At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 423

“Young master, I’ll send someone to drive over to the Guan family.”

In Zhang Jiu’s manor, Neo had been living there for a week.

In this week, he had not gone home once, nor had he contacted Guan Qiushui and the others.

Guan Qiushui, on the other hand, had not called Neo, as if he had forgotten about him.

Although the servants in the manor did not know the exact relationship between Neo and Zhang Jiu, they did not dare to treat Neo with respect when they saw him.

Especially the gatekeeper who was rude to Neo at the beginning, was now full of flattery when he saw Neo.

“It’s alright, I’ll just go there alone.”

“That’s fine.” Zhang Jiu nodded, he understood Neo’s mind, so he didn’t force himself, as he spoke, Zhang Jiu took out another item and handed it to Neo, “Young master, this is for.”

“This is?”

Neo’s gaze was instantly drawn to the item in Zhang Jiu’s hand.

It was a jade bracelet, surprisingly black, with a soft and delicate glow, looking, both warm and cold.

“This is a treasure I received cheaply through someone on the underground black market in Qingzhou, and I guess the seller doesn’t know the goods, because judging from the style and texture of this jade bracelet, it is definitely not an artifact within a thousand years, but more likely a treasure left in the world during the ancient battle of the gods and demons that has existed for tens of thousands of years. This is a unique jade material, one that would only have existed at the time of the battle between the gods and demons.”

Zhang Jiu said, handing the jade bracelet to Neo, “Since Young Master wants to repair his relationship with Miss Caiwei, then this jade bracelet might be able to make some contribution, after all, Miss Caiwei’s past life was 30,000 years ago during the time of the Gods and Demons, she will probably be attracted to this jade bracelet at first sight.”

“That’s fine.”

Neo nodded, even though he had already asked Tian Chi to prepare a gift, one more gift was always a good thing, besides, Zhang Jiu was right, since this jade bracelet was an ancient object, maybe Cai Wei would really remember something when she saw this jade bracelet.

Thinking, Neo took the jade bracelet and left.

At that moment, Guan Qiushui was in the neighborhood.

“Daughter, this dress, where did you get it, did you rent it?” Ren Xia was picking herself up while looking at Guan Qiushui standing in front of the mirror looking at herself in the mirror obsessively.

“Where did you rent it, I bought it.”

“Bought it?!” Ren Xia exclaimed out in disbelief.

Although she was now living in such an ordinary neighbourhood, after all, she had once been in the Guan family’s scenery, and the ceremonial dress Guan Qiushui was wearing, she knew at first glance that it was worth a lot of money.

“I sold that jade bracelet for half a million.” Guan Qiushui said.

“What!” Ren Xia exclaimed out once again, “Half a million! What kind of person buys that, it’s too tycoon! I think that jade bracelet would be worth 50,000! Although the jade bracelet is beautiful, it must be fake jade, synthetic! How can it be sold for half a million!”

After all, Ren Xia had been in the Guan family and had worn gold and silver in the past, so she had some knowledge of jade.

The black jade bracelet looked beautiful and unique, but Ren Xia had never seen this kind of jade material before, so she thought that it must be synthetic.

How could a synthetic jade, even if it was beautiful, be worth as much as half a million dollars?

“Whatever, anyway, from what the middleman said, the seller was very quick to pay.” Guan Qiushui said, “Even if it’s a synthetic jade bracelet, it looks very pretty after all, and rich people rarely care about the price when they really like something.”

“That’s true.” Ren Xia nodded.

“Mom, then look again, how about this dress of mine?”

“My daughter is so beautiful, as beautiful as a fairy! No one in the Guan family can compare to beauty.”

This was by no means a false compliment from Ren Xia either.

Guan Qiushui was wearing a white silk dress that curved and draped, her tall body looked even more upright under the dress, as if she was a fairy standing on the auspicious clouds.

Looking at her beautiful and incomparable self in the mirror, and then listening to her mother’s compliments.

However, Guan Qiushui’s face suddenly looked a bit forlorn and sad.

Yes, she was so beautiful, she should have had a beautiful life.

However, even if she was beautiful, what was the point of having no status in the Guan family, she would still be nothing more than an object of ridicule.

“Let’s go, daughter, it’s time to move, if we are late, grandma will be angry again.” Ren Xia didn’t notice Guan Qiushui’s expression too much and urged at this point.

She knew that the old lady was more concerned about punctuality, not to mention that her family’s status was now lowered, and it would be even worse if she got angry because of this.

“It’s been a week, it’s even the family open day and Xiao Lu hasn’t come back yet.” Guan Shanhe also changed his clothes and walked out.

“Don’t mention that person again!”

Ren Xia blew up and immediately yelled, “It’s good that he hasn’t come back! What do we need him to come back for, he’s coming to the family open day too, and if people see him and they laugh at him, it’s the same as laughing in our faces! If he doesn’t come back, we’ll be ridiculed less. Just think, when the time comes, there will be so many famous and rich people in the family, and young masters from all the big families, and our daughter’s man is a useless loser, I can’t afford to lose face! I can’t bear to hear that man’s name now. I’ve had a week of peace and quiet, and I don’t know, it’s been the most comfortable week I’ve had in over a year!”

Honestly, Ren Xia had indeed had a very comfortable week, with Neo gone, she was not bothered by the sight of him.

And as each day passed, Neo did not come back, Ren Xia’s heart slowly began to rejoice, maybe this punk really died or slipped away alone?

She even began to plan how to hint to the old lady, without moving, to find a new in-law for Guan Qiushui.

“Dad, Mom, Qiushui!”

At that very moment, a voice came.

At once, Ren Xia, whose face was still somewhat relaxed, instantly turned black.

“Who’s mum and dad, don’t call them that in the future!” Every time Ren Xia heard Neo call herself mum, it was as if she had eaten a fly in her heart.

This punk, what qualifications did he have to call himself such a close name?

Yes, the person coming was of course Neo.

Of course, although Ren Xia was extremely upset in her heart, she did not expect this punk to be alive, but since Neo had come, it was natural that she had to go there together.

There was no choice, the family took a taxi and headed towards the Guan Family Zhuang Neo.

Half an hour later.

The Guan family’s manor, appeared in view.

At this moment, the entrance of the manor was already very busy.

The entire entrance to the manor was covered with a thick red carpet, as if it was a big stage, with flowers on the red carpet, and beautifully shaped welcome guides standing on the red carpet in cheongsams, all with smiles on their faces.

The reporters and the internet beggars, who love to get in on the heat, all took up their vantage points early too.

Today is the Guan family’s family open day, which, as the name suggests, means that the Guan family estate is open to the outside world. Generally speaking, on this day, as the family party, they will prepare all kinds of food and wine in the estate, and then people from the outside world, can come in and visit.

Of course, it’s not as if just any commoner can come in, but the threshold for entry is much lowered and those who would not normally be eligible to enter the Guan family can come in for a glass of wine.

For those curious about the gentry, this was a great opportunity to satisfy their curiosity.

But those who looked forward to this day the most were some of the famous and wealthy people with status, after all, they could use this opportunity to exchange and introduce themselves to each other, expand their network, and even befriend the Guan family.

“Yo, Guan Qiushui, you’re really dressed up today, you haven’t seen this dress before, did you rent it?”

As soon as Guan Qiushui entered the door, he ran into Guan Ping Guan Yuhan and her group.

Seeing that Guan Qiushui was wearing such a high-class dress, a trace of anger and jealousy flashed in Guan Ping’s eyes.

I didn’t expect Guan Qiushui to have such beautiful clothes after being sanctioned by the family for over a year?

“Hmm, yes, Sister Ping, it’s also beautiful.”

How could Guan Qiushui not see the unfriendliness in Guan Ping’s gaze.

Seriously, according to Guan Qiushui’s vain personality, she really wanted to shout out loud, “I bought, bought, bought this outfit for me!

And although she cursed Guan Ping in her heart, she also understood her current position and knew that one word from Guan Ping would be enough for her to drink now.

So, even though she wanted to rip into Guan Ping in her heart, she still had a pleasing smile on her face.

“Wow, look, the thousands of ladies from the Guan family have all appeared, they are really glorious!”

Just at this time, there was a shout from someone in the crowd.

At once, the eyes of the crowd were on Guan Qiushui Guan Ping and the others.

A group of people rushed up and grabbed the guns in their hands and clicked away.

And obviously, the people who aimed at Guan Qiushui were the most numerous.

“Shoot, shoot, just shoot! Do we know who she is!” Guan Yu Han saw that the cameras were all directed at Guan Qiushui, and her face was extremely ugly, “She’s the Third Miss Guan who married a loser last year, and we’re still filming! If we like her so much, why don’t we go to the Phoenix district to film her, she lives in the Phoenix district!”

“Ah! So she’s the one who made the most noise last year, the one who married a loser!”

“I heard that since then, she’s been given up by the Guan family and doesn’t even get a family dividend, so she’s having a miserable time.”

“The Phoenix neighborhood, isn’t it a famous old rundown neighborhood in Qingzhou, has it all fallen to this level!”

At once, when the crowd looked at Guan Qiushui again, there was already a bit more contempt in their gaze.

As the saying goes, a fallen phoenix is worse than a chicken. Even the Guan family despised Guan Qiushui, so of course others despised him even more.

And the cameras, naturally, all left Guan Qiushui and shifted to other people.

“Come on, everyone, take more pictures of us.”

Over there, Guan Ping Guan Yu Han, posed in various poses in the courtyard, allowing the crowd to take pictures, and for a moment, flashes clicked, and the women of the Guan family, except for Guan Qiushui, became the focus.

Guan Qiushui was angry and bored in her heart, but there was nothing she could do.

At this moment, there was not much to do with her, so she had to find a place to sit by herself, sullenly.

Neo was standing in the crowd, and his eyes were always on Guan Qiushui.

When he saw Guan Qiushui sulking, Neo’s heart felt a little bit of pain, after all, he had promised Tian Xuan that he would take care of her.

However, Neo also knew that if he went over there now, he would not only fail to comfort her, but would also be scolded by Guan Qiushui.

Well, let’s wait a little longer then.

Qiushui, don’t worry, just wait a little longer, when the gift from Heaven arrives, it will be time to overlook the world!


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