At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 419

“Yo, back, or back together. Did you do something else in the bathroom for so long?”

Seeing Neo and Guan Qiushui return together holding hands, the attention of the people at the table was instantly shifted to the two of them.

The person who spoke, called Guan Ping, Guan Qiushui’s cousin, was twenty-five years old, and quite pretty in appearance, just that the corners of her eyes were rather harsh, and her face gave off a not-so-good feeling, wearing a light red net red long dress, with a golden double G letter logo on the bag next to her, highlighting an earthy aura.

“No, no.” Guan Qiushui was uncomfortable in his heart when he heard Guan Ping’s words. But of course, his face did not show his displeasure, politely smiled slightly and sat down with Neo.

And Neo’s heart was empty at this time, to Guan Ping’s words, more than any feeling.

“It seems that they are really quite in love, we are losing heart and soul.” The one who spoke was another young girl in her early twenties called Guan Yuhan, Guan Qiushui’s cousin.

Today was a family dinner for the entire Guan family, basically everyone who had time came, otherwise, with Guan Qiushui’s current income, he wouldn’t be able to afford to come to this place for dinner.

Guan Qiushui smiled again and didn’t say anything.

But in her heart, she exhaled, “Well, it seems that she has really hidden Guan Ping and Guan Yuhan from them, which means that she has won this bet.

She carefully touched the 50,000 yuan in her bag, which she had won from the crowd.

Of course the price was not small, it was the price she had paid for holding back her disgust to kiss Neo, the loser.

But at least she had won, and the 50,000 was nothing for her cousins, but for herself, it was the equivalent of a year’s income.

If you lose, not only will you not get the 50,000 yuan, you will have to pay 50,000 yuan out of your own pocket for them.

Although just now kissing Neo, his own heart wanted to vomit, but I have to say that he did the right thing by putting up with the humiliation this time.

“One more kiss.”

Just at this time, another voice suddenly came from.

Guan Qiushui couldn’t help but look up, it was Guan Ping.

At this moment, her gaze was looking at Guan Qiushui with the same interest.

“What?” Guan Qiushui’s heart jumped.

“One more kiss.” Guan Ping said with a wry smile, “Not a kiss on the face like earlier, this time, a kiss on the lips.”

“Yes, yes, it has to be a watery, drawn-out kind, hurry up, have one!” Guan Yuhan, who had always been with Guan Ping, was also looking at Guan Qiushui with excitement at the moment.

“That’s right, kiss it!”

The other ones of the younger generation, all echoed the same words.

All of a sudden, the eyes of the crowd were all fixed on the two of them, Guan Qiushui and Neo, again.


Guan Qiushui’s heart thudded violently.

This request, she really couldn’t do it!

In her heart, she hated Neo to the core, hating this trash for taking her off the track of her life, and by kissing Neo’s face just now, Guan Qiushui already knew she had put in a great effort.

Now she wants a tongue kiss?

Guan Qiushui couldn’t even think about it!

“We’ve been married for a year, and we’re so in love, we’ve done everything, what do you care about a little kiss, come on, what, you don’t even dare to kiss? Are we pretending to be in love? If you’re faking it, then you’re losing.” Guan Yuhan said again.

Guan Qiushui’s heart suddenly shook.

She couldn’t help but touch the fifty thousand or so in her bag again, only this time, her hand, trembled badly.



Amidst the goading of the crowd, Guan Qiushui turned to Neo.

Honestly, when she looked at Neo’s face, although it was not bad looking, for Guan Qiushui, all she could think of in her heart was to give this face a few slaps, after all, this was the person who had ruined her once rich white life.

However, at this time she could only hold back her disgust and slowly leaned closer to Neo.

Neo, at this time, already knew Guan Qiushui’s true attitude towards himself, and also knew about the bet between Guan Qiushui and Guan Ping and the girls.

Now that he saw Guan Qiushui kissing towards himself, he already understood that there was not a trace of emotion in it, Guan Qiushui was only doing it for the 50,000 yuan of betting money.

Thinking of a woman who once made Tian Xuan so cherished, in this life to kiss a person she loathed for 50,000 yuan.

Neo’s heart, too, inexplicably ached.

“Forget it!”

Just as Guan Qiushui was about to kiss Neo, Neo jerked up and looked at the crowd, “Guys stop it!”

At once, the gazes of the crowd, in unison, looked at Neo.

The eyes were filled with astonishment.

Because, no one had expected Neo to suddenly make such a move.

After all, for the past year, Neo had always been disciplined and courteous.

Of course, Neo himself felt that he was polite and well behaved, but in the eyes of the Guan family, this was just a sign of incompetence and a lack of money, because they all knew that Neo was a hanger-on with no family background and no earning power.

Yet now, this hanger-on dared to berate everyone?

“Qiushui and I are not monkeys in a zoo to be teased and played with! And we don’t need to put down our pride and meet their teasing rude demands in public! If you have to treat us with a little respect, please let this matter end here!” Neo said.

The crowd was completely frozen.

They looked at Neo with disbelief.

In their hearts, Neo had always been a subservient punk who wanted to eat soft rice, yet no one had thought that he would dare to be so domineering?

The most bizarre thing was that when Neo said these words, his tone of voice was free of any nervousness or stammering, as if he had always been this kind of person.

The naturalness, the fearlessness, and even a sense of reprimand in his tone, a sense of reprimanding his men.

For a moment, no one said anything.

Guan Qiushui was also slightly stunned in her heart, she too had never thought that Neo would have such a side.

She certainly knew very well in her heart that in the past year or so that she and Neo had been married, even though she had not treated Neo too badly over the matter of the bet, she had occasionally lost her temper with him.

But Neo had always treated her in a defiant manner.

Yet now Neo actually had a time when he was so hard-headed?

“Fine, if you don’t kiss, you don’t kiss.” Finally, Guan Ping spoke up.

Hearing these words, Guan Qiushui’s heart, finally this time, breathed a long sigh of relief, this time, things should finally pass.

“But, Qiushui, look at what this is?”

Just then, Guan Ping raised her hand and a printed document was thrown in front of Guan Qiushui.

Guan Qiushui subconsciously glanced at it, and his head immediately buzzed wide, and his body swayed a few times, with a feeling of blackness in front of his eyes.

“Looks like it’s understood.” Seeing Guan Qiushui’s appearance, Guan Ping was obviously satisfied, and it was obvious that this was what she had expected.

“, How did they?” Guan Qiushui murmured as her face turned pale.

“Hey, hey, money makes the devil push the mill, I’m sure sister Qiushui couldn’t know this saying better.” Guan Ping’s tone with a kind of indefinable resentment, “I spent 100,000, let the hacker check the microblogging trumpet, thinking that this is the trumpet no one will know is, so in this trumpet put on all the psychological emotions all out, from this year’s microblogging, I know and that hangers-on live not at all love, not at all good, hate him to the bone! ”

“Money makes the devil go round ……” muttered Guan Qiushui, yes of course this phrase was familiar to her because she used to have money, she used to be the favoured junior in the Guan family and back then, she would do a lot with it.

“Hey, so, sister Qiushui, this time, you actually lost the bet, and you have to lose the money to a few of our sisters, so not only do you have to give us back the money you just won, but you also have to pay each of us back again!” The corners of Guan Ping’s mouth flicked up slightly as she looked at Guan Qiushui smugly and said.

“, it turns out that there was evidence long ago, but has been pretending not to know, deliberately poking fun at me,……”

Looking at Guan Ping’s smug face, Guan Qiushui finally understood that Guan Ping and the girls had long held the evidence of their hatred for Neo, but they just deliberately did not bring it out and made such a big detour just to tease themselves?

“Hey, hey, cut the crap, hurry up and give the money.” Guan Ping said.

“That’s right, willing to gamble and accept defeat, the former number one beauty of the Guan family, famous in Qingzhou, don’t you want to be an old scoundrel and not pay now!” Guan Yu Han also said leisurely.


Guan Qiushui’s heart sank, where did he get the money?

This year, because he was dismissed from the family by his grandmother and the family dividend was cancelled, he saw that the other youngsters in the family were receiving hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dividends every quarter, but he did not have any money.

He was so used to the life of the family that he didn’t have any skills, not to mention that he couldn’t stand the disparity, and others would secretly laugh at him if they knew his status.

So Guan Qiushui has always been muddling along, with not much money at all.

The stakes now added up to over fifty thousand, which was an astronomical amount for himself.


Guan Qiushui suddenly left the table and went to the chief’s seat on the table.

There sat an old woman with short white hair, sunken lips and a serious face.

This old woman was no other than the chief director of the Guan family’s Tianhong Company, one of the ten oldest entrepreneurs in Qingzhou City

of the Guan family, Xie Chunyang, the head of the Guan family.

“Grandma, I was wrong.”

Guan Qiushui threw herself down in front of the old woman, “Grandma, I really know I was wrong, I should have listened to them and not been so stubborn at that time.


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