At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 422

“That woman, ah.” Lu Tianzhi muttered.

He certainly knew Guan Qiushui’s, but although Neo and Guan Qiushui were married, Lu Tianzhi had never called Guan Qiushui his sister-in-law, in his heart, perhaps only Zhou Yun was the only sister-in-law.

“Remember ah, but don’t be too extravagant.” Neo admonished.

Even if you wanted to show off your wealth, things had to be done one step at a time, not too shocking.

Neo knew very well that with Lu Tianzhi’s character, if he didn’t give a special reminder, it was not impossible that he might pull a truckload of diamonds with him.

“Okay, I know, Third Brother, I’ll just pick a few gifts at random!”

The two exchanged a few more pleasantries before Neo hung up the phone.

At this time, the city of Qingzhou was shrouded in night and the lights were on. Looking at the lights in front of him, Neo’s gaze shone with a bit of determination and hope.

Half an hour later, Neo arrived at an ordinary neighbourhood.

Along the narrow, piled with a lot of debris building, picking up the steps, finally, Neo in the third floor of the room 302 door, stopped.

“Why hasn’t Xiao Lu come back yet? He’s usually very honest, he doesn’t wander around, what’s wrong today?”

Inside the door, was the voice of Guan Qiushui’s father, Guan Shanhe.

“Who cares? Maybe he died in a car accident on the roadside.” This was the voice of Guan Qiushui’s mother, Ren Xia.

“Look at that, how can you say that Xiao Lu is ……” said Guan Shanhe.

“What is it? What is it?!” Although Neo couldn’t see inside the door, but at this moment, he could also imagine Ren Xia’s aggressive look, “What, still really think that soft rice eating trash is our family? Yes, he is indeed a member of our family, but he is our family’s enemy! If it wasn’t for him, would Mom have dismissed Qiushui as general manager and cancelled our family’s share of the profits? If it wasn’t for him, would we have moved to this shabby neighbourhood and be neighbours with a bunch of lowlifes like Zhang San Li Si all day long! That punk, who obviously wanted to eat soft food, ended up bringing himself into the pit!”

“That’s true, it was Qiushui who took the initiative to marry someone in the first place ……”

“He could have said no at all!”

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual situation. It seems that he had planned it all out! Even if a white swan broke its wing and fell into a pond, he should have stayed away. Even if our daughter said she wanted to marry him, he should have refused! How can he be worthy of Qiushui? A rootless foreign hard disk, honestly moving bricks in the future to marry a thick northern thick braided girl would be satisfied, how dare he still calculate our family Qiushui, now the family this look also see, that guy is a star of death, one person hard strength pull our family’s luck down to the Marianas Trench.”

“This ……”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. He is a foreigner and has no relatives in Qingzhou, and after what happened at the banquet, will he ……”

“Better to be dead! Go ahead and jump into the river, jump off a building! If you ask me, that punk is just being pretentious, deliberately staying late just to make us worry about him and pity him! He’s not much good at anything, he’s just trying to get sympathy. I don’t think he’ll be able to come back and find a bridge to sleep on!”

“That won’t work, let’s go find out ……”

Neo heard Guan Shanhe speak, at the same time the sound of the gate handle rang out.


However, before the door could be opened, it was pushed shut again by Ren Xia.

“I’ll see if I dare to go out and try!”

Ren Xia was already spirited, cleaning up Guan Shanhe was just like a game, at this time, seeing Ren Xia’s eyes rounded, looking really angry, Guan Shanhe did not dare to say anything.

“Dad, mum, what are you doing?”

At this time, Guan Qiushui also came out of the room.

“Qiushui, Neo hasn’t come back until now, say, shouldn’t we go out and look for him?” As if she had found a saviour, Guan Shanhe hurriedly told her daughter what had happened.

“What’s the point of looking for him? It’s better if he’s dead! A loser, he can’t even afford a car, and he has to take a taxi!” Guan Qiushui said with hatred, at this moment she was in a very bad mood.

Not only did she have to return the 50,000 yuan to Guan Ping and the girls, but she also had to pay them 50,000 yuan for the bet!

How could she get the money?

Guan Qiushui put the blame on Neo’s head.

Neo stood at the door, dumbfounded, listening to the conversation inside.

He was about to close the door, but slowly withdrew his hand.

Forget it, he should avoid meeting them in the days before the Guan family’s open house, so as not to make too much of a stalemate over the party today.

Wait until the day of the Guan family’s open house and let them have a good look at what the truth is.

Thinking of this, Neo quietly left the district and reentered Zhang Jiu’s manor again.

“Mom, I’m going to sell this.”

At night, in Guan Qiushui’s room, there were only Ren Xia and her.

“Qiushui,, really want to sell this?”

Ren Xia looked at her daughter’s hand, it was a jade bracelet, not an ordinary jadeite colour, but an ink and bamboo coloured jade bracelet!

The ink-coloured jade bracelet was not pure black either, it had dots and dots on it, the light of stars in general.

The whole jade bracelet looked very ancient and extremely heavy feeling, that inside, it was as if it was a thousand years old ink, thick as if there was a story in it.

At this moment, in Guan Qiushui’s fair hand, that jade bracelet, it was as if it was a world.

“There’s no way out, I lost a bet and owe Guan Ping and the girls over 50,000, there’s no way to pay it back without selling this! Mum, you know it too, if I don’t pay back what I owe Guan Ping and the girls, what will they do to me!”

“What a sin! It’s all because of that punk Neo!”

Ren Xia said with hatred, but there was nothing she could do, since her daughter had married Neo, her status in the Guan family was gone, and Guan Ping and Guan Yu Han, who used to see her daughter one sister after another, had completely stepped on Guan Qiushui’s head.

“In a few days, it will be the family’s open day. This is the first family open day after I have been married.” Speaking of this, Guan Qiushui’s face looked particularly melancholy and heavy, “I think that this must be the hardest family open day in my life!”

At once, Ren Xia’s face, too, turned violently pale.

Yes, the family open day!

This was the holiday she used to look forward to the most, because on this day, the Guan family’s manor was open to the public, and all the big and small classes in Qingzhou could come to the Guan family. At that time, because Guan Qiushui had always been favoured by Xie Chunyang, the family’s status was high, and at that time, Ren Xia dressed up in full costume, enjoying everyone’s compliments and ingratiation, and accepting gifts from all the guests.

That day was also Guan Qiushui’s favourite holiday. As a well-known beauty in Qingzhou City and the face of the Guan family, Guan Qiushui was the girl with the most suitors in the Guan family, and whenever that day came, she was always surrounded by booze and butterflies, looking for a chance to talk to her for various reasons.

On that day, her gifts were always piled up in a pyramid, always the largest and tallest.

However, how glorious it once was, then how wretched this open day was.

Now that Guan Qiushui had married, the family had even been reduced to living in this ordinary neighbourhood, no longer having any of the powers of the Guan family, except that they were still nominally members of the Guan family.

They could not enjoy the benefits of the Guan family now, but they had to go and do their duty as a Guan family.

What’s more, now that Guan Ping Guan Yu Han and the girls were up and about, on the day of the open day, what would they use, what would they do, to show their superiority in front of themselves?

“But no matter what, we definitely can’t not go on that day, so after I sell this bracelet and pay back Guan Ping and the girls, I can also buy some better clothes, at least, I won’t be ridiculed on my clothes.” Guan Qiushui lowered her head and said silently.


Ren Xia wrapped her arms around Guan Qiushui in her embrace and couldn’t help but shed tears.

No matter what, they were also mother and daughter, and seeing their daughter reduced to this state, it was natural for a mother to lick her calf’s heart.

“It’s all because of that loser Neo. It’s so late now and he hasn’t come back. No matter what kind of second generation you marry, it’s a thousand times better than that loser Neo!”

A week later.

Today was the Guan family’s open day.


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