s not over? The gifts have all been delivered and the photos have been taken, how come it’s not over yet?” Guan Ping said.

“Not yet, there are still gifts.” Neo said, “When all the gifts are finished, we’ll take a new group photo, that’s the final version, not the one we’re taking now.”

“There are still presents? Are you teasing me?” Guan Ping looked at Neo coldly, and in her heart she didn’t understand why this loser suddenly came up for something, “Where are the gifts, did you give them?”

The crowd burst into laughter again.

“Could it be that you really did send a gift? It’s rare that you’re so romantic, but I have to remind you, not all gifts, the master will shout, a few tens of dollars gift, the master does not even bother to record.” Guan Ping said again in a leisurely voice.

The laughter got louder.

Guan Qiushui’s face turned even redder, she glared at Neo indignantly, and a word hummed lowly from her mouth, “Get lost!”

“Are you not ashamed enough of me!” Guan Qiushui said angrily, “Get the hell out of here!”

“Qiushui, I can’t let you be looked down upon by others like this any longer.” Unlike the Neo who had been obedient before, this time, Neo did not move, instead, his gaze, met Guan Qiushui’s sight.

“You!” Guan Qiushui was furious, “Neo, why do you have to force me to make a fool of myself like this again and again!”

“The guests have heavy gifts!” Just as she finished her words, at the door, the Master suddenly bellowed again!

“What, a heavy gift?!”

“Surprisingly, it’s a heavy gift! A heavy gift that is one level higher than a big gift?!”


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