At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 421

“Young master, since Lyon initially identified the Guan family’s third young miss as Caiwei, then there must be no mistake.”

In the flower-scented courtyard, there was a small table set up, and Neo and Zhang Jiu were both sitting facing each other.

It was May, and the courtyard was filled with the scent of flowers, and on the table was freshly brewed plum wine.

“But how could Caiwei she be like this ……” Neo couldn’t figure it out.

“Young master, each person’s personality, is not single, each person is actually a composite of various personalities mixed, just there will always be one personality dominant, and when reincarnated, there will be a random personality dominant, for example, and 35,000 years ago, the personality is very different.”

“I remember that Miss Caiwei is elegant and handsome, and to be honest, she has some similarities with the present Miss Guan. It just so happens that the flaws dominate, and that’s why it’s like this. But once Miss Caiwei awakens, her main personality will return to her body, and by then, she’ll be different from now, right!”

“Alas, when Qiu Shui she woke up, as soon as she saw me, she said she wanted to marry me, at that time I thought it was really fate in the underworld, but who ever thought ……”

“Young master, at that time, Miss Guan was seriously ill and had been in a coma, the whole Guan family was at a loss, and even started to prepare her afterlife, and after I heard about it, I immediately went to the Guan family as a traveling doctor, at that time I checked Miss Guan’s pulse, at that time her pulse was free as silk, she was already in the phase of shedding gold and entering water, her soul and body were already in a state of coupling, I believe that at that time At that time, in Miss Guan’s vague consciousness, she could already see the black and red world of the underworld behind the Ghost Gate.

“That’s why, later on, after pretending to be helpless and leaving the Guan family, I was asked to take the prepared pills to the Guan family to save someone, just so that when Qiushui woke up, she would see that I had saved her and would marry me?”

Neo finally understood Zhang Jiu’s intentions.

Yes, back then, he himself took Zhang Jiu and Lyon and searched for Caiwei’s trail all the way to the southwest, and finally, finally, Lyon got excited and marked Guan Qiushui in this important town of Qingzhou in southwest China.

However, Guan Qiushui, at that time, had been in a coma due to a serious illness.

After Zhang Jiu entered the Guan family as a travelling doctor, he came back and prepared the pills, allowing Neo to enter the Guan family and give the pills to Guan Qiushui. At that time, the Guan family was already desperate for Guan Qiushui, and the dead horse was treated as a living horse, so they did not stop Neo.

“Well, Young Master, this is the best and fastest way to get close to Miss Caiwei and to make a connection with her.” Zhang Jiu said.

“Ugh, I’m ridiculous, I thought it was because there was a bond between Qiushui and me.” Neo sighed, “Now Caiwei is getting more and more disgusted with me, if this continues, I might never find Zhou Yun.”

“Young master doesn’t need to worry, since Miss Caiwei’s character is all about gold worship now, then it might as well throw in her lot.” Zhang Jiu thought about it and said.

“Throw in the towel?” Neo was stunned.

“Yes, young master, since Miss Caiwei likes money, show that she has money, she loves vanity, so satisfy her vanity, throw in her favor, and she will fall in love. Although at first she loves money, but Miss Caiwei will take the initiative to approach because of money, and slowly get to know, as long as she really wants to know, sooner or later she will like this person, and if she is always made to feel that she has no money, then she simply does not want to know this person, or even disgusted, then how will she get to know the real one, and how will she know the charisma of the personality?”

“That’s right.” Neo slapped his head and suddenly realized, but then, he said with a bit of concern, “But if Caiwei really fell in love with me, wouldn’t it be unfair to her, after all, although Tian Xuan entrusted me to take care of her, in fact, I am just using her to find Zhou Yun, she and I, are destined to be fruitless.”

“Young master doesn’t need to worry about this, once Miss Caiwei awakens, with her status and her experience, she will understand all of this. Then, young master, from now on, this manor is owned, from tomorrow, you can bring Miss Caiwei here!”

“No, I can’t take it, this manor was hard earned this year.” Neo said.

Yes, since coming to Qingzhou City and after Neo and Guan Qiushui got married, Zhang Jiu had also stabilized in Qingzhou City, he was doing well in Qingzhou City, after all, no matter it was the art of medicine or speech or trigonometry, his attainments were profound, and he had gradually accumulated some capital in the upper class of Qingzhou City.

“Young master, what’s the point of being polite to me.” Zhang Jiu said, “Besides, these are all extraneous things, the world the young master will come to is magnificent and vast covered with stars and celestial rivers, and I, Zhang Jiu, will certainly die chasing after it, these riches, are just a grain of dust that doesn’t matter.”

“Then at least have to live here now.” Neo stood up and patted Zhang Jiu’s shoulder, “Besides, don’t forget, I am the third young master of the world’s top family.”

After leaving Zhang Jiu’s manor, Neo’s heart, too, no longer had the confusion and irritation he had felt before, but instead, there was a peace of mind that the future was promising.

Yes, Zhang Jiu was right, throwing his weight around and resolving the gap between himself and Caiwei.

Although in this life Caiwei worshipped gold, however, this was only a false test of fate. Neo believed that once Caiwei awakened, she would definitely still be the same supreme woman who could make Tian Xuan adore her whole life!

Thinking of this, Neo took out the phone.

“Get out, all of you!” The phone was answered and a young man inside yelled, obviously, he wasn’t yelling at Neo, over the phone, there was another burst of soft woman’s complaints, but it soon quietened down, “Third brother, how is it now?”

Lu Tianzhi’s voice was low, as if he was afraid of being overheard, “Third brother, I can’t hide it any longer, the day before yesterday grandpa asked again where and what he was doing, I don’t even know how to answer him.”

“Don’t tell grandpa.” Neo said.

“I’m thinking, if grandpa knows it’s been a year since we got married and he hasn’t been told, what would he think if he knew this, I’m really afraid he wouldn’t be able to handle it.” Lu Tianzhi said.

Yes, although Neo had gotten married to Guan Qiushui, he hadn’t told anyone in the Lu family except Lu Tianzhi.

Because the marriage of a son of the Lu family, such a major matter, except for a dashing and unrestrained person like Lu Tianzhi who would help Neo hide it, and like his own brother Lu Cang Lu Ling, even though he was very close to Neo, I was afraid that he would not dare not tell Lu Bei Ke.

“It’s not like I’m really getting married and know it, I’m doing it for Zhou Yun.” Neo said.

“Alas, I now feel that what happened that day was incredible, as well as the identity of the third brother, I did not expect it to be ……” Lu Tianzhi said with emotion.

“I will always be a son of the Lu family as well.” Neo paused and said, “By the way, Tianzhi, I’m calling to ask for a favor.”

“Third brother is finally asking me to help!” When Lu Tianzhi heard this, he almost didn’t jump up in excitement, “Just say it!”

“Next Sunday, it’s the Guan family’s annual family open day, on this day, the Guan family will have a big feast, at the same time, people from Qingzhou city and the surrounding area, can freely enter the Guan family to visit, on that day, it will definitely be very lively, celebrities from all walks of life will gather, and all the people from the Guan family will be there, I hope that on this day, I can send someone to pick a gift for me, I want to give it to someone. ”

“Yes, no problem!” Lu Tianzhi almost shouted as if he was snatching an answer, “I’m the best at this kind of thing, Third Brother, I, Lu Tianzhi, am the best at giving gifts, what gift haven’t I given? Who should I give it to?”

“Guan Qiushui.” Neo said.


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