At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 418

This sentence was like a knife that pierced deeply into Neo’s heart.

“But, when you were so active, you wanted to marry me.” Neo said dully.

Yes, a year ago, when he and Guan Qiushui met for the first time, Guan Qiushui made a quick decision, not to marry Neo! Not to marry!

Neo was so excited at the time, so excited that he was even a little bit grateful to the heavens.

Because Leon had said that Guan Qiushui was Caiwei, and that his past life was Tianxuan, and that Guan Qiushui was going to marry him the first time they met, wasn’t this just fate?

Of course, the fact that Neo married Guan Qiushui did not mean that he had moved on.

Neo had only promised Tian Xuan that he would take care of Caiwei instead of him, and then at the right time, he would let Caiwei awaken of her own accord, so that she would understand the love that had spanned ten thousand years and had moved the heavens and the earth.

As long as Caiwei had awakened, she would bring about a change in herself, would further awaken Neo himself, and would guide her to find her way to Zhou Yun.

Yet, now, a year has passed, and Caiwei has actually grown to hate herself?

Even to the point of saying such hate-like words!

His plan had failed completely! More than a year had gone down the drain!

Neo felt as if he had been shot in the head.

“I was just awakened and my brain was full of water! That’s why I had to forcefully defy the public and insist on marrying you despite the family’s opposition, and it was because of that decision that completely sent my life into darkness!” Guan Qiushui looked at Neo with indignation, yes, it was the same gaze of an enemy, “I thought that among my suitors in the past, there were many kinds of noble sons, noble masters, rich consortia and young businessmen, with my condition, I could have lived the life of a top luxury wife, but it was you who appeared, as if you were a fraud and cheated me out of my life! Leaving me to follow you only to suffer and suffer,”

“You, you love money too?”

Neo was completely stunned, his heart ached, the woman Tian Xuan had been thinking about day and night was also a Li Mengyao-like gold-digging woman?

“Nonsense! If you have money, you have everything, and women can only be happy if they have money!”

“But if it’s just the pursuit of wealth, what real emotions would there be then, what’s the point of money clouding the heart?”

“Don’t brainwash me! You’re a punk, you’re only saying such things because you don’t have any money! I’m telling you, Neo, emotions are worthless in front of money!” Guan Qiushui almost roared out at Neo as she suddenly grabbed a large handful of paper coupons from her bag, grabbed them and slammed them at Neo, “Look, look what this is! It’s coupons, you know, all kinds of coupons! Coupons for hair washing, coupons for high heels, coupons for cosmetics, coupons for the spa, coupons for Starbucks! I’m the only woman in the Guan family who goes out with coupons! And with so many coupons! Before I married you, I couldn’t say that I was a top celebrity, but I was well dressed and never had to look at prices for shopping and entertainment! It’s because I married you that my status in the family fell to pieces, I didn’t get the benefits of the family, and you couldn’t give me a single bit of the life I wanted, my life was completely ruined by you, you know that!”

The coupons were scattered all over Neo, who looked at the coupons that fell on the ground in a daze, and honestly, when he saw those coupons with the words “5 yuan coupon” and “3 yuan coupon” written on them, his heart couldn’t help but be stung a bit.

It was true that Guan Qiushui and himself had not had a good time in the past year.

Of course, Neo didn’t feel anything, after all, he was used to an ordinary life, not to mention that Neo himself had no interest in eating, drinking and entertainment.

But Guan Qiushui, who was born into a wealthy family, is now living like a common citizen.

But to be honest, the kind of luxurious life that Guan Qiushui wants is just as easy for Neo.

But if all Guan Qiushui loved was money, what did that have to do with him?

From Guan Qiushui’s words “emotions are worthless in front of money”, Neo knew in his heart that once Guan Qiushui knew that he was the young master of the world’s number one family, there might not be any chance for a real emotional exchange between the two of them.

However, seeing Guan Qiushui like this, Neo also felt really uncomfortable.

Just how could this be?

“Why are you only telling me this now? In this year, you don’t seem to be like this today either, right?” Neo was a bit confused.

Yes, he and Guan Qiushui had gotten married a year ago, and Guan Qiushui seemed to treat him quite well after the marriage, and although the two of them didn’t seem particularly close, they were quite amicable.

“Oh, I already told you earlier, I made a bet with my cousins, you know! If in a year’s time, my relationship with you breaks down, then I lose and I have to pay them each ten thousand or so dollars, I have so many cousins, five thousand each is an astronomical amount for me right now! And if I was still on good terms with you, then I would have won, I would have won all this money, now, do you see, yes, I’m not afraid to tell you, this is what I pretend to be! I’ve been pretending for a year, just for these tens of thousands of dollars, do you understand!”

Neo was stunned.

So it was all pretend.

It was all his own fantasy.

I thought that every day for a year, I was taking a step towards finding Zhou Yun, but now I realised that it wasn’t just a step in place, it was a step to the south!

Yet looking again at Guan Qiushui, who was full of hatred in front of him, Neo’s heart let out a long sigh.

“Shall we, shall we, divorce?” Neo said hesitantly, only after saying these words, his heart, welled up with an endless loss.

A year of hard work had been wasted.

However, this was also something that could not be helped.

On the one hand, he himself wanted to truly impress Guan Qiushui and evoke the emotions of Caiwei’s personality within her, so he could not let her know his identity as the third young master.

But on the other hand, it is also true that one cannot bear to see her follow oneself suffering all the time.

Then, there is only divorce ……

“You scare me? I can’t wait to divorce you!” Guan Qiushui said with hatred, her face suddenly changed into a sad hatred again, “But I can’t divorce you, it’s fate, it’s all fate ……”

“What’s wrong?” Neo froze, could it be that, in fact, she still knew a little something?

“Do you know how much sacrifice I had to pay in order to marry you in the first place?!” Guan Qiushui’s eyes were red and she stared at Neo with grief and anger, “At that time, I was a foolish person who was bent on marrying you, and even my grandmother could not stop my determination to marry you. It also cancelled our family’s share of the family’s interest in the family, which was the direct cause of my transformation from a rich white woman in a brocade to an ordinary citizen like I am now!”

Ah ……

Neo was instantly stunned again. Then he understood, no wonder Guan Qiushui seemed to have no money after marrying himself.

One should know that the Guan family was considered a small and famous family in Qingzhou City, ah, and Guan Qiushui was also considered a pampered and spoiled white rich beauty.

It turned out that Grandma had cancelled Guan Qiushui’s family’s share of the benefits, which was almost like directly cutting off most of their financial resources!

“And grandma’s second tactic is even worse, she called me aside directly after you and I had paid our respects, and you know what she said to me? She said that Qiushui Road was your choice, and that if you divorced Neo in the future, it would be a disgrace to our Guan family, and I would simply expel you from the Guan family!”

Speaking of this, Guan Qiushui’s face, the kind of remorse and grief that was like crying to heaven and earth, made people not dare to look at it more.

“So, you understand now why I can’t divorce you, this trash!” The hatred and malice in Guan Qiushui’s gaze caused a long contempt in Neo’s heart.

Alas, so it was like this.

How could it be like this?

So the heavens had not been helping himself, so fate had been playing tricks on him, and poor himself had been grateful to the heavens for the magic of fate.

For a moment, Neo felt a little bit ridiculous in his heart.

“Good, it’s time to go back! Today is a family gathering, it would be bad if we leave the table for too long!” Guan Qiushui glanced at her watch and grabbed Neo’s arm roughly, “Neo, listen carefully, I’m going to be nice to you later, but remember, it’s not my intention to be nice to you, it’s my intention to pretend to be like this in front of Guan Ping and the girls!”

Saying that, without saying a word, pulling Neo, left the bathroom.

Neo was mechanically dragged by Guan Qiushui towards the hall outside.

His heart was full of mixed feelings, could the family really help himself in such matters?


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